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Dwarf Seeds

Dwarf seeds for small plants with flower power

What are dwarf cannabis seeds?

Picture a mini version of your favorite marijuana strain with buds equally as potent as the original. These plants are currently the smallest cannabis available. Dwarf seeds typically grow to a maximum height of 3–4ft. What's the secret behind these small crops? Like most modern marijuana varieties, hybridization is the key. 

In some cases, blending certain strains of indica and sativa results in smaller offspring. Other instances require breeders to combine existing cultivars with a cannabis ruderalis. As with autoflower crops, the latter’s genes often cause plants to have a more petite structure. Most dwarf weed seeds come from deliberate intervention by breeders, but the phenomenon sometimes occurs naturally.

Plants that fall in the dwarf category are typically hybrids or indica. Sativa varieties tend to grow too tall. While creating these small crops is a venture that's not thoroughly tested, several growers have figured out how. The surest way to get short plants is by combining an indica cultivar with a ruderalis. A plant from a dwarf weed seed offers growers convenience, and the nugs are more in demand than those from other autoflowers. 

Why do growers like small weed plant seeds?

There are several benefits to having short plants. Let's take a closer look at some of the reasons: 

  • Less room required: Whether you cultivate your cannabis in pots or directly in the ground, space is an essential factor. Your plants need enough room to grow and for the roots to develop. To avoid overcrowding, growers opt to plant fewer crops. Dwarf auto seeds make it easy to overcome this issue. 

Cultivate several smaller plants closer together. Implement the Sea of Green (SOG) training technique to develop a canopy of buds that produce a more sizable harvest. These plants also offer high yields in a Screen of Green (ScrOG) setup.

  • Easier to conceal: The shorter height of the plants makes it easier to hide them from nosy neighbors and passersby’s prying eyes. To keep them discreet, grow several taller crops around the ganja dwarf seeds. Make sure they're fragrant enough to mask the weed aromas. Hidden cannabis is also less likely to be stolen. 
  • High Potency: One of the most important benefits of these marijuana strains is that they produce buds with impressive effects. Many hybrids and autoflowers aren't as potent as the original. Nugs from dwarf cannabis seeds retain their hard-hitting potency, impacting you almost instantly after a toke.
  • Weather resistant: Due to the hardy ruderalis genes, these plants thrive in various conditions provided that there's no frost. Most of these compact crops are autoflowering, so they don't rely on light schedules. The plants flourish even as winter approaches. 
  • Natural resistance: One of the biggest annoyances for growers is pests and diseases. Fortunately, dwarf marijuana seeds have resistant traits which help make the cultivation process smoother. These crops are robust and resilient. Issues like mold and other pathogens don’t affect them.

Where can you grow dwarf weed seeds?

The compact cannabis crops flourish indoors or outdoors with the right conditions. They do well in limited space. Indoor growers maximize bud production in grow tents, closets, balconies, or other small areas. Create a conducive environment by providing adequate lighting and keeping the temperature constant. Dwarf cannabis plant seeds need temperatures from 65–80°F. Moderate humidity levels of about 55% are ideal, but these factors are strain-dependent. 

The plants need sufficient ventilation and airflow, so consider using fans. They provide a dual benefit by also keeping the growing area cool. If you prefer cultivating these petite crops outside, select a spot where they can get plenty of sunshine. Use loamy soil that provides sufficient nourishment to the roots and resist the urge to add supplements. 

Add a light dose of macronutrients as the mini weed plant seeds mature and reach the vegetative phase. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium do wonders for crop health, but don't overfeed. Prune the foliage when it gets too dense and bushy. This task reduces the risk of pathogens and enhances light and air exposure.

Top 7 Dwarf autoflower seeds you can buy from i49 genetics

Now that you know more about these mini weed crops, we have dwarf seeds for sale right here at i49. Some popular options include: 


1. Sweet Tooth autoflower: The indica-leaning hybrid derives from the fusion of the original Sweet Tooth strain and a ruderalis. The crops take approximately 6–7 weeks to reach full maturity and grow to a maximum of 3ft. Fully tested buds contain 13–16% THC. After 2–3 tokes, you get whisked away on a wave of euphoria. Nugs from dwarf seeds make you feel positive and more aware of your surroundings. Colors appear vivid, and sounds are more melodious. 

