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What are indica cannabis seeds?

The term indica was coined in 1785 by French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. Sativas and hemp varieties were already known, but this species seemed distinct. Lamarck noted that the plant produced a physically pleasant and intoxicating effect.

In 1753, Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus completed Species Plantarum, which listed all known flora of the time. He combined all marijuana plants under the heading Cannabis sativa, but Lamarck updated the entry three decades later by adding Cannabis indica.

Although these names have stuck, their true meanings have eroded. Sativa means “cultivated” in Latin, while indica means “of India.” With increased cannabis legality, growers, breeders, and consumers have attached common effects to each classification. Sativas are typically believed to be mentally uplifting, while indicas are said to produce relaxing physical sensations.

Scientists stress these generalizations can be woefully inaccurate. Some indica strains are energetic, while certain sativa cultivars are relaxing. Hybrids can be anything in between. As a result, the category of cannabis might not be the best benchmark of the effects you can expect.

Some scientists still regard indica weed seeds as a subspecies of the thin-leaved sativa cultivars. It seems likely the cannabis species evolved in the arid and unforgiving landscapes of Morocco, Afghanistan, Turkey, India, and Pakistan.

What do indica strains look like?

The species hails from rocky and dry desert climates in the Hindu Kush mountain range. Indica cannabis seeds grow into small bushy plants with many side branches bearing broad leaves and heavy buds. Their compact structure saves on water, which is crucial in the arid conditions they call home. Landrace indica strains include Afghan, Hindu, and Pakistani Kush.

The calyxes form densely packed, tight buds. They’re also incredibly sticky, covered in a thick layer of trichomes that explains their widespread use in hash production. The resin naturally develops in response to the harsh conditions the plants evolve in. Indica cultivars contain numerous cannabinoids and terpenes that provide potential health benefits. Different strains present varying concentrations of these compounds, which predict effects more accurately.

The difference between sativa and indica seeds

What do indica seeds look like? There isn’t a way to determine whether cannabis seeds are sativa or indica by looking at them. You can better understand the phenotype once the plant grows and develops foliage. The indica vs. sativa matchup doesn’t produce a winner but instead gives you two winning options.

Sativa seeds grow tall and thin plants with slim-fingered, light green leaves. The effects are often uplifting, energizing, and focused, making them excellent for daytime use. Many strains originate in tropical, subtropical, or equatorial locations with warm weather and high humidity. Mexico, Colombia, South Africa, Jamaica, and Thailand are all home to pure landrace sativas with sweet, fruity flavors and aromas.

Indica seeds sprout into short, bushy, and stocky plants with broad, dark green leaves. They grow faster than sativas and are an excellent choice for indoor cultivation if you have space constraints. They thrive at high altitudes and in harsh climates. The effects promote relaxation and sedation, which means most consumers use these varieties at the end of the day. Expect earthy flavors and fragrances.

Indica-dominant seeds vs. pure indica seeds

If you’re new to homegrown marijuana, make life easier by starting with an indica-dominant hybrid. These cannabis seeds typically grow plants that have high resistance to bud rot, mold, and pests. Landrace strains didn’t need to evolve a defense against most of these issues due to the dry landscape. Pure indica cultivars grow naturally in a particular environment without sharing their genes with other strains.

The vast majority of available indica seeds are indica-dominant hybrids. Remember that individual marijuana plants of the same strain can present different effects. THC and CBD levels indicate what kind of effects you may feel. The influence of terpene combinations is still very much a mystery.

Things to keep in mind when choosing indica weed seeds

The explosion of high-quality cultivars has made choosing a suitable strain more challenging than ever. The good news is that the plethora of options means there should be something appropriate for you. Here are a few things to examine when choosing between the various indica seeds for sale:

  • Effects: Most indica cultivars provide relaxing and calming effects. High THC versions can fast-track you to dreamland, which may not be the reaction you’re looking for. Do some research to match your requirements to a suitable cannabis strain.
  • Yields: There’s a broad spectrum of potential outputs, so ensure your choice provides you with adequate buds. Some extremely heavy-yielding options are available if you want a bounteous harvest.
  • Tolerance: Choose a strain that complements your THC tolerance. Some users relate feelings of slight anxiety or paranoia with extra potent cultivars. High THC options could lead to drowsiness, laziness, or even knock you right out.
  • Environment: Take your cultivation conditions into account when choosing indica marijuana seeds. If you’re growing outdoors, ensure your choice suits the climate. If your crop is indoors, confirm your selection is a match for your growing techniques.
  • Medicinal effects: Indica varieties are highly-prized in the medical marijuana community for their possible painkilling and anti-inflammatory benefits. CBD shows promising results in limited trials, and these cannabinoid levels are usually higher in indica strains.

