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It’s no secret that the world of marijuana has branched out significantly over the centuries since its discovery. Three basic strains exist: Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. Of course, those strains have been combined in countless ways to come up with customized hybrids. Some 800 hybrids have been created so far, and the number is constantly growing.

Each of those primary strains and hybrids offers its own unique traits and benefits. Of course, for many home growers, the sheer sizes of those strains outweigh their advantages. Because of this, an entirely new category of cannabis has been created. Known as dwarf cannabis, these types of plants bring yet another benefit to the table.

At, we offer a well-rounded selection of dwarf weed seeds. Each one brings you the benefits you’d expect from any other marijuana strains. All of them provide the advantages that have made dwarf strains so popular. We’ll discuss those in further detail shortly

What Are Dwarf Cannabis Seeds?

Dwarf seeds are designed to grow small cannabis plants. They allow you to cultivate miniature versions of some of your favorite strains without sacrificing quality and potency. Most dwarf strains grow to heights of between one and four feet tall at full maturity.

To put this into perspective, let’s take a look at some of the other strains. Full-fledged Sativas are known for their incredible height. They can be ten feet tall or more. Purebred Indicas are generally shorter, but they can reach heights of six feet. Ruderalis is typically the smallest variety at heights of one to three feet.

How Are Dwarf Marijuana Seeds Made?

Dwarf cannabis seeds are made in a few distinct ways. Some genuine Indicas and Ruderalis varieties are considered dwarf strains. In those cases, Mother Nature created them on her own. That being said, most are hybrids.

Sometimes, blending an Indica with a Sativa is all it takes to create a tiny weed plant with plenty of helpful effects. In many cases, Sativas, Indicas, and hybrids of the two are crossbred with Ruderalis plants to give rise to those miniature strains. Both Ruderalis and Indica are sought after for their smaller statues, so having just the right genes of one or both is bound to generate a less lofty plant.

Why Choose Dwarf Weed Seeds?

Low-flying seeds are optimal choices in many situations. They’re the perfect choice for people who grow indoors but don’t have a lot of space to work with. You can cultivate a nice cannabis crop in only a few square feet.

Alternatively, you could grow twice the plants you’d be able to fit into a sizable grow room with traditional strains. If you want to try growing several strains to diversify your pot portfolio, you could easily do so even with limited space when you use dwarf seeds.

Dwarf marijuana seeds are also great for outdoor grows. If discretion is among your main concerns with an outdoor cannabis garden, you could easily conceal dwarf strains with sunflowers, okra, corn, or any other unassuming plant that grows to more than three feet tall. Even a thick growth of morning glories could conceal your up-and-coming stash.

Finally, one of the most exciting benefits of hybrid dwarf pot seeds is their potency and diversity. Many people choose Ruderalis strains because of their small sizes. Unfortunately, those strains are also notorious for being less potent and having little, if any, THC. When you blend their genetic material with Sativas and Indicas, you get more potent strains with more varied benefits.

Where to Buy Dwarf Marijuana Seeds

You can buy seeds that are advertised as dwarf varieties from almost anywhere. They’re not necessarily guaranteed to be the genuine article, though. Imagine purchasing and planting seeds that are supposed to grow to a couple feet tall only to end up with a ten-foot jungle taking over your balcony or basement.

Because of the potential problems of purchasing from a local supplier or a friend of a friend, it’s best to purchase dwarf seeds for sale from a reliable source. You can’t go wrong when you come to i49. As a trusted and highly rated seed bank, we guarantee all our dwarf seeds are exactly what we say they are. You won’t have to worry about any unpleasant or unmanageable surprises.

Where to Grow Dwarf Cannabis Seeds

Dwarf marijuana seeds for sale can be grown in a wide range of places. One of their best qualities is the ability to fit into small spaces. That means they can be grown in closets and spare bedrooms, on balconies and porches, and even in outdoor flower beds if need be.

In terms of climate and growing conditions, dwarf strains are fairly tolerant. This is especially true of those with Ruderalis DNA. Ruderalis evolved in areas with harsh growing conditions, so they’re naturally more resistant to stress than some other strains. Their strength and resilience are passed along to hybrids that contain Ruderalis genes. Still, many dwarf cannabis varieties prefer optimal warmth and humidity levels.

Growing Dwarf Cannabis Seeds

Growing dwarf cannabis seeds isn’t much different than growing standard marijuana seeds. First, it’s important to germinate the seeds. You can do this by soaking them in a cup of room-temperature water or placing them between two moistened paper towels in a sandwich baggie. With either germination method, be sure to keep the seeds out of direct sunlight.

Once their tiny tap roots emerge from the seeds, they’re ready to plant. Some seeds will sprout taproots within a couple days. Others may take as long as a week.

Planting Your Seeds

When you’re ready to plant dwarf 420 seeds, you’ll need either a tilled plot of land or pots filled with dirt or potting soil. Place the seeds on their sides about half an inch deep in the soil. Then, gently push the soil over them and pat it down. Only put one seed in each pot or hole in your garden plot. Add water until the soil is nice and moist, but be careful not to give them too much water.

Forging through the Vegetative Stage

After your dwarf seeds USA sprout and make their way through the soil, they’ll be seedlings. This phase gives way to the vegetative stage. At that point, your plants will spend the next few weeks growing taller and spreading their branches. Keep in mind, they won’t grow significantly in terms of height because they’re naturally stunted. Eventually, they’ll begin to mature and get ready to enter the next stage of their lives.

