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Autoflower CBD White Widow
A Dutch coffee shop menu staple that has been enhanced with healthful CBD.

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Autoflower CBD White Widow

A Dutch coffee shop menu staple that has been enhanced with healthful CBD.
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Auto CBD White Widow Fem
Type Hybrid
Yield Indoor 14 - 16 oz/m2
Yield Outdoor 2 - 6 oz/plant
THC 5%
CBD 10%
HEIGHT 24 - 59 inches
MEDICAL Anxiety Cramps Depression Fatigue Migranes Muscle Spasms Nausea Pain
EFFECTS Euphoric Relaxed Sedative Sleepy Uplifted
FLAVOR Citrus Earthy Flowery Pine Spicy Sweet Woody
GROWS Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor
CLIMATE Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Auto CBD White Widow Fem Strain Review

The Auto CBD Widow Fem strain is an indica dominant, high CBD, hybrid weed option that offers a balanced and long-lasting buzz. This blend of the classic White Widow cannabis seeds, hard hitting cerebral high with CBD Auto makes for a perfectly balanced high in easy to grow, minimal fuss marijuana seeds. Sitting at 60% indica and 40% sativa, the effects are a great blend of euphoria and relaxation. With CBD levels sitting at about 7.5-10% and THC around 5%, users can indulge without worrying about being knocked on their butts with mind-bending impacts and hangover cloudiness.

This stable, reliable and delicious bud offers all the benefits of its parent White Widow, but with a more manageable and pleasant high. With higher CBD levels comes more therapeutic integrity. This strain is a perfect option to support symptoms associated with a variety of mental and physical health challenges.

With its balanced and moderate effects, all users can benefit from the strain’s generous impacts. The stable genetics and high yields make this a crowd favorite among smokers and growers alike.

These seeds are both autoflowering and feminized. Autoflowering means that the seeds are bred to flower automatically after a certain period of time without needing to worry about creating the perfect light conditions. While most seeds require certain light intensity and time intervals in order to bloom, these seeds will do so without fuss. Feminized refers to all the seeds having two x-chromosomes and being guaranteed to produce female plants. Females are the ones responsible for producing the sticky, resinous buds we love to smoke, eat and use in creams and salves. Simple to grow and sure to produce usable bud? This is the ideal strain for growing ease and will suit a beginner grower perfectly. As with more autoflowering seeds, these plants will grow quickly and to be hardy enough to weather a few grower errors. They are even resistant to pests and disease.

These plants only grow to be about 60cm to 150cm tall but stretch out sideways with budding branches so make sure your space is wide enough to accommodate their sprawling span. These will do best outdoors provided that the climate is dry, sunny and warm, however indoors works fine enough, especially as the plants are quite small.

The chunky flowers take about 8 weeks with the full growing time being between 10 and 11 weeks from seed to harvest. This allows for multiple harvests in a growing season, which means a substantial home-grown stash!

If you are wanting to grow indoors, this is a great strain option as the plants stay relatively small and will yield about 400-450 grams per square meter. With most autoflowering plants, the Sea of Green method, where you force the plants to flower early when they are still young and small, is recommended for the most abundant harvest.

These plants will do great in an outdoor garden or on a balcony if the climate is dry, sunny and warm. As mentioned above, it tends to sprawl horizontally, so make sure to make adequate space for the branches to spill out sideways! Take care to prune the leaves to make sure the lower areas are getting enough light and airflow, or these dense buds and closely packed leaves might end up with mold. Expect 60-170 grams of usable bud from your garden grow.

This cannabidiol-enriched strain has similar, but milder, effects as White Widow. With very low THC content and up to 10% CBD, consumers can enjoy this strain without worrying about reacting too intensely to the psychoactive component. This strain is praised for its ability to soothe an anxious mind and relax a sore body. This is a great strain to address symptoms associated with a variety of mental and physical health challenges. Its uplifting effects ease stress and thus, lower cortisol levels. Its potent muscle relaxing abilities ease tension build up in the muscles making it a great choice for after a long, tiring day. There is evidence of CBD having anti-depressant properties as well so this could be an awesome alternative medicine to support both anxiety and depression.

As the majority of the high is in the body, this strain is an amazing, long lasting support for pain. Whether you are experiencing discomfort from cramps, PMS, headaches or muscle spasms, this strain will provide long-term relief. Its anti-inflammatory properties could support more chronic conditions as well, such as arthritis. Another benefit of using this potent bud is its ability to mitigate nausea and vomiting. This makes it applicable for those receiving chemotherapy or recovering from eating disorders too.

