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Cannabis has been cultivated for centuries by humans dating right back to the Chinese Empire and ancient Egypt. Since this early time in our history, we have garnished a respect for this powerful outdoor plant or weed as it has been aptly nicknamed. Only in the last. The indoor ganja growing scene has really grown exponentially in the last 30 years, especially if you consider the way things are going with large scale indoor commercial cannabis growers going public on the stock market.

There is nothing unique about the way that indoor plants flower compared to outdoor weed, nor are there different nutritional requirements or any great variances in genetic makeup. What makes indoor weed seeds good for growing is generations of careful backcrossing of strains that thrive in indoor grow rooms or grow tents. Premium Indoor seeds are going to be typically feminized, because in a small confined space, growers really need not risk the occurrence of a male plant that can pollinate the whole crop quite easily.

Even though indoor weed seeds for sale here will not encounter the harness of the elements, like strong windstorms and monsoon rains, growers still choose to invest in the most robust, dense, and resinous plants that they can find. Whether your indoor grow involves a single tent with 3 to 4 plants, or a large basement grow op with over a hundred plants, the most valuable part of the whole operation is the quantity and density of buds that you get to harvest at the end. Be it indoor THC seeds or indoor CBD seeds, you will get the most return on your investment if you treat the plants well and focus on growing the healthiest plants that you can.

Keeping your plants healthy includes monitoring for indoor cannabis pests. Growers should not subscribe to the false belief that since they are keeping their plants inside instead of our in the garden, that insects and other pests will not be able to find them. Sure, you may not encounter the same quantity of snails and caterpillars, but small mobile pests such as aphids, spider mites, and fungus gnats always seem to find their way to the jackpot. Growing indoor pot from provides the best chance at avoiding pest problems since you are growing the plant right from birth. When growers bring clones into their indoor grow room, it can be hard to determine exactly what environment they have been raised in (including the presence of pests that are being tracked in).

Marijuana plants that you grow from i49 seeds have the intelligence built in to survive indoors in a variety of settings. You can guarantee that with the right light, nutrients, and water requirements being met, your 420 plants are going to thrive and give you exactly what you are looking for - lots of dense, ripe, buds, that are coated in trichomes. When looking for where to buy cannabis seeds to grow indoors, don’t scroll past the answer that is right in front of your eyes. Look at our selection of indoor cannabis seeds for sale online that you can purchase and get shipped right to your door.


The Early Days

When indoor growing became more popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s, the first strains that were typically brought indoors were the shorter variety hybrids that have a large yield per plant. When growing indoors, everything breaks down to the cost per square foot. Because the space is limited, every plant in there must be productive in order to recoup the costs of growing. Strains like White Widow, Master Kush, and Critical Mass give a very good yield in a relatively small package. Read on further below for our expanded list of recommended best strains of cannabis to grow indoors.

Aside from the benefits of climate control, indoor growing also likely grew to become so popular because of the ability to conceal a lot of plants in one location. Before cannabis growing indoors became legal in the United States, anyone with a plant inside their house could be seen as running a grow op (or grow operation), a taboo subject matter that you would definitely not want to share with your neighbors. Grow Op’s and grow houses were repeatedly shut down by police, FBI, and other specialized anti-drug forces, but that did not stop the persistence of the large scale home growers who supplied the entire black market that was prevalent before legalization.

Modern Day Cannabis Breeders

Nowadays, growing cannabis indoors is considered quite commonplace. indoor cannabis seed USA is becoming a more popular search phrase every day and our American based seed bank is seeing the effects of this increased popularity. Our selection of wholesale indoor marijuana seeds has increased tenfold since our site began. We source guaranteed feminized and autoflowering strains for growing indoors. All the sativa and indica varieties that you would expect to find anywhere else - and then some more cutting-edge new strains that are being added as seed breeders make them available.

Today you can simply enter in the strain you would like to grow, pick how many seeds, and enter your payment details. It has never been easier to start growing weed at home. Especially now with online ordering available at amazon,, and almost every other major retailer in the USA, growing equipment can be sent right to your doorstep as well so you can focus your energies on preparing your indoor grow space rather than running from store to store to find what you need to get started. While you wait for your seeds and other materials to arrive, why not de-clutter your grow space and spend some time sanitizing so that when it comes time to plant, you are ready to go!

