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Mold Resistant Cannabis Seeds

Mold resistant seeds that are perfect for humid and cold areas

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What are mold resistant weed seeds?

Mold is an arch-nemesis of many new and experienced marijuana growers. Whatever the cause, a fungus on weed plants is never a good thing. Once it starts, your whole crop can be affected within days. Luckily, mold-resistant cannabis seeds exist, and there are ways to prevent the fungus appearance. Outdoor weather fluctuation can wreak havoc on crops. Several cannabis varieties can outdo bad weather and still produce high yields.


Keep reading and we’ll look at how to protect your plants and prevent mold from rearing its ugly head. We’ll then tell you our pick of the best, fastest, and most mold-resistant marijuana seeds.


Are you growing in a cold and humid environment? These mold resistant seeds are the solution!

Few things are as deadly to your harvest as blight. Reduce the risk of losing your crop by selecting high-quality weed seeds


Most cannabis plants prefer warm, humid climates, but moisture in the air can be a problem if water can't evaporate. When growing indoors, poor ventilation and air circulation need to be monitored, while humidity and cold are your biggest concerns outdoors. 


Heavy rains can lead to cold temperatures and days without sufficient sunlight. Should you find yourself in an area prone to these conditions, you’ll most certainly benefit from planting this type of cannabis seeds. Cool, damp conditions are ideal for fungus spores. Add a breeze into the mix, and say goodbye to your whole harvest by the end of the week.


Growing outdoors in cold, humid areas like the northern hemisphere means only one harvest per season. Weed and frost, even mold-resistant strains, don't get along, so be sure to collect your buds before autumn.

Protecting your cannabis from mold

Cannabis plants are indigenous to many regions and climates worldwide, making them adaptation experts. This ability has resulted in some strains being naturally more resistant to pests and diseases than others


Most indicas are compact with heavy nugs, making them more likely to suffer from blight. Mold-resistant Indica seeds, on the other hand, produce less dense buds, which allows for better airflow and less chance of fungus taking hold. Cannabis seeds that produce strains with a high resin production also tend to be more resistant. Growing autoflowers is another form of protection, as your crops are ready to harvest before the cold and frost set in. 


Autoflower seeds have a shorter life cycle and flower based on age, not lighting changes. They tend to be smaller, so they’re easier to grow in a protected area outdoors. This type of seed along with regular ones can withstand advanced growing techniques, such as low-stress training and lollipopping. Airflow and light exposure increases with proper trimming and pruning, reducing the risk of mold.


The easiest way to stop moldy cannabis is to grow it in a controlled environment. If you have to cultivate outdoors, you might want to try mold-resistant weed seeds and the following steps to prevent them from gaining a "root-hold" on your crop. Even most mold-resistant cannabis plants can benefit when you apply the following techniques:


  • If possible, grow indoors, monitor airflow to avoid stagnant air, and regularly check humidity levels.
  • When growing outdoors, plant in pots. They’re easily moved indoors at night or during bad weather.
  • Set up your grow space where your plants will get plenty of sunlight and a breeze.
  • Avoid overcrowding and prune your plants regularly to allow better airflow and light exposure. 
  • Shake outside cannabis stalks regularly to get rid of excessive moisture caused by rainfall or dew.
  • At last but not least, opt for mold resistant seeds.


Whether growing indoors or outside, you have to do what you can to protect your crops. Perform quality checks often to spot any issues as they appear. Read further to find out the best mold-resistant autoflower and feminized seeds for those who prefer to grow outdoors in cold or humid environments.


Feminized mold-resistant cannabis seeds for outdoor growing: i49 recommendations

Cultivating outdoors can have enough challenges without adding fungus to the mix. Do you live in a humid climate or an area with cool, wet conditions in the fall? If so, it's best to grow one of the following mold-resistant seeds outdoors.


AK 47 


  • Flowering Time: 8–10 Weeks
  • Effects: Energetic, focused, relaxed
  • Yield outdoors: 12–18 oz./plant
  • Yield Indoors: 12–18 oz./m2


AK 47 Feminized seeds belong to a pungent weed known for its energetic and uplifting cerebral buzz. This strain will flourish in a marginally cool environment if it receives sufficient sunlight when grown outdoors. Your plants could be up to 6.5 feet tall by the end of October, loaded with tight, shimmering buds ready for harvest.


Amnesia Lemon


  • Flowering Time: 8–10 Weeks
  • Effects: Clarity, energy boost, creative
  • Yield outdoors: 21 oz./plant
  • Yield Indoors: 18 oz./m2


The lemony aroma and taste of Amnesia Lemon feminized seeds will clear your mind and invigorate you with a creative burst. This Mediterranean cultivar is best grown where there is plenty of space and not too cold temperatures. Harvest up to 21 oz./plant before the first frost appears with some care and attention.


Bruce Banner


  • Flowering Time: 10–12 Weeks
  • Effects: Creative, happy, relaxed, uplifting
  • Yield outdoors: 18 oz./plant
  • Yield Indoors: 9–18 oz./m2


The fastest and most mold-resistant strain can be hard to pinpoint, but Bruce Banner seeds must be considered. Like its namesake, these plants can quickly expand and become huge when grown outdoors, some even reaching up to 10 feet. This punch-packing strain thrives outdoors, delivering immense yields and extremely healthy plants. Remember that this weed strain's recognizable odor could invite unwanted attention from nosy neighbors. An air filter will help you here.


