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What are cheap weed seeds?

Cheap pot seeds for sale produce premium weed without being high-priced. The cost is the only differentiating factor between them and every other section on our site. They’re just as fresh and healthy and have identical germination and 99.99% feminization guarantees. Choose budget-friendly seeds to offset your setup expenditures without settling for less than the best.

In the early days of the marijuana marketplace, a low cost often meant low-quality buds. Those times are behind us, though. The modern industry is about healthy competition, so stores offer cheap cannabis seeds with free shipping to attract shoppers. i49 Genetics combines bargain prices with product quality to maintain a reputation as an ally to aspiring growers of all budgets.

The factors that form the price of cannabis seeds

In the past, cheap marijuana seeds would develop into subpar cannabis. Breeder capabilities and technology have advanced, and that’s no longer the case. Although the price sometimes reflects quality, it’s often related to business decisions. Today, these three factors determine the affordability of cultivars for sale:

  • Strain popularity: Some cultivars are extremely rare, while others reached the heights of fame in the 420 community. Demand breeds supply and creates competition, so retailers have to charge less to attract customers. You pay more for strains you couldn’t find in a local headshop or any seed bank.
  • The difficulty of production: Even with a team of expert breeders and cultivators, some crops are challenging to grow. Getting healthy seeds from fussy strains requires more time, effort, and resources, so those go at higher prices. Genetic modifications to remove males, shorten flowering times, and improve specific traits also drive costs.
  • Seed bank discretion: Companies determine costs based on invested funds, market conditions, and competition, but they ultimately control the price. Sellers like ourselves prioritize increasing the accessibility of growing marijuana, and the numbers reflect that.

We don’t want to limit cost-conscious shoppers to our cheap feminized seeds and autos. If you have your eye on a particular strain not on sale, check our discount cannabis seeds. The Buy One Get One free (BOGO) promotion doubles your every purchase, cutting the price in half. We rotate all best-sellers through this page; watch the space to take advantage of this deal.

Are cheap seeds worth it?

Is it worthwhile to buy cannabis seeds online for cheap? It depends on your supplier. When shopping with i49 Genetics, affordable seeds are an overall advantageous investment. They produce as potent, tasty, and high-yielding plants as those with double the price tag. Here’s what to keep in mind to make thrifty seed purchases profitable.

Skip cheap regular seeds if you’re growing marijuana for smoking purposes. Since they develop into males and females, you must discard half your garden to avoid pollination. You can buy costlier feminized seeds and get more weed for the same price. Another scenario where it’s better to invest more is if the seller doesn’t offer a germination guarantee. Seeds that don’t pop are a waste of dollars.

Cheap feminized weed seeds are a better option for personal-use cultivators. Each one becomes a bud-bearing female, and no money goes towards pollen-producing males. Our stock also comes with a 99% germination guarantee. You’re not compromising plant viability or bud quality by buying on a budget.

The most popular cheap cannabis seeds

We stock numerous specimens of cheap cannabis seeds for sale. Our library features photoperiod and autoflowering strains suitable for growers of all experience levels. Whether you prefer indica, sativa, sweet, or spicy marijuana for medical or recreational consumption, there’s something for you here.

Don’t feel like choosing a single type of pot? Find a cannabis seed variety pack curated to meet your growing and toking preferences. Alternatively, follow the lead of your fellow cultivators and pick one of the best-selling cheap marijuana seeds in the USA. Many shoppers are fond of these five affordable strains with premium traits:


  • Sour Diesel feminized is a sativa-dominant Chemdawg 91 x Super Skunk cross. Its chemical citrus aroma is guaranteed to kick your senses into gear. The 24% THC buds offer a powerful mind and body punch to prepare you for the day. Crops are tall, slim, and easy to cultivate. They yield over 17 oz./m² indoors and 28 oz./plant outdoors.


  • Northern Lights autoflower is the small and speedy version of the indica-dominant Afghani x Thai breed. Its earth and pine scent is the quintessential old-school ganja. Buds contain up to 22% THC and deliver total-body sedation and a joyful head high for a chill night at home. Crops remain tiny, flower after 5–6 weeks of veg, and require minimal THC. Harvests are around 17 oz./m² indoors and 5 oz./plant outdoors.