The Future of Feminized Seeds USA

The future of indoor weed growing is likely to increase on the same trajectory where we are witnessing higher yields and higher THC levels. As CBD becomes more professionally researched and the benefits are recognized by major health care providers, the need for indoor CBD growers is going to increase dramatically. This is sure to be a far better addition to the economy than simply forcing more lab-made synthetic CBD derivatives into the marketplace. Terpenes are also a subject of great interest, and indoor seed breeders are constantly trying to mix up new exotic flavored hybrids and crosses that will get users hooked on that particular taste or aroma. Other components of the cannabis plant that have not received as much attention, such as CBG and THCV, will also increase in popularity, so expect to see more seeds become available in the near future that are bred for these specific cannabinoids


Indoor weed seeds USA growers have in their grow rooms are not any more or less likely to become hermaphroditic plants. When looking at why indoor plants will turn hermaphrodite cultivators need to look first to the environmental conditions, which can be suboptimal especially if new to growing cannabis indoors. If your growing ecosystem varies too much in any of the following ways, then you can expect that at least a small portion (possibly all) of your CBD or THC plants could be affected in a negative way:

  1. Varying key nutrient levels.
  2. Temperature.
  3. Moisture in soil.
  4. Humidity.
  5. Light Leaks.
  6. Photoperiod changes.

Signs that your plant is a hermaphrodite

As your indoor plants grow and develop, keep an eye on the nodes where bud sites usually develop. Early on, as the pre-flowers develop you may notice a male banana or small pollen sacs that would indicate hermie parts developing on your cannabis plant. If you see a light dusting of yellow powder on any leaves below, you are likely too late as some pollination event has already occurred. This self-pollination is driven by the indoor weed plants’ inherent genetic instructions to create seeds at any cost before it dies from stress. If you catch the pot plant before this stage, you must remove this part of the plant at the very least, but since heavy pruning can only cause more stress to the plant you are best to simply remove the whole plant from your grow tent or grow room.


Most indoor seeds USA seed banks have to offer have been tested at least once or twice in an indoor growing environment to make sure it can grow and succeed. Most 420 seed varieties will grow inside, butI49 Seed Bank USA wants to make your decision-making process crystal clear. Select from our indoor strains with confidence that the growing specs are going to give you an accurate picture of what to expect from your Indoor grow, for example things like overall plant size, expected yield, and dominant flavor profiles.I49 USA customers must understand that nutrients and other inputs can vary results greatly.

Choosing indoor seeds instead of outdoor weed seeds will help set indoor growers up for success before germination has even started. If you see a strain listed in both categories in our online catalogue, that means the strain thrives in both indoor grows and outdoor environments as well. Some examples of these strains are Gorilla Glue #4, Auto Northern Lights, and Purple Kush Fem. If you would like to purchase a 10 pack of the aforementioned strains and then grow half inside and half outside, that could prove to be a very telling experiment. The result will either show which of your set-ups was the most grow-friendly or at least show you where your knack lies for the future and where to focus your energy and spending when it comes to expanding your growing space.


Indoor cannabis seeds should be germinated in the same manner as any other marijuana seeds you buy from a store or online dispensary. Our preferred method is carried out entirely indoors, and even outdoor weed strains should only be moved outside once they are hardened seedlings that are four to six inches tall. Germinating indoor seeds starts with soaking in purified water for 14 to 18 hours. Then drain out this water and carefully place the seeds on a damp paper towel and fold it over the seed. Keep this paper towel damp in a warm dark location for 2 to 7 days, and you are sure to see a beautiful long white taproot emerge once the seed’s shell cracks open. The ideal temperature for your germination room should be 70 to 85 Fahrenheit, and the humidity should be balanced and consistent - not too dry and not soaking wet.

Let your indoor medical seeds or indoor recreational seeds develop until the taproot reaches at least a half-inch in length and then you can plant it in your chose medium be it soil, coco peat, or rockwool for hydroponic growing. When your seed is developing to the seedling stage growers should not be introducing any chemical fertilizer solutions (even organic ones). Simply keep the soil damp and mist the leaves once or twice a day after the foliage first emerges. Although fully grown indoor cannabis plants are extremely tough, in the germination and seedling phase the plant is actually quite delicate and be easily killed through neglect or over-watering. Balance is key, and some indoor growers benefit from using a grow schedule or automated system to ensure they are consistent.


Our certified indoor marijuana seeds have been selectively bred to be robust in the different indoor growing environments that American weed growers use most. Whatever arrangement you should choose, keep in mind that the purpose of the growing space is primarily to provide a sterile and secure area where the climate can be accurately controlled and manipulated.