Critical Bilbo 


  • Flowering Time: 6–8 Weeks
  • Effects:             Calming, relaxed, sedative
  • Yield outdoors: 53–67 oz./plant
  • Yield Indoors: 14–18 oz./m2


Critical Bilbo seeds are robust and calming ganja best enjoyed with friends and food, things loved by any hobbit. This strain’s got a love for a warm sunny spot, protected from strong winds, growing up to 8 feet tall. Provide your plants with nutrient-rich soil, some basic trimming, and topping early on, and you'll be well on your way to a whopping harvest.


Black Widow


  • Flowering Time: 8–10 Weeks
  • Effects:             Happy, calming, sleepy
  • Yield outdoors: 11–14 oz./plant
  • Yield Indoors: 12–16 oz./m2


Black Widow seeds are naturally one of the best mold-resistant cannabis seeds. The resin-coated buds grow close together, but the high flower-to-leaf ratio allows better humidity control. This plant's high resistance to mold and pests makes growing this one simpler than most. Plants have a Christmas-tree shape with broad leaves and long clingy buds, high in THC and a sweet skunk-like odor. A true heavyweight of the weed world, Black Widow is not for the faint of heart. New users, best beware of its powerful kick. 


Mold resistant autoflower seeds for outdoor growing

Some of the best mold-resistant autoflower strains can be grown outdoors. Autoflowering cannabis plants automatically switch from germination to flowering in 2–3 months, making multiple harvests per season or year-round possible. If you live in a cold, wet area, pick your juicy buds before the rainy season begins, making auto-flowering varieties your best option. Here are our top 5 mold-resistant autoflowering cannabis seeds you can find at I49 Genetics:


Autoflower Lemon Haze


  • Flowering Time: 8–10 Weeks
  • Effects: Creative, uplifting, energetic
  • Yield outdoors: 18 oz./plant (Indoors 12–14 oz./m2)


Both the smell and effects of Autoflower Lemon Haze are zesty and uplifting. A joy to cultivate, offering large-high-quality yields, it's no wonder these resilient plants are a beginner's favorite. These seeds are hardy and can withstand colder climates. They’re ideal for outdoor growing if it's not too cold or frosty. Great for people with busy lives, these weed seeds don't require constant TLC but can provide you with year-round ganja.


Autoflower Diesel


  • Flowering Time: 8–10 Weeks
  • Effects: Energetic, euphoric, focused
  • Yield outdoors: 34 oz./plant (Indoors 17 oz./m2)


One of the best mold-resistant autoflower seeds has to be Autoflower Diesel seeds. This fast-acting euphoric cultivar is reliable, stable, and naturally resilient. These plants flourish outdoors, reaching new heights and greater yields than indoors, even in areas where the climate is colder such as the northern hemisphere.


Autoflower G13


  • Flowering Time: 10–12 Weeks
  • Effects: Happy, relaxed, talkative
  • Yield outdoors: 35 oz./plant (Indoors 21 oz./m2)


Easy is an excellent word to describe growing Autoflower G13 seeds. With its high tolerance to temperature fluctuations and even wind, this plant can withstand most conditions mother nature can toss its way. In areas with high humidity, trim the dense inner foliage and large fan leaves to keep mildew at bay. G13 is as easy and laidback to smoke as it is to grow.


Autoflower Zkittlez


  • Flowering Time: 8–10 Weeks
  • Effects: Calming, euphoric, relaxed
  • Yield outdoors: 4–11 oz/plant (Indoors 11–18 oz./m2)


Dynamite comes in small packages with Autoflower Zkittlez seeds. Its effects will focus your mind, leaving you happy and relaxed. Though small, these plants produce high-yielding dense buds and are great for resin extraction. These mould-resistant seeds are best suited to more temperate climates but can thrive in the northern hemisphere if planted outdoors in spring. Harvest this one before the cold and frost come knocking. 


Autoflower LSD


  • Flowering Time: 6–8 Weeks
  • Effects: Creative, euphoric, relaxed, sedative, sleepy
  • Yield outdoors: 4–14 oz./plant (Indoors 21–23 oz./m2)


Autoflower LSD seeds are a body-calming and mood-enhancing strain ideal for beginners due to their compact, manageable height. This cultivar is known for its adaptability and resilience. Favoring mild sunny weather, these plants prefer balmy locations when grown outdoors. 

Mold resistant seeds: the key to outdoor growing

Indoor grows provide a controlled environment for you to manipulate, whereas outside doesn't afford you that luxury. Growing mold-resistant seeds outdoors is the key that will making your life easier. Resilient plants for outdoor growing can withstand nature yet produce high yields


Whatever your preference, indoor or outdoor, at i49 Genetics we have the highest-quality cannabis seeds you need. Head over to our store today and pick out your mold-resistant seeds ASAP.

Where should I buy mold-resistant weed seeds? Here is the answer!

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