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Indica Cannabis Seeds

Indica cannabis seeds to relax your body

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What Are Indica Cannabis Seeds?

Whether you’re a new cannabis enthusiast or you’ve been indulging for a while, you may already know that there are two primary strains from which to choose: Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. Though scientists aren’t sure if there’s just one cannabis species or several, certain taxonomic differences allow users and breeders to tell the difference between indica and sativa varieties. Here, we’ll discuss what sets indica seeds apart, as well as the effects these strains produce.

Cannabis indica is part of the Cannabaceae family, which was classified back in 1785 to distinguish Indian cannabis from European strains. French biologistJean-Baptiste Lamarck observed that Indian marijuana strains offered intoxicating effects not found in plants from Europe. Today, we know that indica pot seeds produce more THC and less CBD than sativa varieties. It’s the elevated THC content that provides a heightened psychoactive experience.

For medicinal purposes, indica varieties may help users relax and relieve stress, and their slight numbing properties may help to alleviate pain in some users. Some enthusiasts recommend indica strains if you want an overall body buzz, and the sedative effects of indica also make it a great natural sleep aid.

If you are buying indica seeds in an effort to grow your own cannabis garden, expect bushier, stockier plants than you’d find with sativa seeds. Indica-dominant strains prefer high-altitude, cool climates and are easily identified by their short, wide leaves and dense branches. These plants typically reach heights of two to four feet, and they usually produce wide, dense buds. These aspects make indicas easier to grow indoors than sativas.

Those seeking pure indica seeds should know that cross-breeding has introduced a significant level of variability in today’s strains. Cannabis is one of the world’s first agricultural crops, according toCarl Sagan, and recent growers have taken enormous liberties in the creation of hybrid strains. Everyone is different, and each strain will have unique effects.

How Are Indica Marijuana Seeds Made?

Cannabis indica has origins in the Kush regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and it’s widely grown in other areas of the subcontinent. These plants typically flower at eight to 12 weeks after germination, and in most cases, growers can expect to get up to 2.5 ounces of flower from each plant.

Indica seeds are bred for their piney, earthy aromas and sugary sweet flavors. Because these strains have a higher average CBD content than most sativas, indica seeds are often bred to provide a more stoned feeling. Indica strains are sometimes created to treat conditions such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Declining appetite
  • Nausea
  • Lupus
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Sleep apnea

The most popular medicinal and recreational indica cannabis seeds include Northern Lights and Kush, among others. Most indica growers have bred and selected these seeds for their THC content, which has lowered the average CBD level to about one percent. However, more cultivators are trying to produce CBD-rich seed strains as this cannabinoid’s medicinal effects become more widely known.

Why Choose Indica Weed Seeds?

Because of the whole-body relaxation provided by flower grown from indica seeds, these strains work well to treat general anxiety, body pain, and sleep disorders. Other potential benefits of these potent indica strains include:

  • Seizure reduction
  • Spasm relief
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Headache relief
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Body pain relief

For such reasons, medicinal marijuana patients often take indica treatments before going to bed for the night. Other enthusiasts use indica-dominant strains to mitigate chronic pain and deal with stressful situations. While a sativa seed strain may help its grower deal with depression and other mood imbalances, indicas are for those who are stressed.

The purer an indica strain is, the more obvious its sedative effects are. Today’s dispensaries and seed banks are full of hybrids that have the characteristics of both indicas and sativas. To find the best indica-dominant strain for your needs, count on the experts at the i49 Seed Bank.

Where to Grow Indica Cannabis Seeds

Though indica seeds do well outdoors, they’re better suited to indoor grow ops. In comparison with sativa-dominant strains, indicas are hardier and can stand up to harsh weather. This is because they originated in the Hindu Kush mountains that form part of the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In an indoor garden, our indica 420 seeds are ideal because they grow smaller than sativa plants, so they’ll fit into the smallest grow rooms. Outdoor grown indicas rarely grow higher than six feet tall; indoors, they seldom reach more than three feet (one meter) in height. An indica-dominant strain will grow bushier and wider than a sativa plant will.

If you are growing indica plants indoors, it’s best to use the SOG (sea of green) method to produce a great yield while controlling the plant’s growth to suit its environment. For more tips on growing our indica strains, check out our Grow at Home guides.

Buying Indica Cannabis Seeds in the USA

The i49 Seed Bank has a range of indica seeds for sale. Unlike indica-dominant hybrids, our pure indica strains exhibit only the most well-known indica traits. These can be observed in the high you get when consuming the flower, with effects ranging from pain relief to sedation.

Pure indica cannabis strains have various levels of THC and CBD. While sativas are known for their high THC content, many indica varieties have low or medium tetrahydrocannabinol levels. With a look at some of our most popular indica-dominant strains, you’ll notice that they’re more like pure indicas in terms of the effects they provide. These are some of the highest-quality seeds available on our site. To learn more about our selection, email us at today.

