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Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower seeds give you more flowers for less hours

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What are autoflower cannabis seeds?

One of the biggest questions of debate within a grower’s own mind is ”when should I start flowering my marijuana plants?” The flowers are ultimately the most valuable part of the plant, containing the most cannabinoids. The easiest way for new growers to avoid the struggle with this internal debate is to buy high quality certified auto-flowering seeds that will begin the flowering cycle all on their own!

Premium marijuana products can be derived from just about any kind of seed, but genuine American auto seeds can set you up for a quick and successful grow with minimal reasons to struggle. Regular ‘photoperiod’ strains of cannabis will basically grow in the vegetative phase if there is more than 12 hours of light provided consecutively. Once the light cycle has shortened to 12 hours or less, the plant will begin to flower. As long as you avoid pollination, flowers will get bigger, denser, and stickier with high resin being developed, all in the pursuit of attracting some male pollen to produce seeds – and such is the cycle of life!

However, for good seedless smokable bud, growers must be diligent about keeping male plants away from their growing 149 auto seeds. To take out even more of the guess work for you, our online seed bank also carries feminized autoflower varieties that will flower on their own and also come up female! There is really no limit to how many autoflower indica or autoflower sativa plants you can grow together, provided you give them each adequate breathing room. Most autoflowering strains will top out around just a few feet in height due to their genetic heritage, so growers can often fit more of these plants into a confined space like a greenhouse or small grow tent.

For the best selection of auto-flowers check out the online catalogue at i49 USA seed bank.

How are autoflowering marijuana seeds made?

The Early Days

Because Cannabis has been around for so many generations, growers eventually got curious about how we could make this domesticated plant serve our needs better. The first autoflowering strains to hit the market were descendants from the Ruderalis stream of the Cannabis plant family. Rather different from Indica cannabis and sativa cannabis plants, the ruderalis genetics behold a very low THC product. The upside of these plants though is that they switch to flowering automatically after a set number of weeks in growth, and NOT determined by the number of light hours provided each day as with standard cannabis seeds.

Possibly the first autoflower seed available on the market was Lowryder – a creation by seed cultivator Joint Doctor in the early 2000’s. This strain is low-flying, as its name suggests, and comes from a unique hybrid cross of Mexican ruderalis x Northern Lights #2 x William Wonder. It’s possible that before making its way through Mexico, the ruderalis genes may have come from strains in Northern Russia. This part of the world experiences summer days that sometimes last 24 hours, causing the local cannabis plants to learn how to flower under long lighting conditions. Lowryder seeds are still available to buy online through i49 seed bank, and we also have many descendants that have been crossed with this strain to increase the THC and other desirable traits.

Modern Day Cannabis Breeders

Today there are hundreds of autoflowering sativa seeds and autoflowering indica seeds available that have come from crosses with the original Lowryder and other ruderalis strains of marijuana. Some of the best autoflowering seeds for growing indoors or outdoors are available at our online store – such as Auto GG#4, Auto Bruce Banner, and Auto Blueberry. The cost of autoflower seeds has come down considerably in the last decade and features some of the best prices on auto flowering seeds available on the web.

The smaller plants and shorter flowering periods that you get with the best autoflowering strains mean that growers will get a modest, but reliable harvest. You can absolutely get larger plants using other, non-auto seeds, but for new growers who want to keep their lighting needs simple can go this route and expect many harvests each year.

Modern Day Cannabis Breeders

Because there are already more high THC and high CBD auto flowering strains becoming available, there is good reason to believe that fairly soon almost any strain you can find will also be available in an autoflowering seed form. Growers will not always prefer to grow auto seeds, sometimes because of old school mentality and other times because of accessibility issues. Thankfully, our discrete system of shopping and shipping will enable USA growers to buy auto flower seeds online and have them ready to germinate in as little as 2 weeks’ time! Autoflower seed banks haven’t seen service like this before!

Are autoflower seeds hermaphroditic?

