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What are high yield seeds?

Every cannabis grower's dream is to have a garden full of high-yielding strains. Many factors influence how big a harvest your crops produce. Due to improved cultivation techniques, gardeners can maximize their growing space. One plant has the potential to develop a lot more buds. How can you do this? Growers cross the genetics of various cultivars to create perfect seeds that provide the most yields.


High yield cannabis seeds are for sale across the USA. Getting your favorite seeds from other growers or a dispensary around the corner is quick and convenient, but are they viable? Will they germinate and develop well? Secure your autoflower, feminized, or regular heavy yield seeds from our reputable seed bank. With e-commerce growing as fast as autoflowers, cultivators now benefit from shopping for their favorite seeds online.


Here at i49 Genetics, we've simplified the process of getting your cannabis seeds. Filter your search for these types of seeds to display all available options. Each cultivar comes with descriptive details about its growth characteristics, effects, flavors and aromas, and other helpful information. We offer excellent cultivating support and hold to that germination guarantee.


Why grow high-yielding seeds?


Cultivating high yield cannabis seeds saves you time and money in the long run. Instead of utilizing a large area to grow many crops to harvest tons of buds, optimize small areas with high-yielding plants. Having a few plants per square foot reduces the number of crops you attend to at a time. The bud production on five individual plants is achievable on one or two heavy-yielding ones.


Choosing to cultivate high-yield marijuana seeds is especially useful to those who don't have much space but still desire plenty of buds. It's cost-effective for an indoor grow setup. You won't need as much equipment to cover a large area with fewer plants.


Discover why you should choose marijuana seeds to get the highest yields below.


High yield weed seeds to grow outdoors


If you’re planning to grow your crops in the open, get high yield outdoor seeds. The plants grown from these seeds adapt well to external environments. They’re tough enough to deal with changing weather conditions and still produce high yields.


Autoflowering cannabis plants generally provide smaller harvests. With heavy yield autoflower seeds, your crops deliver significantly more buds. Place your autos in a spot that receives direct sunlight to maximize yields further.


Feminized cannabis seeds are photoperiod variants. To begin flowering, their light cycle must change from 18/6 (18 hours of light/6 hours of dark) to 12/12. Outdoors, the natural light from the sun triggers the switch. Keep your feminized crops in the vegetative stage for longer to increase yield production.


Why sow your cannabis seeds outdoors? Cannabis plants harvested from regular and feminized generally produce more buds outside compared to indoor cultivation methods. It saves you time and money as Mother Nature takes care of most of the nurturing.


Our selection of high yield outdoor seeds includes the following.


Amnesia Haze feminized seeds


  • Genetics: Original Amnesia Haze
  • Flowering: 8–9 weeks
  • Phenotype: Sativa
  • THC: 16–20%
  • CBD: <2%
  • Outdoor yield: 21–28 oz./plant


Amnesia Haze feminized seeds produce plants that thrive exceptionally well outdoors in warm temperate climates. Although the genetics are predominantly sativa, their growing characteristics lean toward indica variants. The THC levels make for a stellar experience of sativa effects. Feel uplifted and full of energy as the elated sensations take hold of your body and mind. Delight your senses with haze, fruity, and pepper notes.


Big Bud feminized seeds


  • Genetics: Afghan crossed with Skunk
  • Flowering: 8–9 weeks
  • Phenotype: Indica
  • THC: 15–20%
  • CBD: <2%
  • Outdoor yield: 19 oz./plant


With gigantic nugs and generous yields, you can't go wrong with Big Bud feminized seeds. These high-yield outdoor seeds produce crops that are hardy and resilient to most cannabis pests and diseases. The moderate THC levels in this indica giant's buds provide powerful yet balanced effects. The smoke is smooth and exudes fruity kush flavors and aromas. 


Blue Dream feminized seeds


  • Genetics: Blueberry crossed with Haze
  • Flowering: 8–10 weeks
  • Phenotype: Sativa
  • THC: 16–20%
  • CBD: <2%
  • Outdoor yield: 14–21 oz./plant


Blue Dream feminized seeds produce crops adorned in resinous buds for your toking pleasure. Experienced cultivators raise these plants in warm subtropical climates. The THC-rich buds provide a smooth smoke along with cerebral and physical euphoria. Delight the senses with infusions of earthy, sweet tropical, blueberry, and vanilla notes.


Blueberry seeds


  • Genetics: Afghani crossed with Thai
  • Flowering: 8–10 weeks
  • Phenotype: Indica
  • THC: 15–19.5%
  • CBD: <2%
  • Outdoor yield: 25 oz./plant


Cultivate Blueberry seeds outdoors to allow them to do all the lateral growing they can. The crops produced from these cannabis seeds grow trichome-coated buds that provide the much-loved effects. Experience the cerebral euphoria after the first few puffs, followed by mellow calming sensations. Notes of sweet berries and pine surround the senses and taste buds. 


