What is a Seed Bank – Marijuana Seed Bank?

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Please see below for some generic ideas about Marijuana Seed Banks.

The history of Seeds & Seed Banks.

The concept of having seed banks first began towards the end of 1980s when biodiversity and extinction of various plants became apparent to the whole world. Through the help of international and national NGOs, communities around the globe began to prepare seed banks of various kinds to primarily preserve the seeds which they thought that were most threatened with extinction back then.  During that time, most of the seed banks were owned by communities and some of the countries that pioneered the practice of having seed banks included Ethiopia, Brazil, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Philippines and Nicaragua.

In the north, in countries such as the United States and Canada, there was a special type of community seedbank referred to as the Seed-Savers Network that undertook the preservation of seeds. Such networks started in the USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom before they spread to other parts of the world. Through the years, the numbers as well as the diversity of the seed banks have increased tremendously, with the world’s largest seed bank being the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway.

The purposes of a Cannabis Seeds & Seed Bank

At its basic application, a seed bank was to store and preserve cannabis seeds, especially from animals and extreme weathers. However, there is more to having seed banks currently than just protecting them from getting destroyed. The most important reason for seed banks now is biodiversity. Plants too have specific genetic traits and these ought to be preserved and there is no better place to do that than in a seed bank. Apart from preserving the crop diversity, the other purposes of a seed bank include:

  • To protect the extinction of certain crop species due to climate change.
  • Natural disasters has the potential of wiping out an entire ecosystem and without seed banks, species could be easily lost when such disasters strike.
  • Protection against man-made disasters such as wars and nuclear accidents.
  • Research purposes – the people who lived in the past used plants to cure diseases. When the seeds are preserved, there is the possibility of investigating their medicinal properties in the future.

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Marijuana seed banks

Marijuana seed banks are where the various strains of marijuana seeds are preserved and stored. It is where growers go to whenever they need the seeds and have the seeds delivered to them. However, it is vital for every grower to approach a marijuana seed bank with great caution.

Since it is the desire of every grower to get the best from their marijuana, you should exercise a lot of vigilance when ordering the seeds from the seed banks because not all the pot seeds banks will have similar reputation. Make it a habit of ordering only from the reputable marijuana seed banks.

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