Blossoming into Maturity

Following a few weeks in the vegetative stage, the plants will enter the flowering phase. For photoperiodic strains, this will happen when they begin receiving red and orange light instead of blue and daylight hours transition from about 18 to around 12. In the case of autoflowering strains, the shift occurs based on the age of the plant.

Optimal Lighting Conditions for Dwarf Cannabis Seeds

Dwarf cannabis seeds need specific types and amounts of light to thrive. If you’re growing them outside, that part of the puzzle will fall into place on its own. Indoor marijuana plants will require quite a bit more attention, though.

During the seedling stage, you may be able to use incandescent or standard fluorescent bulbs to keep the plants at an average temperature of 70 to 72 degrees. If they get too warm or cool, you can move the lights closer or farther away as needed.

Once the plants enter the vegetative stage, you’ll need to keep the lights about 40 inches away from them and make sure temperatures remain between 70 and 75 degrees. They crave 18 hours of blue light at this point, and it can be provided by metal halide lamps or full-spectrum LEDs. As the plants grow and get stronger, it’s safe for the lights to be 20 inches away from them as long as they don’t get too warm.

When the plants enter the flowering stage or you’re ready to try force flowering, the types and amounts of light need to be adjusted. They should receive about 12 hours of red and orange light during this phase. Full-spectrum grow lamps or high-pressure sodium lights are great for flowering.

Grow lights should still be kept about 20 inches away from the plants during the flowering stage. You can bump up the temperatures to about 80 degrees during the day, but keep an eye out for withering, brown leaves, and other signs of overheating. Don’t forget to turn the lights off for 12 hours at a time.

Optimal Nutrients for Dwarf Cannabis Seeds

As you’re growing cannabis plants, providing the right types of nutrients is also crucial. They need numerous vitamins and minerals, but the most important are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, or N, P, and K. Though even dwarf 420 strains need nutrients, it’s important to decrease the dosage for smaller plants. Giving them too much fertilizer could be detrimental.

During the vegetative stage, they’ll need more nitrogen. When they transcend to the flowering phase, they’ll require more phosphorus. Ramping up the phosphorus during the flowering stage will help ensure you grow potent dwarf strains with higher yields.

Top 5 Dwarf Cannabis Seeds Recommendations

You’ll find a variety of dwarf seed for sale when perusing smaller cannabis strains to grow at home. They come in a range of hybrids with different amounts of THC and CBD. Their effects also vary. Here are five of the reigning favorites in the category of dwarf strains.

  • Auto Lowryder Fem. This well-balanced hybrid is one of the smallest dwarf strains available. Its maximum height is about 16 inches, and it’s ready for harvest in about nine weeks.
  • Sweet Tooth Fem. If you’re looking for Indica-dominant dwarf seeds with powerful relaxing effects, this may very well be the strain for you.
  • Auto White Widow Fem. As one of our most popular Sativa-dominant dwarf seeds, this option provides heightened energy as well as relaxation and stress relief.
  • Auto Grapefruit Fem. This strain is a mixed bag of cannabis genes, and it provides equally diverse effects, including a cerebral high and pain relief.
  • Auto Sweet Tooth Fem. Autoflowering and easy to grow, this alternative puts you in a happy, relaxed state of mind.

These are our most highly sought-after dwarf strains, but we also have plenty of others to offer. Remember, many other varieties only grow to four feet or so as well even if they’re not officially classified as dwarves. No matter what you’re looking for, chances are you’ll find a miniature strain to suit your needs.

How to Buy Dwarf Marijuana Seeds Online

Buying dwarf seed for sale online is a simple process. All you have to do is browse our selection of dwarf cannabis seeds to see which ones speak to you. Then, just pick a quantity and place your order. Don’t hesitate to try more than one variety.

Why Choose i49 Seed Bank?

If you’re looking for unbeatable quality, selection, and prices, you’ve come to the right place. Our team is committed to your satisfaction. From handpicking the best strains on the market and creating custom hybrids of our own to making sure our seeds are stored in optimal conditions for longevity, we make every effort to ensure you have the best possible cannabis-growing experience.

Interesting Facts about Dwarf Pot Seeds

Dwarf pot seeds have created quite a stir in the cannabis industry. They give you all the benefits of their larger cousins without taking up unnecessary space. Because of this, many people are turning their attention to these hybrids.

Though dwarf marijuana seeds grow up to be small, you wouldn’t know it from looking at their seeds. Dwarf seeds are the same size as those of any other strain.

During the 1800s, activists in the United States worked to ban alcohol. Countless people who were accustomed to drinking experienced withdrawal symptoms or, at the very least, missed their beverages of choice. Experts often recommended marijuana as an acceptable substitute.

Scientists have apparently conducted studies on the effects of marijuana on spiders. It seems spiders who were exposed to cannabis weren’t quite as diligent and meticulous when it came to web-making as those who weren’t high. Oh, what a tangled web they weave when they practice smoking weed?

Common Misspellings and Abbreviations

Along your journey to research cannabis and find the perfect dwarf strains to meet your needs and expectations, you’re bound to face certain spelling hurdles. Some sites may mention marajuana seeds while others may try to give you dworf strains. Various M. J. varieties could enter the mix as well. Keep forging ahead, and you’re sure to have a successful quest.

Final Comments

At i49 Seed Bank, we have a vast inventory of cannabis seeds to choose from, including dwarf strains. If you’re looking for quality, selection, fast delivery, and a wealth of informational resources, you’ll find them all here. Contact us at [email protected] or call us at +1-888-441-4949, and one of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to help you get started on your next marijuana home grow.