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Girl Scout Cookies packs a punch. With a remarkably high THC content, Girl Scout Cookies launches users into a profound euphoria. Full-body relaxation meets time-bending cerebral space! Expect to be relaxed, happy, and creative. Known for its potency and smoke-ability, the high from Girl Scout Cookies can last all day. Though Girl Scout Cookies is highly resistant to molds and pesticides, it is not recommended for amateur growers.

CBD Range (grown under optimum conditions)

THC Range (grown under optimum conditions)
18% – 23%.

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Parents of Girl Scout Cookies
Durban Poison
OG Kush

Medicinal Application
Often prescribed for insomnia, Girl Scout Cookies also relieves chronic aches and pains. Its mood-elevating properties help treat stress, anxiety, depression, and even symptoms of PTSD. Girl Scout Cookies is prescribed for Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, nausea, poor appetite, and mild inflammation.

Smooth, with a hint of cotton candy and mint.

Earthy and pungent, Girl Scout Cookies is spicy, with peppery notes of brown sugar and nutmeg.

Side-effects may include dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, anxiety and mild paranoia.

CBD Range (grown under optimum conditions)

THC Range (grown under optimum conditions)
18% – 23%.

Physical Characteristics
Girl Scout Cookies is simply put, stunning. Shades of light green highlighted by purple leaves and brilliant orange hairs puts this plant in a category of its own.

Growing Tips
Girl Scout Cookies thrives in a “sea of green” or hydroponic set-up.

Flowering Time: 9 – 10 weeks
Yield: 2 oz/plant

Soil or Hydroponic

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    Bought 3 seeds all 3 germinated
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    Great site
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    Everything was as advertised. I made a small order the first time cause you never know how that’s going to go, this company was the first one that I had seen that said they could deliver seeds from seed company’s both uk and state side and accept debit for payment, my first order was one pack short, after I brought it to thier attention they quickly apologized for the inconvenience and gave me a choice to either send them immediately or have them added to another order, so I made another bigger order and everything went fine, I couldn’t be happier.
  • '5' '5018'
    Amazing Product’s!! Always delivery on time! Great stuff from i49!! Never was disappointed..Thanks i49 making life better and people happy and healthy!!