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Green Crack feminized seeds

Known to the world as Snoop Dogg’s favorite, Green Crack is serious stuff. It’s also a breeder’s go-to, with a wide range of strains influenced by it making their way to the commercial market.


We stock an assortment of these exquisite energy boosters in feminized seed form. Shop with us, grow this gorgeous cannabis at home, and achieve an abundance of sticky buds.


Here are a selection of the Green Crack seeds for sale at the i49 store:


  • The original Green Crack feminized seeds are Skunk #1-descended sativa-dominant hybrids. Their fruity smoke carries high THC contents to skyrocket your energy levels.


  • Critical Green Crack is an intense yet balanced hybrid to take you high and drop you low. Its moderate THC and strong scents deliver the best of indica and sativa in one bud.


  • The cross with Amnesia Haze feminized creates a sativa-dominant cultivar and a happiness burst. The sweet citrus bouquet perfectly accompanies the cerebral delight.


  • Breeding with Somango feminized makes Green Crack seeds indica-dominant but equally elevating. Their potency and musky, sugary smoke repel negativity.


  • When combined with AK47 feminized, this strain gets even more stimulating for the brain and body. This cross brings out the sweet and uplifting qualities of both sativa herbs.


The diversity doesn’t stop there, either. Breeders also experimented with the bag appeal of the buds, creating Blue Crack seeds and Purple Crack seeds.


Green Crack seeds offer a vivid range of experiences, but the sheer glee is inescapable. Read on to learn about this cultivar and why it deserves a spot on your radar.

Green Crack strain origin

The origin story of Green Crack seeds is somewhat shrouded in mystery. It’s a cross between the notorious Skunk #1 and a mysterious indica phenotype.


Some sources trace it to 1970s Georgia, but this date is disputed. It’s more likely that Green Crack seeds first emerged in the 1990s.


Enthusiasts relate it to an Athens, Ohio-based breeder named Cecil C. He grew the new hybrid in 1989, using the Super Sativa Seed Club’s variety of Skunk #1. He released the clone, the 420 community fell in love with it, and we soon had Green Crack marijuana seeds.


These modest beginnings soon led to state-wide recognition. The herb became a favorite among go-getters and wake ‘n’ bakers. They referred to it as Green Cush until Snoop Dogg stepped in, comparing the herb to the powerful stimulant.


Tokers accepted the controversial nickname, and the strain’s popularity grew since.

Growing Green Crack feminized seeds

This cultivar’s popularity also increased accessibility. You can now buy Green Crack seeds and see its legendary traits develop in your garden.


The i49 Genetics library stocks the feminized variant to ensure everybody gets smokable marijuana for as little trouble as possible. Our seeds develop into female plants 99% of the time. The risk of pollination reduces, and your resources only go towards future buds.


Here’s a quick guide on cultivating Green Crack feminized seeds. Most tips apply across the board but look into the specifics if you pick a mixed breed instead of the original.

Preferred climate & Green Crack plants


Green Crack seeds have a sativa-dominant genome. Their plants love the hot weather and dry air of the Mediterranean and Continental regions.


This strain is very adaptable, resisting weather imbalances with ease. Most parts of the States are suitable for outdoor cultivation. Regardless, keeping crops warm and dry prevents growing troubles like mold and bud rot.


Take your Green Crack seeds outdoors in late April, when there’s no more lingering frost. Plant them in a sunny, breezy spot and let the summer sunshine ripen them to perfection. Outdoor temperatures remain adequate till mid-October.


Want to grow Green Crack feminized seeds indoors? Replicate their optimal climate to make them happy and healthy. As a rule of thumb, keep your grow room at:


  • 70–79°F for vegging, 68–75°F for flowering (around 10°F lower during lights-off hours)
  • 50–60% relative humidity for vegging, 40–50% for flowering (reduce it to 35% two weeks before the harvest)


Use strong full-spectrum lamps to replicate natural sunlight. Employ ventilators and exhaust fans to imitate the breeze of outdoor environments.


Tip: If growing an indica-dominant type of Crack seeds, drop air humidity to below 50% in late vegging to prevent mold issues.


Feeding Green Crack


Once your Green Crack marijuana seeds go past the seedling stage, it’s time to provide water and nutrients. Like most sativa strains, this cultivar is prone to overwatering and nutrient burn. Tread with care to prevent health issues.


Use 5.8–6.8 pH water. Only soak crops when the ground is dry. Every other day for vegging and every third day for flowering is usually a good idea, but check the soil before delivering another shower.


A well-balanced NPK solution is ideal for plants from Green Crack seeds. Skip the chemical fertilizer and choose additive-free nutrients or organic materials for your feeding schedule.


Green Crack isn’t a particularly hungry plant in the vegetative stage. Provide light nitrogen amounts once a week. It gets ravenous in flowering, so boost phosphorus and potassium in blooming. Stick to weekly feedings, but increase the quantity.