Auto flower seeds are not immune to becoming hermaphrodites. In rare instances, the auto seed can possess mutated genes that will drive it to produce male and female flowers. However, most of the time the plants will “flip” genders due to external environmental stresses such as:

  1. Photoperiod changes. Although autoflowers are designed to give consistent results with inconsistent lighting schedules, you can still force one to ‘hermie’ if you venture into the extremes.
  2. Temperature. Try to keep your growing plants within the ideal range for autoflowering plants (65 – 75 degrees F). Some growers like to keep the temperature 10 to 15 degrees cooler when the lights go out.
  3. Varying key nutrient levels. Just like other standard cannabis strains, autos like high Nitrogen (10-5-5) during veg cycle and high Potassium/Phosphorus (5-15-10) in the flower stage.
  4. Moisture in soil. Because autos are typically smaller than regular photoperiod cannabis plants, they may require less water than you think. Make sure the soil’s surface gets to dry in between water days and use a soil moisture meter if in doubt to dial it in just right.
  5. Humidity. Autoflower strains for sale online can handle anywhere up to 70% humidity during veg, but no more than 55% humidity during flowering, keeping to the ideal autoflower humidity range will prevent any mold or problems with hermaphrodites as well.

Why choose autoflowering weed seeds

Whether you are growing for recreational or medical purposes, the most usable part of the plant for human consumption are the female flowers. Male Flowers also produce buds, but these are much smaller and contain less of the cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. By purchasing quality auto-flower marijuana seeds, you can guarantee that you will get a nice early start on flower development, even if you are a novice at regulating lighting cycles. Guaranteed auto seeds that are from a reputable seed bank can make all the difference when you are a new grower that already has a seed of doubt in your mind about the entire process. With regular photoperiod-dependent seeds, you can more easily stress your plants into developing male characteristics if you do not keep the lighting schedule 100% consistent.

Even though the technology behind auto flowering seeds is quite simple, the cost was initially high because of the novelty factor and also the shortage of supply. Now we have the access to bulk seed breeders that specialize in auto seeds, which has brought down the cost considerably. If you want to find the best deals on high quality feminized auto-flower seeds, be sure to scan through the inventory that i49 seed bank has to offer. We aim to put out the most competitive pricing on the market, and then occasionally throw some autoflowering seed coupon codes out to our return customers. We also randomly check all our auto-flower seeds in order to ensure they are true to their genetic labelling as such.

How to germinate autoflower seeds?

Germinating your Auto seeds should take no more finesse than any of our other cannabis seeds in the online store. In fact, they should be treated exactly the same in accordance with our germination guide. You will want to soak the seeds in water for 14 to 18 hours, and then transfer them carefully to a damp, folded paper towel. Keep this entire set up damp in a dark warm place for anywhere from two to seven days. Try not to disturb the seeds in any way during this period, as autoflowering seeds timing can be thrown off if they are handled roughly. Just spray the paper towel with water a few times daily to ensure the seeds do not dry out. The ideal temperature range for autoflower seeds germinating is around 70 to 85 Fahrenheit. Ideal Humidity to crack the seeds is nearly 100%, but just for these first few days.

When you first see the seeds beginning to crack open, the next feature to look for is the autoflower’s tap root emerging. Once this long white root has reached half an inch to one inch in length, you can transplant it to a shallow hole in the growing medium of your choice. This taproot is one of the huge advantages that you get when you grow cannabis from autoflowering seeds rather than simply clone another autoflowering or feminized plant. The taproot establishes a strong connection with the earth, good for physical stability and also excellent water exchange rates. Ideally growers will use tweezers to transplant the seed first into the soil. At this point we enter the autoflowering seedling stage, which doesn’t require constant moisture like we did for the past several days of germination. Once the autoflower plant has developed four to five branches and is around two feet tall, it will start to produce flowers. No need to wait until late summer for the days to shorten. No need to tarp over your greenhouse or set an automatic timer for your indoor LED lights. These babies will just take care of flowering on their own, a skill genetically bred into their overall biology.

Where to grow autoflower seeds?

The Cannabis Ruderalis that helped to define the modern world of autoflowering seeds was native to some places in the Northern hemisphere such as Siberia and the Indian Himalayas. Autoflowering plants are intrinsically good at surviving in harsh climates because these sturdy plants had to grow, flower, and seed in a very short summer season before the harsh northern winters began.

You can buy autoflower weed seeds online that will grow anywhere in the USA. Try a few of our all-time favorite options such as Auto Gorilla Glue #4 or Auto White WIdow Fem which are both rated as being very easy to grow. With the level of flexibility that these seeds have to offer, you can grow indoor autoflower seeds or outdoor autoflower seeds. Auto seeds will generally mature in 10 weeks, from the time germinated seeds get planted. This enables growers, whether indoors or outdoors, to generate multiple crops per season. Autos are also prime candidates to play with pruning techniques, because they progress quickly through the veg stage, and they don’t have huge number of branches to begin with, so the workload is easy to keep up with if you have a commercial grow room with hundreds or thousands of plants that need hands-on attention.

