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Cannabis Seeds for Beginners

Easy to grow seeds for no-stress cultivation

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What sets cannabis seeds for beginners apart from other seeds?!

Are seeds for beginners different from ones for experienced growers? Their distinctive cultivating needs separate the best strains for novices from those more seasoned. Raising cannabis plants from seed is an exciting and rewarding journey, from germination to that first harvest of delectable buds. The specific growing requirements of certain strains challenge your cultivation expertise at times.


The products for beginners are selectively chosen for first-time growers. Whether it's autoflowers, feminized, indica, or sativa strains, i49 Genetics aspires to fulfill the needs of cannabis enthusiasts. The best thing about buying easy-to-grow weed seeds, is that you get to cultivate your favorite strains without much experience. As long as you provide your crops with their essential needs, you're bound to harvest some delectable yields.


i49 Genetics makes your shopping experience pleasant and informative. Especially if you're new to the cannabis world and don't know where to start.


Our online store has a wide selection of beginners cultivars with descriptive details on each strain. Perhaps you're a seasoned grower but don’t have the time to tend to strains like Banana Kush feminized that require plenty of attention. Take the pressure off yourself and tap on those easiest seeds to grow below.


Read on to discover why you should choose a strain for easy cultivating.


Let's go!

What makes our seeds ideal for beginners?

Easy-to-grow cannabis seeds are perfect for experienced cultivators. The hereditary genetics they receive from parents configure their needs. Being well informed about marijuana plants and why they all differ is vital. It helps you understand your crops and why they need certain nutrients for different stages of growth.


i49 Genetics makes growing marijuana an easy task for first-time cultivators. The top priority is providing a firm foundation to start your cannabis garden from seed to harvest. Browse through our informative product pages that provide vital information about the characteristics of each plant.


The difference between autoflowering and photoperiod cultivars plays a significant role in a plant's development. For example, if it's a happy buzz you're after, then grow sativa strains. Our massive selection of beginners seeds allows novice growers to cultivate some of the strains. Learn all about the general rules of cultivating marijuana to provide your crops with the ideal environment.


Marijuana is an annual plant that thrives in warm temperate climates. All cannabis crops need the same basics to thrive.


  • Light: Autoflowering and photoperiod weed plants require the right amount of lighting during growth.
  • Water: Providing the right amount of water at each growth stage is vital. Overwatering damages the roots of the plants and destroys them.
  • Nutrients: Cannabis plants thrive on nutrients throughout growth. Beginner weed seeds aren't as demanding as other cultivars about their nutrient intake. They still need them; however, skipping a day or two won't instantly destroy your plants.
  • Temperature and humidity: Marijuana crops rely on the right temperature and humidity. Plants won’t survive in too hot, cold, or excessively damp climates. Ideal temps are 55–85℉ and relative humidity at 50–70%.
  • Wind and airflow: Your plants need consistent airflow to prevent mold or powdery mildew buildup.


Buy beginner marijuana seeds from i49 Genetics for a pest-free growing experience. Our easy-to-grow weed strains are hardy and resistant to cannabis diseases and common pests. Give your crops the best start to their growth cycle by successfully germinating them.


Follow our tried and trusted paper towel germination method for optimal results. Document the process with photographs or a video. We may require supporting material in the unlikely event of you claiming for unpopped seeds.


Best beginner cannabis seeds: I49 is suggesting

The growing demand for marijuana buds makes finding your favorite strain difficult at times. Cultivating weed at home is made easy with the seeds mentioned below.


Let's briefly look at some of the easy seeds you can buy here at i49 Genetics.


Strain details


Indoor / outdoor growing

THC and yields

Height of plant

Effects, flavors, and aromas

Northern Lights feminized



6–8 weeks

Grows well indoors and outdoors

THC: 14–17%

Indoor yield: 18 oz./m²

Outdoor yield: 32 oz./plant

3–5 ft

Effects: Euphoric and relaxing

Flavors/aromas: Citrus, lemon, sweet, and skunk

AK–47 feminized



8–9 weeks

Grows well indoors and outdoors

THC: 14–18%

Indoor yield: 14–19 oz./m²

Outdoor yield: 28–35 oz./plant

2–6 ft.

Effects: Mildly intense physical and cerebral buzz

Flavors/aromas: Floral, fruity, and woody

Alien Technology feminized



8–9 weeks

Grows well indoors and outdoors

THC: 16–19%

Indoor yield: 12–16 oz./m²

Outdoor yield: 16 oz./plant

2–4 ft.

Effects: Powerful, stimulating physical buzz

Flavors/aromas: Sweet, earthy, and woody incense.


