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What are Bruce Banner seeds?

With a nod to the Marvel comic book character, breeders came up with Bruce Banner seeds. Smoke one hit, and you'll figure out quickly why the name is so appropriate. 


Bruce Banner seeds create a large plant, reaching upwards of seven feet. The crop produces huge Hulk-like green buds that are sativa-leaning. They have a high THC percentage, giving you an intense cerebral high. You'll be energized and happy when consuming this strain. The uplifted mindset makes any chore feel enjoyable. 


The Bruce seeds cannabis strain is the offspring of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. The strain gets its hybrid traits, high THC, and musky flavor from the legendary OG Kush. We can thank Strawberry Diesel for its increased THC percentage, energizing effects, and fruity diesel tastes. 


This cultivar has made a reputation for itself in the 420 community when it won the award of "Strongest Cannabis Strain in the World" at the High Times Cannabis Cup. The crop of Banner seeds reaches from 6–7 feet tall, so make sure you have a large enough space to grow this plant. 


Most consumers and growers refer to this strain as "Bruce Banner." However, you might hear "The Hulk," "Banner," or "OG Banner" when referring to this cultivar. One thing is for sure, members of the 420 gang know that whatever you call it, it's a powerful THC high. 


Want to know more about the powerful weed strain? Discover everything you need to know about the effects, flavors, and growing information of these marijuana seeds now. Once you read these facts, we know you'll want to buy Bruce Banner seeds from i49 Genetics. 

What kind of feelings does Bruce Banner give?

Bruce Banner seeds produce a harvest that provides an intense feeling. With only a little, you notice your mind and body changing. When consumed in moderation, the feelings are positive. You’re motivated and energized for any task. The strain eliminates stress and worries as you bask in the mind-altering effects. Continue reading for an in-depth look at how it makes you feel. 

Bruce Banner effects


Bruce seeds weed contains 25–32% THC and about 1% CBD. This strain is one of the most potent on the market. If you're looking for an out-of-this-world high, you have to try the Hulk version of marijuana. With one toke, you feel like you received a powerful mental buzz.


This strain is best for consumers with a high tolerance as this cannabis is intense. The sativa uplifts you and brings you to a euphoric level. You notice the indica side once the cerebral buzz comes down a bit. A sense of calm, both physically and mentally, will descend. Bruce Banner cannabis melts you into a happy and relaxed person. A little bit of CBD helps free your limbs of tension and helps you move with ease. 




Bruce Banner strain seeds produce a substantial harvest, with the THC levels reaching over 30% sometimes. Bruce Banner seeds are a balanced experience. You will feel a strong sativa and THC buzz at first. 


When you consume, it instantly calms your mind with a deep head high. Worries and negative thoughts run right out of your head. It uplifts your mood, and you laugh at everything. You turn into a calm and friendly person, closer to Banner than the Hulk. From the sativa, you'll note a burst of energy. This strain is ideal to consume before doing house chores or a night out at a party. It can help increase creativity and innovative thoughts, so always have a journal handy. With time, the high changes to a tranquil feeling as the indica and CBD kick in. You might feel so relaxed that you drift to sleep. 




Those who want to consume Bruce seeds cannabis should do so in moderation. THC levels that are up to 32% are an intense experience. Even expert users will want to proceed with caution. 


Possible adverse side effects are slightly heightened anxiety or paranoia from the sativa dominant. The high THC may create dizziness, nausea, and an overwhelmed feeling. You might experience dry eyes or mouth if you don't stay hydrated. To avoid these potentially negative effects, only take one hit and wait. If you can handle more, then gradually continue to consume. Remember always to have water around too

Bruce Banner flavour

Bruce Banner seeds produce a delicious tasting crop. The primary terpenes are alpha cedrene, alpha terpineol, and borneol. 

  • Alpha cedrene creates an earthy, wood, and pine flavor. 
  • Alpha terpineol is responsible for the upfront citrus and fruit tastes of the harvest. 
  • Borneol produces herbal, musky, and diesel aromas. 


You’ll begin to notice the fragrance during the flowering stage. As the buds start to produce resin, the grow room fills with an earthy yet fruity aroma. Invest in a carbon filter if you plan to cultivate indoors so the smell doesn't escape the garden. 


The fragrance of Bruce Banner strain seeds cannabis is instantly recognizable. Your room fills with a traditional musky marijuana smell with notes of diesel, ripe berries, and lemons. Much like the effects, this strain has a powerful flavor and scent. 


When the Bruce Banner weed is ready to consume, it fills your mouth with a complex taste of opposing flavors. You recognize notes of diesel, earthiness, and musk. Consumers will enjoy unique, powerful flavors. 


The exhale remains herbal with notes of sweet fruit. You’ll detect strawberries and bitter citrus, leaving your mouth feeling fresh. 

Our selection of Bruce Banner seeds: Expert recommendations


At i49 Genetics, you can find Bruce Banner seeds in various flowering types. If you're a beginner, we recommend purchasing Bruce Banner feminized seeds. These produce only female crops and tend to be more forgiving. You'll still get all of the power with a more stable plant. 


Autoflower Bruce Banner seeds are ideal for cultivars who want a new challenge. Although these are more difficult to grow, even newbies can succeed with some devoted attention. The plants automatically go into flowering at a certain point of maturity, rather than with a lighting change. 


When you absolutely can't wait for the harvest to mature, we recommend buying the Bruce Banner Fast Version seeds. The crops aren't short of potency or yield, but the marijuana is ready in half the time of the normal cultivars. 


