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Any stoner worth their salt is aware of the Haze marijuana strain and its sticky, aromatic buds. This weed plant is a source of great pride for Californians and parent to endless new breeds and hybrids to carry its legendary reputation onward. 


This Sativa is notoriously hard to grow, but the THC-rich results are ten times worth the hassle. The trademark high is relaxing yet stimulating, keeping you motivated, uplifted, and infused with energy. 


Is your cannabis garden ready for a challenge? Let’s dive into everything you need to know about this potent plant before you get your hands on some of the best Haze seeds out there.


What Are Haze Cannabis Seeds?


The Haze weed family is among the most THC-potent strains that our favorite herb has to offer. People adore it for its euphoric, near psychedelic mental high combined with a pleasant full-body buzz.


Of course, the traits vary from one sub-strain to the next. Still, in general, this is an uplifting hard-hitter with the following trademark features. 



Energetic, uplifted, creative


Earthy, herbal, sweet, citrus

THC content 

High (often over 20%)

CBD content 

Low (around 0.20%)

Sativa / Indica

Around 80% / 20%


Despite all the must-try qualities, the Haze seeds aren’t a go-to for many growers. This cannabis plant can be pretty fussy and unforgiving to the elements, requiring ample attention and optimal conditions to blossom. 


Plus, the flowering time can feel excruciatingly long. It could take up to 16 weeks for your harvest to reach maturity. 


Rookie and expert farmers keep cultivating and experimenting with it, though. The truth is, you might struggle quite a lot with your first batch, but it’s a rewarding experience to the core.


How Are Haze Marijuana Seeds Made?


Haze seeds trace their origins back to the US West Coast in the 1960s and 1970s. The history of weed is often unclear, and it’s no different with these majestic branches and citrusy buds. 


One story attributes the Haze strain to the legendary brothers of the same name in Santa Cruz, California. The rest is a happy accident of pollinating the right female with the right male plant. The flower we all know and love today sprouted into existence.


We have it much easier today, growing beautiful Haze ladies and picking up the beans after pollination.


Why Choose Haze Weed Seeds?


Haze buds are a mind-expanding experience of their own. You can think of it as the polar opposite of the couch-locking Kush, letting you maintain your energy levels while sending your mind places. 


The strain isn’t that physical, making it perfect for wake ‘n’ bake and those smoking sessions before a big project. It’s a fantastic boost of imagination and creativity, giving you a gentle push in the right direction.


Apart from recreational mind expansion, some types of Haze are fantastic for medicinal stoners. It’s a handy alternative to commonly-used medical Indica for those who find those effects too heavy-handed and suffocating.


It seamlessly washes away the signs of chronic stress and fatigue, snapping you back into an uplifted, healthy state of body and mind. Haze Sativa can also benefit cancer patients undergoing chemical treatment, helping them with deficiencies in appetite and motivation.


Other Benefits of Haze Seeds


The Haze seeds aren’t only fun during the smoking part of the process. An attentive grower can yield a host of perks much before their harvest, too. 


Benefits include:


  • High THC levels. A jar of Haze weed will last you a while. If you have low tolerance, one puff might be all it takes to send you soaring. 

  • Rich yields. The Haze strains grow tall and bushy, providing seas of fresh flowers on harvest day. 

  • Sticky buds. The dark green buds covered in a healthy dusting of trichomes will make any farmer smile.

  • Fantastic aroma. There’s nothing like the sweet, overpowering smell of Haze blossoms to excite you about your smoking session.


How to Grow Haze Weed Seeds


Your order of Haze seeds has arrived, and you’re eager to start growing. Follow these steps for a healthy harvest:


  1. Consider the environment. Plant outdoors only if you live in a warm, sunny state. If the days are short and the nights are cold, go for an indoor setting.

  2. Choose a grow medium. Loam is the ideal soil type for Haze cannabis, but silt and clay will do if you’re on a budget.

  3. Water and feed moderately. Less is more with the Haze strain, especially during the flowering stage. 

  4. Install indoor lights. CFLs and T5s are good options for avoiding light burns.

  5. Check for pests. Spider mites are the most common threat to your Haze weed garden.


Do Haze Seeds Grow Better in Soil or Hydro?


The short answer is - hydro takes the gold for the Haze strain. There’s more to consider, though. This method is much more resource-intensive and requires you to pay even closer attention to each growing condition, which doubles in importance for this cannabis crop. 


If this is your first time testing your green thumb against Haze seeds, it might be better to stick to soil. It’s the most hassle-free method, allowing you to provide optimal conditions for this picky plant. 


On the other hand, experienced growers can yield massive benefits from a hydroponic setup. As long as your control of each environmental aspect is precise, lower pest hazards and higher yields await. 


In the end, it comes down to how much effort you’re ready to put into it versus the output you’re going for. 


Growing Haze seeds in soil

Growing Haze seeds in hydro



Slower growth

Faster growth

Frequent hand-watering

Rare water refills

Lower yields

Higher yields

More affordable

Costlier setup



What Nutrients Work Best with Haze Weed Seeds?


