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High CBD Cannabis Seeds can be closely compared with hemp seeds, since neither of these options typically grow into a plant that produces any significant amounts of THC.The Cannabis family of plants has been around for centuries, and used for many different purposes including medical, ceremonial, and recreational. Buds of marijuana and well-preserved leaves have been found at archeological sites in China, Egypt, Africa, and North America. The weed craze is a worldwide phenomenon and now with CBD getting more attention in the news and media humanity is re-discovering the bountiful benefits of CBD, or Cannabidiol.

The highest CBD seeds on the planet earth are now available right at your fingertips. I49 Seed bank carries extreme CBD seeds that get upwards of 10-20% of the valuable cannabinoid. The ratio of compounds in these high CBD plants will end up being different, but the process of planting, growing, and harvesting these beauties is very much the same. Premium CBD seeds are indistinguishable from their THC counterparts. The small seed carries all of the genetic potential for a full-blown medical CBD weed plant to bloom and flourish. The CBD strain seed will also carry all of the nutrients that the plant requires for the first several weeks of its life. Once the flowering stage begins, you will notice a need for more added nutrients, and we will go over this a little later on.

Our guaranteed CBD seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors and may be feminized or even autoflowering if that is what you are looking for. Not many seed banks carry unsexed regular CBD seeds that contain both male and female seeds. Growers in search of a mixed bag of bulk CBD seeds are better off purchasing plan hemp seeds. You won’t reap a great quality CBD harvest in comparison to other options but will at least get to know the male CBD plant phenotype vs the female CBD plant phenotype. When you are growing for the purposes of smoking or vaping CBD, or simply extracting the CBD for other uses, then your best search will begin with “high CBD seeds USA” which should lead you to a few affordable options.

I49 CBD seeds are resilient but still require a ton of help to get to full maturity. Indoor and outdoor pests are equally attracted to CBD plants as they are to THC plants. You can avoid some of these pests with simple prevention methods like sticky traps and beneficial bugs. When cannabis enthusiasts begin to grow from seed, most notice a special bond with their plants that instills a protective nature of them. CBD seeds can develop into plants that are more post-resistant, but this is a special attribute that is not present in all high-CBD strains. You can find special care requirements listed for each strain in our online CBD menu. Some CBD strains will grow taller than others, and some may flower more quickly. Read the descriptions carefully and even consult some other online strain reviews so that you can be confident you are getting the CBD strain that will work with your growing space.


The Early Days

The early years of cannabis culture in the United States had a pretty confusing start. Starting in the 1700’s and through to the 1900’s cannabis was grown in the USA in large quantities to support the efforts of colonization. New settlers were encouraged to grow hemp plants to support the textile industry back in England, as hemp fiber was used primarily to make paper, clothing, and even ship’s sails. Hemp also remained an important part of supporting our troops through many different wars with shoelaces, ropes, and parachute webbing.

Starting at the turn of the 20th century, lots of legislation was put in place to discourage or even outlaw the cultivation and consumption of marijuana. The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 made the possession of the drug illegal under federal law, excluding medical and industrial purposes. After nearly 100 years of confusing back-and-forth law passing and a grey area for most American consumers, the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (aka the Farm Bill), made it fully legal to grow CBD derived from hemp plants. According to the act there must be no more than 0.3% THC by dry weight, which is achievable with many of our low THC high CBD seeds atI49 Seed Bank.

When you look at the most potent CBD strains available today, their seeds are made the very same way that any other cannabis or hemp plant makes seeds. Male Pollen reaches the female flowers and this pollination event creates the genetic recipe to instruct the plant to develop more seeds for reproduction. High CBD seeds strains are then backcrossed with other high CBD partners, so that the percentages of desired cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) start to get higher and higher in future generations.

Modern Day CBD Breeders

Today in the 21st century, growing CBD pants can be just as profitable as growing high THC crops. There is a resurgence of industrial purposes for hemp (including hempcrete, biodiesel) and dietary products like hemp milk and hemp hearts. Where do growers today go to buy the best CBD seeds available? The same place that most people are buying things today - the internet! You can browse our massive selection of high CBD strains atI49 USA and proceed to our online checkout to finish the process.