You want your indoor growing space to be sealed enough to the environment that small pests will not enter and harass your plants, but also have the dedicated ventilation in place to make sure that hot stagnant air can be exhausted from the grow room and new fresh air can be brought in. This will prevent mold and mildew from developing. Most grow at home growers will want to invest in an excellent quality carbon filter for their exhaust fans, so that they don’t blast their next-door neighbors with the strong odor of flowering buds.

Here is a quick breakdown of your different options for where to grow your i49 indoor seeds at home:

Closet - perhaps you have tried this growing method while still living at home at your parent’s house, but as you may have found the results are often mediocre. For one thing the gaps in the door and constant opening and closing of the doors can easily disrupt your plants light cycle which will immediately cause the plant to hermaphrodite. This method can work for a single plant, but make sure you have a way to move fresh air through the closet space. This can be hard to do without drilling holes through the walls in your house, so read on find some more appropriate set ups.

Grow Tent - For less than a hundred dollars, cannabis growers can now purchase an extremely basic grow tent that will get you started growing anywhere from 2 to 10 plants. Reflective material will help to maximize light distribution within the tent and fully 87sealed zippers will help to keep pests away from the indoor ganja as well. The best grow tents for sale online will come with attachment points to hang your lights and filtering equipment, but these pieces come at an extra expense and will have to be purchased separately.

Grow Box - The term grow box can be used very loosely to describe any homemade growing space that is constructed to stand on its own strength. Typically constructed out of wood or sheet metal, this is only an option for a grower with existing handyman skills and extra materials laying around the house. If you are going to buy all the materials brand new and spend hours on the construction aspect, you will get a more cost-effective result buying a simple prefabricated grow tent.

Space Bucket - This is a neat project for the DIY type, but can only support growing a single small plant, like an indoor autoflower or indoor low-flying indica plant. Dwarf weed strains can fit in two 5-gallon buckets taped together while some growers may opt to build their space bucket out of two 20 to 30-gallon garbage cans. Instructions can be found online but require considerably basic building materials such as a power drill, reflective tin tape, and duct tape. This is designed to be a cost-effective way to create a stable indoor growing environment.

Windowsill - This may be a suitable place to grow a decorative weed plant indoors, but if you want to grow a decent yield that you can smoke, then don’t expect much from a windowsill grow. Lacking sunlight hours will likely start your seedlings stretching from an early age. The weak stems associated with stretching weed plants will prevent the plant from ever reaching a large stature. Most growers will need to supplement the sunlight coming in the window with an additional fluorescent or LED grow light through the whole stage of the plant’s vegetative growth. Windowsills are also complete open to pests in the home such as gnats and fruit flies, and will experience great temperature fluctuations between night and day which can stress the plants out.

Things to Consider when growing Feminized Seeds Indoors

One of the things that growers of indoor 420 seeds soon realize is that there is a constant expense to indoor growing. The initial set-up will take the most capital investment. Things like fans, lights, and potting containers will only need to be purchased every few years. Nutrients, light bulbs, potting soil, and cleaning supplies however will need to be purchased annually.

Since people developed the technology to control the climate inside the climate within our homes, there have been stoners developing tactics to grow this superb herb indoors. Once you’ve ironed out the preferences for the specific strain of cannabis you are growing, then it should be easy to match this environment precisely in your grow room or grow tent. Something else to consider is the small cost of purchasing an automated system to relieve the stress on the grower for being so precise. Light timers are a very basic necessity and do not add a huge expense to your indoor weed room. Automatic watering systems and humidistat controls are a little more costly but can make your plants much happier in the long run.

Depending on your home state’s policies, you may need to keep your indoor grow under wraps. It is important to consider that wherever you grow your indoor seeds, there is going to be a strong smell associated with the plants, especially once they begin to flower. Every indoor grow setup needs a good quality filtration system which should help remove most odors from wafting next door. Some growers will isolate the windows of their grow space with tin foil, or you can invest in some nicer heavy curtains that will retain the heat in your home while blocking out peering eyes. The biggest point of discretion in maintaining your privacy as an indoor 420 grower is to keep this talking point out of your conversations with friends and family. Although legal in most places, you don’t want to brag about being a cannabis cultivator and have that picked up by the wrong ears, looking for an opportunity to take advantage of your hard work.


