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Girl Scout Seeds

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What Are Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds?

The world of marijuana offers an abundance of amazing strains, but very little can compare to the legend of Girl Scout Cookies seeds. This iconic breed burst onto the scene, becoming a cultural phenomenon and changed the face of cannabis forever.


Commonly known as GSC, this Indica-dominant hybrid (60%) produces light green buds with hints of purple throughout. You’ll also see burnt orange hairs jutting from the nugget, creating a brilliant contrast in color.


Girl Scout Cookies cannabis mainly has caryophyllene terpenes, giving off a pungent earthy aroma, similar to that of cloves and black pepper. Sweet notes of cherry and mint break up the smell, sure to get your senses tingling.


These flavor profiles extend into the taste of Girl Scout Cookies weed strains, finishing off with a whisper of lemon that lingers in your mouth. Treat it like its namesake, a delectable dessert perfect for nighttime snacking.

How Are Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Seeds Made?

Girl Scout Cookies seeds come from a group of underground breeders known as the Cookie family. They gave birth to this famous strain by combining OG Kush and Durban Poison.


The group has protected the exact genetics so that it remains a signature blend but has mentioned the use of a secret F1 strain. You can easily find variations of Girl Scout Cookies seeds for sale; however, they don’t hit the spot quite like the original.

Why Choose Girl Scout Cookies Weed Seeds?

There are many reasons why you should pick Girl Scout Cookies seeds for your next crop. Chiefly among these is its ability to create pure euphoric bliss. This is due to its high THC levels, usually around the 19% mark, but with the ability to get even stronger potency levels.


Most users describe the effects as calming and uplifting, allowing you to relax with a smile on your face no matter how your day turned out. You should experience a slightly energizing high that first hits you in the head.


Girl Scout Cookies strains will also affect your mood, encouraging spells of laughter even at the most mundane subjects. Whether you’re with friends or flying solo, you’re sure to enjoy this ride. Make sure you find a comfortable setting, as it can make you slightly sleepy when it wears off.

Other Benefits of Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

The benefits of Girl Scout Cookies weed seeds aren’t limited to just feeling great. The mental clarity that it brings on is perfect for individuals hoping to get their creative juices flowing. On top of that, it helps focus the mind allowing you to break through any blocks you might have.


While some dispute the medical benefits brought on by the weed from Girl Scout Cookies seeds, it has shown to help in a few areas.


Those suffering from depression will find this strain an effective tool to fight off this mental illness. It’s also a fantastic way to cure a loss of appetite. Just make sure to keep the snacks healthy, and your body will thank you.


The sleepy sensation that precedes the high should help people that have trouble sleeping at night. What’s more, it serves as a good anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

How to Grow Girl Scout Cookies Weed Seeds

When it comes to growing Girl Scout Cookies seeds, you’ll want to use the Sea of Green (SOG) method. This means you should subject your crop to twelve hours of light followed by an equal amount in complete darkness. By doing this, you’ll help speed up the entire growth cycle.


Start your germinating seeds off with eighteen hours of light until they reach a height of around ten inches. At this point, you should consider training your plant to get the highest yield.


Position your plants so that they have about a square foot of space and reduce the light times to the standard SOG schedule. You can expect your Girl Scout Cookies seeds to flower in between nine to ten weeks.


Maintain a temperature between 68 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit for the best results. As far as humidity goes, you’ll want to keep your grow room between 50 and 60% while the plant is vegging. Once your crop begins to flower, reduce the humidity by 5% every week until it reaches 30%

Do Girl Scout Cookies Seeds Grow Better in Soil or Hydro?

Girl Scout Cookies weed seeds prefer a hydroponic medium over regular soil. The reason for this is due to the faster-growing time plants experience with this method. It also provides better yields and is less prone to pests.


There are several different setups for hydroponics. You can either go with a completely water-based solution or a soilless option like coco coir. The latter is much cheaper and offers similar benefits. If you have the budget, then choose an option like the deep water culture system.

What Nutrients Work Best with Girl Scout Cookies Weed Seeds?

Thanks to its OG genetics, Girl Scout Cookies strains will need additional calcium and magnesium. On top of that, it’s a good idea to supply your plants with potassium silicate, as this helps avoid weak and fragile stems.


It would help if you stayed away from any nutrients that include magnesium carbonate and ammonium phosphate. Instead, opt for fertilizers like bone meal, kelp, and worm castings.

What Lights are Best for Growing Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds?

These days, there are a few lighting options for indoor growers, but none compare to LED units. Although there’s a higher initial cost to install these models, their benefits are worth it.


LED lights are easy to use, making them great for beginners and veterans alike. They also provide a broader color spectrum, giving you better control throughout your plant’s growing cycles.

Where to Grow Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

To get the most out of your Girl Scout Cookies seeds, you should plant them in an indoor or greenhouse environment. The reason for this is your ability to control the elements like light and temperature.


Outdoor growing will work, but it produces a lower yield with this particular strain. What’s more, this method doesn’t let you achieve the high THC levels that the breeds are famous for.


It comes down to your budget at the end of the day, as the indoor setup costs are significantly higher than outdoor growing.

Buying Girl Scout Cookies Seeds in the USA

The breed is synonymous with the west coast, making this the prime spot to locate seeds. However, you can find Girl Scout Cookies seeds for sale across the USA.


If you live in a state where weed is legal, you can visit any regulated seed bank or dispensary. Another way to find the best Girl Scout Cookies seeds is by placing an order online.


You can purchase Girl Scout Cookies seeds right now from our online store, skip the queues and get straight to growing.

Advanced Tips for Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

To help you maximize the potency of your Girl Scout Cookies seeds, we’ve listed a few helpful tips.


  • Make sure that you buy high-quality seeds to ensure the best buds, as the strain is prevalent in stores.
  • Use low-stress training to produce more yield.
  • Expose your plants to UV-B lights to help boost the terpene content.
  • Always check your plant for deficiencies by regularly testing the nutrients levels.
  • Once harvested, allow your bud to dry for up to seven days.

Top 5 Girl Scout Cookies Seeds Recommendations

If you’d like to try out some other Girl Scout Cookies weed strains, you’re in luck. While the original breed offers everything a marijuana connoisseur could ask for, it’s always fun to go a little deeper.


Below, we list our top five weed seed recommendations that have GSC genetics:   

The Origins of Girl Scout Cookies Pot Seeds

As we’ve already mentioned, a group of talented breeders, known as the Cookie family, created the GSC strain. It originates from San Francisco, more precisely the Bay Area, digging its roots firmly in the West Coast.


Once the Girl Scout Cookies seeds hit the market, they caught on like wildfire. After consuming the US, it spread around the globe, placing it securely in the weed hall of fame. Many breeders have since tried to recreate this iconic strain but have struggled to achieve the same result.