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Low THC Seeds

As the name suggests, Low THC cannabis seeds contain lower levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (abbreviated to THC) than many typical strains.

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What are low THC marijuana seeds?

When you think of marijuana, two compounds come to mind—THC and CBD. The former is known for its psychoactive effects, while the latter has a reputation for offering medicinal benefits. Most cannabis strains contain a high level of THC, giving seasoned tokers a buzz they enjoy. What if you don’t want the kick that high-THC weed delivers? There’s an option. Breeders created low THC seeds. 

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are two of more than 100 cannabinoids in cannabis. These compounds interact with brain receptors to release neurotransmitters that control pain and psychological reactions. 


The former is the primary psychoactive element that gives users a euphoric buzz, while the latter moderates that sensation and balances the effects.


Low THC weed is when a cultivar has 13% THC or less. It’s possible to get very low THC cannabis seeds where the compound’s percentage is 1% or less and there’s more than 10% of CBD. Want to know more? Let’s look at what they are, their benefits, and discover the best strains available.

The benefits of low THC cannabis seeds

Low-THC seeds grow CBD-heavy cannabis, offering numerous benefits to gardeners and users. They’re legal to cultivate and consume in many regions of the United States. Although the laws on marijuana seeds with high THC vary in every state, weed with less than 0.3% of the cannabinoid is federally legal.

Users report many medicinal benefits from consuming cannabis with a high level of CBD. There are an increasing number of research findings that support cannabidiol’s therapeutic potential in the following areas:

  • Lowering inflammation 
  • Easing pain
  • Fighting free radicals
  • Relieving stress and anxiety

Strains from low THC hemp seeds allow patients to take advantage of the possible therapeutic benefits without the mind-altering effects of the compound. New marijuana users can make the most of these herbs to get used to the sensations toking provides.

Our selection of the most popular low THC seeds (1% of THC or less)

Looking for low THC strains seeds but don’t know which to choose? Here are three of the mildest strains from many in our seed collection:

  • CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 feminized (1% of THC and 16% of THC) is perfect for users seeking relief from medical issues without the knock-out effects. The 16:1 high-CBD low-THC ratio cultivar is easy to grow, offering a bountiful yield of 14–18 oz./m2 from indoor cultivation and 18–23 oz. per outdoor plant.
  • CBD Harlequin 1 to 18 feminized, with 18% CBD and 1% or less THC, boosts moods without any psychoactive buzz. Cultivation may be challenging because plants need pruning, but indoor and outdoor crops can produce 14 oz./m2 and 14 oz. per plant, respectively.
  • CBD OG Kush 1 to 15 feminized boasts fantastic genetics from OG Kush and won “Best CBD Flower” in the 2015 NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup. Its 15:1 CBD to THC ratio offers users deep physical and mental relaxation without the couch-lock effect. Best for experienced gardeners, it yields 14 oz./m2 indoors and 16 oz. per outdoor plant.


Where to buy cannabis seeds with low THC

Buy marijuana seeds with low-THC content here at i49. We have more than 400 high-quality cannabis seeds for sale in our online store in the USA, including hard-to-find ones. We assure you our seeds have pure genetics. 


Using our guide, germinating is a simple process, and we guarantee a high success rate. This important stage helps your plants grow strong and healthy.


Need advice on choosing seeds? Give us a call. Our support team is ready to help. Your purchase is private and secure. We offer discreet delivery to your doorstepacross the United States. Your personal and financial details are safe when ordering through our encrypted system. Check out our blog for expert growing tips along your journey.

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