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What are fast version cannabis seeds?

What are fast version seeds? This category consists of sped-up versions of regular strains. We cross premium photoperiod genetic material with ruderalis, finding a happy medium between photo and auto weed. Cultivars are sturdy and potent like the former but borrow the latter’s compact nature and flower faster than their non-modified counterparts.

Fast cannabis versions rely on the duration of days and nights. Indoors, you manipulate crops and future yield sizes with lamps. Plants grow branches and leaves till you flip to a 12/12 schedule. The autoflower genetics kick in once the light cycle changes, and a rapid and prolific bloom stage ensures.

Fast strains preserve the flavor and aroma of their photo parent, letting you savor spicy old-school and sweet new-age cultivars. They’re almost as potent as the regular version, especially if kept under powerful lamps. Apply the proper care, and harvests reach photoperiod-tier sizes despite the fast flowering stage.

Why choose fast flowering seeds?

Time-restricted ganja growers can choose swift indica cultivars, autoflowering seeds, or fast version specimens. The first option limits the scope of available flavors and effects, while the second tends to result in smaller yields. The third eliminates the need to compromise between harvest size, speed, and diversity.

Here’s why cultivators love our quick flowering seeds:

  • Rapid flowering periods: Indoor cultivation lets you speed up the seed-to-harvest period by cutting the vegetative stage. Blooming is non-negotiable, but our fast seeds make it two weeks shorter. Outdoor growers reap healthy buds even if cold days come sooner than expected. They can also keep long-flowering sativas despite harsh fall climates.
  • Small or medium-sized plants: Ruderalis genetics create compact crops, and this benefit translates to fast plants. With this quicker variant, you get crops of moderate sizes, rarely stretching past five feet in height. Keep massive plants without resorting to intense and potentially stressful training techniques.
  • Perfect for SOG/ScrOG-style grows: Quick crops have less time to produce buds, but training can reverse that. The Sea of Green (SOG) and Screen of Green (ScrOG) techniques manipulate growth patterns and shorten vegging. Pair them with our quick seeds, and abundant harvests arrive sooner.
  • Wide variety of flavor and effect profiles: You can pair almost any photoperiod cultivar with ruderalis genetics. The fast version category contains CBD and THC-rich sped-up specimens from indica and sativa families. Select strains without restrictions while taking advantage of this beneficial modification.

Our top 5 seeds with the quickest flowering time

The modern marijuana market features countless specimens of fast growing weed seeds. Our library contains plenty of superstar and rare cultivars in this quick and convenient version. Not sure where to start exploring this feat of breeding ingenuity? Here are our five favorites to satisfy all grower and toker preferences:

  • Amnesia fast version is sativa-dominant, flowers in 6–8 weeks, and yields 18 oz./m² indoors and 28 oz. per plant outdoors. It’s a moderately tall and bushy plant with sturdy genetics suitable for all levels of cultivators. Its buds carry sweet and floral scents, 20% THC, and a range of happy, uplifting effects. This strain suits daytime medical and recreational consumption.
  • Black Domina fast version is indica-dominant, flowers in 6–7 weeks, and yields 21 oz./m² indoors and 28 oz. per plant outdoors. The plants are short and dense, pest and disease-resistant, and suitable for SOG training. Buds contain 18% THC and smell like wood, citrus, and pepper. The effects are joyful and soothing, ideal for nighttime consumption and complete relaxation.
  • Skunk fast version is slightly sativa-leaning, flowers in 6–8 weeks, and yields 14 oz./m² indoors and 18 oz. per plant outdoors. It rarely stretches past three feet and has a Christmas tree-like structure rich in foliage, buds, and trichomes. Its scent is instantly recognizable, sour, and intense, while the THC content is around 18%. The effect profile is double-duty, beginning with elation and ending with sedation.
  • Bruce Banner fast version is sativa-dominant, flowers in just eight weeks, and yields 21 oz./m² indoors and 23 oz. per plant outdoors. Its crops are moderately tall, lean, mold-resistant, and amenable to ScrOG training. The aroma contains earth, diesel, and berry notes, while the smoke delivers up to 29% THC. The impact is fast-acting, heavy-hitting, super energizing, and perfect for wake ’n’ bake consumption.
  • OG Kush fast version is indica-dominant, flowers in 6–8 weeks, and yields 21 oz./m² indoors and 21 oz. per plant outdoors. Crops are compact, bushy, heavy with buds, and ideal for SOG training and beginner-level cultivation. This marijuana smells of wood, earth, and spice and contains 22% THC. It induces happy relaxation and may provide relief for pain and anxiety.