The high CBD levels in the Auto CBD Widow Fem strain seeds combat most adverse effects one might experience from THC, however certain unpleasant effects are still possible. Dry eyes and mouth are sort of inevitable with any strain, so make sure to stay well hydrated with water or fresh juices before, during and after your session. Also, if you use too high of a dose, you could end up experiencing mild paranoia or anxiety. However, that is easy enough to avoid if you go slow and let the high settle in before taking a second or third hit!

If you have used the original White Widow bud, this strain does now harbour the same potent and buzzing high you might expect. The roughly 1:2 THC to CBD ratio makes for a mellow, clear headed, high that sits more in your body than your mind. The lessened psychoactive effects make space for a relaxing body high and enhanced therapeutic benefits.

For those who enjoy a gentler strain that is safe to consume at almost any time without intense mind-bending qualities or lethargic after effects, this low THC option with double the CBD is perfect. Though it will not knock you into a euphoric cloud and leave you couch locked, it is still ideally used in the evening since the crisp mind eventually culminates in a relaxed and sedated body that is ready for a deep sleep! However, you can take advantage of the sharp mind in the day as well.

Overall, the use of this bud will lead to a happy, uplifted, clear mind and a deeply relaxed body. The mind freed of negative thoughts keep the creative juices flowering, making this a favored strain among musicians and artists too. The pleasant mood and alert mind make it a popular strain for social gatherings. With an array of agreeable recreational and medical applications, there is no question to why this is such a widely used strain!

The Auto CBD Widow Fem strain has a unique and complicated bouquet. The spicy and earthy aroma is strong enough to fill a room and the subtle, sweet floral and citrusy notes delight the senses.

As the first bit of smoke hits your taste buds, you will notice citrusy and earthy tones. This earthiness shifts to a sweet, sugary aftertaste and leaves a lingering wood and pine on the palette.

There are some other similar strain options that might be more to your liking. The parent strain of the Auto CBD Widow Fem strain seeds is White Widow fem. If you want the more classic marijuana experience complete with mind-bending euphoria from high THC levels, this is the way to go! Keep the creative, clear buzz, but with a much more hard-hitting high.

Another great option with equal levels of CBD and THC that will offer a more balanced blend of effects is the CBD White Widow fem. This is a great option for those looking for something that has all of the same therapeutic benefits with a bit more of a cerebral kick.

Looking for an energizing strain that kicks in quick and provides a hint of spaciness? Try the Chronic Widow. Or for something with mild THC, at only 12-16%, and hints of blueberry, try Blue Widow fem. For something very similar, try Auto White Widow CBD fem. These, and more are all available on the I49 USA online cannabis seed bank! Browse our awesome selection of seeds to find the strain that resonates with your growing environment and lifestyle.

No nick names are needed for these weed seeds. The Auto and Fem speak to their unique breeding and White Widow lets the buyer know what sort of effects to expect, though in a much milder form!

If you are looking to buy Auto CBD Widow Fem strain seeds online, or one of its comparable strains, you will not be disappointed when you purchase from I49. We make sure to source genetically pure, premium pot seeds from reputable growers. We store our seeds in the ideal conditions required to ensure they make it to you ready to take root and flourish. We are so confident in our process that we offer a germination guarantee on the majority of our seeds. We value your safety and privacy by offering secure payment options and discreet packaging. If you have any concerns or questions, get in touch with one of our helpful team members via our online contact form or posted phone number and we will be happy to help you at whatever stage of the home growing journey. At I49, we have your back!

With over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry, we have the grow-how from the experts!

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Where can I buy the Auto CBD White Widow Fem strain in the USA?

i49 USA sells Auto CBD White Widow Fem marijuana seeds online or by calling tel +1 (240) 618-2744. The sales representatives are available from 8am to 6pm PST, Monday to Friday; and from 9am to 4pm PST, Saturday and Sunday.

How can I buy the Auto CBD White Widow Fem weed seeds online?

A simple approach is to find an online weed seed bank that sells Auto CBD White Widow Fem and place an order through the website. Usually, you can pay with Bitcoin, Cash, Personal check, or Money Order.

How long does it take to receive my Auto CBD White Widow Fem weed seeds?

When payment is complete with i49 USA, your order will ship in approximately 1-2 business days once the payment is approved. Most clients receive their parcel in 7-14 business days.

What is Auto CBD White Widow Fem good for?

  • Euphoria
  • Relaxing
  • Sedation
  • Sleepy
  • Uplifting

What are the Medical benefits of Auto CBD White Widow Fem?

  • Anorexia
  • Anxiety
  • Chemotherapy
  • Cramps
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Lack_Of_Appetite
  • Migranes
  • Muscle_Spasms
  • Nausea
  • Pain
  • Pms
Auto CBD White Widow Fem Preview
Auto CBD White Widow Fem

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