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Moby Dick Feminized

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Moby Dick Fem
Type Mostly Sativa
Yield Indoor 28 oz/m2
Yield Outdoor 53 oz/plant
THC 27%
CBD 1%
HEIGHT 118 inches
MEDICAL Anxiety Depression Inflammation Pain
EFFECTS Creative Relaxed Uplifted
FLAVOR Citrus Earthy Lemon Pine Sour Sweet
GROWS Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor
CLIMATE Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean Cool/Cold
Moby Dick Fem Strain Review

Moby Dick is a big name in the realm of cannabis, and for good reasons. This blend of one of the oldest sativa strains around, Haze and White Widow, is exceptionally potent. Haze, known for its cerebral effects, acts like a cup of coffee in the morning, perking you up and preparing you for the day. White Widow is known for its ability to melt away tension and ease you into a restful sleep. The combination creates a balanced, motivating buzz that will keep you mentally engaged for hours while keeping your body relaxed. With crazy abundant THC levels hitting up to 27%, this is one of the most powerful strains on the market. It also happens to have around 1% CBD, making it a great option for medical purposes as well. 

Moby Dick Fem strain seeds are a bit challenging to grow but their high yield makes it all worthwhile. These babies even won 2nd prize for the Indoor Professional category at the Copa Weekend. Not surprisingly, this is not their only award. They also took home first place for Girl of the Year by Soft Secrets in 2010. Its uplifting and long-lasting high make this a favorite among the pot users looking for an intense relaxed and energetic buzz!

You may anticipate that the Moby Dick Fem seeds are going to lead to some enormous, whale like plants. These beasts can grow to more than 11 feet tall and carry some humongous buds. The weight of their yield can be a bit much on the delicate, spindly branches so growers will definitely need to secure its limbs with support. Their monstrous height means some pruning and trimming is required to help the lower branches get adequate light and air flow.

The flowering stage will last from 9 to 10 weeks. This is the time when the plants need the most pampering, but when cared for properly you will be harvesting up to a whopping 26 ounces per square foot. A little bit of maintenance to help these giants along is well worth it!

Moby Dick Fem is likely easier to grow indoors, as a controlled environment eliminates some potential risks, however their substantial size can be tricky to manage with limited space. By using a smaller pot, reducing their vegetative phase and topping them, you can restrict the growth to fit your grow room. The ideal environment will have a temperature sitting between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. When in optimal conditions and properly cared for, the harvest from these plants is outstanding!

This plant loves the freedom to grow in the open air of the great outdoors. The space for its bounty to sprawl and flourish is welcomed. The warm, sunny conditions of the Mediterranean will serve these babies best, and they are happiest away from strong or chilly winds that could damage their delicate branches. If you are living in northern areas, make sure to harvest before the first cold snaps towards the end of October, as the cold can also damage their productivity. When grown outdoors, these plants have the potential to hit some crazy heights and produce some impressive yields. This is well worth the efforts when you are harvesting up to a monumental 53 ounces of fresh, usable buds per plant for your homegrown stash!

Moby Dick fem strain is a great option for medical use as it offers support for a variety of issues. Due to its intense cerebral effects, this is a great option for daytime relief. Offering a blissful state without lethargy, this strain has been used effectively in the treatment of chronic stress, depression and anxiety. Its calming, uplifting effects can help dig you out of the hole of worry and overwhelm while keeping you active and productive. The benefits extend beyond mental and emotional into physical. Moby Dick has also been shown to be beneficial for cancer patients struggling with a lack of appetite or in the mellowing of aches linked with chronic pain. Its energizing effects may also be helpful for those suffering from chronic exhaustion.

Being an exceptionally strong strain means there is some potential adverse effects. One of the most common is cotton mouth or dry eyes, which are the usual suspects with the use of most cannabis products. Make sure you stay hydrated and keep eye drops on hand to stay comfortable. Beyond that if you over do it, you may end up with dizziness, paranoia or anxiety. Best approach this powerful bud with caution. Take one slow hit at a time and see how it settles into your system. If you are THC sensitive, this may not be the strain for you.

