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Low THC Cannabis Seeds Buy Low THC Cannabis Seeds

Low THC Seeds

Low THC seeds for a no-high calm

About Low THC Marijuana Seeds

As the name suggests, Low THC cannabis seeds contain lower levels of tetrahydrocannabinol
(abbreviated to THC) than many typical strains.

Why Choose i49 Seed Bank for Low THC Marijuana Seeds?

There is a misconception that surrounds cannabis consumption, with many people thinking that the sole purpose for experimenting with the plant is to get ‘high’. However, this is simply not true. While there are many strains that boast extremely potent THC levels and lead to a trippy, psychedelic, giggly buzz, there are many other strains that contain low levels of THC or, in some cases, hardly any THC at all.

The truth is that all different kinds of people enjoy consuming marijuana for various different reasons. At i49, we understand this completely, which is why we’ve designed a selection of categories with different groups of seeds to suit the needs of as many different types of grower, breeder or consumer as possible. Some people may wish to simply collect seeds and build up a library of different genetics in order to preserve them for future generations. Others may wish to experiment and breed new strains of their own. Many people cultivate for consumption, sometimes for recreation and sometimes for medicinal purposes. The latter are most likely to find our Low THC cannabis seeds beneficial, although they may also cater to the needs of newbies or THC-sensitive users who want a strain that doesn’t hit quite so hard.

Whenever you buy your magic beans from i49’s Low THC Seeds category, you also get the benefits of our Authentic Genetics Guarantee. We promise that we will never substitute your order of one seed for another. Unfortunately, seed substitution is a common practise with some other online seedbanks, but it’s something that i49 chooses not to participate in. Whenever you order from i49, we guarantee you’ll receive the exact seeds that you selected – and we’re able to make that promise because we cultivate our own seeds to ensure authenticity. Rarely, an honest mistake might be made, but if you feel that your seeds may not be authentic, all you need to do is contact us. We’ll do everything we can to put it right.

What Are Low THC Cannabis Seeds?

As the name suggests, Low THC cannabis seeds contain lower levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (abbreviated to THC) than many typical strains. But before we go any further, let’s spend a short while looking at the differences between the most popular cannabinoids that occur naturally in cannabis plants.

THC is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. It’s responsible for the ‘high’ effect that many recreational users enjoy. Broadly speaking, the higher the THC levels found in a plant, the more potent the psychoactive effect will be. Common effects associated with THC include giggling, heightened sensitivity to surroundings (especially to audio and visual stimuli), euphoria, a boost in cerebral vigor, and a sudden increase in appetite (often referred to as the ‘munchies’). Many people think that these effects are the primary reasons people smoke or ingest marijuana, but the truth is that there’s much more to this versatile plant than simply getting high.

CBD (cannabidiol) is also found naturally in cannabis plants, and is often referred to as the ‘medicinal’ compound. The truth is that THC shares many of the same medicinal benefits as CBD, but the crucial difference is that CBD doesn’t produce a strong euphoric effect. There’s a scientific reason for this: both compounds react differently with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which affects the release of neurotransmitters in the brain. When THC binds with your body’s cannabinoid 1 receptors, it triggers the familiar ‘high’ sensation. CBD, on the other hand, binds very weakly to these receptors, which produces an entirely different effect.

How Are Low THC Marijuana Seeds Made?

Some plants naturally contain lower levels of THC than others, and the same can be said for their CBD make-up. Sometimes, though, breeders will deliberately alter the genetic make-up of a plant by hybridizing, crossing, and backcrossing. Backcrossing is a process where a plant is crossed with its own parent, which usually helps bring out certain traits such as flavor, aroma, effects or ease of growth.

The important thing to note here is that CBD lessens the psychoactive effects of THC. So, sometimes, the breeders will add extra CBD to a THC-heavy cannabis strain order to make its effects less overwhelming. ‘Why do they do this?’ you may ask. Well, hopefully the sections below will make everything clear. If you’re interested in knowing more, you can read about how to prepare cannabis for ingestion on our blog.

Why Choose Low THC Weed Seeds?

People choose low THC weed seeds for a variety of different reasons. Some people want to get the medicinal benefits from the cannabinoids, without experiencing a strong psychoactive high. In these instances, low THC seeds can be really useful, especially if the strain in question has high amounts of CBD. They allow patients to seek comfort from the physical and/or psychological illnesses that may be troubling them, but they remain functional and are able to get on with their day-to-day lives.

But it’s not only medicinal users who choose low THC strains. Some recreational users may prefer less potent strains as well. They may be inexperienced in cannabis consumption and may wish to try a variety that will ease them in gently instead of knocking them for six within a couple of tokes. Similarly, some people are sensitive to the THC compound and may feel overwhelmed when they smoke too much of it. In all these instances, opting for a low THC strain may be a wise idea.