Moby Dick feminized seeds


  • Genetics: White Widow crossed with Haze
  • Flowering: 9–10 weeks
  • Phenotype: Sativa
  • THC: 24–27%
  • CBD: <2%
  • Outdoor yield: 53 oz./plant


Moby Dick feminized seeds produce humongous plants with large colas and plenty of buds. This award-winning cultivar thrives in warm, sunny climates. The heavy colas need structural support as they mature. This sativa beast provides effects as big as its ego and is ideal for daytime use to uplift the spirits with euphoric and creative energy. The flavors and aromas are sweet infusions of earthy citrus notes. 


Choosing the right cannabis seeds for high yields

Choose top-quality, high yield cannabis seeds from our seed bank for the most successful cultivation journey. Healthy plants produce exceptionally wholesome harvests. 


The genetics of marijuana seeds determine the plant’s growth, flavors, aromas, and effects. High-yielding cultivars were created to provide a lot of cannabis buds. Your main goal as a grower is to get the biggest harvest—but not at the cost of inferior products.


High yield marijuana seeds provide higher than average bud production. You have fewer crops per square foot, but they produce a larger harvest per plant. High yielders also have bigger, denser colas due to increased nug production.


Below are some of the top high yield cannabis strains available.


Big Bud Fast Version feminized seeds


  • Genetics: Big Bud genes crossed with a secret hybrid
  • Flowering: 6–8 weeks
  • Phenotype: Indica
  • THC: 14–17%
  • Indoor yield: 14–16 oz./m²


For a cultivation experience of epic proportions, choose Big Bud Fast Version seeds. The genetics of Big Bud's parents Afghani, Northern Lights, and Skunk #1 sink deep within the qualities of this faster version in all aspects. They also possess quicker growing traits. The crops thrive indoors, producing excellent yields per square meter under the right conditions.


Enjoy cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation after puffing on the buds produced from these high-yield seeds. Flavors and aromas of soft, fruity, and kush notes linger around the olfactory nerves upon every in and exhale.


Super Silver Haze feminized seeds


  • Genetics: Northern Lights crossed with Haze and Skunk #1
  • Flowering: 9–10 weeks
  • Phenotype: Sativa
  • THC: 15–19%
  • Indoor yield: 17–21 oz./m²
  • Outdoor yield: 21–25 oz./plant


Growing Super Silver Haze feminized seeds needs an experienced hand, but the bountiful rewards are worth the time and effort. These high-yield marijuana seeds come from a strong lineage so expect outstanding growing qualities and exceptional recreational benefits. Super Silver Haze is known for its high-stretching leaves. Experienced growers applying a Screen of Green (ScrOG) can keep this under control. Ensure relative humidity isn’t too high, or bud rot may creep in.


The effects are powerful and stimulate the body and mind with cerebral euphoria. The calming sensations keep you level-headed, so you don't go over the top. The smoke is smooth and bursts with infusions of sweet, spicy, metallic, and citrus notes.


Chocolope feminized seeds


  • Genetics: OG Chocolate Thai crossed with Cannalopehaze
  • Flowering: 10–11 weeks
  • Phenotype: Sativa
  • THC: 12–17%
  • Indoor yield: 16 oz./m²
  • Outdoor yield: 21–25 oz./plant


Chocolope feminized seeds prefer the great outdoors and thrive under the hands of veteran growers. These seeds develop substantial crops that produce plenty of buds. After the first puff, your mind bursts with euphoric activity. The feeling swiftly moves to the body, giving you loads of energy to take on any task. The flavors and aromas from the buds produced by these high-yield cannabis seeds remind you of chocolate, hence its name. 


Gorilla Glue #4 feminized seeds


  • Genetics: Chem Sister crossed with Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel
  • Flowering: 8–9 weeks
  • Phenotype: Hybrid
  • THC: 26–28%
  • Indoor yield: 16–19 oz./m²
  • Outdoor yield: 21–23 oz./plant


The crops produced from these high-yield marijuana seeds provide generous yields at harvest time. Gorilla Glue #4 feminized seeds grow into healthy female crops under optimal conditions. GG4 plants are indica dominant hybrids, but the effects are strong and sometimes induce psychoactive activity. Enjoy this cultivar at night after a long day at work. Blends of herbal, pine, sour, earthy, and chemical cheesy flavors and aromas delight the senses.


Pineapple Haze feminized seeds


  • Genetics: Pineapple crossed with Haze
  • Flowering: 10–12 weeks
  • Phenotype: Sativa
  • THC: 15–22%
  • Indoor yield: 7–18 oz./m²
  • Outdoor yield: 9 oz./plant


Pineapple Haze feminized seeds have straightforward growing needs and produce hefty-sized colas with tons of delectable buds. The plants naturally resist pests but are prone to mold development due to the dense foliage. The moderate THC levels induce a surge of creative energy as euphoria manifests within the mind. The effects are invigorating yet smooth and promote quite an appetite. 


The buds produced from these seeds ooze with a spectacular flavor profile. Every puff holds floral, earthy, sweet pine, citrus and pineapple infusions.

How to grow high yield seeds: Is it easy?

These strains make for a cannabis gardening journey with significant rewards. Thanks to modern-day cultivation methods, growers have taken much-loved strains and improved their development abilities. Autoflower seeds are especially favored because you enjoy less work, faster-growing, and super generous harvests.


