Top 10 Strains for Indoor Growing

Top 10 Strains for Indoor Growing

Indoor growing of marijuana is something that most approved patients are yet to get right. For quality results, a great deal of vigilance is necessary when considering factors such as the indoor growth medium and the growth conditions. Also vitally important, is the choice of the specific strain to grow indoors.

It goes without saying that not all strains are the same and some will perform better outdoors while other will do well indoors. For greater success for your indoor marijuana growing, here are the top 10 strains worth considering:

Super Skunk Automatic

Super Skunk Automatic is a strong, sturdy and skunky strain, ideal for medicinal indoor growers. It has powerful indica effects, though not strong enough to send you to sleep. If you are a medicinal grower who seeks pain and stress relief without the normal tedious “couchlock”, then this is a strain worth considering.  It is low maintenance and you won’t be bothered by the need to remove male plants, change lights, or do any form of pruning or trimming.

Northern Lights Automatic

This is an indoor strain suitable for intermediate growers in need of something special. The strain boasts of powerful effects, ease of growth and high quality leaves. The plant is quite small in size and will never grow beyond one meter in height. Additionally, has a short flowering period of about 8 weeks.

Northern Lights Haze #5 Haze Feminized

If you have some experience growing marijuana successfully in the past, then you should try growing the Northern Lights #5 Have Feminized variety. The strain takes at least ten weeks to flower and requires a lot of attention, tender care and extra support, especially when the lateral branches are on their latest stages of development. It is a powerful and high yielding plant and for you to be successful with it, you will need to have a great deal of skill and patience.

Big Bud Feminized

This is the strain to go for if you desire gargantuan amount of buds from your plant. Big Bud Feminized is the result of a breeding program which brought together skunk Afghan genetics with Afghan cultivar to create a marvelous indica-dominant marijuana variety.

Silver Haze #9 Feminized

A good number of growers are afraid to try out the Haze strains because they take relatively long to flower, they tend to keep on vegetating even on a 12/12 light cycle and also because of their height. In as much as the Silver Haze # Feminized strain may exhibit some of these features, what you get eventually will be worth the effort. The results boasts of large yields and it is also the strain to consider if you are limited to just a number of plants due to space constraints.

Maple Leaf Indica

Pure indicas were staple strains for indoor growers for very many years and this was due to their admirable attributes such as short flowering periods, reliable growth patterns and high quality yields. Though their dominance has been diluted by the emergence of the more stable sativa-dominant breeds, Maple Leaf Indica is one strain that has managed to successfully wade off any attempts to go under due to the influence of the hybrid newcomers. The variety is known to produce lots of beautiful, thick, deep-green leaves that will require you some time to crush successfully.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer displays a perfect indica/sativa balance in the ratio of 1:1. With this strain, you get a perfect balance of cerebral high and body stone and it is a strain more more awards under its belt than any other cannabis variety. It is ideal if you desire a perfectly homogenous marijuana strain.

Shiva Shanti II

Shiva Shanti II is the strain to consider if you require milder effect and you are a beginner grower on budget. It is cheap, fast, tough and very forgiving. At 75% indica, the strain boasts of a fast flowering period and a normal height gain, but will always deliver very good yields.

American Dream

With the American Dream, you get speed, reliability and potency from a classic skunk-afghan hybrid blended with high quality sativas from Hawaii and Jamaica. The strain produces plants characterized with thick, dense and spiky buds which are reminiscent of the Christmas tree shape. As such, they are easy to work and grow, making it a favorite strain for individuals with compact grow spaces.

Skunk Automatic Strain

The Skunk Automatic is the ideal strain for beginners or individuals on a budget. It is pleasantly easy to grow and it comes with very rewarding results. This particular strain taps into the unique qualities which made skunk win multiple awards such as being able to be grown by individuals with zero experience in gardening. Flowering takes about five weeks, after which after which you will see thick compact bushes that will be ready for harvest after about fifteen days.

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