Things to Consider when growing Auto-flowering Seeds

The origin of Autoflowering seeds largely comes from the family of weed known as Cannabis Ruderalis. Although it was first scientifically studied in strains from Siberia and throughout the Himalayas, C. Ruderalis also grew naturally in parts of the United States, predominantly in the Midwest. Because of the low THC content, these crops are essentially considered hemp and used for industrial purposes. Because of this centuries-old adaptation, these plants thrive very well in any outdoor setting. You can grow autoflower seeds in a greenhouse and buy auto weed seeds for your outdoor garden. We do suggest you protect your garden with some kind of fence or companion plants, simply to deter different outdoor pests that you might encounter like bugs and larger animals.

Depending on your state’s local regulations, you may well have restrictions on how many plants that you’re allowed to grow. Autoflower plants are in fact smaller than most typical strains of cannabis, but they do allow for a quick turn-around time. So, if you set things up properly in a well-designed grow room or dedicated weed-cultivation space, you can have a continuous crop of excellent marijuana. With even just four autoflowering plants, you can rotate your planting schedule so that you always have one new auto seed germinating when your most mature plant is ready for harvest.

Buying Autoflowering seeds in the USA

There have been more changes made to the laws regulating cannabis in the last 25 years than in the century prior. Autoflower seeds may have been a popular item on the black market 10 or 20 years ago, but now it’s quite easy to go into a legal storefront or cannabis dispensary and purchase autoflower seeds right over the counter. In 1996, California was the first state to legalize weed for legal use, but only for medical purposes. 16 years later, California legalized cannabis for recreational use. Now well more than a dozen other states have followed suit and America is becoming more and more on its way to a country that accepts all forms of cannabis consumption.

With our online platform, our reputation is too important to waste our customers' time on questionable seeds, we access only the most trustworthy breeding partners to curate the best autoflowering seeds available in the US. In addition to high quality, we also value a variety of autoflower seeds for our customers to choose from. At, you will find almost a hundred different varieties of Auto seeds to choose from, so take your pick from all of the auto indica, auto sativa, and auto hybrid strains available to buy online

A marijuana seed bank is a trustworthy place to purchase your seeds because this is what we are built and designed to do best! We have been around for years developing the relationships with breeders and customers across the USA. The cannabis seeds you get from us are guaranteed to germinate (up to 80% when you follow the i49 germination guide). Our Autoflower seeds are also guaranteed to produce autoflowering cannabis. Our autoflower cannabis seeds come in both high THC and high CBD varieties, so depending on what your needs are you can choose in your own fashion. Your seeds will arrive within a couple of weeks, well protected in discreet packaging.

So, you have never bought seeds online? Let us show you just how easy it can be!

How to buy seeds online?

The i49 seed bank team has worked hard to create an easy to navigate shopping portal that can help you find the auto 420 seeds you are looking for. Each of our outdoor autoflower seed strains or indoor autoflower pot seeds comes with a thorough explanation of the effects you can expect to feel when you smoke it, as well as detailed growing specs and flavor profiles. If you want to know more about other customers' experiences using these strains start by asking your stoner friends and then seek out the opinions at some online weed forums or cannabis review blogs.

After you have chosen the right strain of auto flowers, or the best combination of marijuana strains for your home grow, simply click on the quantity of each that you require. We sell a pack of 4 seeds if you just want to try one out, but you will find the better value prices come in to play when you buy 8, 10, or 20 seeds at a time. Select your preferred shipping method and proceed to the checkout. You will then see several payment options that you can choose from including Automatic Banks Transfer, Bitcoin, or simply cash in the mail. We serve an array of customers with different needs and different values, so please let us know how we did after your order has been fulfilled. If you have questions or concerns about your seed order, please contact our customer care team by phone or email.

After you click the “complete” button, one of our warehouse reps will pull your order and have it shipped to you as soon as possible. Your autoflowering seeds in the mail will arrive at your door within 1-2 weeks, depending on shipping method. We package our cannabis seeds in discreet and safe packaging, so they maintain their integrity and efficiency. Leave us a comment on our review page. WE value customer feedback and pride ourselves on having a positive rating in the weed seed community. The i49 team wants nothing but the best growing experience for you. Quality seeds for a quality crop.

Automatic Seeds life cycle

The growth cycle of the autoflower seed into a full-fledged cannabis plant looks very much the same as any other strain, except the timing may be slightly different. Generally, autoflower seeds spend less time in just the “veg” cycle and more time in “flowering” cycle. To be more accurate, one could even say that the plant continues to display vegetative growth while the flowering stage continues, so these two phases of growth have blurred lines in the world of the autoflowering bud plant. Following is a brief explanation of each growth cycle and an introduction to what involvement is needed by the grower for plants to flourish.