  • Gelato autoflower is the non-photoperiod variant of the Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint GSC balanced hybrid. Its flavors include orange, berry, and hints of sweet sandalwood. This 21% THC weed has double-duty effects, starting with joy and ending with a soothing calm. The compact crops are relatively straightforward to cultivate, yielding 17 oz./m² indoors and 3.5 oz./plant outdoors.


  • Purple Kush feminized is an indica Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani cross with pure and balanced genetics. It smells like wet earth, freshly cut wood, and ripe grapes. Buds carry over 22% THC and pack a powerful physical punch for nighttime relaxation and healing. Crops are short, bushy, disease-resistant, and gorgeously violet if left in cold weather. They produce 17 oz./m² indoors and up to 28 oz./plant outdoors.


  • G13 autoflower is the non-photoperiod version of a mysterious indica subject to many urban legends. Its skunky scents contain hints of lemon and mint, and its smoke delivers 23% THC. The high gets you happy and talkative while locking you to the couch. Crops are moderately tall and highly resistant to stress, yielding 19 oz./m² indoors and 3.5 oz./plant outdoors.

Buying cheap marijuana seeds online at i49 Genetics lets you experience these and many more superb cultivars first-hand. Our pricing model reduces the barrier to entry for new and established growers with personal and commercial ambitions. Shop today to let us do our part in making excellent cannabis available to all.

Is it difficult to grow cheap weed seeds?

The cultivation journey is straightforward when you buy cheap cannabis seeds. This category contains acclaimed and genetically stable cultivars of indica and sativa origins. Climate and care requirements are strain-specific, but good gardening practices ensure excellent output.

Here’s the gist of how to get quality buds with our two available varieties.


Growing cheap feminized seeds

Our feminized seeds for sale develop into photoperiod crops with all-female genetics. They move through life stages based on the light schedule: 18/6 is for vegging, while 12/12 triggers and maintains flowering. The genetic modification removes the male chromosome, so each plant bears seedless, smokable buds.

If growing cheap feminized seeds in the USA outdoors, choose a strain fit for your climate. Pick a spot with at least six hours of direct daily sunlight exposure. Prune excess leaves during the vegetative stage, supply water and nutrients, and use companion plants to ward off pests. Sow in mid-April to collect ripe harvest before the first fall frosts.

Indoor cultivation makes it possible to grow any strain, no matter your climate. Use equipment to mimic the cultivar’s preferred conditions, usually 70–85°F temperature and 40–60% relative humidity. Water every second or third day and feed weekly with fertilizer. Consider a training technique suitable for the strain’s growth pattern to get higher yields. Collect harvests when the pistils get orange and curl inward, and the trichomes become opaque.


Growing cheap autoflower seeds

This page also contains the best autoflowering seeds in the USA. These cultivars have ruderalis genetics, making them compact, lower-yielding, and faster-flowering. They bloom automatically after 5–6 weeks of vegging, regardless of daytime duration. Most specimens are also feminized to reduce pollination risk. Cultivators use an 18/6 or 24-hour light cycle throughout.

Growing autos is similar to cultivating cheap feminized cannabis seeds, except the growth cycle is shorter. As such, crops are more susceptible to stress and less likely to recover from disease and physical damage. Handle them carefully, avoid training, and provide lower doses of nutrients. If cultivating outdoors, consider planting in May or June to make the most of the summertime sunlight.

Where to buy cheap cannabis seeds in the USA

Ready to start your prolific and budget-friendly grow op? Skip typing “how to find seeds near me” in your web browser. You’re in the perfect spot to buy weed seeds for cheap. Scroll up, browse our strain library, and fill up your cart. Pick two or more products to get free shipping anywhere in the United States.

Select a safe payment method among our diverse options, including Visa and MasterCard, bank transfers, and Bitcoin payments. Shipping is fast and tracked, and products reach your doorstep in discreet packages. Customer service is available via live chat should you have any questions or concerns.

i49 Genetics is here for you even past the purchase point. Our blog section is full of educational resources to ensure every cent you spend goes towards sticky buds. Invest in the cheapest cannabis seeds in the USA and uncover the joys of growing weed without compromising your financial wellness.

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