The nute solution can make or break your Haze weed harvest. It depends on many factors, the most important of which is your growth medium. 


We recommend using the best cannabis nutrients to help grow your haze seeds.


  • Taking action at the first signs of deficiencies will do in healthy soil.

  • You have complete control over nutrients in hydroponics. The potential for a healthy garden is higher, but so is the level of responsibility you have to take.


Spraying a liquid fertilizer directly onto the leaves is a go-to for the Haze strain. You’ll want to go moderate with the nutes to avoid overfeeding the cannabis plant. As a rule of thumb:


  • Keep Nitrogen high during vegetative growth.

  • Increase Phosphorus and Potassium during the flowering stage.


Also, Sativas tend to suffer from Nitrogen oversaturation - keep a watchful eye on the leaves.


What Lights Are Best for Growing Haze Cannabis Seeds?


Haze marijuana plants can take a bit of heat, and they generally enjoy the light. Your crops might get stressed when they spend too much time in the cold. 


Still, it’s a balancing act. If you go too aggressive on the temperature, you might burn the bush and stop fresh, healthy buds from forming.


Fluorescent lamps are your best bet here. Choose daylight bulbs for vegetative growth and warm white lights for late flowering. These are gentle to your Haze weed seedlings, encouraging growth without scorching them. 


Where to Grow Haze Seeds


This one depends on the cultivating environment you choose.


If you’re trying a hand at your Haze seed experiment indoors, you can grow this fun strain anywhere. Outdoor growers will need to be a bit more selective about their surroundings, though.


If you’d like to take your Haze strain out in the open, warm Californian springs and summers are your allies. The long flowering period might also make a greenhouse necessary if you’re not extra mindful of the timing. 


Buying Haze Seeds in the USA


You can legally purchase cannabis seeds anywhere in America, but germination might have to wait for the laws to change. 


If your state is yet to legalize recreational growing, keep your Haze seed packs as souvenirs. You’ll be ready to plant your weed as soon as it’s legal.


The i49 store boasts a varied selection of autoflowering and feminized types of Haze seeds to fit every stoner’s particular taste. Browse through our selection, find the best weed seeds, and prepare for a wild yet rewarding farming ride. 


Advanced Tips for Haze Seeds


Low-stress cannabis training does wonders for the Haze strain. The long and lanky branches are ideal for the screen of green technique. You’ll get rich foliage on the mesh, boosted light exposure, and more fruitful yields from each crop.


Stay away from SCROG if you’re inexperienced, though. Haze weed isn’t famous for its beginner-friendliness, and you might get overwhelmed diving head-first into advanced training.


Hydroponics is another intermediate way to see blossoms much sooner. Don’t feel like going water-based right away? Coco coir is another option worth considering. 


Top 5 Haze Seed Recommendations


There are so many options today that it’s hard to choose an absolute favorite. Here are five of our top choices for the best Haze strain title.


Neville’s Haze

The Neville's Haze variety is one of the originals to excite the weed historians among us. It was around when the Haze brothers were still playing around with their herb. 


Its giggly high makes each daily activity ten times better. The sweet and sour taste and its rich history make it a must-try for the connoisseurs.


Amnesia Haze

The Amnesia Haze substrain comes with a tropical berry and citrus terpene profile to pick you up when you’re feeling down. It combines Afghani and Hawaiian landraces, packing quite a punch in the THC department.


Purple Haze

Purple Haze is a Jimi Hendrix song and one of the earliest Haze cannabis plant phenotypes. Its bright purple flowers give off a sweet, musky smell and aftertaste, leaving you relaxed and euphoric.


Super Silver Haze

This classic Sativa features a lower THC level than its siblings, but it’s far from weak. Super Silver Haze offers a cerebral high and energizing bodily effect to cure anything from stress to migraines.


Lemon Haze

This uplifting, citrusy strain doesn’t lead to a sleepy stone. Its traces of Lemon Skunk make it perfect for social activities. Once you get used to this one, give this Lemon Haze a shot.


The Origins of Haze Pot Seeds


Hybrid weed strains are replacing pure varieties worldwide, many of which originate from the Haze marijuana plant. 


This weed type is the backbone of the world’s best-known and most-loved Sativas. Like with most legends of the weed world, the stories of its origins are primarily unconfirmed and revolve around hearsay.


Legend places the original Haze cannabis in California in the hands of two brothers, R. and J. Haze. They crossed Mexican and Colombian landraces, then did it again with a Thai crop. 


The result was an intense flower with a complex mix of citrus, earthy, and spicy terpenes. The Haze weed plant single-handedly made people associate Sativa with physical activity and mind expansion. 


Later in the development, the Haze brothers cooperated with ‘Sam the Skunkman,’ father of the legendary Skunk #1. He was the one who took seeds with him to Amsterdam later. 

The Netherlands connected Sam with Ben Dronkers, who would later launch the Sensi Seeds Bank. The Australian breeder took over the torch and continued experimenting with plant crossings. The rest of it is history.