Germination – So long as the seeds are provided with consistent warmth, dark, and moisture you can expect your i49 seeds to germinate in two to seven days. Watch for the taproot to reach at least a half-inch in length before attempting to transfer to your growing medium. We guarantee that at least 80% of your autoflowering seeds will germinate, so if you have trouble, contact us through the page as we deal with these issues on a case by case basis.

Seedling Stage – As small seedlings, you will observe the first 2 leaves develop, and then more height and branching will soon follow. This stage may realistically only last for a few days, up to a week depending on your lighting. The plants are very delicate during this early phase, so avoid doing anything to stress your auto plants at this time. When you buy reputable superior quality seeds from a trustworthy seedbank, the strong genetics should play a beneficial role in allowing your plants to survive into adulthood. Growers need not fertilize their newly transplanted seedlings, just make sure there is ample nitrogen in the growing medium from natural sources like manure and coffee grounds.

Vegetative Stage – This is when the plant makes the most leaps and bounds in growing its branches and leaves to support the flowering that comes up ahead. Many autoflowers because of their ruderalis genes will not get much taller than three or four feet in height. Growers will want to provide ample Nitrogen to make sure the autoflower plant can grow at optimal speed. Medium phosphorus levels and medium-to-low potassium are just right for this stage. Because the autoflower cannabis height seldom reaches huge heights, you can avoid transplanting multiple times by just putting your seedlings into a 5- or 10-gallon bucket or planter. This early growth stage is also the ideal time to start pruning your auto 420 plant or creating a low-stress training strategy.

Flowering Stage – This portion of the autoflowering plant’s life cycle is really where the unique attributes shine. As we have mentioned, the typical cannabis seed of the past has required the grower to ensure a 12h/12h lighting cycle before the plants will know it’s time to flower, whereas the wonderful autoflowering ruderalis genetics ensures that flowering starts exactly when it’s time, regardless of what you do with your lighting. Flowering starts early when there are roughly five to six decent-sized branches. Flowering nutrient mixes will contain higher Potassium and Phosphorus contents as these are needed for healthy cannabis flower development.

Don’t prune your auto fem plants a great deal, except for removing small lower branches where the buds won’t receive enough light to develop properly. The other reason to remove foliage would be to create better air circulation and visibility, so that you can keep track of any pests that may be interested in your autoflowering buds – pests like aphids, spider mites, or mealybugs.

Harvesting – Although this period may vary depending on strain, autoflower weed plants are typically ready to harvest at 90 days after germinating. Harvesting autoflowering cannabis plants is a quick and straightforward task. Since auto plants height averages less than 3 – 4 feet, the plants are easy to handle at that size and you may even choose to cut the plant right at the stem and dry the buds by hanging the whole plant. Many growers advocate for at least some ‘wet-trimming’, where as many fan leaves and sugar leaves are removed from the branches, leaving only nicely shaped buds to dry and cure.

Drying and Curing – Undoubtedly one of the most appealing parts about growing autoflowering cannabis in the USA is that you can get a final product so quickly. With this said, be careful that you do not rush the final but most important step of growing auto strains. Growers must take their time drying in a ‘low and slow’ setting, so as to preserve the delicate flavors and aromas locked within the finished buds. No matter how premium the strain, smoking wet bud is going to always taste awful, like freshly cut grass. Plan to scatter your buds in a warm, dry, shaded area that has lots of fresh circulating air. This will prevent any mold on autoflower buds and preserve the cannabinoids. Most cannabis buds, including autoflowering varieties, can dry within one week, but superb benefits can be reached if growers allow an extended curing time, anywhere from four weeks to eight weeks.

Optimal lighting conditions for autoflower seeds

If you are looking for the best lights to use for growing autoflower plants indoors, we have a few suggestions to consider. Given that the auto strains don’t typically get very tall, growers will want the freedom to lower their lights so they are about 1.5-2.5 feet above the canopy for LED lights (3-4 feet with HID or HPS lighting set ups). If cost savings are your primary objective, use LED or even CF (Compact Fluorescent) light for your autoflower plants. If your goal is maximum yield regardless of energy usage, growers should invest in High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights for the vegging stage and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights for the flowering stage. These options offer the maximum wattage power and best spectrum for developing the auto plant to its full potential.