Plants from Green Crack seeds aren’t prone to nutrient scarcities, so steer clear of micronutrient supplements. Add them only if there are clear signs of a deficiency.


Flowering & yield


Once you reduce the light schedule to 12/12 or days get shorter in mid-August, plants from your Green Crack seeds enter flowering. It’s another 7–9 weeks before you collect the sticky buds.


Note: The flowering times for versions of this strain vary, but they’re generally around eight weeks.


Your crops first go through a growth spurt. They might double in size in the first flowering week. Then there’s no more branch and foliage production—it’s all buds for the next two months.


Water Green Crack feminized seed-grown crops once every three days and feed them with phosphorus and potassium. Check the plant sex to eliminate accidental males and ward the grow area off external pollinators for seedless buds.


After about a month, real flowers start adorning the plant structure. They’re small and chunky, green at first and yellowing as they ripen. A sprinkling of trichomes arrives soon after, emanating strong fruity scents.


Inspect the buds from Green Crack seeds for ripeness to pinpoint the ideal harvest window. The trichomes should turn opaque, and the pistil hairs rusty and curled inward by week nine. You notice these signs in mid-October outdoors.


Besides quality, this cultivar delivers quite a quantity. Expect to collect 17–21 oz./m² in indoor setups. Each outdoor crop yields over 21 ounces of bud.

Experiencing Green Crack

These growth traits are stunning, but they’re not what shot the strain to stardom. Let’s talk about the mind-blowing adventure of smoking buds from Green Crack feminized seeds.


Green Crack taste & smell


Weed from Green Crack seeds is a complex aromatic affair. The original strain carries a rich terpene cocktail for a multi-layered sensory experience. Each new breed adds a unique coating to the bouquet.


An unmistakable taste of the tropics greets your senses upon lighting a blunt. The ever-present scents of earth and pine underpin its sugary qualities, satisfying novices and old-schoolers alike.


Despite the direct Skunk #1 parentage, these buds aren’t very ‘skunky.’ Their scent is crisp and sweet, reminiscent of oranges and mango against an earthy base. These aromatic notes become evident in early flowering and only deepen with drying, curing, and combustion.


The fragrance translates into the flavor of flowers from Green Crack marijuana seeds. Inhale the smooth smoke for a tangy citrus explosion on the palate. Saccharine mango, herbal notes, and wet earth linger on the tongue on the exhale.


The crosses between Green Crack feminized seeds and contrasting strains might alter the flavor profile, but not significantly. This cultivar’s citrus sweetness comes through even when faced with the stinkiest terpenes.


Uses for Green Crack


Recreational users are hard-pressed to find a happier strain than this tropical sativa. Smoking weed from Green Crack feminized seeds sends an avalanche of good vibes to your brain and body.


The original strain contains 17–25% THC, and its variants remain in the ballpark. CBD contents are typically minimal. A powerful psychoactive punch lands seconds after consumption, and the feel-good high is long-lasting.


The initial inhale builds pressure behind the temples. The buzz clears the cobwebs, banishes bad thoughts, and replaces them with unabated euphoria. Creative juices flow in the following hours, encouraging social and artistic endeavors.


The physical effects are equally energizing, at least at first. Tension knots melt off your neck and shoulders, leaving you light and limber. All movement comes easy and feels great, and there’s a definite pep to your step.


A sense of calm underpins the physical power, intensifying as the hours pass. Warm laziness overcomes you after several hours, eradicating the desire to move. The munchies follow. You’re not couch-locked, but getting up no longer seems enticing.


The applications of this herb don’t stop at a fun time. The unmodified Green Crack seed-grown strain is sativa-dominant, potentially assisting tokers in fighting fatigue, depression, anxiety, and aches. Its cerebral influence encourages introspection and helps you find your zen.


As the invigoration dissolves into a chill mindset, this weed enhances well-being before bed. This application is more common for indica-dominant crosses with more balanced profiles.


No matter the goal, always stay within your limits. Green Crack marijuana seed-grown weed is strong enough to take down a veteran after a puff too many. Have eye drops and a tall glass of water on hand to combat red eyes and cottonmouth.


Smoke the right amount to get an energy rush, all-day mood elevation, and wellness-boosting properties from this sweet smoke. What’s not to love?


Buy Green Crack feminized seeds

This strain has it all—desirable growing traits, a mouthwatering flavor, and an elevating effect profile. What’s the wait? You’re in the right place to get the best Green Crack seeds, grow them at home, and experience the quality first-hand.


We’re your go-to source of the highest-quality genetics to set you up for cultivation success. Our seeds have a 99% chance of developing into female plants, filling your garden with bud-bearing crops and nothing else.


We provide an 80% germination rate guarantee, offer secure payments, and deliver the seeds discreetly right to your doorstep. So scroll up, find your favorite rendition of this strain, and buy Green Crack seeds today.

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