What Are Edibles

Cannabis edibles are simply beverages, foods or ingestible tinctures infused with weed. Currently in the market, edibles are referred to using a variety of names, some of which you have probably heard. They include names such as medibles, firecrackers, brown pot and space cakes amongst others.

Cannabis edibles are stronger, though it takes slightly longer for the effects to be realized as compared to those who inhale marijuana. However, this should not misguide you to think they are any milder. It is imperative for every user to consume the edible responsibly to avoid the detrimental effects of irresponsible consumption.

The history of cannabis edibles in the United States

Eating cannabis is not a phenomenon that started in this century. It is a practice which has been there for hundreds of years. For instance, the Chinese emperors used to brew tea using cannabis and Hindus drank bhang tea which was a concoction of ginger, warm milk, gunjah and garam masala.

But in the United States, the use of marijuana for recreation began around in 1910, following the influx of Mexicans who introduced the practice in the country. Before then, marijuana use was for medical purposes only.

The current era of marijuana edibles can, however, be traced back to 1954, when Alice B Toklas – was an elderly lesbian, published her infamous cookbook which had a recipe known as “Haschich Fudge”. The cookbook brought cooking with cannabis to the mainstream America and from then, various ideas and utilization of marijuana in foods were conceived. It is during this time that edibles like “pot brownies” became popular and we have never looked back since then.

Types of marijuana edibles

A variety of edibles are available in the market today, and they can be broadly classified into three main categories as follows:

Baked goods

Baked goods are intended for gastrointestinal absorption. They include all edibles where the marijuana will be ingested into the stomach and absorbed into the body through the stomach linings. Most of the edibles you will find in this category include cookies, brownies and snacks amongst others.


Drinks are intended for oral uptake and they have the advantage of taking effects almost immediately, though they also tend to wear off very quickly. This category also includes the edibles which you hold in your mouth for a given amount of time. Such include tinctures, lozenges and suckers.

Oils, butter, liqueurs

The final category includes the oils, butter and liqueurs. This category is rather hybrid since the marijuana in the products can be absorbed either in the mouth or in the stomach.

Side effects of Marijuana edibles

The side effects of cannabis edibles are not so many, and they will typically appear when you take more than the recommended amounts. As usual, the side effects will pronounce themselves differently on each individual and once they are realized, it is imperative for the user to watch their uptake of the edibles. The most common side effects include-: cotton mouth, anxiety and hangovers.

To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you start with a smaller portion the edibles and wait for between 30 and 45 minutes to evaluate its effects on the body and also to let you know about the tolerance levels of your body. From there on, you can then adjust the quantities accordingly, but be sure not to take too much of it.

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