Our favorite pure indica seeds

Pure landrace strains are scarce and difficult to locate these days. At i49, we’ve got you covered. Here are our favorite 100% indica cultivars:

  • Pure Indica feminized seeds: The exact lineage of these pure indica cannabis seeds is a closely-guarded secret. The typical Christmas tree shape grows a single main cola and several lateral branches. THC levels are moderate at 14%. Yields are usually heavy, and the dense buds thicken over 7–8 weeks of flowering. Indoor cultivators can harvest up to 7 oz./m², while outdoor growers report 7–11 oz. of pure sticky bud per plant.
  • Afghan feminized seeds: This ancient strain grows hardy plants with high THC values. It's widely sought after for its relaxing, sedating effects. The crops grow resinous, crystal-laden flowers with an old-school flavor profile and bloom in 8–10 weeks. Indoor growers can expect generous yields of 16 oz./m², while outdoor farmers can reap 18–21 oz. per plant.
  • Maple Leaf feminized seeds: These pure indica seeds trace their heritage to the Afghan landrace strain. The buds contain a unique combination of terpenes and cannabinoids, with THC levels around 16%. The initial euphoria quickly morphs into a dreamy state of relaxation and tranquility. Most use this cultivar in the evenings, typically before bed. Growers can harvest about 7 oz./m² indoors and 7 oz. per plant outside.

Our favorite indica-dominant hybrid seeds

Breeders have combined numerous cannabis strains to create an incredible diversity of hybrids. Here are some of the best indica seeds with dominant genetics in our collection:

  • Amnesia Purple feminized seeds: These spectacular flowers contain high THC levels of 21%. Purple Kush and Amnesia Lemon mix to produce a sweet citrus cultivar that grows nearly six feet tall. Plants typically double in size during 8–10 weeks of flowering. Under optimum conditions, indoor growers can expect 18 oz./m². Outdoors, you can harvest 18 oz. per plant. Dropping overnight temperatures can trigger anthocyanin pigments, causing a mauve coloration on the leaves and buds.
  • Badazz Cheese feminized seeds: The lovechild of Badazz OG Kush and Big Buddha Cheese, these indica-dominant seeds are a delight to cultivate. This blend provides moderate to high THC values of 18% with diesel and cheese flavors. Contrary to most indica-leaning cultivars, this intense strain offers a surprisingly social and uplifting buzz. After 8–10 weeks of bloom, indoor growers can harvest 18 oz./m². Outdoors, yields of 21 oz. per plant are possible.
  • Critical Purple autoflower seeds: These potent indica seeds grow powerful cannabis that can have purple coloration if the anthocyanins activate during flowering. Easy enough for beginners to attempt, crops max out at four feet tall. Unlike photoperiod cultivars, autoflowers don’t need a light cycle change to start blooming. These buds contain around 25% THC. Indoor growers can collect approximately 12 oz./m² after 10–12 weeks in flower. Outdoor cultivators can reap 11 oz. of earthy, sweet buds per plant.
  • Black Domina feminized seeds: Crossbred using the genes of four famous strains, some experts call them the best indica seeds for sale. Afghan, Hash Plant, Ortega, and Northern Lights combine to produce 18% THC buds with spicy citrus and peppery pine flavors. They’re easy to grow with high resistance to pests and disease. They complete flowering in 6–8 weeks and produce liberal yields. Indoor growers harvest around 16 oz./m². Outdoors, you can reap 21 oz. of earthy, spicy nugs per plant in prime conditions.

Growing indica marijuana seeds

Growing cannabis indica seeds is generally straightforward. They sprout into small, bushy shrubs with a traditional Christmas tree shape. These plants cope comfortably with cold snaps and sudden changes in the environment. They thrive outdoors and adapt well to new climates, and their stems and trunks may strengthen in light winds. The squat plants have strong branches to support heavy bud production.

