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Girl Scout Seeds

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What are Girls Scout Cookies seeds?

These seeds grow into tall, flexible plants leaning towards the appearance of a true Kush strain. The resin coat looks like a light-sugar dusting, and striking colors and glittering trichomes will mesmerize you.


Each bud has a unique rearrangement of vibrant green calyxes twisting around forest-green leaves with lavender and orange stigmata. It's as exciting as opening a variety pack of cookies, with different flavors. 


Beginners are welcome to try their hand at growing GSC seeds. This cultivar is hardy, easy to nurture, and adjusts well to temperature fluctuations. With a little TLC and pruning, you’ll collect huge harvests of delicious, potent buds. 


The nugs bring on a wide range of balanced effects. It delivers an uplifting, euphoric, and deeply relaxing buzz, making it a perfect dessert toke enjoyed best before bed. The nugs are popular among medical users for a variety of ailments. Its soothing effects help relieve stress and uplift the mental state. 


Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) are drenched in glistening resin, making them popular for creating concentrates and tinctures. These tasty buds lend a dessert-like sweetness, so they're commonly used in edibles. 

Girl Scout Cookies origin

Rapper and avid grower Berner lays claim to developing this lip-smacking strain that developed from Durban Poison and OG Kush parents. It quickly shot to fame with endorsements by big names like Wiz Khalifa. 


Berner named it after the well-known “Thin Mints” variety in a Girl Scout cookie pack. It has since been a popular parent strain, adding its sugary sprinkle to other Cookie Fam cultivars. 


This famous cultivar has received numerous accolades since its release in the early 2000s, including several Cannabis Cups. It took the 1st place trophy for the best hybrid at the 2013 California Cannabis Cup and first prize at the U.S. Cannabis Cup. The multi-award-winning strain could be growing in your backyard if you buy GSC seeds from us. 

Terpenes found in Girl Scout Cookies

The primary terpenes in GSC are Humulene, Alpha Cedrene, and Alpha Terpineol. Together they create an ambrosial olfactory experience exploding with warm, earthy, and tart notes.


The smoke caresses your tastebuds with the comforting aroma of fresh baked goods. Cookies strains seeds create some of the most divine buds on the market with their sweet, earthy, and caramel notes. 


Terpenes do more than add aromatics; they also add to the effects. Here’s what you can expect from GSC dominant terpenoids:

  • Humulene: This flavonoid may have anti-inflammatory benefits and appetite suppressing effects excellent for boosting metabolism
  • Alpha Cedrene: It may possess antispasmodic and astringent properties.
  • Alpha Terpineol: This terpene may have an array of medicinal applications, including antioxidant and anticancer properties. It might also help with digestive issues like ulcers and hypertension. 

Experiencing the Girl Scout Cookies effects

The buds from Girl Scout Cookies seeds are packed with complex flavors and a well-balanced mixture of effects. This strain is suitable for smokers of all levels as the taste is not intimidating, and the buzz is mostly relaxing and calming. 


Many people expect it to be mainly indica effects like couch-lock or laziness. It strikes a perfect balance of cerebral and physical effects similar to all Kush seeds. The sativa buzz hits first, uplifting and energizing you, and the indica waves soothe and calm you down. 


From the first few puffs of the buds, the 21% THC level fires a sequence of powerful euphoric effects. The intense, electrifying buzz floods your veins and clears your mind. 


You feel confident and chatty, making this a perfect toke for unleashing your inner social butterfly. The uplifting effects of the nugs remove any social anxiety and allow you to have free-flowing conversations easily.


Before you know it, the munchies will kick in big time. Prepare healthy snacks or stick the pizza delivery number on your fridge to satisfy your hunger. The buds from Girl Scout Cookie seeds also increase your senses, so anything you eat tastes even better. 


Creative types delight in the mind-warping buzz that stimulates the imagination. The heady cerebral effects encourage philosophical and reflective thoughts, making it ideal for artistic insight and finding inspiration for creative outlets. 


