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Chocolope Regular
Just like a bar of chocolate, this pot can make life sweeter.

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Chocolope Regular

Just like a bar of chocolate, this pot can make life sweeter.
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Chocolope Reg
Type Mostly Sativa
Yield Indoor 14 - 18 oz/m2
Yield Outdoor 18 - 21 oz/plant
THC 23%
CBD 0,7%
HEIGHT 75 inches
GROWS Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor
CLIMATE Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Chocolope Reg Strain Review
Light up a bud of Chocolope and let its delightfulness tickle your senses and fill your system. Its unusual cocoa, coffee, and melon flavor profile wakes you up with a surge of energy and gives you the motivation to get you through the day. Just a small amount will help you transcend any bad mood, making you feel calm, worry-free, and euphoric. Such effects also alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and even ADHD.This award-winning strain was recognized as the “Strain of the Year” by High Times Magazine in 2007. Not that surprising since it is an offspring of two awesome strains: Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. It boasts a 17 to 22% THC level that invigorates the body and mind.

Up for a challenge? Chocolope Reg is a prolific strain that requires some know-how and experience. The plant has a towering height of over 2 meters (6.5 feet) and needs sufficient vertical space. The smell it emits, while sweet and pleasurable, is distinctively cannabis, so for growers living in areas where marijuana cultivation is prohibited, this makes it a bit tricky. This strain is also more nutrient-hungry than others and prone to mold and mildew proliferation. Hence, it needs more attention and care.

Nevertheless, come harvest time, and the beautiful buds will be worth all the time and effort. Each fluffy flower is covered in thick, resinous crystals. The plant itself is also exceptionally appealing, sporting large emerald leaves and vivid orange hairs scattered among the long and graceful stems. And did we mention the fragrance?

Because these are regular seeds, you will have to examine the plants carefully towards the end of the vegetative phase, when the genders start to show. These beans may sprout either male or female plants. Females will have baby buds with tiny white hairs around them. On the other hand, the male plants will produce pollen sacs at the nodes. Unless you want the male and female plants to pollinate, keeping them away from each other will be the best course of action. 

When separated, female plants will produce buds for consumption. When male plants mature, the pollen may be harvested for future breeding projects. These seeds are best for cloning as well because they produce specimens that are as close to the mother strain as possible.

Great things indeed take time, and that applies to Chocolope Reg. The buds need 10 to 12 weeks to ripen and should be ready to harvest by late October when grown outdoors.

Chocolope Reg responds well to indoor growing, but it needs a lot of space. Growers are encouraged to employ training techniques in the first few weeks of the vegetative phase to control the height, such as pruning, fimming, or using the Screen of Green (SCROG) method.As stated earlier, this strain is quite sensitive to moisture-related diseases. Keeping the environment in an optimal condition will help prevent such occurrences. For example, ensuring adequate airflow, removing the non-essential leaves, and investing in an oscillating fan and dehumidifier are some of the steps you can take. Ideally, the temperature should be between 24 and 27 degrees Celsius (75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit), and the humidity level (RH) should hover around 40%. If all goes well, growers may collect up to 600 grams (21 ounces) of delicious bud per square meter of growing space.

Chocolope Reg grows best in places where the climate is dry and warm. Ensure that the area is well-ventilated, but note that the odor may spread throughout the neighborhood. Be aware, too, that it does not like cold temperatures, so you should aim to collect all the buds before the chilly weather starts. Each plant can yield 500 to 600 grams (18 to 21 ounces) of usable weed.

Chocolope is not just for fun and games because it also has some therapeutic benefits hidden in it. With up to 22% THC, it delivers an instant surge of energy that helps individuals who are always feeling fatigued from the stresses of life. Simultaneously, it elevates the mood, combatting the symptoms of depression and anxiety.This bud also allows users to focus on the task at hand while keeping them calm, making it a potential treatment for adult attention-deficit disorder (ADD). There is a very low risk of hyperactivity despite the potency of this strain. Rather, it presents a calming buzz without the couch-lock.A few minutes after consumption, a warm, soothing sensation rushes down from the head down to the body. As it does, it releases tension lodging in various areas. Aside from relieving joint and muscle pains, it is also effective against headaches and migraines.