Growing quick flowering weed seeds

Fast version plants come in all shapes and sizes, and their growing requirements are strain-dependent. This category encompasses cannabis seeds for novice growers and expert-level fussy marijuana strains. Below are several general rules for gardening success, but always investigate your specific cultivar to know what you can expect.



Any successful cultivation journey begins with germination, and growing quick flowering weed seeds is no exception. This process uses heat and moisture to trigger hormones beneath seed shells, resulting in a taproot. It reduces the number of duds in your stash and boosts your gardening efforts.

Let seeds spend 1–5 days in a dark room under a moist paper towel. Never let the surface dry, and use small tweezers for careful handling. Once a thin white thread protrudes from the shell, sow taproot-side first in a lightly-fertilized potting mix. You get robust seedlings, more successful rooting, and healthier plants down the line.

Our seeds have a high germination rate, provided you use our straightforward and efficient technique. This sprouting method also qualifies you for seed replacements in the unlikely chance of any failing to germinate. We replace unpopped specimens and ensure every seed you buy gets the opportunity to become a prolific plant.



Weed from fast flowering photoperiod seeds is light-reliant. It remains in the vegetative stage when there are 18 light hours each day and blooms when days get shorter. Strong lamps encourage prolific development. Use low-intensity CFL bulbs for seedlings and HPS or LED lights in veg and flower. If cultivating outdoors, pick a spot with six hours of direct daily sunlight exposure.

Indoors, keep seedlings and vegging crops under an 18/6 light schedule. Use a 24-hour setup for non-stop growth to harvest even sooner. When the crop is at ¾ of its desired final size, gradually change the cycle to 12/12 to trigger the blooming season. Reduce the “daytime” duration over a week instead of flipping lights suddenly to avoid stress.

Outdoors, plant in mid-April for a mid-to-late September harvest. The days start shortening in mid-July, and bloom begins in early August. Fast version crops spend the next month and a half maturing and become ripe in September. Even if you live in an area with short summers, your crop ripens to perfection before the rainy season.


Soil and growing medium

Fast flowering cannabis seeds thrive in soil and hydroponic systems, but some strains offer better results in one over the other. Beginner cultivators often opt for the former to keep cultivation straightforward. Experienced growers who prioritize harvest size employ soilless mediums like aeroponics, hydroponics, and coco coir.

If growing in soil, choose a slightly oversized container to avoid transplanting and stressing crops. Supply appropriate amounts of light fertilizer, as quicker development requires fewer nutrients. Get a fabric pot and well-aerated soil mix to bypass moisture issues and encourage root expansion.

Pay extra attention to nutrition and water pH in a hydroponic setup. Nutrient burn and lockout take time to fix and may damage your harvest. This cultivation style is tightly controlled, so optimize all conditions to boost yield size. Grow rates are generally higher in hydro, so prune regularly and flip to flowering early.



Plants from fast growing cannabis seeds inherit environmental preferences from their photoperiod parent. Those from harsh-weather indica strains appreciate colder and drier climates. Crops with tropical sativa origins flourish in hot and humid conditions. As a result, the required temperature depends on your chosen cultivar.

Vegging plants generally thrive in the 68–77°F range, while flowering crops prefer temperatures of 70–85°F. In both cases, nighttime temps should be around 10°F lower. Some indica strains become purple when exposed to less than 50°F in the final few weeks of blooming.



Fast version seeds originate from indica and sativa families, each with different climate preferences. Typically, your grow room should have 55–60% relative humidity during early development. Reduce it by 5% every week of late vegging and leave it at 35–40% in flowering. Indicas enjoy approximately 10% lower air moisture than sativas.

Buy fast version seeds from i49 Seed Bank

You’re in the right place to shorten the seed-to-yield period of your weed garden. Fast flowering feminized seeds at i49 Seed Bank are the go-to for time-sensitive and cold-weather cultivators. Our strains accommodate everybody, whether you prefer sweet, spicy, mind-expanding, therapeutic, straightforward, or finicky pot.

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