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What Are Outdoor Cannabis Seeds?

p>When you’re growing a small amount of marijuana for personal or medical use, a small indoor setup is ideal. If you have the right climate and location, however, it’s possible to grow cannabis in its natural environment. An outdoor garden has enough space for your plants to grow big and strong, bringing you even more all-natural medicine. As all growers know, the best gardens start with the highest quality seeds. Our selection of seeds has been carefully curated to ensure healthy outdoor growth under a range of conditions.

Many outdoor cannabis seeds are native to climates that receive ample sunshine during their growing season, as well as a good amount of rain. Other strains have origins in the harsh mountain climates of Afghanistan and other countries. By selecting the right pure strains, or by using hybrids that are bred to do Growing our seeds outdoors has its advantages, but it removes much of the control you’d have over the crop—pests can infiltrate, the vegetative stage can’t be monitored, and wind can cause serious damage. well in non-native climates, it’s easy to find outdoor seeds that meet your medical and recreational needs.

Growing outdoor cannabus seeds comes with pros and cons. Over a dozen US states allow the cultivation of medical cannabis, but in many other places, growing weed is still against the law. Despite these risks, many of our customers prefer to grow their crops outdoors because they believe it enhances the aroma and flavor of the buds. We have some of the world’s best outdoor cannabis seeds for sale, and we invite you to check out our selection.

How Are Outdoor Marijuana Seeds Made?

p>Outdoor cultivation is a centuries-old practice. It’s an organic, intuitive way to plant weed seeds and watch them grow, but it comes at a cost: you’ll have to live in an area in which the crop can flourish.

Those areas are few and far between, but our selection of outdoor pot seeds can help you overcome these geographical limitations. Our seeds come from outdoor-ready strains such as Critical Mass and Super Lemon Haze, so you’re virtually guaranteed to end up with a healthy, lush, and flavorful crop.

Why Choose Outdoor Weed Seeds?

Because of widespread prohibition, many cannabis cultivators have moved their efforts indoors. Though technology has made it easier to replicate the conditions needed for plant growth, such as ventilation and full sun, doing so is quite resource intensive. Our outdoor 420 seeds are a great investment for the reasons listed below.

  • Less energy is required for cultivation. With the usage of devices such as fans, air purifiers, ballasts, high-intensity lamps, CO2 generators, and ozone machines, about three percent of California’s energy is used to cultivate cannabis. It’s been estimated that one percent of the nation’s electricity usage, or $6 billion per year, goes toward indoor marijuana growers. When you use our outdoor pot seeds, though, you’ll spend less on energy and help to protect the environment.
  • Outdoor cannabis is easier to grow organically. When weed is grown organically, its environmental effects are minimized. For instance, organic nutrient solutions aren’t as highly processed, which means they take less energy to produce when compared to regular nutrients. Furthermore, regular pesticides can get into the soil, affecting its viability and leading to widespread environmental changes.
  • Outdoor seeds preserve the soil’s diversity. When the soil has a diverse microbiome, it hosts a rich community of fungi, bacteria, nematodes, and other microorganisms. Non-organic soils tend to be more sterile, lacking that diversity. Marijuana growers often prefer organic soil, which is thought to facilitate water retention and nitrogen fixation. Both qualities help to prevent disease and aid in plant growth, and when you start with the best outdoor cannibis seeds, you’re more likely to get the desired result.
  • Outdoor seeds yield a more potent product. Anecdotal evidence suggests that outdoor growing methods may make buds more potent. Cannabis plants have specific soil requirements; they need a certain proportion of microbial flora and minerals to reach their full potential. When you grow our seeds outdoors, it’s easier to produce potent buds.
  • Outdoor plants are healthier.Our outdoor seeds are often preferred by growers in terms of plant aroma, flavor, and health. Plants grown outdoors are tastier, healthier, and better for the soil than those grown indoors. Because they’re designed to be grown outdoors, our seeds are less likely to suffer from pest infestations and fungal infections.

Visit us at to learn why you should take advantage of our incredible selection of outdoor marijuana seeds for sale. Why buy your seeds anywhere else?

Where to Grow Outdoor Marijuana Seeds?