The last 25 years have seen a massive amount of change to the laws pertaining to the growing and selling of cannabis in the USA, especially when you compare this to the 100 years prior. There are many more buying options available for your indoor seeds aside from the black-market dealer you used to meet up with back in the day. In 1996, California was the first state to legalize pot for medical purposes. Many other states soon followed behind. By the year 2012, California and Washington State were the first states to pass legalization for the recreational sale of cannabis. There are now at least a dozen states that have fully legalized the purchase and sale of marijuana. Of course, some restrictions apply for each state as for how much weight someone can purchase or how many plants you can grow at home without a medical licence.

Growers have a few choices of where to look for indoor seed for sale. You may find legal storefronts or ‘dispensaries’ that may carry a few varieties of different weed seeds for growing indoors. Most of these in the retail world should be feminized, since that is what new growers are usually looking for. Although all purchased seeds should be guaranteed, there is no way of knowing how long they have been sitting on the store’s shelf. In a similar fasion, you never can tell at face value if the seeds have become somehow damaged through transport. When you purchase from an indoor weed seed bank, you can rest assured that your seeds have been packaged and handled carefully to precent traumatic damage.

A marijuana seed bank is a reliable place to purchase your 420 seeds since they are specialized in this service industry. I49 has been in the business for decades, building strong client relationships and solid purchase agreements with Americas top seed breeders. Not only are our seeds guaranteed to germinate (up to 80% success rate when done using proper techniques), but our indoor feminized seeds are also guaranteed female. Once you have seen our massive collection of over 400 seed varieties, you will know yourself the benefit of buying your USA indoor seeds online through us. Our Indoor seeds come in all types: sativa, hybrid, and Indica varieties which can be high in CBD or THC depending on what you prefer. We work hard to ensure your seed order arrives in a timely manner, well protected in discreet packaging.


Finding marijuana seeds online in the 21st century is easier than ever before. Our dedicated team at i49 Seed Bank USA has made our online shopping platform as easy to use as possible. TO access our catalog of indoor growing cannabis seeds, visit the different menus available at Each different strain of indoor feminized seed or indoor autoflower seed comes with an explanation of the effects you can expect to experience when smoking or ingesting the plant, as well as the flavor specs, average size, and other related details. If you want to hear about other customer’s experiences using our indoor ganja strains check out our page of i49 reviews.

Once you have settled on the right strain to grow, or the best combinations of different strains to grow together in your grow room, simply click on the quantity required for each kind. We have options ranging from 3-packs up to several hundred of the same variety. Select from the options of different shipping options and proceed to the checkout. At the final screen you will see several payment options laid out before you. We accept payment by Automatic Bank Transfer, Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrency), prepaid credit cards, or good old-fashioned cash in the mail! We serve a variety of growers who all have diverse needs and preferences. Please get in touch with our customer service team if you have any questions about our payment system. All our customer information is kept 100% encrypted and secure and never shared with any other outside organizations.

After you have chosen the right strain for you, or the best combination of marijuana strains for your home grow, simply click on the quantity of each that you require. We sell 3 pack of seeds if you just want to try one out, but you will find the better value prices come in to play when you buy 5, 10, or 20 seeds at a time. Select your preferred shipping method and proceed to the checkout. At this point you will have several payment options to choose from for your convenience including Automatic Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, or good old-fashioned snail mail. We serve a variety of customers with a variety of needs and preferences. Please contact out customer care team if you have any questions about our payment system. All of your information is kept entirely encrypted and secure and not shared with any other parties.

After you click ‘complete’ and your order is submitted, someone at our US distribution centre will process your order for shipment within 1-2 business days. When your best seeds to grow indoors arrive in your mailbox, you can either germinate them right away using our recommended germination method or store them in a cool dry environment for two to three years without risking viability. Leave us a review and let us know how everything went. We sometimes give out one-of-a-kind coupon codes and discount offers for return customers who leave a comment on our customer feedback page. By striving to make your growing experience as great as possible, we hope that you will keep coming back season after season.


When i49 customers buy marijuana seeds to grow indoors, this may very well be the first time they have ever attempted to grow a real cannabis plant from seed. If you have grown a single plant outdoors or have visited a friend’s grow-room set up, you will likely have at least a vague idea of what the cannabis growth cycle looks like. Growing indoors is very similar to growing outdoors. For the newcomers to cannabis cultivation, let’s give a quick overview of the different life-cycle stages that your indoor plants will go through.