As far as the best lighting schedule for autoflowering plants, growers have a great deal of flexibility to explore and experiment with different options without stressing out the auto flowers plant. Some growers choose to provide 24 hours of continuous light to the auto plants during vegetation phase to maximize growth. The downside of this approach is primarily the cost of lighting, but also that plants (like humans) seem to do better with at least a short period of darkness to rest and repair. Cannabis Plants typically experience healthy growth rates during the nighttime. Therefore consider 20 hours of light followed by 4 hours of darkness to give your plants (and your electric bill) a break. The autos will even flower on 24 hours of light (unlike photoperiod strains which require 12/12), but most autoflower seed cultivators will continue with the 20/4 or 18/6 cycle.

Optimal nutrients for Autoflower Seeds

Because of their small size and rapid growth cycle, autoflower strains don’t require large doses of added nutrients in order to succeed. Of course, you’ll want to make sure the basic N-P-K requirements are met, but do not feed your plants until they are at least 2 weeks old. Ratios of 5-10-10- or 10-20-20 are good enough to provide the baseline requirements, but a nutrient solution for autoflower will typically have a 5-15-10. This is because the Phosphorus is the most valuable macronutrient for the flowering phase to get nice big auto buds at the end of your crop. Nitrogen is important for growth, but because the veg stage is so short, auto seed growers may often experience nutrient burn or nitrogen burn if they add too much in the beginning of their growth. Buy a nutrient mix made for autoflowering plants and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label for best results.

What yields can I expect from my Autoflowering Seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis is inherently smaller than many photoperiod strains and as a result yields will be limited to how much weight the small plant can support. Auto flowering growers can typically expect anywhere from a half ounce to two ounces of bud per plant. There are also Super Autos that can produce up to four to six ounces per plant, when grown by an experienced cannabis grower. Try some of our top producing auto strains such as Auto Triple XL Fem or Auto Bruce Banner Fem. Having autoflowering seeds feminized creates the perfect opportunity for beginners and you can still achieve a premium crop by following the tried and tested methods approved by 149 seed bank growers.

Use the following guidelines to get the maximum yield from your autoflower marijuana plants:

  1. Prepare ahead. Cannabis autoflower plants don’t give you a lot of time, so it’s important to plan beforehand.
  2. Don’t risk transplanting. Up-potting cannabis plants always causes stress. Since autoflowers can go from seed to harvest in as little as 8 weeks, it’s best to avoid this kind of stress and always plant your seeds straight into their final pots.
  3. Use light airy soil with excellent drainage.
  4. Use nutrients conservatively. Autos don’t require much food.
  5. Monitor Soil pH. Ideal pH range for autoflowering strains is slightly acidic (6.2-6.5)
  6. Keep a brief 4 or 6 hours period of darkness in your light cycle.
  7. Use LST: If you want to train your autoflowering cannabis plants, only use low-stress techniques. High-stress techniques like fimming, topping, and super cropping will end up doing more harm than good.

Other benefits of Autoflowering Seeds

  1. Plants develop quickly, so you can have successive crops back to back.
  2. Plants are small and discreet, easy to grow just about anywhere!
  3. Not likely to Hermie. Very forgiving of changing light cycles and light leaks.
  4. Great for large commercial grows, can be tightly packed together in a grow room.

Advanced tips (DO’s & DON'Ts) for Autoflowering Seeds

DO - Choose your seeds and supplier carefully. Eliminate any doubt and buy the best autoflowering seeds that you can find online. Not all seeds are created equal, so be sure to choose a reputable USA seed bank that handles and cares for their seeds with the utmost respect.

DO - Keep it Simple. Autoflower strains were designed to keep life simple, so don’t go and overcomplicate the process. Sterilized potting medium, moderate nutrients, and adequate light, water, and air circulation. Don’t go crazy on pruning and just let the beautiful sativa or indica auto plant unfold how nature designed it.

DO - Try Growing Outdoors. Autoflowers can be ideal for indoor situations because of their small size, but do not deny yourself the pleasure and excitement of growing a USA auto strain in the great outdoors. You won’t have to tarp your greenhouse or move your plants inside every night to monitor the 12/12 light cycle, so this should free up a lot of time and reduce stress for existing outdoor cannabis growers.

DO - Experiment and learn from your mistakes. There is no hard and fast right or wrong way to grow an autoflower plant from seed. You can be part scientist and part farmer, trying different arrangements and even placing two identical seeds in two different environments to test which gives the best results. Keep a grow journal of your successes and failures and this will help you move forwards towards being a professional autoseed grower.