Home CBD growers now have more options along the spectrum of CBD seeds available to buy. There used to be simply CBD seeds or THC seeds, and now there are many strains bred to carry a 1-to-1 ratio of the two substances - as well as other varying ratios including 2:1, 20:1, 10:1, 15:1, and 4:1. Usually the relative percentage of CBD is listed first, so a 4:1 strain may have something like 8% CBD and 2% THC.

The Future of CBD Seeds USA

Just as the last 30 years have seen a massive improvement in the THC levels of the award-winning strains that are created each year, we are sure to see a similar trend emerge with the CBD strains of the future. If current technologies allow us to develop 20-25% CBD strains, perhaps within the next 10 years we will see plants develop with up to 30-35% CBD. This basically just streamlines the entire growing operation and maximizes the profitability when the same sized crop can produce 10% more of the desired end-product.

There are also a lot of CBD seeds that are brought in from other countries, which is not necessary when we have exceptional quality American CBD seeds that are available for shipment right away. International shipping often carries problems like foreign taxes, duties, border fees, and let’s not forget the massive delays. You can already buy your CBD seeds online today and be germinating them within one to two weeks. This process is only going to get faster with time, so the future is looking bright for CBD growing enthusiasts.


Hermaphroditism is a phenomenon that affects many plants in the biological kingdom, including all types of cannabis. There is really no difference between THC and CBD seeds when it comes to the associated risks and likelihoods of this trait developing. Just like THC seeds, CBD pot seeds can develop plants with hermie branches at any stage of the lifecycle if they are mistreated, neglected, or suffer any other form of unintentional trauma. This information is also found elsewhere on our website, but for the sake of ease we can quickly recap the common sources of stress that will lead to hermaphrodite traits developing in your CBD Plants:

  • Huge temperature fluctuations
  • Deficiency key nutrient levels.
  • Excess humidity or moisture in soil.
  • Light Leaks in your grow tent
  • Inconsistent photoperiod changes.

Buying quality CBD weed seeds will help create a strong foundation in your plant that can resist some of these causes, but they are still driven by the powers of nature and will respond accordingly if you stress them out too much.

Signs that your plant is a hermaphrodite

When your CBD plants begin to approach a foot in height and have 4-5 main branches begin to develop, growers will need to keep a close eye on the nodes for the development of any male bananas or pollen sacs. They may show up throughout an entire plant, or just on one specific branch, so give a thorough investigation through each of your plants at least every couple of days.

Most CBD cultivators, or people who purchase CBD weed for making CBD extracts or CBD edibles, are interested in the female sinsemilla flowers (translates to ‘without seed’). The female CBD plants have the highest concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes, while the male’s principal purpose is to provide pollen. CBD cannabis pollen has no known health benefits and it certainly doesn’t have any psychoactive benefits either. When asking ‘what does a hermaphrodite CBD plant look like?’, you can count on the signs being exactly the same as for THC-rich plants: Small pollen sacs, and male stamens mixed with female pistils on the same plant. If you see any of these telltale signs, do yourself a favor and destroy the plants immediately. Try to remove the plant from the grow room in a slow and fragile way so that if there are already pollen sacs fully developed, you don’t risk bursting them open to release their contents.


There are dozens of different reasons that someone may choose to try growing a high CBD strain. Perhaps you are a long-term recreational stoner that has heard some good things about the mental benefits of CBD. Maybe you have never tried cannabis at all but feel that CBD may be the best way to softly introduce yourself to the cannabis culture lifestyle. There are also some of you out there who are not smoking for pleasure whatsoever, or even by choice. For many medical patient’s cannabis consumption is a necessity. Many Americans literally refer to their pot stash as their ‘medicine’, and the medical CBD seeds they use frequently come from online seed banks such as i49 USA.

Our CBD 420 seeds will grow in any growing environment as long as you meet the plant’s basic needs. Once you decide that you are going to give growing CBD a try, you need to also think about if your THC level is going to be high, medium, or low. We want to make your decision-making process as clear as possible, so always do our best to post realistic expectations of THC and CBD percentages for you to consider.Growing CBD plants with confidence begins with purchasing the right seeds. Not all CBD seeds for sale online are created equal, so make sure to do your research and make sure you are buying from a reputable marijuana seed supplier.