Other Benefits of Low THC Seeds

Aside from delivering a buzz that is generally considered mellower, low THC strains are also unlikely to cause unpleasant side-effects such as dizziness, headaches, paranoia or anxiety. They rarely lead to extreme drowsiness or couch-lock (a heavy, stoned feeling that makes movement very difficult).

When you’re figuring out which seeds you’d like to buy, pay close attention to the ratio of CBD to THC. Some plants contain loads of THC but only a minuscule amount of CBD, and vice-versa. Others contain substantial amounts of both cannabinoids, in which case the CBD-to-THC content is often presented as a ratio in the form of 1:1 or 1:2. A plant with a 1:2 THC to CBD ratio would have approximately twice as much CBD as THC, which would likely lead to a more medicinal, therapeutic experience. A THC level of 20% or above would normally be considered high, whereas 5-10% would be considered low. So-called average or ‘moderate’ THC levels tend to play around the 10-15% mark.

Growing Low THC Seeds

Some seeds may be low in THC but high in CBD, in which case this article may help you get the best out of your crop. One important thing to remember is that the cannabinoids occur naturally in the plant, which means if you want to grow a plant with low THC, you need to select a low THC seed. Different grow methods can be used to maximize the potential of what is already there, but they cannot change the genetic make-up of any given strain. That’s a job best left to experienced breeders. With this in mind, you have a number of options for when it comes to growing your low THC seeds, and you can approach them in the same way you’d approach any other cannabis cultivation project.

Where to Grow Low THC Seeds

Growing indoors has its advantages, because it lets you closely monitor and regulate essential factors such as light cycles, temperature and humidity. By growing indoors, you don’t have to worry about seasons or sudden changes in the weather. You can use a Sea of Green or Screen of Green set-up if you wish, which will help you make the best possible use of space and achieve the highest possible yield per square foot.

Growing outdoors can be very rewarding as long as you live in a location blessed with the paradisiacal climate that cannabis plants crave. Of course, you’ll need to keep a very close eye out for potential threats such as inclement weather, pests and pathogens.

Different media bring different results too. Soil is considered to be best for improving the terpene expression of the flowers, leading to more aromatic and flavorsome buds. Soilless systems such as hydroponics are said to be great for encouraging explosive growth. Since the combined effects of the cannabinoids can be altered by the plant’s terpenes (see below for more information!) you may want to consider organic soil as your choice of substrate.

Buying Low THC Seeds in the USA

The various laws surrounding cannabis products (and the cannabinoids they contain) can be very complicated, and they often vary from state to state. In some states, you can simply walk into a dispensary and buy low THC buds straight off the shelf. But there are a number of advantages to buying seeds and making your own from scratch. First, you get complete control over the grow method, location, choice of medium and substrate, and so on, which is great for providing peace of mind when it comes to consuming them.

Of course, there’s also the fact that – ounce-for-ounce – growing your own crop is far cheaper than buying from dispensaries. Not only is it great fun and very rewarding, it’s also much easier than you might think.

Advanced Tips For Low THC Seeds

As well as the CBD and THC content, you may want to consider the terpenes present in your chosen strain. Many people think that a plant’s terpene profile affects only its flavor and aroma, but there’s an increasing amount of evidence that suggests the terpenes present in a cannabis plant can influence its effects. It’s thought that the presence of certain terpenes can potentially alter the way the body processes cannabinoids – which means that two plants may have identical levels of THC but may produce markedly different effects, depending on the terpenes that are also present. This is often referred to as the ‘entourage effect’. The most common terpenes found in cannabis plants are:

Caryophyllene, which is often found in Indica strains, and is said to be responsible for delivering a relaxing, soporific effect.

Limonene, a citrus-scented terpene that may provide a mood-uplifting energy boost, and is often found in lemony Sativa plants.

Myrcene, responsible for delivering a potent, full-body stone and most commonly found in Indica varieties – although certain Sativas may contain it too.

Pinene, also found in pine trees and certain herbs such as rosemary, basil and parsley. It’s thought to have anti-inflammatory properties, and may also bring a euphoric boost of energy and creativity.

So why is this important? Well, since the terpene profile is thought to have a direct influence on the effects of the THC and CBD compounds, you may want to do some research on maximizing the terpene profile of your seeds. That way, you’ll be able to get the precise effect you’re looking for from whichever low THC strain you select from i49’s extensive catalog.