Purchase Bruce Banner regular seeds if you want to breed. These seeds create both male and female crops. Blending strains is an exciting project and helps you better understand the biology of marijuana. Who knows, maybe your offspring will be the next big name in the market. If you just can't get enough of Bruce Banner strain seeds, indulge in the many offspring of the cultivar for more powerful cannabis. 


Our favorite offspring is Bruce Banner x Chocolope feminized, two legendary strains. The result is a sativa dominant strain with up to 20% THC. There's more of an earthy flavor and not so much fruit. This cultivar is a great option for those with lower THC tolerance. 


A must is Bruce Banner 2.0. When you think it couldn't get better, breeders created a re-engineered version. It blends the original with Strawberry Diesel, creating a stronger fruit flavor and higher sativa dominance. This is only the start of the list of offspring. Since Bruce seeds weed is highly sought after, many breeders love to use it to blend with others. Check the i49 Genetics website for more cannabis seeds to buy. 


Growing Bruce Banner seeds

When your Bruce Banner weed seeds arrive at your house, they’re in a dormant state. You must germinate them to begin the growing process. There are many ways to do this, and we recommend the paper towel method. 


To perform germination, dampen paper towels with purified water. Place them on a dinner plate. Put the seed about every inch and cover them with another wet towel. Store them in a warm dark place, like a cabinet, cupboard, or closet, for 24–72 hours. Germination is complete when you see healthy Bruce Banner seedlings popping out of the shell. Place the seedling in its growing medium to begin maturing. 


Indoor growing


Bruce Banner seeds are a delight to grow for anyone from beginners to experts. The biggest issue is the sheer size of the crop. You must have space to handle a seven-foot-tall plant. Despite their height, we recommend growing indoors to help regulate the climate. When the environment is right, the harvest can easily reach up to 32% THC


Due to its OG Kush genes, the plant is susceptible to powdery mildew and mold. To reduce the chances of pathogens attacking your crop, keep temperatures to 68–78℉ with a relative humidity of no more than 50%. Invest in a thermometer and a hygrometer to ensure your numbers are correct. 


Outdoor growing


If you'd like to cultivate outdoors, your natural environment must be warm and dry. The southwestern part of the United States has the ideal climate for Bruce Banner seeds. Install fans or a ventilation system in your indoor grow room to help circulate the air. Any standing moisture leads to mold and mildew issues. 


We recommend using the Screen of Green method to support the large buds during flowering and encourage lateral growth. As a sativa strain, these crops love to reach upwards. 


You’ll need to install a screen, like chicken wire, about a foot above the seedlings to perform this technique. With this method, the branches intertwine on the screen as they mature. This will help your crop stay at a more manageable size. Light is essential for the Bruce Banner cannabis strain. It helps the harvest become potent, bountiful, and flavorful. We recommend investing in high-quality 600-watt LED or HPS grow lamps.  


Install reflective walls and floors to eliminate energy loss because the beams bounce towards the crop at various angles. Having light come from all over the room helps manage the height because the sativa won't reach upward towards the lamps. 


We recommend growing Bruce Banner seeds in organic soil to create strong roots and reduce the size. Hydroponics usually increases the plant's height, which can be an issue if you don't have an industrial-sized grow room. Soil also increases terpene development, resulting in a more flavorful and fragrant harvest. 


Use the pruning method of topping off to provide more nutrients to the lower branches. Trimming up the crop slows down upward growth and gives you more robust buds. 


The plant matures to an electric green. The buds are enormous and have yellow pistils shooting out of all directions. The nugs develop a coating of resin that makes it look like there was a sprinkle of snow over the crop. 


During the flowering stage, you'll notice Bruce seeds weed's earthy, musky, and fruity notes. Expect a flowering time of about 9–10 weeks. Anticipate an indoor yield of 7–18 oz./m² and an 18 oz./ plant outdoor harvest

Bruce Banner seeds pairings

Breeders can't get enough of the Bruce Banner strain seeds. They constantly blend it with other legendary marijuana to create the next cultivar. Let's take a look at a few of our favorites. 


Purchase Bruce Banner x White Russian if you want the strength of the original with an indica dominance. The THC remains at about 20%, and you'll have a slightly mellower experience. 


Bruce Banner x Kali Mist is a spicy version of the original. It's a sativa dominant strain with 20–25% THC. The effects are euphoric and energizing. 


Try Bruce Banner x Mochalope feminized for a slightly chocolate flavor along with earthiness and diesel. It's an indica dominant harvest with up to 23% THC. You won't be disappointed with the blend of flavors and effects. 


This list is just the start of Bruce Banner seeds for sale. Check the i49 Genetics website frequently to stay updated on the latest blends. 


Final punch of Bruce Banner seeds

As one of the most powerful in the 420 community, Bruce Banner seeds deserve a lot of recognition. The harvest has upwards of 32% THC, providing an intense experience. You feel like you have increased energy and an uplifted mood thanks to the sativa dominance. With time, the indica kicks in, and you're in pure relaxation.


The crop grows to about seven feet tall with huge bright green nugs. You begin to notice the earthy, musky, and fruity aroma during the last weeks of flowering as the thick coat of resin develops. 


Anyone from a beginner to expert growers will enjoy cultivating this strain. Be mindful of the climate to reduce mold and mildew build-up. Besides that, the maturing process is straightforward. Don't you want to try one of the strongest cultivars on the market? Buy Bruce Banner seeds exclusively online from i49 Genetics. 



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