If you find a CBD seed for sale that doesn’t come with any other specific instructions from the distributor, stick to our easy to follow germination guide to get it cracked open safely and efficiently. You will want to find a secure indoor area that will not be disturbed, and let the seed sit in a folded-over damp paper towel for 2-7 days. The ideal temperature for germination is between 70- and 85-degrees Fahrenheit. Growers should take care to prevent putting their germinating CBD seed in a room where cool drafts occur that will fluctuate the temperature. Sometimes growers like to soak their seeds before using the paper towel method to give the seed an extra kick of hydration to start things off. This is completely fine, and can help speed up the process, but just ensure you do not soak the seeds for any longer than 14 to 18 hours.

When the seed has cracked and you can see a whiteish taproot emerging at least half an inch, then your seed is ready to transplant. “How to transplant a CBD plant”, you might ask. Well, the very same way as any other newborn cannabis plant - with love and tenderness! Indoor and outdoor growers can benefit from using tweezers so as to not introduce bacteria or other contaminants while the seed is in such a delicate stage. Choose a small to mid-sized pot (unless you are using hydroponics) filled with clean potting soil. Cover with a half inch of lightly packed soil with the taproot pointing down and lightly mist the surface of the soil for the first few days. One the first sprout with the early leaves (cotyledons), then you are in the clear and ready to follow the CBD growing schedule that you have laid out beforehand.


The best CBD strain seeds will have the genetic fortitude to develop well indoors or outdoors. There may be certain traits bred in through parental lineages that make the CBD plant lean towards one setting or the other. For example, A small dense indica-leaning plant like Critical Mass CBD may be better suited towards indoor growing while a sprawling tree-like plant from Super Silver Haze CBD seeds may be better suited towards outdoor growing. The preference is really up to the grower and i49 USA takes no responsibility for a grower’s individual choices about where to grow their seeds. A CBD rich strain like ACDC (18 to 1) can be grown indoors or outdoors. What is most important is that the plant is monitored and kept healthy with whatever means are necessary.

Here is a brief summary of the different options of where your i49 CBD seeds can be grown at home:


Some beginner growers that do not want to invest in much start-up costs will begin their growing journey in a small closet lined with aluminum foil and a single light. This introductory method can turn out decent results, but the problems with this method include light leaks, entry points for pests, and stale air. If you can combat these common problems, then you just might get some top-quality CBD buds from your indoor closet space.

Grow Tent

The prefabricated grow tent is by far the most popular set up for new CBD growers that are attempting to plant some CBD seeds indoors. This way the plants get their own sealed and sterile environment, and you get to keep the rest of your home clean and smell-free. When you buy a good grow tent online, it may or may not come with all of the lights, fans, and filters necessary for the kit to be complete.

Space Bucket

The Space Bucket is what you get when you mix a hardcore cannabis enthusiast with a handy DIY type individual with scrap building materials and lots of spare time! Space Buckets made of multiple 5-gallon pails can be large enough to grow a small CBD plant while 30 or 40-gallon garbage cans can be utilized to allow for larger plants to flower indoors. The benefits of the space bucket is that they are small, discreet, take very little energy to run, and are entirely self-contained.


Being that CBD marijuana is still very much a “weed” it will grow in the windowsill of your home, but the odds are that it won’t develop to be very large or to produce very many buds. Even in a south facing window, the movement of light source can confuse your indoor CBD plant and you would be better off hanging a single fluorescent or LED bulb directly above for a more consistent and powerful light source to encourage vegetative growth. Windowsills are great for starting your early seedlings, but not idea for the more particular needs of a flowering CBD plant.


If you don’t have the luxury of having enough spare rooms in your house to have a full indoor grow, you can enjoy many of the same benefits of indoor growing by using an outdoor greenhouse. Greenhouses can feel very similar to growing indoors, except that you have the sun’s light to factor in. This can help save energy, but also become a frustration if the days become shorter and you aren’t ready for your CBD plants to flower. In this case, greenhouse growers can supplement their plants with additional lighting to artificially extend the number of light hours provided each day.


Now that growing medical marijuana at home in the United States is not as taboo a subject as it was 2- to 30 years ago, many more home gardeners are feeling more comfortable with planting their cannabis in plain sight in their backyards. The disadvantages of growing CBD outside include lack of control when deterring pests and also exposure to harsh elements like wind and rain. The benefits are that your plants can get much larger giving you a potentially larger yield per plant when compared to being grown indoors.


