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Cannabis is a biologically diverse species that grows all over the world. No matter how many new strains come onto the scene, there are a few classics that have made an indelible mark. These classic seeds in the USA are culturally and genetically significant because they allow us to look back to the time when the counterculture’s history was written.

These old school strains weren’t prized for their potency, but for their unique flavors and effects. As these strains spread far and wide, hybrids were created intentionally and inadvertently. In this guide, we’ll discuss a few classics that have given rise to the hybrid strains we all enjoy today.

What are Classic Cannabis Seeds?

Like all other flowering plants, cannabis plants produce seeds that contain all the genetic materials required for growth and reproduction. When the seeds are planted, their genetic code is translated, and the plants’ characteristics are predetermined. Breeders create new strains by carefully selecting plants that exhibit desirable traits such as potency, aroma, and vigor.

The embryonic plants within cannabis seeds are protected by a hard shell. These seeds start growing after germination, which occurs when the taproot emerges from the hard shell. Today’s cannabis seeds are available in multiple forms: regular, autoflowering, and feminized. Many growers prefer our feminized seeds because they’re guaranteed to grow into female plants that produce the dank, sticky buds we’re all after.

Cannabis is a dioecious plant, which means that male and female plants are needed to create seeds. Most of the flowers sold in local dispensaries are free of seeds, as feminization and various cultivation practices have eliminated their presence. However, classic marijuana strains are still valued by growers because they form the basis of new strains and cannabis crops.

How are Classic Marijuana Seeds Made?

As cannabis is dioecious, male and female reproductive organs are found on different plants. Female plants tend to thrive outside the presence of male plants, and when growers create these conditions, they’re more likely to grow the potent, seed-free buds we want.

Reproduction occurs when a female cannabis plant is pollinated by a male plant, which leads to the creation of seeds. Under certain circumstances, however, a single plant can produce male and female flowers. Hermaphroditism occurs when cannabis plants are excessively stressed or allowed to remain in the flowering stage for too long. A hermaphrodite cannabis plant’s male reproductive organs will pollinate its female organs, producing seeds. Once the seeds reach maturity, the plants will gradually wither away. The seeds then drop, where they can be collected or allowed to germinate.

Our classic seeds are a great way to continue the tradition of cannabis cultivation and pass these memorable flavors and experiences on to a new generation of cannabis enthusiasts. Visit the i49 Seed Bank USA or call us at +1-888-441-4949 to learn more about our incredible selection of classic weed strains.

Why Choose Classic Weed Seeds?

If you’re growing your first crop, you may wonder if it’s legal to cultivate cannabis. The plant has a dubious reputation in some circles, which has led many places to ban its possession, sale, cultivation, and consumption. Don’t risk your reputation by buying seeds from a street seller! Take advantage of our fast shipping and these other advantages.

  • Discretion. When you buy weed seeds from us, it’s safer and more discreet than purchasing them from a dispensary. Many who grow cannabis prefer to do it in secret, and buying our seeds is an easy way to keep your grow op on the down low.
  • More strains to choose from. When you’re choosing classic cannabis seeds, having a diverse selection is great. Though dispensaries often stock several types of seeds, they can’t match our selection. We work with some of the world’s most well-known cannabis breeders, which means we have access to all the most popular strains. Whether it’s high THC or CBD content you’re after, our classic strains will give you what you want.

Though we make it easy to find the best classic 420 seeds online, we do not recommend purchasing them if you’re in an area where it’s against the law to purchase or possess cannabis seeds. While they’re sold as souvenirs in many places, in others, they are considered cannabis products just as concentrates, edibles, and flowers are. We recommend checking your state’s laws before making a seed purchase on

Where to Buy Classic Marijuana Seeds

If you live in an area with recreational or medical marijuana laws, it’s easy to find seeds at a local dispensary. However, when you buy seeds from our USA seed bank, you’ll have access to a wider selection of strains and our fast, discreet shipping program.

Though the process of purchasing marijuana seeds online may seem confusing, we’ve made it fast and easy. Many seed banks make big promises, but we deliver on them. Call us today to find out how we can help you become a better cannabis cultivator.

How to Buy Classic Marijuana Seeds Online

Whether you’re growing weed indoors or outdoors, careful planning is essential. Though it may seem simple to grab a few seeds out of a random bag of marijuana, that’s not the best approach. Knowing how to buy seeds will increase your chances of a successful crop.

While some cannabis cultivators grow plants from cuttings or clones, this method is time-consuming and costly. It’s cheaper and easier to grow pot from seeds, especially when you buy them from us. We will send your order straight to your home, and we will do it safely, quickly, and discreetly.

Growing Classic Cannabis Seeds

As with other hobbies, a bit of basic knowledge will make the cannabis cultivation process go more smoothly. Here, we’ll discuss the plant’s growth stages.

