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Haze Seeds

Weed from Haze seeds enchanted Jimi Hendrix, and its family tree continues stunning tokers to this day. Would you like to explore its delectable flavors and happy, heady high? Discoverour premium selection of haze weed seeds from I49

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Haze strain origin

Haze seeds appeared in Santa Cruz in the ‘60s and took the 420 scene by storm. A medley of landrace genetics from all corners of the globe, this marijuana strain became synonymous with excellent sativa. We can attribute its origin to the Haze brothers, two California-based breeders with a passion for producing quality cannabis.


The original strain combines Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and South Indian ancestry, boasting top-tier genetic stability. According to a story, J. and R. Haze took a handful of imported seeds and bred them together. The backbone of the world’s finest sativa-dominant hybrid seeds was born; so were several unique phenotypes, including the fabled Purple Haze.


The weed community fell in love and Haze seeds remained exclusive to California till the ‘80s. Several specimens then found their way to Amsterdam and into the hands of master breeder Neville Schoenmakers. He used its stellar genes to produce new strains. What once was a single plant now refers to countless cerebral weed cultivars.

Top Haze seeds you can buy from I49 Genetics

Haze seeds first appeared in the ‘60s, and breeders have been propagating its stunning traits since. Innumerable hybrids were born in the years to come; many reached renown independently of their VIP parentage. Now’s your turn to jump on the bandwagon with the help of the i49 Genetics library.


Not sure where to start exploring this epic family tree? We’ve handpicked several starting points to cater to every grower and toker’s needs. Whether you like your weed sweet or spicy, super-sativa or well-balanced, photoperiod or autoflowering, there’s an option for you below. Choose one and start your Haze adventure today.



Haze Auto is a combination of feminized Haze genetics and non-photoperiod ruderalis. This sativa-dominant auto contains 14–24% THC, oozing fruit scents and inducing unrelenting cerebral euphoria. Waves of relaxation underpin energized joy with this herb’s multi-layered effect profile.


Cultivation is swift with this no-frills variant, letting you collect two harvests per season. Crops thrive in indoor and outdoor conditions, enjoying sunlight exposure and moderate feedings. They’re sturdy, slim, short, and packed with nugs in just over three months. Get this version of Haze to always keep your jars full of fresh flowers.



Pure Haze blends Haze with landrace Thai genetics for even greater bag appeal. They produce sugar-and-spice sativa-dominant flowers that bring 14-22% THC and head-to-toe euphoria. The hybrid’s energizing traits arrive streaked indica relaxation, offering a well-rounded toking experience.


This herb can take the cold but prefers direct sunlight exposure. Crops grow large and stretch in all directions, so prepare plenty of space to help them reach their full potential. The flowering period is long but worth the wait. Lower fall temperatures bring out a gorgeous purple streak across its heap of sticky buds.



CBD Haze make the original energy booster non-photoperiod and CBD-rich. The new crop has a 1:1 CBD-to-THC ratio, an earth-skunk bouquet, and an effect profile to soothe the brain and body. Instead of a mind-bending high, you get a mellow feel-good buzz that suits daytime use.


This auto variant grows swiftly, remains small, and loves grow room cultivation. It does best in pots of rich soil seated under powerful grow lamps. Meet its requirements, and the harvest size reaches the photoperiod tier. If sowing outdoors, choose a breezy and sunny spot and collect buds before the temperatures drop in September.



Blue Haze crosses Haze with Blueberry, bringing together the finest indica and sativa genetics. The 15–21% THC cultivar is indica-dominant but well-balanced. The smoke is smooth and sweet, softening your disposition and relaxing the body. There’s no couch lock with this bud, only soothing sensations that touch your every cell.


The indica genes make cultivation even quicker and easier with this Haze breed. Trim the dense foliage and employ your lights to kickstart bud production. Crops fare best indoors and on a tightly-controlled feeding schedule. Once the conditions are right, abundant harvests become a guarantee.



Mexican Haze is a second-generation Haze offspring, carrying the central traits of Mexican sativa landraces. They produce buds with 15–23% THC, a smell of wood and citrus, and uplifting effects. Light them up for a marvelous sensory experience and a full day of feeling your best.


The crop is textbook sativa in appearance, lean and scarce in foliage. Its bud production is vigorous, and flowers shimmer in crystal trichomes when they reach maturity. Regular pruning and generous phosphorus feedings ensure ample harvests. The weight of its massive nugs might necessitate branch support in flowering.



Pineapple Haze fuses two sativa cultivars for something supremely tropical. They yield delectable buds with 22% THC. A puff washes away stress and tension and takes you on a much-needed vacation. This herb lets you start your day with sweetness, preparing for a productive morning and a chill afternoon.


This iteration of Haze seeds grows best in controlled indoor setups. It can be fussy, but its flowers make up for the time investment. Training techniques and careful climate control ensure heavy yields for your effort. Sow outdoors if you live in a hot, tropical climate and be sure to harvest before October.