Farmer’s fields in the United States one hundred years ago were covered in large hemp plantations, but very little about the CBD cannabinoid was known during this time. Now that cannabidiol is more well understood, we now know there is even more reason to bring back the popularity of hemp farming in the USA. As we have touched on, there are a heap of pre-existing industrial and agricultural uses, but also new medical applications being discovered and tested all the time. The laws around CBD weed plants has always been slightly more relaxed than the THC weed plants, but you should still check your state laws first to see if there is any limit on how many plants you can grow or any other restrictions that may be in place.

The best place to find high-quality CBD marijuana seeds for sale in the USA is to go through a reputable seed bank. Don’t just use any seeds on-hand from previous crops or low-quality, seedy buds. They likely won’t be viable, anyway, and even if they are, they won’t have stable genetics. That means any buds they do produce won’t have the same desirable qualities as the parent plants. For high concentrations of cannabidiol in your final yield, you should start each crop with fresh, authentic seeds that come from a certified origin.


Growers who have never tried their hand at planting CBD pot seeds often feel overwhelmed with the amount of information available online. Don’t get discouraged. It’s called weed for a reason, and even if novice growers don’t manage to hit that sweet spot when it comes to pH, nutrient concentrations, watering schedules, and sunlight hours the first time around, they’ll learn from the experience.

It can still be helpful to learn from others’ knowledge and mistakes, though. The most important factors when it comes to encouraging optimal growth and heavy yields are lighting conditions, nutrients, watering schedules, and pest control. Here is a quick overview of important things to note for each stage of the growing cycle:


Germinate your CBD seeds indoors in a safe and protected area. The seeds will need three critical ingredients to begin sprouting: warmth, darkness, and moisture. Folded in a damp paper towel is the perfect environment for this to happen. Once the emerging taproot is half an inch long, you can carefully transplant the seed to your growing medium of choice.

Seedling Stage

If you have made it this far, congratulations! You don’t need to give your young cannabis seedling any nutrients. Just give it lots of light (up to 20 hours), light amounts of water, and good airy soil to develop strong roots in. It is also advisable to “harden up” your stems with a constant gentle breeze on the plants, which will also help to circulate fresh air to the leaves if you are growing indoors.

Vegetative Stage

During this phase, the CBD plant will experience its greatest vertical and outward growth. Read about our pruning and training techniques that can start to be implemented during the vegetative stage. Most nutrients recommended for vegging are highest in Nitrogen, as this is the key ingredient for cellular growth.

Flowering Stage

Just like your standard THC-rich strains, the CBD variety of cannabis also develops nice tight flowers that pack the highest concentration of cannabinoids. Most strains will require you to flip the lighting schedule to 12 hours light / 12 hours dark, unless you have autoflower CBD seeds, which will enter flowering stage on their own regardless of light cycles. Nutrients for flowering contain less Nitrogen and more Phosphorus and Potassium.


Perhaps the most satisfying part of growing is the harvest that comes when the flowers are fully ripened. The small trichomes should just be starting to turn from clear to a murky amber-brown color when observed under a magnifying glass. There are many different techniques and ideas about harvesting, but the most important part is that you don’t cut the plants down too early or too late. CBD plants should also be flushed (clean water, no nutrients) for the last 2 to 3 weeks before being harvested.

Drying and Curing

In order for the incredible healing powers of the cannabidiol molecules, you must be careful about drying your medicinal buds properly. Just like with germinating, you want a dedicated space where things won’t get disturbed, ideal conditions are between 62-68 degrees F, 50-60% humidity, and lots of fresh circulated air. This will slowly dry the buds without damaging any of the cannabinoids or terpenes. Any more hot or dry and the CBD itself can become damaged, losing its effectiveness.


High CBD cannabis flowers can benefit people with all kinds of chronic health conditions. Everyone from children to senior citizens have used it safely as well as athletes, doctors, teachers, and landscapers. Regardless of age or gender, most CBD consumers report having sounder sleep, reduced pain, less inflammation, and reduce occurrences of anxiety and depression. CBD also acts much like a powerful antioxidant in the body to reduce oxidative stress that triggers many forms of cancer. Here is a more in-depth explanation of the different areas of your life that could benefit from CBD.

Pain - Given that CB2 receptors are located throughout the entire nervous system, including the brain, there is really no limit as to which kinds of pain can be treated with CBD. Knowledge that CBD is a pain-reliever goes way back thousands of years, but modern science is able to test this theory. Researchers working on osteoarthritis, for example, have shown that CBD can both inhibit the pain response and block acute inflammatory flare ups for clients using CBD oil or CBD vaporizers.

