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Autoflower Amnesia Kush
One hit, and you will forget all your troubles and discomforts.

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Autoflower Amnesia Kush

One hit, and you will forget all your troubles and discomforts.
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Auto Amnesia Kush Fem
Type Hybrid
Yield Indoor 14 - 18 oz/m2
Yield Outdoor 12 oz/plant
THC 21%
CBD 0,3%
HEIGHT 20 - 28 inches
MEDICAL Anxiety Arthritis Depression Fatigue Migranes Stress
EFFECTS Calming Creative Energetic Euphoric Relaxed
FLAVOR Citrus Earthy Herbal Spicy
GROWS Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor
CLIMATE Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Auto Amnesia Kush Fem Strain Review
Two highly-acclaimed cannabis strains – Amnesia Haze and OG Kush – have paved the way for an equally esteemed variant, Auto Amnesia Kush Fem. While Amnesia Haze leans more to the Sativa side and is a proper wake ‘n bake companion, OG Kush offers balanced mental stimulation and body relaxation. Their victorious union has an 18% THC level that may seem moderate for some but is sufficient to provide profound relief from stress, fatigue, and pain. Moreover, this weed’s prowess lies in its ability to strike fast and hard. With these autoflowering seeds, growing this champ at home is easier than ever.

The original Amnesia Kush strain tends to grow very tall and is therefore not recommended for an indoor setup. However, Auto Amnesia Kush Fem has been infused with Ruderalis genes so that it can easily grow in limited spaces. Furthermore, it has a natural defense against pathogens, such as mold and mildew, and extreme weather. Combine all these features, and you have a plant that is so easy to grow that novice cultivators will surely love it. 

One of the many outstanding characteristics of this strain is that its buds are densely packed throughout its small body. Another is it is highly resinous; crystalline trichomes cover every surface, giving it a snow-white appearance. Amber-shaded pistils grow profusely on the clusters of nuggets to break up the frosted green shades.

This strain can be grown in either indoor or outdoor settings. Being an autoflower, it is not dependent on any change in the light cycle and will automatically flower on its own. Keep in mind that because of its short lifespan, it is not a good candidate for high-stress training (HST) techniques, such as topping and supercropping. The plant may not be able to recover when it undergoes excessive pressure.

For growers who have one, a greenhouse will allow this varietal to flourish better because it can experience natural sunlight but under controlled temperature and humidity settings. Should you opt to install additional grow lights, just make sure to keep them a safe distance from the leaf canopy. If the lights are placed too near, they could cause leaf burn and hamper healthy development.

The entire life cycle of Auto Amnesia Kush Fem takes about 8 to 10 weeks. Harvesting can be done all throughout the year, even outdoors, as long as the climate is mild and frost-free.

For an auto like Auto Amnesia Kush Fem, the Sea of Green (SOG) is the most suitable growing method to increase the yield. SOG works by placing a set number of plants in one growing area. Growers with limited spaces can employ this technique to maximize the space. Nonetheless, avoid overcrowding as this increases the risk of excess moisture. Remember that when the humidity is too high in the room, it becomes a breeding ground for molds and mildew and may even result in bud rot.

The yield typically reaches up to 400 to 500 grams (14 to 18 ounces) per square meter with SOG. The minimum light requirement from seedling to maturity is 18 hours per day, but it can be extended to 20 or 22 hours if desired. For optimum growing conditions, the following temperature and humidity conditions should be met:

Seedling stage: 65 to 80% humidity, 25 degrees Celsius for daytime and 21 degrees for nighttime (77 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively)

Vegetative period: 55 to 70% humidity, 22 to 28 degrees Celsius (71 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day and 18 to 24 degrees Celsius (64 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit) at night

Early flowering stage: 40 to 50% humidity, 20 to 26 degrees Celsius (68 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit)

Late flowering stage: 30 to 40% humidity, 18 to 24 degrees Celsius (64 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit) during the daytime, and 16 to 20 degrees Celsius (61 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit) for the last few nights

Auto Amnesia Kush Fem thrives in a warm, continental, or Mediterranean climate. It is a fairly small bush that can only grow up to 50 to 70 cm (1.6 to 2 feet) with an average yield of 350 grams (12 ounces). However, you can plant two or more batches between March and August to ensure a year-round supply of buds.

Auto Amnesia Kush is known to have potent effects that are therapeutically beneficial for patients with different psychological and physical disorders. It is thought to balance the neurotransmitters, albeit temporarily, letting people with depression and anxiety have an extra dose of dopamine and serotonin to encourage happy and positive thoughts.