Super Silver Haze produces the pinnacle of cerebral sativa in less time. The 15–17% THC is the recipe for a psychedelic ride, while the refreshing smoke takes your mood sky-high. This strain’s gene pool also contains Skunk #1 and Northern Lights. These two epic hybrids supplement the heady experience with complete physical comfort.


Crops reach moderate heights and require little TLC. Strong grow lamps or sunlight exposure are enough to achieve first-rate output. Cultivate outdoors in sunny climates or set up an indoor tropical paradise to help them thrive. Prune regularly, feed generously, and avoid plant stress for the best results.



American Haze is Cali-raised sativa-dominant wonders. This strain mesmerizes medicinal and recreational users with 22–24% THC, pain-relieving properties, and earthy-sweet scents. Ideal for daytime use, it kicks your system into gear and helps you overcome any task. It contains a pinch of indica, just enough to induce a calm without lethargy.


It takes some experience to raise this double-duty plant. It towers over the grower, developing slim stems and thin leaves. Training techniques make the growth pattern manageable, but you might need to introduce branch support in flowering. Otherwise, crops flourish in all media and require little TLC.

The effects of Haze cannabis strains

The cultivars produce buds with predominantly heady traits. With high THC contents and trace amounts of CBD, this marijuana lands a powerful psychoactive punch but rarely overwhelms your senses. You can count on a joyful and creative cerebral experience when you light up this super-sativa.


Strains from this category are ideal as wake ‘n’ bake, afternoon pick-me-up, or a pre-party hits. In any case, a euphoric energy rush is instant, clearing the cobwebs and adding pep to your step. The following hours are all about socialization, giggles, and unabated creativity. Haze weed seeds offer the perfect bud for artists, altering your perception enough to beat that writer’s block.


This all-encompassing energy inspires movement in all forms. The experience lasts for several hours, and the munchies hit in the latter half. Hedonistic eating pairs perfectly with this infusion of pure joy. As the high dissipates, you find yourself comfortable in your seat. There’s no couch lock, but you’re likely to find it easier to fall asleep.


The seeds with high THC levels are nothing to scoff at. Toking past your limit might leave you anxious and jittery, so tread with care. Drink plenty of water and keep eye drops on hand to tackle dry eyes and cottonmouth. Adverse reactions are few and far between, but this potent strain still requires caution.

Medical use of Haze cannabis seeds

Haze seeds became favorites among recreational users, but their popularity didn’t stop there. In the 1970s, this potent sativa-dominant hybrid with minimal CBD represented a unique alternative to traditional indica therapy. The medical marijuana community quickly found several nifty applications for it. To this day, tokers use it to tackle stress and discomfort.


The effects of the weed are said to promote overall well-being. It takes several puffs to feel uplifted, creative, and motivated. Smoking may kickstart many wellness-boosting habits, from movement to socialization and hobbies. After smaller doses, people with anxiety, depression, and borderline personality disorder report a reduction in symptoms.


The strains are effective on the physical front as well. This strain is said to soothe pain and tension, leaving you light on your feet. It may fight fatigue, too. It also enhances the appetite, encouraging proper nutrition. The relaxing aftermath of the high may assist evening relaxation and rid you of the jitters as you get ready for bed.

Growing Haze seeds Indoor and Outdoor

Haze cannabis seeds grow into classic sativa crops. They’re tall and thin, surpassing 9 feet when left in the open air. Indoor phenotypes stand at around 5.5 feet in height. Its phenotypes are bright green and airy, with slender foliage and a high flower-to-leaf ratio. Growers rarely need to worry about pruning, but branch support is often necessary.


Indoors, Haze thrives in a Screen of Green setup, where you weave the slender branches through a mesh to increase light exposure. Temperatures of 70–85°F and around 45% relative humidity are ideal. When growing outdoors, organic soil and direct sunlight exposure in Mediterranean and Continental climates suit Haze seeds. Moderate feeding and watering are optimal in either setup.


Flowering time of Haze seeds

The cannabis plants take their time to reach full bloom. The flowering period lasts 9–11 weeks. Indoors, you can flip the lights to a 12/12 schedule after several weeks of vegging to trigger bud production. This phase usually starts in early August outdoors, and plants become harvest-ready in mid-October.


Yields and contents

The long flowering is worth the wait with your garden. Crops produce ample harvests indoors and out. Expect 18 oz./m² of bud in controlled conditions and over 34 oz./plant outside. Quality follows quantity with these 23% THC buds. A single pot jar sets you up with countless psychoactive sessions: you’ll fill several.

Buy Haze seeds online at i49 Genetics

Did you find your favorite Haze rendition? It’s time to buy seeds. We stock the finest selection for a successful growing operation. Shopping with us sets you up with top-tier US-sourced cannabis seeds and a guaranteed 80% germination rate. Choose among the four available pack sizes and take advantage of our promos to save money with each purchase.


Use one of the secure payment methods and have a discreet Haze seed package at your doorstep in days. Read up on your chosen strain on our site and visit the blog for detailed cultivation guides. Our exceptional genetic material and educational resources help each grower achieve abundance every time.

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