How we select marijuana seeds for beginners

When selecting the easiest cannabis seeds to grow, we sort them into feminized, autoflowering, mold-resistant, and indica seeds.


  • Feminized seeds: Grow into female plants that produce the resinous buds you want. Eliminate searching for unwanted genders with a 99.9% chance of a male-free garden. Remember that male plants can pollinate females up to a ten-mile radius. So this assurance is only plausible if members of the opposite sex aren’t within range.


  • Autoflowering seeds: These cultivars transition into the flowering stage independently. Unlike photoperiod crops, they don’t rely on a change in the light cycle to switch to flowering. The height of these plants makes them manageable for novices to grow. You'll see a harvest within 2–3 months from seed.


  • Mold-resistant seeds: Some cultivators aren't on par with the humidity levels their crops need. An extremely hot or humid climate is the primary cause of mold or mildew buildup on plants. Weed seeds that are naturally resistant to mold are resilient to over-stimulated environments.


  • Indica seeds: Crops grown from indica seeds are short and bushy, making them ideal for beginners to maintain. They flower faster, have short growing cycles, and adapt to temperature changes. Cultivars with indica growing traits are ideal to manage by amateur growers.


Outdoor cultivation is the most natural way, but it does come with challenges. If you're opting for growing outside, familiarize yourself with climate changes and natural light availability. Photoperiod crops rely on an 18/6 (18 hours of light / 6 hours of dark) light cycle during the vegetative stage. For them to progress into flowering, they need a 12/12 cycle


Some seeds grow well in controlled environments, while others thrive outside. With these strains, you don't have to choose which ones are right for your climate. They adapt well to any environment as long as it's not freezing.


If you don't have time to change the lightning, opt for our beginner-friendly autoflower seeds. If it's the tasty buds you're after, procure the feminized ones. Here at i49 Genetics, we have a variety of seeds available to suit every grower's needs.


Which beginner-friendly feminized seeds we sell


Feminized seeds are photoperiodic. To begin flowering, they need their lighting changed from 18/6 to 12/12. Indoors this is done manually by adjusting light settings; outside, it relies on Mother Nature. At I49 Genetics, we offer a plethora of seeds which are not only beginner-friendly but already feminized (more than 46 options). Here are two of the best:


5 Alive Feminized


Sativa dominant 5 Alive is a pleasure to grow for cultivators of all experience levels. Beginners appreciate these crops' resilient and hardy nature. They adapt well to almost any environment. They produce bountiful yields after 8–10 weeks of flowering.


Grow these seeds indoors and set yourself up for yields of 10 oz./m². Raising them outside provides you with yields of 10–16 oz./plant. The crops grow 4–5 ft. tall, with thick, sturdy branches that hold dense and resinous buds. 5 Alive produces buds that smell and taste like sweet tropical infusions of citrus and lime.


With 20–27% THC levels, tokers can't stop talking about the effects. The cerebral euphoria synchronizes well with the body keeping you in a blissful state for hours. The calming sensation that follows is smooth and allows you to continue with your day.


Mango Kush Feminized


Cultivating Mango Kush is an excellent choice for novices looking for a hassle-free journey. Raise these beauties indoors in soil, outside their hardy nature allows them to endure unexpected growing conditions. These seeds produce healthy female crops and bare large, resinous buds. After 8–9 weeks of flowering, reward yourself with yields indoor of 14 oz./m² or outdoor of 16 oz./plant.


THC levels are 11–20% and provide equally uplifting and relaxing effects thanks to the balance of indica and sativa genetics.


Heating the buds releases strong essences of fruity, earth, and mango notes. Feel inspired, energized, and motivated after puffing on the buds of Mango Kush. A sense of calm gradually overcomes the body as you enjoy the blissful cerebral buzz.


Which beginner-friendly autoflowering seeds we sell


Some autoflowering cannabis seeds can be very easy to grow. They're stronger by nature thanks to the ruderalis genetics, making them resistant to harsh environmental conditions. They mature quickly and have you harvesting delectable buds in no time. They rely entirely on their internal clock to initiate flowering—saving you time.


Here are two of the best autoflower seeds for beginners.


Gold Leaf autoflower


Crossing Gold Leaf with a ruderalis variant produced the Gold leaf auto. An autoflowering version of the original feminized strain.


Gold Leaf autoflower crops are perfect for those with no growing experience under their belts, especially since they don't need a change in their light cycle to begin flowering. Still feminized, they grow into robust female plants with resilient and hardy traits. Their fast-growing qualities make raising a breeze. The crops thrive in any growing medium, and after a flowering period of 7–8 weeks, cultivators harvest yields of 18 oz./m² indoors and out.