When they choose outdoor weed seeds USA growers need to be careful about where they put their crops. First, check the legality of growing cannabis. While marijuana cultivation remains federally illegal, many states have legalized growing pot for personal use. Even where it’s legal, most states have strict laws regarding how many plants growers can have in veg and in bud, where they can be grown, and whether it’s even OK to have an outdoor cannabis garden.

Outdoor cannabis cultivation isn’t as simple as throwing the seeds into the dirt and waiting to harvest the crops. Extensive research and preparation go into a successful cannabis crop, as do proper site prep, pest control, soil condition, maintenance, and care. Here are a few tips on choosing the right location for an outdoor cannabis garden.

  • Choose an area with good soil. Your success with our outdoor pot seeds will, in part, depend on the quality of the growth medium. Your location’s soil should have the right pH, good drainage, and enough nutrients. It’s not very expensive to buy good soil, and it’s widely available from local landscape companies.
  • Let the light shine in. One thing to consider when choosing a location for an outdoor cannabis garden is its light exposure. For the highest possible yield, plants should have southern exposure to sunlight. The site you choose should be clear of tall trees, buildings, and hills, and it should be well irrigated.
  • Consider starting the plants indoors. Begin by allowing the cannabis seeds to germinate indoors for a couple of weeks. This protects them from insects, birds, and other dangers. When it’s time to bring them outdoors, put the plants under a canopy for a few hours each day before exposing them fully.
  • Think about security.When choosing a place for an outdoor garden, security is a crucial consideration. People sometimes get curious, and it’s best to keep your growing plants away from the public’s prying eyes. At the least, install a few trail cameras for monitoring purposes.

Growing cannabis outdoors is a rewarding and fun experience, but it can also be frustrating and expensive. For first-time growers on limited budgets, indoor grow ops are costly. However, with our outdoor seeds USA, it’s possible to get plenty of high-quality flower without a significant investment.

Buying Outdoor Cannabis Seeds in the USA

Over the past few years, the United States’ cannabis laws have changed significantly. While the outcome of the 2016 presidential election ensured that no large-scale changes would take place, some states have legalized medical and recreational marijuana.

Just as cannabis laws vary between states, so do the rules on buying outdoor cannabis seeds. For instance, Alaska allows users to buy enough seeds to grow up to six plants at one time. The legality of buying outdoor cannabis seed USA depends on your location. If there are dispensaries in your area, it’s important to know the rules and follow them.

How to Buy Outdoor Cannabis Seeds Online

2018’s midterms brought more victories for the cannabis industry. Michigan became America’s tenth state to legalize recreational marijuana, while Missouri and Utah allowed medicinal weed. As Americans learn about the benefits of cannabis, we hope to see a softer legal stance toward the plant.

Along with legalized consumption, some states are allowing users to grow it at home. To start a home garden, you’ll need to find outdoor weed seeds for sale. If you’re in a state that has legalized home growing and recreational marijuana, we’ve made it easy to find the outdoor cannabis seeds you’re looking for.

The i49 Seed Bank can ship to several states, and we understand the need for complete discretion. We know how to package our goods to minimize the risk of detection, and in the unlikely event your seeds are confiscated, we can replace them or refund your money. Email us at[email protected] to learn more about our guarantee.

Growing Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

If you’re growing cannabis for the first time, an outdoor garden is a great option. First, it’s relatively cheap, as no additional ventilation, equipment, or electricity is needed. Second, outdoor gardening makes it easier to grow big plants that yield the fat buds we’re all looking for. Consider these tips when forming an outdoor cannabis cultivation plan.

  • Do your research before choosing a strain. When selecting a strain of outdoor cannabis seeds, it’s important to weigh certain environmental factors. Some strains’ genes are more suited to certain climates. For instance, indica-dominant varieties are adapted to colder weather, while sativa-heavy strains do better in humid, hot areas.
  • Know the difference between container and in-ground gardening.Growing cannabis plants in the ground will provide theme with additional nutrients, as long as the soil is of high quality. On the other hand, container gardening lets you control the soil’s quality while allowing for easy relocation when the plants need more sun or shade.
  • Focus on soil drainage, texture, and water retention. When choosing topsoil, choose that with a light texture and good water retention. For proper growth, marijuana plants need plenty of oxygen and water at the roots. If there’s too much water, the roots won’t get enough air; if there isn’t enough water, the roots may become dry and damaged.
  • Track your plants’ progress. Cannabis cultivation has a steep learning curve, especially for beginners. Documenting your plants’ development with photos and journal entries makes it easier to learn from your successes and failures.