How to Buy Indica Cannabis Seeds Online

Seeds are classed as cannabis products, just like concentrates, edibles, and flower. The legality of seed possession depends on your location. Those living in states with legalization initiatives can buy, grow, and sell cannabis seeds within the state’s borders, but they cannot send seeds across state lines. Those in states with medical marijuana laws can buy seeds only if they have an MMJ card.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the types of seeds we sell:

  • Ourregular seedscontain a mix of females and males. Many growers like these because they have not been inbred as much as auto-flowering or feminized seeds. You’ll need to separate the plants once they start flowering, because males will pollinate the females and create seed-filled flower.
  • Ourfeminized seedsare easy to grow, even for novice gardeners. These high-quality seeds are guaranteed to produce bud-bearing female plants.
  • Ourauto-flowering seedsmove from the vegetative to the flowering phase according to their age, not the amount of light they get. Auto-flowering varieties have a short harvest time, and they can be ready in as little as three months. Though these strains are a bit less potent than other varieties, they’re great for those who want to take a more hands-off approach to cannabis cultivation.

Many of the world’s most well-known seed banks are located overseas, but i49 Seed Bank is proud to offer the best indica seeds right here in the USA. We offer seeds of all varieties from a range of breeders, so you’re sure to find the seeds you want at a great price.

Growing Indica Cannabis Seeds

Our indica seed varieties are great for new growers because indoor grow rooms can be modified to mimic the weather of the mountainous regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. They flower quickly, which makes them ideal for those looking for a quick harvest. Here are a few tips for successful indica growth.

  • Select the right strain. First-time growers typically do better with hybrids than with pure indica strains.
  • Control the size of the plants by limiting their time in the vegetative phase. Once they’re on a 12/12 lighting schedule, they’ll start to flower.
  • Protect your plants from mold. Ensure that they have good ventilation and airflow, and trim the fan leaves late in the flowering stage. Keep the grow room’s humidity at less than 50% during flowering and lower it to about 40% during the last two weeks. If you’re growing in soil, let the top layer dry completely between watering visits.

Indica flower should be dried and cured properly after it’s picked. Although indicas are somewhat more forgiving than sativas, the drying and curing process is a bit tricky. An indica plant’s dense buds are susceptible to mold growth, which means they must be dried thoroughly and carefully.

Optimal Lighting Conditions for Indica Cannabis Seeds

Light is just a different kind of food for cannabis plants and remembering this will help you choose the right lighting. Just as athletes follow certain diets, cannabis cultivators must choose the right type of light for the growing environment. Here, we’ll discuss optimal lighting for indica strains.

  • It’s crucial to follow a schedule. Many growers overlook light scheduling, to their detriment. An 18/6 schedule is a great place to start the vegetative stage, and an even 12/12 is best for flowering plants. Giving the plants a full 24-hour dark period before switching from 16/8 to 12/12 may induce sexing in some strains.
  • Try to save money where it’s possible. Even if you didn’t get a power bill each month, saving electricity will not only improve your cultivation skills, but it will also help the environment. An automated exhaust system does much to dissipate the heat created by grow room lighting, and in the winter, it will conserve heat.

There are several lighting and electrical tricks to boost yields and save money, but there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Every grower has different methods, and these differences help to keep us at the top of our bud-growing game.

Optimal Nutrients for Indica Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis cultivators have many nutrient options, which makes it hard for new growers to find the right solution. In the section below, we’ll provide a brief guide on selecting the right nutrients for a great crop.

  • Carbon,hydrogen, andoxygenare the building blocks of life. They’re absorbed by the plants in vapor or gas form, and under the right growing conditions, the air and water will provide these essential elements.
  • Essential macro- and micro-nutrientswill keep your plants healthy. These includenitrogen,potassium,phosphorus,calcium,magnesium, andsulfur. Of these nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are the most important. If you buy nutrients in a store or online, you’ll see the ratio of these elements on the bag. The proper ratio changes at certain times during the plants’ growth cycle. For instance, vegging plants need more nitrogen and potassium, while flowering plants need more phosphorus.
  • Calcium,magnesium,iron,zinc,copper, and other trace mineralsare only needed in small quantities, but they’re essential to the growth and health of your cannabis crop.

Those growing indica weed seeds in a hydroponic garden can buy soluble nutrient blends. Most commercially available nutrient blends contain the right amount of these nutrients, but supplementation is sometimes necessary.

Advanced Tips for Indica Cannabis Seeds

Growing cannabis at home is an exciting and rewarding activity, but many people aren’t sure where to start. Here are a few advanced cultivation tips to help you take your indica growing game to the next level.