17–18% THC induces the uplifting, energized effects. Once creative energy leaves the body, comfortable relaxation takes over that lasts a few hours. Strong infusions of diesel, earthy, and sweet pine notes exude from the heated buds.


Afghan autoflower


Crops produced from Afghan genetics are pure indica and are favorites among novices because of their compact size. Growing one of the easiest autoflower seeds indoors rewards you with yields of 14 oz./m². Outside, the yield production is 2–4 oz./plant after 8–9 weeks of flowering.


The effects of 15–17% THC buds are cerebral and physical. Without sativa genetics, becoming energetic isn't on the cards. Enjoy subtle euphoria to keep the mind going while the body relishes in a delightfully relaxed state. Every puff tantalizes the tastebuds with citrus notes, exotic woods, and spices infused with undertones of earth and herbal scents. The smoke is smooth and hits hard. So as a beginner, you'd want to start slow. 


Which beginner-friendly mold-resistant seeds we sell


As a first-time grower, get yourself some mold-resistant cannabis seeds. There's no worse feeling than losing your entire crop to mold or powdery mildew. If undetected, it quickly spreads throughout the plant, leaving you with impractical buds.


Fungus, like mold, develops in hot, humid environments. You wouldn’t want to consume musty cannabis buds. It's easy to overstimulate the plants with high temperatures or inadequate humidity levels.


Let's look at two of the best mold-resistant weed seeds for beginners.


Black Widow feminized


Black Widow produces crops naturally resistant to infestations. Eliminating the problem of mold and mildew buildups is already a win for beginners. These award-winning seeds are a must in every grower's garden.


Matured Black Widow crops grow to 3 ft indoors with yields of 12–16 oz./m². Outside, these plants reach up to 6 ft and produce 10–14 oz./plant buds. Puff and pass a Black Widow blunt if it's your first time indulging in weed. The effects take hold quickly and potently. 


With THC of 24–28%, expect a kicker of a punch from these cannabis buds. A euphoric induced psychedelic head buzz is the order of the day, followed by deep body-calming sensations. The buds release skunky, sweet fruit and pine notes upon each puff.


Amnesia fast version


One of the easiest cannabis strains to grow for beginners with mold-resistant qualities is Amnesia. With a low bud-to-leaf ratio, the colas aren't dense, allowing sufficient airflow to infiltrate the plant. This sativa dominant cultivar has a flowering period of 7–8 weeks. The crops mature fast, which is a bonus for first-time growers. Raise these beauties indoors for bountiful yields of 17 oz./m² or outside for yields of 21 oz./plant.


A perfect wake and bake strain that keeps you energized and full of vigor. The slight indica presence balances the effects, so you're not in over your head with euphoria.


Which beginner-friendly indica seeds we sell


Indica cannabis seeds are high-yielders and are easier to grow than sativa strains for beginners. The plants are small, bushy, and sturdy making them more manageable for first-time cultivators. Here are our two top choices for indica seeds.


Afghan Kush feminized


Afghan Kush is considered to be a pure indica that's also highly resistant to pests and mold. Novices find them a delight to cultivate because of their short structure and minimal growing needs. After 7–9 weeks of flowering, expect to harvest yields of 16–18 oz./m² indoors and 16–21 oz./plant outside. While puffing on the kushy, earth, and incensed buds, 16–21% THC fuels a potent body buzz of relaxation and calm. 


Black Domina feminized


The best indica to hit the cannabis scene is Black Domina. This weed for beginners is a sight to behold making them more enticing to cultivate. Profound qualities like their short structure, resinous bud production, and quick flowering abilities are a hit for novices.


The 15–20% THC stimulates the effects of a subtle cerebral upliftment and powerful physical relaxation. With every puff, you delight the senses with sweet fruit, kush, pineapple, and berry notes.


Be mindful of your intake of cannabis and keep hydrated throughout your smoking sessions to alleviate side effects like cottonmouth and dry eyes.


Buy beginner weed seeds at I49: We make growing marijuana easy!

Having the best cultivating experience is vital for amateur growers. A difficult time discourages your desire to raise marijuana crops.


Acquiring beginner seeds enables you to be part of the broader spectrum of growing cannabis, with simpler cultivating traits. Some autoflowers are at the top of their game with easy-to-grow qualities. No time for removing males? Feminize your growing space.


Whatever your cultivating needs, i49 Genetics has the right strain to match your demands at our online seed bank and weed seeds discouts will make the process budget-friendly.

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