As the energizing sativa buzz comes down, the classic effects of the buds from Cookie seeds take center stage. The relaxing waves soothe you from head to toe leaving you feeling like a cookie in warm milk. 


Tranquilizing vibrations blast you to the nearest soft surface while you're basking in the glorious full-body stone. Experience total wipeout with major couch-lock in a classic effect of the buds. The sedative buzz makes GSC one of the best bedtime tokes. 


Don't be fooled by the cute name; Girl Scout Cookies knock out even veteran smokers if overused. Side effects are mild and manageable, like dry eyes and cottonmouth; easily resolved with adequate hydration. 


If you over-smoke the nugs, the worst outcome is a one-way ticket to Dreamland. Beginners should puff slowly and allow between 15–30 minutes for effects to kick in before smoking more. 

Aromas and flavors

Let the buds transport you to a bakery with the aroma of bread and cakes fresh out of the oven. The warm, comforting scent wafts through the air filling your olfactory senses with the nutty, sweet aromatics.


The nugs from Girl Scout Cookie seeds have a distinct sugar cookie aroma with strong notes of caramel and an intense earthy flavor. Hints of warm spiciness with a sprinkling of cinnamon and nutmeg hit the nose. 


Once lit, the aromatic profile becomes more complex, like tasting every cookie in the box in just one puff. Sprinklings of lemon, vanilla, and berry tantalize your palate as the white smoke sticks to your tongue. 


These seeds create buds with a strong coffee flavor and hints of dank cannabis. The marijuana taste is mild and not overpowering. A sweet, slightly spicy aftertaste remains on your tongue when you take the last puff, leaving behind a creamy, velvety feeling in your mouth. 


The buds get their unique flavor profile from their bounty of terpenes. Here are the three main terpenoids and their aromas and tastes: 

  • Humulene: warm, earthy, slightly fermented scent like hops and barley. 
  • Alpha Cedrene: deep woody perfume fragrance with hints of musk and spice.
  • Alpha Terpineol: sweet, floral aroma with notes of lemon 

Growing Girl Scout Cookie seeds

Girl Scout Cookies weed seeds are easy to grow and are low-maintenance thanks to their strong lineage. These cannabis seeds are an excellent choice for growers of all levels. They flourish in soil, or soilless grow mediums and handle temperature fluctuations well. 


The plants are tall and flexible, requiring some basic knowledge of low-stress training (LST) techniques. Their stretchiness makes them easy to mold and train. They also forgive rookie mistakes and recover fast. 


Optimal growing conditions and climate for Girl Scout Cookies seeds

Although Cookies strains seeds tolerate temperature fluctuations, they thrive in mild, dry environments. Think the Mediterranean during fall; warm, comfortable, and mid to low humidity. Have a backup plan to shelter or move plants if unexpected rains arrive. 


If your outdoor temperature is slightly hotter, the plants can still thrive but plant indoors if it's too humid. When growing indoors, aim for temperatures between 68–79. If it's slightly off, your plants can still survive but face serious damage if humidity offsets. 


The plants are prone to mold and mildew, so watching relative humidity (R.H.) levels is essential. Humidity should be higher when vegging to reduce salt levels, and it should be decreased during flowering.


Keep R.H. levels between 50–60% during the vegetative stage, then drop the rate by 5% every week. It should be sitting at 30% during flowering, especially during the last two weeks of blooming. The most efficient way to lower humidity levels is to use a dehumidifier. 


Feeding Girl Scout Cookies plants

Feeding the plants from Girl Scout Cookies seeds is essential for getting the best terpene quality possible. Here are some tips for nourishing your flora in the best way possible: 


  • Use blackstrap molasses: It adds trace minerals and amino acids to your soil. Molasses also transfer a sweet smell to your buds. Simply add 0.5 tsp of molasses per gallon of water (you should only use molasses for soil mediums). 
  • Avoid using chemical nutrients: Products with Ammonium Phosphate and Magnesium Carbonate may affect the nugs' flavor profile and THC quality. Natural options like bone meal, kelp, and worm castings are best.
  • Expose your plants to UV-B light: Sunlight or CMH/LEC grow lights emit UV-B light, which is bad for humans but excellent for plants. This form of light exacerbates trichome production giving you more potent, flavorful, and resinous smokables. 