Germination - All cannabis seeds are better germinated indoors because of the consistent atmosphere you can provide. The three main factors that will initiate germination for indoor seeds are warmth, darkness, and moisture. Don’t ask the internet how to germinate my indoor weed seeds. Just provide these 3 critical ingredients for 3 days consistently, and you should see your seed’s white taproot emerge. Transplant to a small pot when the taproot has reach one half inch in length.

Seedling Stage - When your indoor weed plants have reached the seedling status, they will be fragile for a few weeks but be warned now not to baby them too much. Gardening wisdom from the past has taught us that hardening your seedlings with a mild stress such as a gentle breeze can help them to provide more sturdy stems rather than flopping over. Be sure to provide lots of light (usually Fluorescent or HID lights are used) and don’t give any additional nutrients. The plant is focusing on developing healthy roots, so allow them to ‘get thirsty’ by not over-watering.

Vegetative Stage - This is the stage when your indoor plants will put the most energy into physical growth. The best indica to grow indoors tops out at not much more than three feet in height while the best sativa strains to grow indoors may reach up to 4 or 5 feet in height. Even taller sativas that reach 12 to 15 feet in outdoor conditions can be pruned and trained to thrive in smaller indoor environments. Regardless of strain, indoor plants need lots of Nitrogen to thrive. This is likely to be a main ingredient in any nutrients you pick up that are designed for indoor plants or hydroponic garden. Aside from adequate lights, water, and nutrients, you will want to ensure that your indoor weed plants have enough room (I.e. proper potting container size) for the roots to fully develop. Read on further below for an overview of proper training techniques to use during this phase of indoor growth.

Flowering Stage - Flowering cannabis indoors is an exciting and interesting endeavour that can take years of practice to refine. If you do adequate research on the proper techniques, have the right friends, or simply have a natural skill for it - you can reach exceedingly high yields that will pay off year after year. Plants may grow a small percentage in height, but most of the plant’s energy goes right into the buds. This means less Nitrogen is needed, and more of nutrients like Phosphorus and Potassium. To ensure the health of your crop, the best indoor growers will be watching constantly for pests (like aphids and spider mites) as well as male plants that need to be removed.

Harvesting - When your indoor plants have been flowering for several weeks, you can notice with a microscope that the colour and opacity of the trichomes begins to change. Time your harvest out when you start to see the small crystals turn from clear to a milky white consistency. If you allow the trichomes to stay on the plant until they turn a darker amber or brown color, you will get a product that gives a heavier sleepier high. Part of this may be higher THC %, but other trichomes and terpenes may degrade at this stage as well.

Drying and Curing - Whether you harvest your indoor grow room all at once or start at the top of the plant and slow down the harvest over a whole week, you will want a dedicated space to take your buds for drying right away so that they don’t develop any moisture problems, like mold or but rot. The most important things to consider for the best indoor cannabis drying room setup are lots of fresh circulated air, with no direct sunlight or direct hotspots caused by blowing air. You want the drying process to nice and slow to preserve the precious cannabinoids contained within the flowers. Curing happens much the same. After being laid out on drying racks most cannabis connoisseurs know the importance of curing (ideally in glass jars) for several weeks, even up to 6 months to maximize the burnability and flavor of the cannabis.


When growing cannabis indoors, the grower takes full responsibility for choosing the best lighting for growing weed. Because there are so many options available, finding the right solution for you may take a little bit of research and cost benefit analysis. After providing a brief outline of your different options, we can give a loose recommendation about what we think are the best lights for your i49 seeds.

HID grow lights - Metal Halide (MH), High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH or


These are the most standardized options for lights in the growing community and have probably been used more than any other type. They are easy to use and arguably produce the most yield for the electricity used. Because the HID lights emit a fair bit of heat, it is important take this into considerations when planning your overall grow room climate control strategy. Options can range from 150W up to 1000W for a single fixture.

Fluorescent grow lights - CFLs and T5 grow lights

These bulbs are very commonplace in your average hardware store and can fit in any household lightbulb socket. The start-up costs are incredibly low and CFL bulbs also waste very little heat as a by-product. Because these don’t produce a huge number of lumens to cannabis leaves, they are best suited for very small scale grows or small grow tents where the light can be placed close to the plant’s canopy.

LED grow lights - Many models

LED, or Light Emitting Diode, grow lights are the newest technology to hit the market, and some of the higher-powered options give the top yielding HPS lights a run for their money in terms of results. Using LED lights for your indoor grow can be the right solution if you buy the kind of LEDs that are made specifically for growing cannabis since not all models are created equal.