While it is legal to grow cannabis in some areas, readers of this guide should learn and follow their state’s laws on weed possession and cultivation. Our content is for informational purposes only, and it’s not meant to replace a lawyer’s advice.

Optimal Lighting Conditions for Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

Auto-flowering strains all have different traits, but there’s one commonality: the countdown to harvest time starts the day they sprout. The average auto-flowering plant will conclude its life cycle within 12 weeks, and it will start to flower 25-35 days after germination.

By comparison, photoperiod strains take their cues from the sun. These strains require a conventional 12/12 light cycle, which means they get equal amounts of sunlight and darkness. Other strains do better with continuous lighting, and a rare few can thrive in just a few hours of light per day.

No matter where or when you plan to grow seeds outdoors, it may help to get things started inside. Whether you have a dedicated indoor grow op or just a couple of cool white CFL lamps, consider starting the seeds with an 18/6 vegetative cycle for at least two weeks. Once the seeds have taken root, they’re more likely to stand up to the elements.

Optimal Nutrients for Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

As a marijuana grower, it’s your job to give your seeds and plants the right nutrients at the correct time. Cannabis plants have two life stages: vegetation and flowering, and each stage has unique nutrient requirements.

Consider these factors when choosing a nutrient blend for your outdoor cannabis plants.

  • Nutrient ratios. Every brand has a different nutrient ratio, which may make it better for one growth stage than another.
  • Ingredients. Many different organic and chemical compounds can be combined to make up a nutrient ratio. Each of these compounds interacts uniquely with others. It’s possible to find two nutrient blends with the same NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) ratio, but the levels may vary slightly.
  • Designation. It’s important to choose the right nutrients for your growing medium. Soil-focused nutrient blends are different from those made for hydroponic gardens. Coco coir is considered a hydroponic medium as far as nutrients are concerned. In most cases, hydroponic nutrient blends have everything outdoor plants need to grow, so they can be used in any medium.

If you’re a first-time outdoor cannabis cultivator, choosing the right nutrients can be a daunting process. With our advice and our high-quality seeds, though, we can make things much easier.

Benefits of Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Cannabis cultivation is a hobby with room for multiple approaches. These plants can produce substantial yields when grown indoors by an experienced gardener, but they can do equally well when grown outdoors. Here, you’ll learn a few reasons to grow cannabis outdoors.

  • There’s plenty of space.One of the best things about growing weed outdoors is the fact that you’ll have plenty of room to work. Rather than dedicating an entire room and setting it up with lights, ventilation equipment, and temperature controls, consider putting them in an outdoor area that gets six or more hours of sunlight per day. Before doing this, though, be sure to do some research into strains that are bred for outdoor cultivation.
  • It’s cheaper than growing indoors. Many gardeners are reluctant to get started simply because indoor grow room setups are so costly. Growing weed indoors often seems like a science experiment, and it doesn’t make sense for a gardener to purchase a setup that may not stand the test of time. When growing cannabis outdoors, all you need (other than our seeds) is sunlight and the right ambient temperature—which are free.
  • It’s simple. If you’re growing weed for the first time, an indoor grow op may seem like a real hassle. If tinkering with lighting schedules and temperature controls isn’t your thing, outdoor cultivation may be the right option for you. Nature’s processes are nearly automated; all you’ll have to provide is some basic maintenance.

Growing weed outdoors is much different than growing it indoors, and that may be the deciding factor for a gardener who wants to take a more laid-back approach. Count on the team at the i49 Seed Bank to give you the tools for success.

Advanced Tips for Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

Outdoor cannabis cultivation isn’t as simple as throwing seeds down and hoping they’ll grow. To ensure a successful crop, do your research—analyze the soil, prepare the site, and consider an appropriate pest control method. Follow these tips when planting cannabis seeds outdoors.