Additionally, improved focus and concentration are notable impacts of this weed, potentially helping persons with ADHD and ADD cope with their symptoms. And with anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant properties, this pot may provide pain relief for backaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. 

Because of the decadent flavor and aroma of Auto Amnesia Kush, some marijuana lovers may find themselves consuming a lot more than the recommended dosage. Overindulging’s effects may manifest as paranoia, panic, and anxiety attacks. Always start with low to moderate amounts and check at what dose you feel most comfortable.

The usual side effects such as dry eyes and cotton mouth can also be observed. It is highly recommended to stay hydrated before, during, and after the pot session, regardless of any cannabis strain you smoke. Keep some water nearby to avoid dryness and irritation of both the mouth and the eyes.

Although the THC level of Auto Amnesia Kush only reaches 18%, it is still advisable to stay at a moderate dosage since its psychotropic effects could sometimes become overpowering. These mind-altering reactions will proceed rapidly with a solid kick. After the first few hits, you will feel an intensely refreshed and euphoric feeling. But as the high settles, another set of emotions arrive. You will feel inspired and motivated, and your productivity level will reach its peak.

A calming sensation will soon follow suit. Even though it will not cause couch-lock, you will feel your body slackening. Both your mind and body will then be in a tranquil state, melting away your worries and discomforts. Once the mind is relaxed and the body is too mellow to move, you can allow yourself to fall into a deep sleep. 

This weed is ideal for a late afternoon session. Although it initially supplies mental stimulation, the conclusion is always a soothing phase that won’t spur you to move around too much. In small doses, it can be used for brainstorming meetings so that you can unleash your creative ideas, but don’t expect this mood to last long.

Like the original Amnesia Kush, the scent of Auto Amnesia Kush is a powerful blend of citrusy and earthy. It also has traces of the classic Kush aroma, which is slightly fuel-like and spicy.

Smokers will find themselves in citrus paradise with this strain. The flavor is lemony, just like its Haze mother. It also excites the palate with an earthy, herbal, and spicy aftertaste.

Auto Amnesia Kush’s parents come from a proud lineage, and they should be given the honor of an introduction. Amnesia Haze Femis a global phenomenon that originated from several landraces: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Jamaica for its Sativa genes, while its Indica features are from Afghanistan and South Asian countries. It is also infused with Hawaiian DNA to give it an explosion of flavor and a THC level that can reach up to 25%. This strain is recommended as a wake ‘n bake and for activities that require extra energy. Marijuana enthusiasts say that it is perfect for a workout or hiking, and it is even said to act as an aphrodisiac.

OG Kush Fem, on the other hand, has achieved superstardom even though its origins are not entirely clear. Most experts agree that the diesel-like aroma is an inheritance from Chem Dog (or Chemdawg), but the other roots remain a secret. Since its debut in Florida in the 1990s, it has captivated the cannabis world with its 22% THC content, fuel and lemon fragrance, and soothing euphoria. This strain may be consumed at any time of the day or night. Some users take a hit before a social event to reduce shyness and be more outgoing. Others save it for unwinding alone after work.

But going back to autoflowering strains, consider yourself lucky if you can get a whiff of Auto Blue Amnesia Fem, one of Auto Amnesia Kush’s cousins. This rare hybrid emits the scent of sweet berries with floral hints, and it has a surprising bubblegum flavor. It is an easy-to-grow combination of Amnesia, Blueberry, and Ruderalis if you can get your hands on it. Thankfully, this elite strain is part of our seed catalog.

We also have Auto Bubba Kush Fem, a descendant of OG Kush. This Indica-leaning strain with 20% THC encourages your whole being to indulge in deep relaxation – perfect for an evening puff. Aside from the calming sensation, it delivers excitement and happiness that makes any activity intensely satisfying, even watching TV. Smokers are advised to prepare snacks ahead of time as this weed is famous for causing an attack of the munchies.

Auto Amnesia Kush does not have any special nicknames. However, some people new in the cannabis world may mistake it for the original Amnesia Kush. The difference between the two is this strain is autoflowering. The term means that it automatically flowers while the other one is dependent on the light cycle.

Light up some Auto Amnesia Kush, and ready yourself for mental stimulation that will have you thinking up creative concepts. An energized and euphoric cerebral buzz will complement a light and relaxed body. With these auto seeds, you can add these amazing buds to your stash in a jiffy.

Top-notch strains, including Auto Amnesia Kush and the others mentioned here, are all available to buy from i49. Our seeds are of excellent quality and guaranteed to germinate since they are supplied by the most reputable breeders worldwide. In addition, we offer fast and discreet shipping. Place your order now to experience first-hand why our clients give us consistent 5-star ratings.

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