Can You Legally Possess Cannabis in Western Australia?


In 2018 Western Australia opted to legalize the use of marijuana for medicinal use. However, the government has yet to authorize the growing of cannabis for personal consumption. Individuals, nevertheless, are opting to purchase the seeds as adult novelty items or souvenirs, as this option remains legal if the seeds are not germinated. For those who want to prepare for legalization, it’s possible to obtain seeds in advance from online cannabis seed banks like i49. Since many people in the country currently choose to use the substance for either recreational or medicinal purposes, collecting seeds for a future where cultivation is legal could be a great plan.


Who Can Grow Cannabis?


Currently, Western Australia laws do not permit individuals to grow their own cannabis for recreational use. People must understand they can find themselves in legal trouble if they choose to grow cannabis at home.


There is pending legislation to be passed in January 2020 where people 18 years of age and older will be allowed to cultivate and possess small amounts of cannabis for personal use. The sale and supply of cannabis will remain illegal at this time.


Is Smoking Cannabis Now Legal?


Cannabis remains a highly regulated drug in the country. Currently, numerous Commonwealth and State and Territory laws remain in place that control or prohibit the use and supply of cannabis. Recreational cannabis remains illegal in the country, and individuals cannot simply say they smoke the substance for medicinal purposes. They must obtain it through legal sources.


However, there are multiple medical conditions that do respond well to treatment with medical marijuana, which helps to explain why individuals may choose to pursue the authorization to obtain the substance legally. These individuals are required by law to obtain their prescriptions through pharmacies found across Western Australia. Those who feel they would benefit from the addition of marijuana to their treatment plan may visit a doctor to obtain a prescription until it becomes legal to grow cannabis in the country.


What Conditions May Benefit from the Use of Cannabis?


Cannabis is helpful in the treatment of many conditions. Research has shown this to be the case, which helps to explain why many countries are already allowing people to use the substance to treat a multitude of ailments and conditions. For instance, marijuana has been shown to help individuals suffering from extreme nausea, such as those who are undergoing chemotherapy.


Insomnia, anxiety, and pain conditions are shown to be relieved by cannabis or CBD oil. Skin conditions and inflammatory conditions are also shown to improve with the topical application of cannabis products. As of March 13, 2019, legislation was passed allowing patients in Western Australia to obtain medical marijuana for any condition that a practicing physician agrees will benefit from a treatment plan including cannabis. Such conditions include PTSD, chronic pain, epilepsy, and more.


Souvenir Seeds


As previously mentioned, people in Western Australia may obtain cannabis seeds for the purpose of saving them as souvenirs. The seeds are considered adult novelty items until they are germinated. This means a person can obtain the seeds, save them for now, and possibly begin cultivating once it’s legal to do so. To preserve the seeds prior to planting, seal the seeds in a container that is airtight. Be sure to keep this container in a cool, dark place where temperature and light fluctuations aren’t a concern.


Why Choose i49?


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Now is the time to gather your cannabis seeds. By doing so, you will be prepared when the government recognizes the benefits of marijuana and allows for its use for recreational and/or medicinal purposes. IF you purchase now, you’ll be ready to get started when that day comes to legally cultivate your crop!