Buying Marijuana Seeds if You Live in South Australia


Whether you live in Adelaide, Mount Gambier, or any of the other cities in South Australia, you cannot legally consume marijuana yet without a prescription. Australia has legalized marijuana for medical purposes, but it is still illegal to use recreationally and to grow. However, you can purchase marijuana seeds through online seed banks such as i49 USA. Read the information below to learn more about marijuana in South Australia or check out the huge selection of marijuana seeds in our store now to find the perfect strains to buy.

Laws for Marijuana in South Australia

South Australia, like the rest of Australia, has made medical marijuana legal in the past few years. Those who have a prescription are able to purchase marijuana they can use to help with certain medical conditions. South Australia has not legalized marijuana for recreational use, though they have decriminalized small amounts of possession.

In South Australia, it is illegal to possess, consume, or cultivate marijuana. Those who are caught with a small amount of marijuana face a ticket and fine, but not a conviction. Those who are caught with larger amounts, with a large number of plants, or with a sufficient amount and the intention to sell marijuana, can face far more severe penalties under the current laws.

In Australia, federal laws state that marijuana is illegal, even small amounts for personal use. Only one city, Canberra, has legalized recreational use so far, and that could be stopped because it goes against the federal laws. However, with the legalization of medical marijuana and the push to legalize marijuana for recreational use, it may not be long before the laws in South Australia or Australia as a whole will change.

Can You Legally Buy Seeds in South Australia?

Even though it is not legal to cultivate marijuana in South Australia, it is still possible for residents to purchase cannabis seeds. It is crucial they use a trusted and reliable seed bank to ensure they receive high-quality seeds and to minimize the potential for any issues. Locally, there aren’t many seeds available since recreational use is not yet legal. However, in our seed bank, there are hundreds of different strains to choose from. The key is to purchase the seeds as souvenir seeds instead of as seeds intended for cultivation.

Purchase Souvenir Cannabis Seeds

Those in South Australia who want to purchase cannabis seeds will need to buy souvenir seeds. Instead of buying with the intent to germinate and grow plants, the intent is simply to start a collection of seeds. All of the marijuana seeds purchased should be stored properly to prevent them from germinating until the appropriate time. This means they need to be placed in airtight containers that are carefully labeled and then stored in a cool, dark place. Carefully storing the seeds will ensure they remain viable for at least the next few years. As long as the seeds purchased are high quality and are stored properly, collectors can be sure that the seeds will last as long as possible and that they will still germinate if laws change and the collector decides to start growing cannabis.

Know the Different Types of Marijuana Seeds

Beginners may not be familiar with the different types of seeds if they’ve never purchased marijuana seeds before. Most seeds are regular seeds, which means they produce both male and female plants. If the desire is to grow plants with minimal seeds and the largest buds, the male plants will need to be disposed of before they can pollinate the female plants.

Instead of worrying about male plants, beginners may opt for feminized seeds. These seeds are produced by specially treated plants and only produce female plants. This means there’s no need to worry about growing male plants at all, but care is still needed, especially if the plant is grown indoors, so the light cycle can be adjusted at the right time.

Those who have never grown marijuana before may not want to rely on their inexperience to know when to adjust the light cycle. If they make a mistake, it could impact their potential harvest. Instead, they may opt for auto-flowering seeds. These seeds will begin flowering, even if the lights aren’t adjusted at the right time, and many of them are feminized, so they’re perfect for the beginner who wants an easy way to grow their own marijuana.

Try Out These Strains

We have hundreds of different strains available, so it can be hard to choose the right ones to try. If you’re looking for something that you’re sure to like, try out some of our most popular options. These include the Auto Blueberry and Big Bud Cross feminized seeds, the Girl Scout Cookies seeds, and Strawberry Cough feminized seeds.

If you’d rather try out the latest strains available, we have a lot to choose from. Some of our newest options include Black Rhino feminized seeds, Siberian Snow feminized seeds, and Pure Haze feminized seeds. Be sure to read the descriptions for each to learn more about them and to help you decide which ones to purchase.

Why Should You Buy Seeds from Us?

Since marijuana is not yet legal for recreational use in South Australia, it’s not easy to find seeds to buy. This likely means locals have access to a limited selection of low-quality marijuana seeds. Instead, you can purchase high-quality marijuana seeds in hundreds of different strains from i49 USA. We stock only the highest-quality cannabis seeds and hand-select the ones shipped quickly to your doorstep. We also offer help if you need any through our dedicated support team, ensuring you can find the right seeds to buy with ease.

Though at the time this article is being written, you can’t legally cultivate marijuana in South Australia, the laws are changing, and it may be legalized soon. To get ready, you may want to start a souvenir cannabis seed collection and stock it with your favorite strains. Visit our store now to see what all your options are.