Inflammation - Over 20% of adult Americans suffer from some form of arthritis. CBD has been formally tested on rats with arthritis by scientists at the University of Kentucky. Results show that both spontaneous pains caused by acute flare ups and chronic pain from ongoing rheumatoid arthritis can be reduced significantly.

IBD - another inflammatory disease that is typically treated with CBD is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. IBS can have many different causes, and those that have it can have varying levels of pain and discomfort. CBD medication is a great way to take the edge off the cramps and bloating while helping to possibly heal up any cellular damage at the same time,

Nausea - also commonly treated with THC, nausea can accompany a wide variety of ailments. Whether it is from vertigo, post-traumatic stress, seasickness or pregnancy, the body can sometimes just feel “off” for no other apparent reason. CBD has a way of calming things down when the digestive and nervous systems act up to make you feel ill. Research shows that interactions with serotonin-releasing receptors likely has a role to play in how CBD helps to reduce nausea in individuals.

Cancer - Aside from combating the awful side effects of chemotherapy (I.e. nausea, pain, headaches, vomiting, loss of appetite), CBD also has some helpful mechanisms in helping to treat the cellular problems that cause the disease. The signaling pathways and tumor suppression qualities aren’t fully understood yet, but studies in mice with pancreatic cancer have shown that survival rates can be up to three times longer with the use of CBD


CBD interacts with the CB2 receptors in the human endocannabinoid system. These variety of receptors are found chiefly in the immune, nervous, and gastrointestinal systems, as well as in the brain.

As such, individuals who choose to take CBD on a daily basis can really experience profound relief from pain or discomfort involving these different body systems. Physical pain from inflammation is a leading cause of suffering in those with debilitating diseases or chronic health problems. Patients with IBS, gout, glaucoma, arthritis, or any other inflammatory issue are drawn to CBD cannabis and CBD oil because of just how effective it is - and how quickly it seems to work!

Some users who are highly sensitive can claim to feel relief withing 15 to 60 minutes after consumption. Others who have less drug sensitivity or just a different metabolism can take anywhere from 24 hours to a few days in order to notice an improved benefit. Much like a vitamin or mineral in your body, cannabinoids need to be built up to a baseline level for the body to draw upon. General recommendations fall in the range of 10mg to 20 mg of CBD ingested per day (for adults).


There is no general formula to determine exactly how much you’ll get from a successful harvest of your CBD plant. Even across the same strain, different seeds can hold a slightly different genetic potential within its blueprints. From a grower’s perspective, consistency really is the best thing that you can accomplish towards guaranteeing yourself a good outcome. Accidents and slip-ups can and will happen, but try to keep the same seed supply, use a grow journal to keep track of what you’ve done, and make any feeding adjustments gradually so as not to shock or stress your plants.

So, when trying to estimate how much CBD can you grow on one plant, you can now see how frivolous this is to narrow down. Our strain descriptions in the online menu are designed to represent average ranges of weight per plant (outdoors), or weight harvested per square foot (indoors). A quick look at some of our high CBD strains will reveal an average of about 400 to 450 grams per square meter (this equate to roughly 12 to 13 ounces per square yard). When it comes to growing your CBD outside, the range varies greatly from 50 grams (1.75 ounces) per plant to over 1 kilogram (over 35 ounces) per plant.

At first glance this may seem to outweigh yields in favor of the outdoors. This is partially true because plants CAN grow bigger outdoors, but this is also accounted for with your layout of plants .With indoor growing, smaller plants can be packed in closer together, while towering plants must be spaced out, even just to one plant every yard squared just so the buds and branches have ample room to grow and develop. Sativa seeds generally grow into taller and wider plants that require more space to grow. Indica on the other hand tend to be stout and dense. This reflects the more northern regions they are indigenous to, which forces them to be compact.


Aside from the medical benefits listed above, there are some more very highly effective applications of CBD where it can relieve complex issues with the neurological system. Some of these human afflictions aren’t even that well understood yet, but each has an impressive and complicated relationship with the human endocannabinoid system.

Anxiety - Some cannabis users have adapted their lifestyle to use indica strains to smoke and treat their anxiety issues. Indica typically has a calming effect, but because of the psychotic effects that can accompany, this may cause someone’s anxiety to increase because they feel a lack of control over their own body and mind. For this reason, CBD, which is not at all psychoactive, can be a perfect opportunity for those who desire a state of mental calm without becoming stoned.

