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Amnesia Fast Version
This strain increases energy and can leave the body with a light tingling.

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Amnesia Fast Version

This strain increases energy and can leave the body with a light tingling.
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Amnesia Fast Fem
Type Mostly Sativa
Yield Indoor 16 - 18 oz/m2
Yield Outdoor 21 - 28 oz/plant
THC 20%
CBD 0,5%
HEIGHT 39 - 59 inches
EFFECTS Anxious Creative Uplifted
FLAVOR Flowery Sweet
GROWS Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor
CLIMATE Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Amnesia Fast Fem Strain Review
Sativa dominant strains of cannabis are widely known and loved for their wake and bake properties which encourage a happy high that brings about a glorious attitude to take on the day with. However, due to their potency and 23-25% THC ratio, Amnesia Fast Fem cannabis strain seeds are not recommended for wake and bake use for 9-5ers. In fact, we actually suggest users need to take heed as this is not a plant meant to start your day with if use of your brain or memory is going to be required! Aptly named, Amnesia Fast Fem seeds USA offer the lovely effects of most sativa plants, however just a toke or two can hit you with a cerebral blow capable of blacking out your memory for a brief period of time. Instead of starting your day with this, enthusiasts of Amnesia often reach for this strain when they are looking for a little extra boost while engaging in activities more physical than mental like hitting the gym or the slopes, for example.
As a super potent sativa strain, Amnesia Fast Fem strain is also very useful in a range of therapeutic benefits. Its effectiveness has assisted medical cannabis users in numerous ways such as pain relief and reprieve from many common mental health concerns like depression and anxiety. The fast version of Amnesia is absolutely a joy to grow and consume, made by blending the original Amnesia strain with an autoflower version, so it tends to thrive in pretty much any setup out there. These plants are not only fast to finish but produce decent yields of this delightful energy-inducing popular strain.

Requiring very little pruning and manicuring, Amnesia Fast Fem weed seeds grow into a Christmas like shrubs with very low bud to leaf ratios. Lovely to look at, this plant has brightly colored sage and deep mossy green fan leaves that fade to light tones. Producing beautiful long colas that are often quite weighty, although not very dense in comparison to many other strains, the colas have light blonde colored pistils and fine trichomes. It may help to assist the branches by providing support to ensure each cola reaches full maturity. As with many other fast strains, this plant does not have a heavy preference of soil or hydroponic, but employing SOG or Sea of Green is an ideal way to ensure a plentiful harvest.  This involves planting many plants in smaller pots, so as to maximize production and harvest speed.

With the breeding of ruderalis into the Amnesia strain, you can expect flowering to take place very quickly, within a matter of a few weeks and last 7-8 weeks.

Growing Amnesia Fast Fem strain seeds indoors is an excellent choice for amateurs and professionals alike. This easy going, easy growing fast and feminized variety is a delight to grow in any set up. From germination to harvest time, you are looking at approximately 8-10 weeks altogether. Expect one and a half to 1.75 Oz per square foot with just 7 to 8 weeks of flowering.

Reaching heights of up to 5 ft tall when planted outdoors, this is a strain that prefers a warm Mediterranean like climate, but can prosper in cooler climates due to the ruderalis component in its genes. If you're growing outdoors in the northern hemisphere, expect to start drying and curing your bounty by late September or early October and each plant can yield a hearty crop of up to 28 Oz.

Due to its happy high and a tranquil cerebral and body buzz, this strain is often sought after by those struggling with PTSD, stress or depression thanks to its quick-acting long-lasting effects. A useful tool for treating mental health concerns and chronic pain with minimal side effects, growing Amnesia Fast Fem cannabis seeds may be the perfect addition to your lifestyle for a vigorous boost when plagued with fatigue. Amnesia strain has been long sought after from cancer patients due to its ability to fight off nausea and vomiting as well as create a munchie effect increasing appetite. Many people battling eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia have reported great success while using this strain regularly. It has been said to work wonders for pain management reducing physical symptoms with just a toke or two, relieving eye pressure, migraines, arthritis, symptoms of PMs and menstrual cramps. It is also well loved for its cerebral benefits which induce a positive mental state that will allow users to get through their day with a smile plastered across their face. 

For those who might be THC sensitive or are new to cannabis use all together, they may be likely to encounter unwanted and annoying side effects such as cottonmouth or dry eyes. Well dizziness and paranoia have been reported by few. The key to avoiding these less than fun effects is by pacing yourself and keeping doses small within your personal limits. Remember to stay properly hydrated and use eye drops as needed.