  • Top your plants. This process involves removing the top of a plant to encourage thicker, fuller growth around the sides. This practice may seem counterintuitive, but it is proven to increase crop yields.
  • Try fimming. This method is like topping, but it’s more like a trim than a buzz cut. Fimming also encourages bushy plant growth and boosts cola production. This training technique is ideally suited to young plants, as it encourages lateral branching and additional flowering.
  • Lollipoppinginvolves removing the small low and side branches on an indica-dominant plant. Once this is done, the plant can focus all its energy on its main branches where buds are sure to grow.
  • Do some low-stress training.This method, also known as LST, involves gradual bending of a plant’s branches so they grow in the desired direction. As long as it’s done slowly and gently, LST won’t cause undue harm to your precious cannabis plants.
  • Grow a monster crop. The monster cropping technique got its name because it produces numerous flowering plants at the same time. Take clones of healthy flowering plants and replant them; you’ll quickly end up with many more flowering plants. It’s a great way to maximize the value of your most potent indica strains.
  • Try super cropping. This technique involves bending the main stem or branches until they’re almost ready to break. It may increase yields, especially in hardy indica strains.
  • The Screen of Greentechnique requires the attachment of a screen at a set height above the plants. Once the canopy reaches that height, the plants will grow laterally rather than upward. More of the plants will be exposed to the light, which results in better health and higher yields.
  • The Sea of Greentechnique allows cultivators to grow numerous small plants within a short time. By packing the plants in tightly, you’ll trim them less often and use the grow space to its maximum potential.
  • Flush the crop. Here, you’ll pour clean water through the soil or the hydroponic system to remove all solids and nutrients.

A final technique, main lining, helps cannabis plants grow a certain way via the use of one or more of the other techniques on this list. The objective is to ensure that each branch on an indica plant is connected to the main stem, and that every branch gets the same amount of light and nutrients.

Top 5 Indica Cannabis Seeds Recommendations

Indicas are often favored among experienced cannabis users. When someone wants some ‘fire’ or ‘loud’, they’re usually talking about a potent indica strain. Here are our top five indica seed recommendations.

Auto Purple Kush

Auto Purple Kush Femis an indica-dominant strain that provides bright purple buds with vibrant orange hairs, as well as a great taste and aroma. Any auto-flowering strain aficionado should consider growing Auto Purple Kush for its taste and its potency.

Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush Femseeds have their origins in the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Its thick trichome coating protects the buds from the elements while producing potent hashish or kief. Plants grown from these seeds are resistant to mold and disease, which makes them great for cultivation in suboptimal conditions.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights Femseeds produce plants with hard, dense buds, great resistance to disease, and world-famous potency. These short, stocky plants are easy to train, require little maintenance, and flower quickly, making them ideal for busy growers who want a quick yield.


Blueberry Femis an indica-dominant hybrid that’s known for its delicious flavor and pleasing aroma. It delivers a potent, euphoric high that’s sure to please new and experienced cannabis users alike.

LA Confidential

LA Confidential Femis a 90% indica strain that offers a piney aroma and powerful effects. It mixes California and Afghani indica traits for greater potency. Plants will provide lime-green buds with white crystals and red hairs, as well as a calming high that may turn psychedelic at higher doses.

Are you looking for a new indica strain to try? We have what you’re searching for! Visit i49 Seed Bank online to see our incredible selection of indica seeds.

Why Choose i49 Seed Bank?

Many growers find that buying indica seeds online is a somewhat confusing and intimidating prospect, and in some cases, they may wonder if it’s legal. As many states legalize recreational and medical marijuana, America’s growers have more leeway when making online seed purchases. Our reliable seed bank will help you complete your purchase with reassurance and confidence.

Interesting Facts About Indica Pot Seeds

When it comes to medicinal and recreational cannabis, users have two choices: indica and sativa. By combining these two types, growers have developed thousands of hybrid strains with unique qualities. Indicas are known for their relaxing and pain-relieving properties. Here are a few interesting facts about indica 420 seeds.

  • They look much different from sativa plants.Indicas are bushier, shorter, and have wider leaves. Their short flowering period and small stature make them great for indoor cultivation.
  • Indicas affect the body more than they affect the mind. These strains have a higher average CBD content, which means they provide great medical benefits with fewer psychoactive effects.
  • Indicas are full of resin. Hash makers prefer indica strains for their high resin content.
  • Not all indica strains are relaxing. While many indicas do provide these effects, they’re dependent upon a particular strain’s terpene and cannabinoid makeup, as well as the user’s body chemistry.

Whether you’re looking for relaxing, sedative, or euphoric effects, we have the strains you want at i49 Seed Bank.

Common Misspellings and Abbreviations

Though most of our cannabis seed customers know them as indica seeds, they’re often referred to by other names. These include:

  • Indie seeds
  • In-da-couch seeds
  • Kush seeds
  • Marihuana seeds

No matter what you call them, you can find the best selection of indica strains at our USA seed bank. Call or visit us today!

Final Comments

Indica strains are valued for their euphoric, pain relieving, and sedative effects, which makes them an important natural treatment for a variety of conditions. When you’re looking for some all-natural relief, consider growing one of our potent indica strains. View our selection of indica seeds online at the i49 Seed Bank or call us at +1-888-441-4949 to learn more about our products. We’re here to help you get the most out of your purchase and your grow op!