Depression - Similarly some folks thing that the classically uplifting cannabis sativa is the best way to treat depression. This might help for some, but for others it can develop an unhealthy attachment. Long term THC use can also lead to feelings of apathy or indifference. It is worthwhile to try CBD on its own to see what impact it has on depression if you are someone that suffers with this on a chronic basis, or even just seasonally as many people do.

Seizures - CBD use for seizures was popularized in the media in the 2013 CNN documentary Weed. This TV special featured Charlotte Figi, who at age 6 was suffering 300 grand mal seizures per week. After consuming CBD oil these dropped dramatically to 2-3 seizures per week. Modern studies in 2019 have also confirmed CBD efficacy against seizures associated with Dravet Syndrome (DS) and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS).

Migraine - migraine headaches are really not well understood in the medical community, nor is there any one guaranteed cure for them. Many sources agree that migraines may involve some level of inflammatory response in the brain tissue or a constriction of blood vessels in the brain. Regardless of cause, CBD is a very effective measure of prevention for migraines and can also help drastically reduce symptoms for those that take high doses as soon as a flare up occurs.


Already know how to grow high THC plants from seed and looking to try something slightly different? Before buying your indoor or outdoor CBD cannabis seed USA, growers should take a look at the following tips:

Look for seeds specifically bred for useful characteristics like pest and disease resistance, height, or heavy yields. Be aware that some of our CBD seeds for sale to have some THC levels too (sometimes even 500/50).

Always start your CBD seeds indoors, even if you plan to transplant them to outdoor soil later on.

After they have germinated and begun to grow, acclimate the seedlings to their outdoor environment slowly by bringing them outdoors on sunny days but keeping them inside when the temperatures drop or inclement weather rolls through.

Avoid choosing seeds based on price-points alone. Some specialized seeds cost more than popular strains, but they may provide a better return on investment.

When growing indoors, install proper ventilation. High CBD strains still develop a strong smell during flowering, so you will want to clean the air coming into your grow room as well as the exhausted air.

Experiment with different pruning techniques. You can use low-stress training much the same way that grower’s practice on their THC plants in order to increase the number of bud sites, and therefore the overall productivity, of your plants.


I49 High CBD (1 to 20) Fem

This is one of our specially featured products as it is one of the premier high cbd low thc seeds that can be grown by beginners and advanced cultivators alike. With very little THC to affect you mentally, this strain offers just enough of both cannabinoids to give you a good taste of what the entourage effect can accomplish.

Auto CBD Kush Fem

This relaxing autoflower strain carries a 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC, meaning that you won’t get hit with a potent high to the brain like a sack of bricks. This strain is great for use with muscle tension, spasms, seizures, and chronic stress. When compared with other cbd weed seeds, Auto Kush is especially easy for beginner growers because the ruderalis component removes any need for you to babysit the light cycles. Autoflowering strains bud automatically after a set number of weeks, no matter what kind of lighting schedule you give them.

CBD White Widow Fem

White Widow is known by name across the nation as a popular strain for home growers. The 5-8% THC provides a nice buzz, while moderate CBD levels (also 5-8%) balance this out with a smooth sense of relaxation.

CBD Jack Herer Fem

this is another popular 1:1 strain for those that want to receive the benefits of both THC and CBD in equal portions. Since Jack Herer is heavily sativa leaning, users will get a nice kick of energy and uplifted motivation. The earthy citrus flavor is enough on its own to keep you coming back for more.

Blueberry CBD1 to 16

Blueberry is a classic favorite indica-dominant strain, largely because of its unique and noticeable flavor but also for its incredible pain-relief potential. CBD blueberry has a very high CBD:THC ratio, meaning you won’t get overly impaired even after smoking an entire joint. Just kick back and relax and let the euphoric wave wash all your troubles away.


By guaranteeing access to high-quality CBD seeds, USA-based i49 Seed Bank ensures that growers have everything they need to start the season off right. This well-respected seed bank offers an incredibly wide selection of regular, feminized, and autoflowering seeds sourced from reputable breeders. They also accept almost any form of payment, from cash, checks, and money orders to credit cards, e-checks, Zelle payments, and even digital coins.