Smoking Chocolope is truly an enjoyable experience, but it comes with the usual repercussions of marijuana ingestion. The most common ones are dry mouth and eyes resulting from moisture inhibition. Aside from rehydrating the peepers with eye drops, a glass of water or some sour-flavored hard candy can stimulate the salivary glands.

Due to its chocolicious goodness, though, it is quite easy to go overboard with this strain. Avoid overindulging so that you do not experience dizziness or headaches. In extreme cases, the intense cerebral high could even cause paranoia.

There are times when a cup of joe simply won’t cut it. Chocolope give you the same energy as a caffeine hit and more. Almost immediately after taking a toke, it lifts the cobwebs fogging up your brain. It replaces gloominess with a calm and carefree disposition. Because it can lift your spirits, it enables you to take on the challenges of the day with ease.

A mood-booster such as this weed gives you a different perspective that can churn the creative juices. Aside from inducing inspired and innovative ideas, it gives you the energy to make you more productive than ever. Pretty soon, you will be ticking a lot of items off that boring to-do list.

The buzz may not last forever, but as it fades away, it will leave you with feelings of optimism and contentment. This strain is best enjoyed as a wake ‘n bake or to recharge your batteries mid-afternoon.

Chocolope will fill your growing area with an aroma that will perk you right up, just like your morning latte. It has a pleasing blend of sweet chocolate and coffee, with hints of cool earthiness mixed in.

If coffee is your “cup of tea”, then Chocolope is the strain for you. Besides the strong flavor of mochaccino, the interesting melon nuance will pique your interest as its smooth smoke coats your tongue. Upon the exhale, some sweet berry and warm spice will manifest.

Chocolope is not the only sweet-tasting delight out there since it has been used to spawn some delightful hybrids. For example, it has been bred with Tangie to produce a citrusy bud with a mouthwatering chocolate aroma. Like its parent strains, Tangie x Chocolope Fem will help you spring into action with a cerebral high that energizes you with creative ideas. It creates a positive outlook that can counter anxiety, stress, and depression.

Another one is Bruce Banner x Chocolope Fem, which attracts users with a fruity-chocolatey combo with just the right amount of fuel undertones. Still, do not be fooled, because as sweet as it may seem, it is a monster when it comes to the effects. Known as a wake ‘n bake staple, it invigorates the mind and body. Its balanced effects will keep you moving without the risk of either hyperactivity or couch-lock.

If you are looking for a special strain that appeals to all the senses, try Chocolope x Candy Fem. The plant entices with frost-colored crystals that cover the emerald green buds, reminding you of snowy mountains. Then, it tickles the nose with its fruity and floral aroma hidden beneath the pungent yet alluring cocoa-coffee scent. Once it enters your system, it sweeps away the cobwebs and gets you ready to fight the battles of the day. After a few hours, the buzz trickles down to the limbs, prompting you to just sit back and relax.

On the other hand, if you want straight-up relaxation, you should give Mochalope Reg a go. This exemplary hybrid of the Chocolope and Oregon Afghani strains is the post-dinner treat you will forward to every evening. Providing deeply sedating benefits, it is characterized by a creamy coffee and cocoa flavor that will satisfy your sweet tooth, as well as your need to unwind and chill. As an Indica-dominant strain, Mochalope Fem is easy to grow for cultivators of all experience levels.

The world originally knew this strain as “D-Line.” However, upon tasting the outcome, the breeders knew that “Chocolope” was the most appropriate name because of its chocolate and cantaloupe aroma and flavor.

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Where can I buy the Chocolope Reg strain in the USA?

i49 USA sells Chocolope Reg marijuana seeds online or by calling tel +1 (240) 618-2744. The sales representatives are available from 8am to 6pm PST, Monday to Friday; and from 9am to 4pm PST, Saturday and Sunday.

How can I buy the Chocolope Reg weed seeds online?

A simple approach is to find an online weed seed bank that sells Chocolope Reg and place an order through the website. Usually, you can pay with Bitcoin, Cash, Personal check, or Money Order.

How long does it take to receive my Chocolope Reg weed seeds?

When payment is complete with i49 USA, your order will ship in approximately 1-2 business days once the payment is approved. Most clients receive their parcel in 7-14 business days.

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Chocolope Reg

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