Grow your high-yield seeds with the following tips to achieve the best results.




Before you get started growing, your first step is germination. Our favored technique is the paper towel method. 


You'll need: 


  • Two non-porous paper towels
  • Two dinner plates
  • Room temperature purified water
  • Your high-yield marijuana seeds
  • Tweezers


Once you've gathered the tools, follow these instructions:


  • Wet your paper towels with purified water. Wring out any excess, so they're damp and not soaked.
  • Place one towel onto one of the dinner plates and use the tweezers to spread your seeds over the towel.
  • Cover the seeds with the other paper towel and gently sprinkle some water over the top. Remember, the environment must never be drenched, only moistened.
  • Lift the paper towels from the surface of the plate to ensure there isn't additional water lying beneath.
  • Close the seeds inside with the second plate to create a warm, dark environment. Put this setup inside a cupboard or drawer that doesn't receive direct light.
  • The germination process takes 24–120 hours to complete. Regularly check your seeds during this time. The towels should never dry out.
  • Once your high yield cannabis seeds present their taproots, they're ready to move to your growing medium of choice.


What kind of nutrients do they need?


Cannabis plants thrive on macronutrients like nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). They also need micro nutes like calcium, iron, copper, and zinc. Marijuana crops need different nutrient feeds at each stage of growth. In their vegetative phase, they need a lot more nitrogen to enhance the development of leaves and stems. During flowering, crops produced from heavy yield seeds need more phosphorus and potassium.


The primary nutes N–P–K ratio is displayed on nutrient packaging as 4:2:3. It indicates how much of each compound is available in the product.


What kind of water is best for high yields?


Distilled water (soft water) is best for your marijuana crops since it's free of salts or heavy metals that usually hinder nutrient absorption. Using purified H2O eliminates the presence of bacteria that causes contamination to the roots. Ensure the water for your crops growing from high yield marijuana seeds is tepid at a temperature of 68℉. The quality of H2O is greatly affected by the pH balance. If it's too acidic or alkaline, it negatively impacts the growth of your crops.


  • Acidic water: 0–4.9
  • Alkaline water: 7.0–14
  • Balanced pH: 5.0–7.0


A couple of words about growing high yield marijuana seeds


Sufficient airflow is vital for crops growing from high yield seeds if you're cultivating indoors. Keep relative humidity regulated at all times. Autoflowers need a milder humid environment during flowering than throughout the seedling and early vegging stages.


Cultivating seeds indoors requires quality lighting, especially if they're regular or feminized photoperiod variants. Although autoflowers don't depend on light exposure to switch to flowering, they still need warmth to grow.


High-intensity lights like metal-halide lamps are ideal if you don't mind spending extra pennies on electricity bills. LED lights are an excellent alternative for milder heat generation and lower costs. 


For indoor setups, an 18/6 light provision is beneficial in encouraging robust growth and increased bud production. Mother Nature takes care of the lighting outdoors. 


Plant your seeds directly into large pots to encourage healthy root development and growth patterns. To increase results, use 15–20 liter pots. 


If you choose to raise your crops produced from high-yield cannabis seeds outdoors, protect them from the elements of nature, including pests.


For your autoflower seeds with high yield production, use a light growing medium. Autos grow fast and vigorously, and airy soil makes it easy for them to develop a healthy root system. The ideal pH for soil-based growing is 6.5.


Add a root stimulant to enhance development further. Ensure you have sufficient support for those heavy budding colas on the crops grown from this type of seeds. Adding side structures like bamboo sticks or trellis netting helps the plants carry heavy loads.


Choose your water carefully. If the H2O is unsafe for human consumption, it's hazardous for your crops. Reverse osmosis water is ideal as it doesn't contain all the impurities usually found in what comes out of a tap.


Crops produced from heavy-yield autoflower seeds don't need as many nutrients as photoperiods. Lightly fertilized soil is sufficient for autos.


Marijuana plants need more nitrogen during vegging to promote growth and more phosphorus and potassium during flowering for bud production.


With high yields come more foliage. Train your crops to encourage lateral growth. Low-stress training (LST) techniques allow you to do this without stressing the plants. Once more bud sites receive additional light, it encourages the development of higher yields.


Sometimes you notice ripened buds at the top of your crops produced from high yield cannabis seeds. Flowers usually mature faster at the top than they do further down on the plants. Harvest the ready ones, and wait another 1–2 weeks before clipping the others.

Where should I buy high yielding weed seeds? The answer is obvious!

If you don't want to overpay when buying cannabis seeds, you've come to the right place. At I49, we stock a huge selection of strains for every taste, even the most finicky ones. Indica or Sativa, autoflowers or photoperiod, feminized and regular, seeds for growing large or dwarf plants. We even stock seeds for making concentrates and mold-resistant strains that don’t afraid of humid and cold environments.


But the huge selection of more than 400 seeds of different cultivars is not our main advantage.


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If you want to buy high-yielding seeds, you’d hardly find a seed bank better.

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