How to Germinate Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

Once you’ve selected your favorite from our range of classic sativa strains, germination is the next step. Moisture is crucial here, so it’s best to put your seeds in a cup of water or fold them into a wet cloth. Put the cloth or container in a warm, dark spot for about 24 hours and wait for the seeds’ taproots to sprout.

The Vegetative Stage

After planting, the first stalks will sprout and start to grow their first leaves. Depending on the strain you’ve selected, it may take two or three weeks for these leaves to emerge. Sprouting time also depends on lighting quality, soil type, and the amount of air and water the seedlings get.


As your cannabis plants grow, their roots will develop, and their main stems will thicken enough to support additional branches and leaves. With enough nutrients, soil, and water, it may take a single cannabis plant a month and half to move into the flowering phase.


Once your plants’ pistils have turned from white to reddish orange, it’s the right time to harvest them for optimal THC content. Use a sharp knife or pair of scissors to cut the branches from the main stems. Hang the branches and allow them to dry before curing the buds for improved potency and flavor.

Advanced Tips for Classic Cannabis Seeds

Once your seeds grow into plants, they can be trained for better shaping and bigger yields. The tips below will help you become a more efficient cannabis gardener.

  • Pruning is the process of trimming plants so they produce more flowers. Advanced pruning techniques are often used by expert growers who want to maximize their small growing spaces. Not only will a pruned pot plant produce more buds, but those buds will also be heavier and bigger.
  • Changing the growing environment’s light intensity will affect the plants’ growth. A vegetating plant that doesn’t get enough light will stretch, becoming lanky and tall. By increasing light intensity during the vegetative stage, you’ll get bigger, danker buds.

With these tips and our high-quality classic indica strains, even a novice gardener can grow a bumper crop of sweet-smelling cannabis.

Top 5 Classic Cannabis Seed Recommendations

We sell thousands of cannabis seed varieties, and we’re proud of them all. However, these are our favorite classic strains.

  • Purple Haze Fem is sure to get the party started. This strain tends to make smokers more talkative and outgoing. Pass a joint around and start a conversation!
  • As one of High Times Magazine’s most powerful strains, this strain boasts an average THC content of 22%. Purple Kush Fem is perfect to ease yourself into a restful night’s sleep.
  • A few hits of OG Kush Fem will help you relax at the end of a stressful day. This indica-dominant hybrid is best for skilled indoor cultivators, but it is sometimes grown outdoors.
  • If a mellow buzz is what you’re after, Afghan Kush Fem will provide it. This strain is almost entirely indica, and its resinous buds are sure to be the hit of the party.
  • Get back to basics with Hindu Kush Fem. These seeds grow into short, bushy plants with plenty of sticky, yet airy buds. It’s a real smoker’s delight!

Whether you want a mellow, lasting buzz or an energetic high, we can help you achieve it. Call us or email [email protected] for more details on our vintage strains.

Interesting Facts About Classic Pot Seeds

No matter which classic strain you’re growing, the whole process starts with a seed. Here, you’ll learn a couple of interesting facts about our seeds.

  • They have a gender. Though female plants are prized for the buds they produce, male plants have a place in the cultivation process as well. Gender only becomes apparent once a plant matures, and you can’t tell a male seed from a female seed simply by looking at it.
  • Quality is important. Though a seed’s genetics largely dictate whether it will grow into a high-quality plant, other factors are at play. Seeds must be stored properly, as mold, mildew, and airborne contaminants can ruin them.

When you’re searching for the best weed seeds in America, we’re here to help. Call or click today for more interesting information on our classic seeds seedbank.

Common Misspellings and Abbreviations

Though most of our buyers simply call them “classic seeds”, they do sometimes go by other names. The most common misspellings and abbreviations include:

  • Classic
  • Classical seeds
  • Classics seeds
  • Old skool seeds
  • Vintige

No matter what you call them, you’ll find the country’s best classic strains here at i49 USA.

Final Comments

Though they may all look largely the same, cannabis seeds may vary significantly in quality. A low-quality seed is not likely to germinate, and if it does, it probably won’t grow into a healthy, high-yielding marijuana plant. At the i49 US seed bank, we not only carry a wide variety of the best classic cannabis strains, but we also ensure that those seeds are of the highest possible quality. We choose seeds from the world’s best cannabis breeders, to ensure that they meet our strict quality requirements. Our support team is ready to answer your questions and address your concerns, and we will deliver your order quickly, safely, and discreetly.

Though many states’ laws on medicinal and recreational cannabis use are changing, the herb is still illegal at the federal level. However, it is legal to own cannabis seeds for souvenir purposes, and many enthusiasts are stockpiling seeds in hopes that this country’s laws on cannabis will one day become more open-minded and progressive. If you would like to buy seeds, regardless of the state in which you live, we have one of the country’s biggest strain selections. Browse our inventory online or call us today to find the right seeds to build your collection. We’ve helped cannabis enthusiasts all over America get into the hobby, and we’d love to help you. Let’s keep in touch!

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