DON’T - Over-feed your plants. Auto strains typically develop sooner than photoperiod-dependant strains, so there is no rush to cram in the same amount of nutrients in a shorter time period. Plants are also smaller, so consider reducing the concentration of your nutrient solution to avoid “nute burn” in auto plants.

DON’T - Over-water your plants. Just as with nutrients, water is going to be used up a little slower with your autoflowering indoor or autoflowering outdoor plants. Allow the grow medium to slightly dry out in between applications so that this weed can thrive in its natural environmental conditions.

DO - Try different lighting options. As discussed above, there are different options for lighting up your auto strains if growing indoors. Outdoor auto plants can use a lighting boost during veg cycle just to reach optimal size. Do your research for your particular strain and see what other auto growers are doing in terms of LED / HID / CFL / HPS lighting options. Try different combinations and again keep track of your results.

DO - Think about harvest time. This will sneak up on you fast, so be prepared to harvest within 3 months of planting. You will want a drying room set up so you can get your product ready to smoke as soon as possible and avoid any post-grow contamination such as bugs or mold.

TOP 5 Autoflowering Seeds recommendations

  1. Auto Bruce Banner Fem: Genetics: 45% Sativa / 5% Indica / 50% Ruderalis; THC: 23-28%; CBD: 0.1%
  2. Auto Gorilla Glue #4 Fem: Genetics: 60% Sativa / 20% Indica / 20% Ruderalis; THC: 24%; CBD: 0.8%
  3. Auto Blueberry Fem: Genetics: 80% Sativa / 20% Indica; THC: 19-21%; CBD: 0.1%
  4. Auto Gelato Fem: Genetics: 55% Sativa / 45% Indica; THC: 24%; CBD: 0.1%
  5. Auto Strawberry Cheese Fem Genetics: 70% Sativa / 30% Indica; THC: 21%; CBD: 0.1%

Why choose i49 seed bank?

When you look for autoflowering feminized seeds for sale on the internet, be aware that some seed banks do not offer guarantees of any kind. I49 USA has the track record of customer service and positive reviews to prove that our seeds are legitimate and viable, and our autoflowering seeds are no exception. We aim to make your growing experience as simple and straightforward as possible, so if you experience any problem with your seed order don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team. Buying pre- autoflower seeds from a reputable seed distributor really does streamline the growing process – saving you both time and space.

I49 seed bank USA has been in the industry for decades and have always relied on the highest quality equipment and sterile facilities to handle our inventory. We carry the popular classic cannabis strains as the best autoflower seeds USA has available. Check out our online menu and buy your high-quality auto seeds here today.

Advantages of buying Autoflowering Seeds Online

Buying female auto seeds from an online store like i49 seed bank gets you the best autoflowering feminized marijuana seeds available on the net. We offer premium seeds at bargain prices. You will see a huge selection of seeds that you can buy wholesale as well. Bulk auto seeds shipped within the USA so your package will arrive much earlier than if ordering from international seed banks overseas. To buy autoflowering cannabis seeds USA, you used to have to find a local grower who could produce quality seeds, but now thanks to the world wide web you can get the best quality seeds with the click of a few buttons. Buy autoflowering cannabis seeds online today from i49 seed bank USA – you will not be disappointed.

Interesting facts about Autoflowering Pot Seeds

Scientific studies have determined that C. Ruderalis is in fact a genetic subspecies of C. Sativa

Naturally occurring strains of C. Ruderalis are always found growing north of the 50th parallel, but can still thrive if grown in equatorial countries.

Thanks to recent crossing and back-crossing, higher potency autoflower strains are now available under the category “super-autos.” These have higher cannabinoid content and are just as easy to grow as regular auto seeds.

Autoflower plants should be grown primarily from seed. Attempting to cut clones from a vegging auto plant means that the offspring may have a confused internal clock regarding when to flower. If attempting auto clones, take only cuttings from the lower branches, as they are thought to be more hormonally stable.

Autoflower plants may be ready for harvest anywhere from 10 weeks to 18 weeks after planting.

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Final Comments

How to buy autoflower seeds in America is no longer a mystery thanks to the i49 seed bank. We provide the best knowledge and products for beginner growers as well as seasoned experts in the field. Our bottom-line promise is to supply the best auto cannabis seeds on the market at the fairest price. When you buy from you get service and savings, as well as our germination guarantee. Thanks for choosing i49 USA. Happy growing from the best autoflower seed bank on the net.