Your mental clarity improves thanks to the sativa aspect of the strain. The cerebral buzz lasts roughly 90 minutes before a warm, tingling sensation trickles down your body. Your limbs loosen, and you feel more relaxed. The cultivar gives off fruity aromas of berries, peaches, and pine with floral notes. When you grow these plants, a typical indoor harvest yields 15–19 oz./m2, and outdoor crops produce 2–7 oz./plant.


2. Lowryder Dwarf autoflower seeds: These ganja dwarf seeds grow to approximately 1ft tall. They thrive in Mediterranean-type climates but withstand cooler weather too. It takes roughly 8–10 weeks for the buds to be ready, and the crops do well indoors or outdoors. The nugs of dwarf Lowryder seeds contain 12–14% THC and induce an uplifting and euphoric high. 

The buzz also gives you an energy boost at the onset before relaxing your body and mind. The cultivar has an earthy, smooth flavor with citrus notes and hints of sweet pine. Growing these plants is straightforward, and crops offer a harvest of around 1–4 oz./m2 indoors and 1–3 oz./plant outdoors. 


3. Blue Cream Cheese Autoflower: Grow these dwarf auto seeds all year round and enjoy multiple harvests. The strain descends from Blueberry auto and Cheese auto, inheriting the best properties from each. It's an aromatic cultivar that exudes fragrances of fruit and cheese. The scents remind you of a charcuterie board. Take a toke to reveal the subtle spicy notes that complement the dominant cheese and blueberry flavors. 

Buds from dwarf seeds feature high THC levels of up to 21% and negligible CBD content of around 0.6%. This strain induces joyful emotions and general positivity while relaxing your body. It doesn’t typically cause couch lock, but higher doses may make you lazy. When you cultivate these dwarf weed seeds, expect yields of 12–14 oz./m2 indoors and 2–4 oz./plant outdoors. 


4. Aurora autoflower: This indica-leaning hybrid is the descendant of various Afghani landrace strains. It’s a high-yielding cultivar and grows to a maximum height of 2ft. Crops take roughly 8–10 weeks to complete their life cycle, and the buds exude aromas during the late flowering phase. 

Prominent scents are pine and wood with hints of spice. Nugs from these dwarf cannabis seeds induce a happy cerebral buzz with intense relaxation. Some tokers have a psychedelic experience, but it’s pretty mild. The typical THC level is 22%. When you cultivate this strain, indoor crops produce 16–19 oz./m2, and outdoor varieties offer 3–7 oz./plant. 


5. White Widow autoflower: This indica-dominant hybrid is THC-rich containing roughly 16–20% of the compound. The buzz is balanced and affects you cerebrally, boosting your mood and washing away negative thoughts. After a while, the physical aspects set in, relaxing your muscles and loosening your limbs. 

Buds from dwarf auto seeds have a delectable flavor profile that consists of sweet citrus notes and hints of herb. These translate well into the flavor. The crops are ready for harvesting after 8–9 weeks, indoor growers can look forward to yields of 10–16 oz./m2, and outdoor cultivators can expect 2–3 oz./plant.


6. Grape Fruit autoflower: If you’re a fan of sativa cannabis, these dwarf weed seeds are ideal. The hybrid displays multiple sativa properties while retaining a minute structure. Crops only grow 2ft and flourish in various environments as long as the climate is temperate. The nugs are ready for harvest within 7–8 weeks, and each bud contains 16–19% THC. 

The strain induces balanced, uplifting sensations that help you unwind without body melt. It also makes a superb wake-and-bake option. Auto Grape Fruit feminized offers sugary grape flavors with a sour citrus tang. Cultivating these mini weed plant seeds results in whopping indoor yields of 17 oz./m2 indoors and 10 oz./plant outdoors. 


7. Wedding Cake autoflower: The love child of the original Wedding Cake strain and Girl Scout Cookies auto, this cultivar is a treat for the senses. It’s indica-dominant and completes the life cycle in 7–8 weeks. The buds give off fruity fragrances during the flowering phase. Nugs from dwarf autoflower seeds feature 17–20% THC and induce a powerful psychoactive experience. Crops produce 17–21 oz./m2 indoors and 2–5 oz./plant outdoors.

Where can I buy dwarf weed seeds in the USA?

When buying weed seeds, it’s best to select a reputable store. Here at i49, we have a wide selection of dwarf seeds for sale, and each product is of high quality. We also offer value for money and delivery to your doorstep. Why not browse through our seed store and start your cultivation journey today? 

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