Top 5 Low THC Seeds Recommendations

The following five strains are i49’s top picks for low THC strains… We hope you love them as much as we do!

CBD Sour Lemon 1 to 1 Fem This Sativa-dominant strain boasts the ‘golden ratio’ of 1:1 THC/CBD and can be used to alleviate symptoms of stress, pain and anxiety. With a rich terpene profile and an aroma of fresh apple pie, medicine has never tasted so good!

CBD Harlequin 1 to 18 Fem This high-CBD strain is one of the most effective out there for the treatment of pain, discomfort and anxiety. But Harlequin’s most crowd-pleasing feature is its uncanny ability to provide relaxation without sedation – and relief without intoxication!

CBD OG Kush 1 to 15 Fem The combination of lemon, fuel, woody and spicy notes contained within this strain’s complex bouquet is simply irresistible. It’s a champion plant that’ll allow you to stock up your pantry with a whole stash of tasty, CBD-rich buds. If you’re looking for a heavy yield, this strain is a safe bet.

CBD White Widow 1 to 1 Fem This one is a high CBD, low THC Indica-dominant hybrid strain with calming, creative effects and medical applications that include relief from inflammation, stress, anxiety, pain, nausea, mild-depression, tension, migraines and insomnia. Put simply – it’s a plant that ticks all the boxes when it comes to therapeutic benefits!

CBD Strawberry 1 to 15 Fem This fruity, CBD-rich strain has a pungent yet sweet scent and provides a comfortable and relaxing buzz. It’s a reliable provider of physical relief for patients suffering from pain and discomfort whether mild or severe, and it can be grown indoors or out.

Interesting Facts About Low THC Pot Seeds

Before you start growing, you should research the seed strains you’ve chosen by reading the descriptions on the i49 website. All of our descriptions are detailed and accurate, and will help you understand how to get the very best from your crop.

If you’re opting for low THC strains because you’re a beginner who’s not used to growing or smoking cannabis, then our Beginners Guide to Growing Marijuana may be useful for you. Similarly, if you’ve opted for an outdoor grow, check out Seven Ways to Keep Pests off Your Plants.

All the seeds listed in our ‘Top 5’ above are feminized. This means that, when you plant them, you’ll get an all-female crop 99% of the time. If you opt for regular seeds, you’ll get a roughly 50/50 split of male and female plants. The males can cause problems by accidentally pollinating the females, creating seeded buds that are unpleasant to smoke.

If you’re growing for consumption and you have no intention to breed, then the chances are that you won’t need the males anyway. Experienced cultivators can identify the males from their gender pre-flowers and remove them from the grow area before accidental pollination has a chance to occur. If you want to skip this step and you have no use for male plants, you should opt for feminized seeds. Take our word for it – it will potentially save you a lot of time, money and effort.

Common Misspellings and Abbreviations

You may see ‘cannabis’ misspelled as ‘canabis’ and you may also see it referred to by different names such as ‘Mary Jane’, ‘Weed’, ‘Bud’, ‘Hemp’, ‘Ganja’ and ‘Dope’.

THC itself is an abbreviation of ‘tetrahydrocannabinol’ and CBD is an abbreviation of ‘cannabidiol’.

How to Buy Low THC Seeds Online

Well, the great news is that you’re in the right place! If you’re looking for a relaxing, therapeutic and medicinal experience but you don’t want the distraction of a trippy, psychoactive high, then Low THC seeds may be your best bet.

Read the information in our Low THC Seeds Category and take a look at our ‘Top 5 Low THC Seeds’ above. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, and you’ll find many other examples of low THC seeds (and high CBD) strains by using the handy search function on i49’s website.

Our High Gardening Blog contains loads of useful tips and tricks to help ensure you get the most out of your grow journey. Once you start, you’ll find that a whole new world opens up its doors to you – who ever would have thought that this wonderful plant could be so versatile?

Final Comments

There’s much, much more to cannabis cultivation and consumption than simply getting ‘high’, and low THC strains are popular for a number of different reasons. Not only do they provide a more subtle effect that keeps you functional and allows you to go about your day, but they may also contain immense medicinal potential that can be used to treat a variety of physiological and psychological concerns. They’re also a great choice for beginners who’ve not yet built up a tolerance for THC, and they’re unlikely to cause unpleasant side effects such as anxiety, paranoia or feelings of dread.

Whether you’ve turned to marijuana for recreational or therapeutic purposes, our catalog of low THC strains is extraordinarily diverse in terms of effects, flavor, taste, aroma and growth traits. With i49’s help, you could soon be on your way to state of complete, symptom-free relaxation with all aches, pains, discomforts and worries erased. So strap yourself in – let’s make this trip unforgettable!