Once you work out the kinks in your grow room and acquire more equipment over the years, you can tweak your lighting setup to best suit the strains of indoor weed you are growing. Some growers will use LED or T5 fluorescent lighting to start their seedlings, and then switch to HPS lights for the flowering stage. Whatever method you choose, just remember to keep adequate distance from your plants to avoid light burn or any other detrimental stresses to your indoor bud.


Many growers think of their cannabis nutrients as a source of “food” for the plants, when really they are more like a multivitamin. Liquid nutrient supplements or indoor grow solutions should only be used to supplement the naturally occurring nutrients in your soil mix and prevent a deficiency as the plant uses up those nutrients. The “food” for the plant is really the sunlight and water that drives photosynthesis, while the calcium and magnesium ratios mainly support the enzymes that drive that cellular growth.

Nonetheless, your indoor plants will need nutrients, just be careful not to over feed them. There are plenty of helpful soil amendments that you can make to adjust your potting material to be very rich in the nutrients that will be needed throughout the life cycle - materials like compost, bat guano, and bone meal.


When choosing to grow indoors vs outdoors, many growers count on a greater degree of regularity or consistency in determining their crops yields. Freak accidents can still happen where a certain pest knocks out a number of your indoor plants, but generally if you keep your climate settings the same, use the same reliable seeds, and use a growing journal to stay consistent, you should see the same results time after time.

When asking ‘how much cannabis does one plant produce?,’ consider that the spectrum of different strains can make a significant difference in overall weight. Even among seeds of the same indoor strain variety, the yield varies each plant depending on how large the grower allows it to grow (before flipping to flower). Some growers may be able to get 10 ounces from a single plant but will need to draw out the vegetative stage by an extra 2 weeks and then provide more nutrients to the plant to keep up with demand. So, there is a cost. If you have a medium sized grow tent or large size grow tent, you can get a similar yield by growing 6 short strain plants or two very large strains. Generally, per plant expectations range anywhere from one to five ounces for indoor weed.

Some enthusiasts have attempted to create a formula to be used in order to guess on a final yield for indoor grow operations. Bu these examples are just that, a guess, and should be taken with a grain of salt. If you read that you can grow one gram of weed per one watt of light power provided, your common sense should kick in that the type of light may change this outcome significantly (HPS, LED, or fluorescent). Indoor sativa strains may provide more than indoor indica strains in terms of branching and number of bud site, but indica buds can weight more because they are so tight and densely packed. So oftentimes it all evens out in the end and the overall yield should be enough to make it worth your while considering all the money you’ve spent to get the plants to harvest.


  1. Avoiding crop damage from weather extremes.
  2. Keep the nosy neighbors from eyeing up your stash.
  3. Controlling all aspects of climate, including humidity, temperature, light, and soil pH.
  4. Having all your equipment nearby and in one easy-to-access area.
  5. Keeps your crop secure, unlike outdoor grows that can be stolen or seized in the middle of the night if growers don’t have proper security measures in place.
  6. Easier environment for growers to keep a close eye on pests and diseases.


DO Choose your seeds and supplier carefully. Not all indoor seeds are created equal. Our seeds are sourced from verified breeders and safely stored to ensure they stay viable for our customers.

DO Invest in Proper Ventilation. Providing freshly circulated air throughout your grow room or grow tent is important for several reasons. This helps to keep the air clean, can help to keep pests to a minimum that love stagnant air, and the constant breeze helps to harden the stems making them stronger and more durable. Make sure your ventilation system has a an in-lien carbon filter to make sure you aren’t pumping a skunky stench out into your neighborhood.

DO Prune Your Plants. Indoor marijuana responds very well to low stress training, which guides the growth of the branches in a way that will lead to the most production of buds. Examples include ScrOG (scrogging), SOG (Sea of Green), Lollipopping, Fimmimg, and more. Read up to see which technique may be best for your particular strain or growing setup.

DO Try different veg cycles. There have been successful grows that keep the indoor plants in vegetative stage anywhere from 2 weeks up to 8 or 10 weeks. The longer your plant lives in “veg,” the larger it will get, and the more buds it can likely develop. Just remember that there will also be an increased need for extra nutrients to support the additional flowers that will result. The benefit of keeping veg time short is that plants remain smaller and easy to manage. Also, the buds will have those extra weeks to develop and increase in density and quality.

