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Buy Taskenti Strain for your home garden.

Originating in Uzbekistan, Taskenti is named after one of the best hashes on the market and boasts enormous outdoor yields. Easy-going low-flying plant that is naturally resistant to a lot of first-timers mistakes.

Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
THC Content: 16- 20%
Sweet earthy flavor with accents of wine and berries

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    First of all, dont order in December. i49 shipped the order out the same day, can’t get any better than that. the post office dropped the ball when they got it. Long story short, everytjing they did was top notch.
  • '5' '15965'
    This site is amazing and really i would only say it would be nice to see even tho u guys give out more than one freebie at times its jus u give more strains well i think it would be nice to get like 2 seeds instead of one of whatever strain the person picks that way we have a better chance to preserve whatever genetics also if u gave the person receiving/paying for the order well lets say for example tht person is 2 get 4 freebies well it would be cool to give them the option to choose if they wanted to get four seeds of one strain instead of 4 different strains u no let them pick and choose alil more maybe they want 3 of one n one of another it would be a way to help give alil freedom back to the people in an amazing and also help heal more people in the process and i think that ur costumers would be alot happier as well and mite even incourage more people then u guys already have to shop at ur amazing seed bank so yea just my thoughts from a very happy and satisfied customer.