  • Prepare the soil. This is one of the most important aspects of growing weed outdoors. Check the soil to determine its pH. If the number is too low, add lime to increase it; if it’s too high, add sulfur to lower it. Cannabis plants prefer soil with more sand than clay, which ensures adequate drainage.
  • Ensure the soil’s fertility. If the land is dedicated to cannabis cultivation, adding manure or mulch to the soil is an easy way to ensure nutrient availability.
  • Monitor the plants regularly. It’s important to check your outdoor plants frequently, especially if they’re in pots and groundwater is inaccessible. With regular monitoring, it’s easier to detect nutrient deficiencies, pest infestations, and other issues.

After you’ve followed these tips, you’re sure to enjoy a bountiful harvest. It’s important to pick the crop at the right time, as harvesting too early or too late will compromise the quality of the buds.

Top 5 Outdoor Cannabis Seeds Recommendations

As the seasons change, many enthusiasts look to grow their own cannabis. The benefits of outdoor marijuana cultivation are numerous, and it all starts with the strains recommended below.

Critical Mass Fem

This indica-dominant strain is a cross between Skunk #1 and Afghani. It gets its name from its ability to reach a certain mass during the growth phase. Though it’s a potent strain, it’s highly susceptible to mold growth. Its average flowering time is six to eight weeks.

Strawberry Cough Fem

This productive strain is prized for its medicinal properties and its euphoric high.

Super Lemon Haze Fem

These plants grow tall, especially when cultivated outdoors. It has a citrusy aroma and a sweet, yet tart taste.

Auto Girl Scout Cookies Fem

One of our most popular strains, this fem selection offers a high yield, a fantastic flavor, and a THC content of 20% or more.

Trainwreck Fem

This hybrid strain has a spicy flavor and an overall body high that numbs pain and offers feelings of relaxation.

These are some of our best-selling outdoor weed seeds for sale. Visit us often for the best selection and the lowest prices.

Why Choose i49 Seed Bank?

By guaranteeing access to high-quality outdoor marijuana seed USA-based i49 Seed Bank ensures that growers have everything they need to start the season off right. This well-respected seed bank offers an incredibly wide selection of regular, feminized, and autoflowering seeds sourced from reputable breeders. They also accept almost any form of payment, from cash, checks, and money orders to credit cards, e-checks, Zelle payments, and even digital coins.

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Interesting Facts About Outdoor Pot Seeds

If you’ve ever bought low-quality weed, you know how frustrating it is to find seeds—but you may not know much about them. Here are a couple of interesting facts about outdoor cannabis seeds.

  • Weed seeds are gendered. Inexperienced outdoor growers may be surprised to learn that cannabis plants are of two different genders. Unfortunately, the differences only become apparent once a plant has started to grow it’s impossible to determine a plant’s gender by looking at the seeds.
  • It can take a long time to develop a popular strain. Some of the most popular strains, such as Strawberry Cough, are the result of years of backcrossing and careful trait selection.

Though it’s easy to find seeds in low-quality flower, we make the process much simpler. Count on the team at i49 Seed Bank to help you find the medicinal and recreational seeds you’re looking for.

Common Misspellings and Abbreviations

Though most people know them as outdoor cannabis seeds, our products are known by a few other names. The most common abbreviations and misspellings include:

  • Outdor seeds
  • Outdoor caninbus seeds
  • Maryjane seeds
  • Dope seeds

No matter what you call them, you can find them in our incredible selection. Visit our site today!

Final Comments

Growing cannabis outdoors is a rewarding and fun activity that can sharpen your gardening skills, help you get in touch with nature, and provide you with a nearly endless supply of bud. Call i49 Seed Bank USA at +1-888-441-4949; or visit our site to place an order.

Growing weed under any circumstances can be fun, fulfilling, and even profitable, but there’s nothing that beats spending time with the plants out in their natural environment. Want to find outdoor seed for sale that will never disappoint? The best thing to do is to contact i49 Seed Bank USA by phone at &+1-888-441-4949 or send an email to[email protected]. Browse the website to learn more about individual strains or get in touch to place an order today