DO try different lighting options. A huge part of the decision making when setting up your first indoor cannabis growing room is what lights to provide. There are advantages and disadvantages across the board with the different options available, so many growers opt to supplement with a combination of lighting methods. Try different options in successive back-to-back crops or if you are fortunate enough to have the space, you can have 2 separated grow spaces that have the same strain growing under two different indoor lighting setups.

Don’t o ver-water your plants. Generally indoor growing rooms retain the plants moisture longer than outdoor grows where evapotranspiration moves water quickly up out of the soil and into the surrounding air. Many new cannabis growers over water their indoor plants, so don’t repeat this mistake and allow the roots to get semi-dry before you re-apply more H20.

Do think about harvest time. In order to maximize the usable space in the square footage that you have, you will want to streamline your harvest procedure so that you can grow as much as you can and still have room to dry it all properly. Just like you don’t want your grow tent for sale online to get too crowded with plants, you don’t want to over-crowd your drying room that is to be used after harvest. Proper drying requires lots of open-air space between your buds.

Don’t over-feed your plants. Instead of pumping in lots of nutrients through the entire growth cycle, invest in superior quality nutrient-rich potting medium that will support the plant with organic ingredients. Bloom boosters can be used near the end of the grow, when the indoor plant’s flowers are getting juiced up with THC. Use the least amount of nutrients that you can during veg, and no added fertilizers in the early seedling stage.


Big Bud - One of the best indoor seeds to purchase online for a large yield is the aptly name ‘Big Bud.” This indica dominant strain provides and uplifting high and flowers in just 7 to 9 weeks.

Girl Scout Cookies - This very tasty and aromatic strain is brought to you by the mash up of the ever-popular OG Kush and Durban Poison. It has won several cannabis cup awards and is the foundation of more amazing hybrids that have been developed such as Do-Si-Dos, Gelato, and Sherbert.

Blue dream - This famous sativa-dominant is popular both for its amazingly uplifting high and its simplicity in terms of growing requirements. The beautiful blue-green buds emit a wonderful fruity-berry like aroma when flowering.

Blue Cheese - Both pest and mold resistant, this high-yielding indica-dominant strain grows well in small spaces and under all forms of indoor lighting. With celebrity-level parents like UK cheese and Blueberry, how could this strain not be a winner?

Critical Mass - A highly psychedelic and narcotic indoor strain that comes from a cross of Afghani and Skunk strains. Named after the dense buds, which reach critically heavy sizes and test the strength of your branches to hold them up.


When looking for weed seeds indoor growers should by, remember that quality and good genetics measures high on the priorities along with price. Not only is i49 seed bank USA a source of reputable genetics and rare indoor strains, we also have a consistent supply to keep even the largest indoor growing operations stocked up in their favorite strains. We especially encourage new cannabis growers to focus on the more intricate parts of cultivating good indoor weed and let us take care of the first step - sourcing the best quality indoor medical and recreational seeds for a fair price and easy shipment options.

I49 online seed bank is an industry leader in selection and customer care. We have friendly knowledgeable staff who can help answer your questions by phone or email and help make online payments smooth and secure. We stock popular THC seeds used for extracts and edibles as well as high CBD seeds for indoor medical grows. If you are using autoflower or feminized seeds from, you know that you are getting what you pay for in terms of quality, viability, and reliability.


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Cannabis and beer are closely related. One of the main ingredients used in brewing, ‘hops,’ comes from the same family of flowering plants as cannabis.

The English word “canvas” has early linkages to the word “cannabis.” French and Latin influence literally translate to the phrase ‘made of hemp,’ as early artists canvases were indeed made of hemp fiber.

The United States Declaration of Independence had its first several drafts written on hemp paper.

In 1973, Oregon was the first state to formally decriminalize marijuana. It is therefore no great surprise that that remain one of the USA’s top gross producers in today’s cannabis industry.

In 2013, Uruguay became the first country in the world to fully legalize the growing, selling, and consumption of cannabis.

If you live in the USA, you are 3 times more likely to consume cannabis in your lifetime compared to the global average. This seems high, but is right on par with other western democratic countries.


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There are also many other slang variations for weed that is grown indoors such as grass, reefer, and sticky icky. Even the phrase ‘marijuana’ is derived for Mexican slang wherein the illegal substance was referred to as “Mary Jane” in the black market.


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