When feeding your flora while growing Girl Scout Cookies seeds, increase nitrogen during vegging. Nitrogen helps develop new growths like branches and leaves, essential for supporting the buds arriving in the next stage. 


Once the plants are flowering, increase potassium and phosphorus to protect against disease and strengthen them. Decrease nitrogen as too much of it in this stage gives the buds a chemical taste. 


Ensure nutrients reach the buds by trimming and pruning excess foliage. Defoliation helps you get the juiciest buds possible.


Use LST methods like the Sea of Green (SOG) to change the chemical balance in your flora, allowing them to grow against their apical dominance and horizontally instead. Training promotes better circulation of nutrients and equal light distribution. 


Flowering & yield

When nurturing the seeds indoors, the flowering time is typically around 60 days. It depends on the medium, as hydroponic setups can speed flowering to nine weeks.


It takes anywhere from two and a half months (soil+indoor tent) to eight months from seed to harvest (outdoors). Outside, the sunlight determines the speed, whereas indoors, you can use light manipulation techniques to trigger flowering or feed more light to speed things up. 


To decipher if the plants from Cookies weed seeds are ready for harvest, look out for these signs: 

  • 60–70% of pistils have darkened, or to increase the sedative properties, harvest when 75–90% of pistils turn a brown-orange color.
  • Glistening resin that releases a strong sweet, dank smell.
  • Use a magnifying glass to look for mushrooming trichomes. These are trichome crystals with little balls on top that hold most cannabinoids and terpenes. 


Indoor growers can plant the seeds at any time and harvest them after a 10-week flowering period and 3–6 months of vegging. You collect a hefty 16–18 oz. per m2 indoors of sweet, sticky buds. 


Outdoor growers get unbelievably huge yields. The best time to plant the cannabis seeds is October to early November, and harvest is mid to end of April. You pick up a bounty of 18–19 oz. per plant outdoors of glistening smokables. 

Our favorite Girl Scout Cookies seeds

With such a vast selection of strains, how do you choose which ones to cultivate? This list is the pick of our favorites:


Everything you love about the GSC strain but more compact and hassle-free with this auto. It’s mixed with ruderalis genes to create a hardy plant with generous yields. 

With these seeds, you can skip the effort of triggering flowering and let these babies blossom before your eyes. These plants easily fit into most grow areas and impart a fruity, incense aroma that’ll have you drooling. 


These GSC seeds are the perfect match for growers who want to focus all their attention on nurturing resinous buds. The plants are super generous and produce potent nugs with around 16–21% THC. Reaching up to 6 feet high, they’re ideal for outdoor cultivation but thrive in any grow area.


Start your day with the powerful sativa buzz. The effects are uplifting, cerebral, and energizing, and both Sour Diesel and GSC are sought-after strains. Perfect for growers with some experience, their heavy colas need extra support, but it’s worth the work for the insane yields.


Take a breather with this relaxing indica-dominant strain and let the warm embrace of its Kush effect comfort you. They develop into resilient plants, rewarding you with sticky, powerful buds. It has above-average CBD levels for a high THC strain making it popular among medicinal and recreational users. 


Sweet and savory come together to give you the best of both worlds with this cultivar. Cheese strains are famous thanks to their ultra-relaxing effects, and cookies sweeten it up with a sprinkle of euphoria.


Its tough indica genes make it resistant to most pests and diseases, and it’s a dream to grow. They also have anthocyanins, so you can turn it into a beautiful purple shade for higher-bag quality.

Bake your day with Girl Scout Cookies seeds

Reap huge batches of cookie-flavored smokeables with our cannabis seeds. Buy Girl Scout Cookies seeds from us, and you receive a discreetly wrapped package within days of ordering. Join our community of happy customers and grow GSC from our top-of-the-range marijuana seeds

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