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What are regular marijuana seeds?

Regular marijuana seeds, AKA un-sexed marijuana seeds, can be germinated into both male andfemale cannabis plants (offspring). The seeds are produced when a male plant pollenates a female plant. Regular seeds produce approximately 50% female and 50% male offspring. The female offspring produce flowers that are cured into bud and the male offspring produce pollen sacs that scatter pollen into the surrounding environment. The pollen from the male is blown by the wind, or transported by a breeder, to a nearby female cannabis plant’s stigmas at which point the female is pollinated and will produce flowers containing seeds. Growers will often separate the male plants from the female plants to avoid a crop of seedy flowers. One major reason growers want their yields seed-free is because people usually don’t want to smoke seeds. For breeders, however, there are many advantages of producing both female and male offspring. One advantage is the opportunity for experimentation with physical characteristics. Some breeders and expert growers buy regular seeds and germinate 5-10 seeds at a time to observe multiple expressions of a particular strain’s genetics (phenotype) in order to select the plant whose phenotype fits their breeding goals.

Unsexed Cannabis Seeds Are Less Popular Than Feminized Seeds

Until the 1990’s, regular seeds were the only marijuana seeds available on the market, so growers often participated in time-consuming testing methods to classify the sex of each plant before they could successfully separate male plants from female plants. This process involved a high degree of effort and undesired cross-pollination in an attempt to isolate the sexes. With the introduction of feminization techniques and feminized marijuana seeds in the 90’s, un-sexedmarijuana seeds lost popularity but their value has not decreased at all. The value of regular seeds and their potential to produce male and female plants is massive, primarily because the female marijuana plant produces potent bud and the male marijuana plant produces the pollen necessary for pollinating females, and it’s those pollinated females that produce flowers loaded with seeds. Harvesting your own seeds from pollinated female cannabis plants is where the value lies when you buy regular seeds. The benefit of growing female plants that produce seeds (mother plants) is the potential to save the seeds. Once obtained, you can store the seeds in a dark, dry, cool environment for as long as 3 years. Buy regular, un-sexed, marijuana seeds to take your operation to the next level!

Breeding Regular Seeds in the USA For Phenotype Exploration

The seed-saving potential latent within un-sexed marijuana seeds is definitely something to consider when planning your potential future with cannabis. Having a stash of regular marijuana seeds opens the door to phenotype experimentation. Let’s say you purchase 5 Early Durban Poison Regular seeds and the seedlings grow into 3 female plants and 2 male plants. It’s possible that the 3 females would each express different physical characteristics belonging to their specific phenotype. For example, the hybrid genetics of Early Durban Poison could express Sativa traits in 2 female plants while the other female could display rare Indica traits. That rare Indica trait female could potentially become a mother plant by which more unique seeds could flourish! You could also introduce a new male plant from a different strain to create a combination strain. In fact, ‘Early Durban Poison Reg’ itself is a strain that contains genetics from the two strains ‘Skunk #1’ and ‘Durban Poison’ that combine to create “the espresso of cannabis”! The expertise involved in breeding is a lifelong process of skillfully applied knowledge, but it’s not too late to begin learning, and what better way to begin than to purchase your own supply of un-sexed marijuana seeds!?

Regular Seeds: The Forbidden Fruit Seeds Experimentation

The benefits of buyingregular marijuana seeds cannot be overstated! Whether you’re saving for a future of fields of Cali green seeds, saving for a future where regularautoflower seeds are the new currency, cultivating seeds to satisfy your inner mad scientist, collecting seeds to distribute along the hillsides near your house, or working in a laboratory setting to create the perfect mother cannabis plant, you will not be disappointed with the process of acquiring un-sexed marijuana seeds! At i49, we carry Indica dominant hybridized regular seeds as well as Sativa dominant hybridized regular seeds that produce approximately 50% female offspring and 50% male offspring, so you’ll likely end up with a good mix of pollen and seed for your biochemical experiments with various phenotypes! Buy regular seeds for your home garden through i49’s online seed bank. We have a selection of payment options as well as an 80% germination success rate guarantee. That means that we will replace any regular seeds you purchase if they don’t produce a taproot, if the germination rate is below the 80% threshold. Are

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