White Amnesia Fem

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Buy White Amnesia Strain for your home garden.

White Widow crossed with Amnesia is a strain combination you won’t soon forget. The Trichomes are indeed almost white, glistening with sticky resin. The High is very Sativa dominant, kicking your mind into overdrive. Strong crops can be overwhelming for novice users.

Flowering Time: 10-12 Weeks
THC Content: 18-22%
Smooth and creamy texture with an herbal pine taste

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  • '5' '15989'
    I ordered the seeds in september. They were delivered within 5 days. I planted 20 of them the week beofre christmas. I had 100% of the seeds germinate and thr plants are looking great! I’m definitely going to buy here again. Already planning my next order!!
  • '5' '15989'
    I waited a while before I ordered when I ordered I sent the money through the mail took a big risk they calm me down when I thought it wouldn’t go through they assured me these things take time Webster works great overall best company I’ve ever ordered from what I order from them guaranteed will I order again guaranteed already have plans for my next order.
  • '5' '15989'
    I ordered some Berry Ryder put them in woolrock pH at 5.5 on the second day one has pop still can’t wait until the others pop.thanks a bunch ordering again.🎸🎸🎸