The entire i49 catalog is divided into simple, user-friendly sections according to seed type, and each strain’s effects, growing conditions, and unique properties are described in detail. Plus, highly experienced breeders and vendors are available to answer customer’s questions and help them choose the best seeds to suit their unique situations. Customers can simply get in touch to place an order, then wait for their seeds to arrive on-time in discreet packaging.

Still not sure if i49 is the best bet? Check out the reviews on third-party sites. They’ll verify that this seed bank is not only a legitimate business but also one that is committed to its mission of helping growers produce the best cannabis plants possible. They’re so confident in their breeders’ abilities, i49 even offers an 80% germination rate guarantee. If customers follow the instructions in their detailed germination guide, but at least 80% of the seeds still turn out not to be viable, they can contact the company to take advantage of a onetime germination reship. For the most desired CBD marijuana seed USA has to offer, don’t forget to check out i49 seed bank.


We all agree that buying your medical CBD seeds online should be easy and straight forward. This is why shopping online in general has become so mainstream in the twenty first century. Why should gardening seeds be any different? As long as the items can be shipped in safe and stable packaging, the benefits about.

Firstly, online see banks can carry a much wider selection than any retail store. Because of storage restrictions and shelf-life, it would be foolish to stock a brick and mortar seed shop with over 500 strains. Selection is a bit of a luxury, but let’s face it, not many people love smoking the same strain every day!

The other benefits are present wherever you start looking for them. No hunting down or paying for parking on busy streets outside your local dispensary. No odorous shoppers standing behind you in line and breathing down your neck, causing you to feel rushed in your decision making. When looking online you can simply open up another browser tab and do your strain research as you have your order paused in the checkout.

We are also not going to set limits on your purchase power with i49. This means you can buy a simple 3 pack or 10 pack of seeds, but if you are a large-scale commercial grower, we can handle outgoing orders of 1000 or 3000 seeds. Wholesale pricing will make it tempting to get into the business of growing weed professionally, especially if that is something accessible to you in the state where you live. The future of cannabis looks strong in the USA, and the team at i49 is here to ensure you have the right tools and the right genetics to end up with a great product.


Here are just a few interesting facts about CBD pot seeds that not everyone knows about:

  • CBD seeds vary in size and can be as large as small peas, but size doesn’t matter. Big seeds are no more likely than small seeds to produce healthy plants.
  • CBD seeds can be stored for years under the right conditions, but most experts recommend keeping them for no longer than three years. Store them in a perfectly dry environment with temperatures between 40- and 45-degrees Fahrenheit to maximize their shelf life.
  • CBD seeds contain absolutely no THC, so they’re legal to buy and possess almost everywhere. Some consumers even buy them as novelty items or gifts.
  • CBD seeds still need to be germinated indoors. Most growers also keep their seedlings indoors until they begin the vegetative stage, especially if they live in colder climates that require extending the growing season.
  • CBD seeds used to be heavily featured in certain types of magical rituals. Young women even used them for a while to attempt to conjure visions of their future husbands.
  • CBD seeds are edible. In fact, they’re remarkably healthy. It’s better to buy hemp seeds for culinary purposes given how much cheaper they are, but those who have tons of extra marijuana seeds lying around are welcome to give them a try. Just don’t expect to get high.4


It’s common to hear older generations refer to cannabis seeds as “dope seeds,” but younger growers try to avoid this nomenclature when possible. Don’t bother trying to explain to older growers why “dope” doesn’t mean what they think it does, though. “Maryjane seeds” is a much more acceptable term that will still resonate with the old-timers. CBD is a bit of a different stream all on its own since it doesn’t come associated with that “doped up” feeling that you get from smoking that THC rich chronic. You will usually hear CBD varieties referred to as medical seeds or medicinal seeds, despite the fact that THC can have huge medicinal benefits as well.

Along with these common differences of opinion regarding nomenclature, expect to see some misspellings here and there. They may include:

  • CDB seeds
  • CBD cannibus seeds
  • CBD cannibis
  • CBD cannabus


Growing CBD under any circumstances can be fun, fulfilling, and even profitable, but there’s nothing that beats spending time with the plants out in their natural environment. Want to find CBD seed for sale that will never disappoint? The best thing to do is to contact i49 Seed Bank USA by phone at +1-888-441-4949 or send an email to [email protected]. Browse the website to learn more about individual strains, or get in touch to place an order today