Due to their origins, indica crops flower rapidly. They make the most of shorter periods of decent weather to conclude the season and produce heavy yields. The tight plants may need some pruning to promote air circulation and reduce the possibility of mold or powdery mildew. Indoor farmers must keep an eye on the relative humidity (RH) to prevent potential problems.

Flowering time and yield size

Feminized indica seeds complete the flowering phase quicker than their sativa counterparts. Experts understand this is likely due to the harsh climate they originated in. Landrace sativas receive an abundance of sunny weather that extends their flowering time. With most indicas, the trichomes turn cloudy after around eight weeks of bloom, but some finish this stage in just six weeks. Yields fluctuate from small to above-average indoors and out.

Common effects

If you buy indica marijuana seeds, expect to grow weed that targets the body more than the mind. These strains ease the stress in your muscles, delivering relaxing and sedating effects. Some users claim they aid in reducing spasms and chronic or acute pain. By contrast, sativa cultivars usually provide a euphoric head high that improves creativity and focus. With legalization a reality in many states, consumers can tailor their needs by using hybrids to receive the best of both worlds.

Here are the most common effects of indica strains:

  • Relaxation: Users revere indica strains for taking the edge off after a heavy work day. They temporarily eliminate the pressure of the daily grind, possibly reducing anxiety, stress, and depression.
  • Euphoria: More often associated with sativa cultivars, some indicas produce an initial happy, heady state. It boosts positivity and focus and makes you feel like you’re dancing in the clouds.
  • Upliftment: Also commonly associated with sativa strains, cheery and bright upliftment improves your mood and perks you up.
  • Calmness: The upliftment and euphoria precede the true star of an indica show. Users claim these buds deliver calmness and wash away worries. They report lower stress levels, and many contend a reduction in physical pain.
  • Sleepiness: Some cannabis users report improved sleeping patterns with indica cultivars. People with insomnia are particularly enamored with the rest these strains allow.
  • Hunger: Consuming most marijuana strains can lead to a case of the munchies. The same occurs when you indulge in indica cultivars. They can potentially be a lifesaver for individuals with low appetites or nausea. These cannabis flowers allow you to get the sustenance you need to power your recovery.

Most people consume buds from indica seeds in the evening. Few use them as a wake ‘n bake option, as the sedation and relaxation could write off your entire day. These cannabis seeds produce marijuana that tends to be inconducive for work or study. You’re more likely to fall sound asleep face first in your books.

As with most marijuana strains, moderation is critical. Overindulgence in indica buds can lead to minor side effects. Some users relate feelings of slight paranoia, nervousness, and dizziness after heavy use. Others complain of couch-locking laziness that prevents productive and competent labor. A dry mouth and bloodshot eyes are typical side effects of cannabis, easily countered with water and eye drops.

Medical use

Some medical marijuana users prefer indica strain seeds, which produce cannabis nugs with narcotic effects. During 19th century Europe, these cultivars were widely used in medicine and prescribed for several ailments. The sedation provides a complete body stone that is reportedly excellent for pain relief, particularly migraines and arthritis.

Other users assert assistance with issues of inflammation. Some consumers swear it helps in treating symptoms of depression or stress. There’s anecdotal evidence that these cultivars help those who can’t sleep get a restful night.

Facts about indica you didn't know

Do you want to buy indica seeds? They include some of the most famous strains on earth, like Hindu Kush, Grandaddy Purple, Blueberry, Skunk #1, Girl Scout Cookies, Afghan, and Northern Lights. Here are a few lesser-known facts about this relaxing species:

  • Indica cannabis plants have high resin content. Many countries that grow these varieties are also known for extensive hash production.
  • The majority of indica seed cultivars produce an intense earthy flavor. Sativas are more sweet and fruity.
  • Indica plants grow faster, shorter, and bushier, while their leaves are a darker shade of green than their sativa counterparts.
  • Indica varieties tend to produce marijuana with a higher CBD to THC ratio, but not always. Cannabidiol shows promise in treating various mental and physical afflictions and could be why medical marijuana users choose these strains.
  • Some users choose weed grown from indica flower seeds to treat symptoms of pain or inflammation. Others claim it helps treat back pain, arthritis, and neurological disorders.

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