When you need some get up and go, reaching for this sativa dominant strain is a great way to start your day as long as you're not headed to work. With an effect far more rousing than coffee without the jitters from caffeine, Amnesia Fast is not only long-lasting but it is also quick acting in its ability to uplift and shower the mind and body with positive vibes. Delivering an intense jab that may leave users feeling slightly disoriented, the name also says enough about its ability to cause short-term memory loss so it is not the greatest choice if you have to keep your mind on the ball. This is an awesome strain for artistically inclined personalities looking to find inspiration around them as this strain will allow your surroundings to brighten and colors will pop and become more vivid. Music will allow you to travel through different dimensions offering an out of this world adventure. Considering the fact that this strain has only a minimal amount of indica, there is more than enough in this strain to balance out the high with its calmness and relaxation that adds a bit of composure to what can be a tidal wave of energy. Under Amnesia you can remain lively but not hyperactive as well as focused, energetic and positive.

An enticing infusion that calls to the mind a smell reminiscent of that of the damp forest floor combining cedar and citrus, Amnesia's aroma not only fills up the room but lights up the room the moment it's lit up with uplifting bright notes and some stronger, dank undertones.

With a flavor profile that is even better than it smells, this tangy burst of lemony goodness is a delight to the taste buds. Hints of pine, cedar and all things woodsy combine with a delicious sour punch to take your tongue on a wild ride.

Looking to try something same-same but different? We highly recommend these other strains that have similar genes and effects but all pack their own unique little punch.

A strain that tolerates colder climates, Amnesia Lemon Fast Fem is the lemon spice nice your heart has been looking for. Coming in with a slightly lower THC content of 20%, this is a wake and bake delight!

Enter the auto version of the above strain! Auto Amnesia Lemon Fast Fem will deliver her delicious goodies in 8-10 weeks all together. Wam. Bam. Thank you so very much, ma’am!

A former Cannabis Cup winner, White Amnesia is a name you won’t soon forget! Sending tingling sensations across your every limb, this strain is a joy for the mind, body and soul with uplifting, energizing and delightfully dreamy sensations!

Choosing to grow Amnesia Purple is a fantastic idea if you love Sativa dominant strains but might be in the market for something more widely used for medicinal marijuana.

Crossing in the Purple Kush offers growers and users easy access to buds that help alleviate anxiety, depression, stress and inflammatory pain like arthritis.Skunky, delicious and uplifting is exactly what you'll get with these >Skunk Amnesia Fem weed seeds. Sign us up!

While they might cause a minor blackout here and there, the name of this strain of marijuana seeds is hard to forget and does not need to go by any other name. Amnesia, enough said!

This fast flowering version of Amnesia is beloved by fans of the strain who want to try growing their own personal stashes. Known for its high-yielding plants, easy growing nature and the ability to flower significantly faster than many other strains, it's no wonder that this variety is popular across the country and around the world. It’s a bonus that it produces yields that will allow even daily doses of this amazing bud without the need to worry about running low on supply so you can easily share with your friends!

When you buy Amnesia Fast Fem strain seeds online, make sure you choose to buy from a trusted and reputable seed bank like I49 USA. Known for our affordable prices and top-shelf seeds, we make growing cannabis from home an absolute breeze. With an industry leading germination guarantee, and superior genetics, you never need to worry about your seeds being viable again!

With over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry, we have the grow-how from the experts!

We deliver high-quality, fast-germinating seeds with impeccable and stabilized genetics swiftly and discreetly worldwide at a competitive price.

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Where can I buy the Amnesia Fast Fem strain in the USA?

i49 USA sells Amnesia Fast Fem marijuana seeds online or by calling tel +1 (240) 618-2744. The sales representatives are available from 8am to 6pm PST, Monday to Friday; and from 9am to 4pm PST, Saturday and Sunday.

How can I buy the Amnesia Fast Fem weed seeds online?

A simple approach is to find an online weed seed bank that sells Amnesia Fast Fem and place an order through the website. Usually, you can pay with Bitcoin, Cash, Personal check, or Money Order.

How long does it take to receive my Amnesia Fast Fem weed seeds?

When payment is complete with i49 USA, your order will ship in approximately 1-2 business days once the payment is approved. Most clients receive their parcel in 7-14 business days.

What is Amnesia Fast Fem good for?

  • Anxiety
  • Creativity
  • Uplifting

What are the Medical benefits of Amnesia Fast Fem?

Amnesia Fast Fem Preview
Amnesia Fast Fem

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