Moby Dick is an awesome strain for day-time use. The mental clarity and burst of energy can help you get going in the morning and keep lingering all day, making it a perfect choice for those with a hectic schedule. The citrusy smoke will offer uplifting and euphoric impacts without overwhelming the user. The invigorating high mixed with the positive mind state will leave you feeling capable of tackling anything! Newfound creativity and motivation lend themselves to productive days! This strain is also great for putting a smile on your face and carrying you through a fun social engagement with your friends. The most notable quality of this strain, aside from its insane potency, is its ability to lift and energize the user’s mood while maintaining a deep calm.

The scent of Moby Dick Fem strain is as strong and alluring as its effects. A distinct citrusy aroma fills your nostrils as you bust up the bud to smoke and a shockingly sweet and earthy scent takes over as soon as it is lit up.

This potent sativa strain tastes much like it smells. The intense sour lemon hits the tongue first and slowly shifts into an earthy and sweet flavor that lingers on the taste buds. The exhale leaves lingering tastes of lemony pine in the mouth. Delicious!

There are a few great substitutes you might want to consider for slightly different growing requirements or effects. Try the Auto Moby Dick fem for the autoflowering variety. Autoflowering is when the plants flower without encouragement from light, so you can be sure they will flourish without having to worry about their sun exposure making it a great option for a new grower. You could also try the parent strain marijuana seeds. Another in the auto flowering variety, Auto Haze fem, has a slightly lower THC level making this strain a little less intense but with similar uplifting yet calming effects. Or try the other powerhouse that makes up the Moby Dick, White Widow fem. These seeds are a relatively balanced hybrid sitting a little further on the indica end of the spectrum. Offering the same hard-hitting quality but in a more grounded and calm stone, this is a great strain for a creative project or a deep talk.

If you are looking for a strain more geared towards medical application, then a must is the CBD White Widow seeds. These offer a 1 to 1 ratio of THC and CBD. The indica dominant strain has successfully been used in the relief of symptoms associated with inflammation, stress, anxiety, tension, migraines and insomnia. You could also try a nice blend of the high-powered Moby Dick with the equally awesome Purple Urkle. Buy Purple Urkle x Moby Dick for a smooth grape flavor with a sativa kick that will keep you up to experience the whole ride! Buy one of these options or buy Moby Dick Fem strain seeds online at I49!

There are no nick names for these weed seeds, though you are bound to see all sorts of cheesy references to the plants size when browsing! Phrases like it’s a whale of a plant and these behemoth plants give you hints to what to expect when watching these beauties grow!

If you are looking to buy some of these impressive cannabis seeds, or one of its sister strains, check out the I49 online cannabis seed bank to order. I49 is a team of passionate entrepreneurs who are dedicated to sourcing premium quality, genetically pure seeds from reputable growers. We store them in optimal conditions to make sure they arrive at your doorstep ready to put into the earth and flourish. We are so confident with our process that we even offer a germination guarantee. Our online catalogue offers a detailed portfolio on what to expect from each strain and how best to grow it, making it easy for you to embark on your growing journey. If you have any questions along the way, do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful customer service representatives via our online contact form or phone number, for assistance. Buy the potent, citrusy Moby Dick Fem through us from the comfort of your home. Secure payment options and discreet packaging act to protect your safety and privacy. You purchase seeds with superior quality when you choose I49 USA.

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Where can I buy the Moby Dick Fem strain in the USA?

i49 USA sells Moby Dick Fem marijuana seeds online or by calling tel +1 (240) 618-2744. The sales representatives are available from 8am to 6pm PST, Monday to Friday; and from 9am to 4pm PST, Saturday and Sunday.

How can I buy the Moby Dick Fem weed seeds online?

A simple approach is to find an online weed seed bank that sells Moby Dick Fem and place an order through the website. Usually, you can pay with Bitcoin, Cash, Personal check, or Money Order.

How long does it take to receive my Moby Dick Fem weed seeds?

When payment is complete with i49 USA, your order will ship in approximately 1-2 business days once the payment is approved. Most clients receive their parcel in 7-14 business days.

What is Moby Dick Fem good for?

  • Creativity
  • Relaxing
  • Uplifting

What are the Medical benefits of Moby Dick Fem?

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Hypertension
  • Inflammation
  • Pain
Moby Dick Fem Preview
Moby Dick Fem

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