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Kush Seeds

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Discover Amazing Kush Seeds

Make your choice from this fantastic Indica variety that has the power to heal and boasts authentic genetics. Kush weed seeds are extremely popular with marijuana enthusiasts worldwide, and you’re about to find out why. 


On this page, we’ll talk about where to buy Kush seeds, how to grow them, and all the benefits of this incredible cannabis strain

What are Kush cannabis seeds?

These fantastically relaxing cannabis seeds come from the Hindu Kush mountain range that runs through Pakistan and Afghanistan. 


Kush seeds tend to be Indica-dominant due to the climate conditions where they originated. These kind of strains usually give you more body effects rather than a mental high


Indicas are what you might associate the ‘stoner on the couch with the munchies’ image with as they cause serious physical relaxation. That’s not a bad thing, though, right? Some might say that Kush weed seeds allow your brain and body to go on a mini-vacation


If you don’t like the idea of vegging out in front of the TV all afternoon or want to experience the pain-killing effects without couch lock, there are some Kush seeds for sale in the USA that have been cross-bred with Sativa strains.


This ultimate body relaxation effect is excellent for those suffering from medical conditions, particularly chronic pain, and inflammation


The best Kush seeds also come in handy for those who experience insomnia and can’t enjoy some decent shut-eye at night, thanks to the sleepy feeling you’ll get. 


Here are some quick stats on Kush seeds:


  • Flowering time: 8 weeks
  • Yield: Moderate
  • Grow difficulty: Difficult

How are Kush marijuana seeds made?

Kush cannabis seeds can appear when a female weed plant starts to die, and she drops corns onto the ground where they’ll grow into new crops next season. Alternatively, you can harvest Kush seeds to plant yourself.  


To ensure a weed crop reproduces, males have pollen sacs that pollinate the females so that she flowers and produces seeds.


If you want to guarantee that you’ll get some juicy buds at the end of the harvest, consider buying Kush seeds feminized. This means that when you purchase cannabis to grow, the seller guarantees a 99% chance that your marijuana plant will be female.


How do breeders and growers create Kush seeds feminized? They cultivate female cannabis plants in an environment without a male in sight and pollinate themselves. No male chromosomes are present in the resulting seeds, so you can expect fem crops.

Why choose Kush weed seeds?

Cannabis enthusiasts worldwide choose the best Kush seeds to help with medical conditions or take the edge off their day


If you want to unwind after a difficult afternoon at the office, this strain gives you the ultimate relaxation experience and a soft mental high to help you let go of your worries. 


You can expect a great sense of physical and mental well-being as any anxiety or stress you feel will wash away. Kush seeds will help you drift off to sleep and stay that way until your alarm buzzes in the morning.


Chronic pain and inflammation can also stop us from enjoying our lives to the fullest. Kush marijuana seeds work wonders for these conditions and can give you the spring in your step you thought you no longer had. 

Other benefits of Kush seeds

All Kush strains boast some incredible benefits for the user to experience, particularly for individuals suffering from certain medical conditions. Deep relaxation means you’ll get relief from pain and inflammation and can enjoy a great night’s sleep. 


Check out this table for a more in-depth look at the wonderful medicinal advantages you can expect from all Kush strains.


Medical condition

How Kush seeds can help

Chronic pain

Medical marijuana is well-known for its analgesic properties, and Kush strains are one of the best to help in the pain relief department. It can provide respite from migraines, multiple sclerosis, and even cancer treatments. 


Marijuana has been a favorite of naturopaths to treat inflammation for thousands of years. From arthritis to IBS, you can expect relief when you use Kush seeds.

Insomnia and nightmares

Instead of using sleeping pills that can have a detrimental effect on your overall health, Kush weed seeds will send you off into a blissful slumber without experiencing terrifying nightmares.

Anxiety and depression

Kush strains boast high levels of CBD, which help to regulate the nervous system and can calm anxiety and depression in most patients.

Nausea and loss of appetite

Lots of treatments, like those for HIV and cancer, can have some terrible side effects, the worst being nausea and no appetite. Kush seeds can alleviate sickness and make you feel hungry again.


Apart from medical marijuana properties, Kush seeds are fantastic for your overall health. Consider purchasing some of this cannabis strain to help with:


  • Weight management - Kush seeds aid in staying at a healthy weight, as they’re chock full of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.
  • Protein source - This strain can help as a supplement for bodybuilders, and many fitness pros and athletes use them to gain muscle mass. 
  • Omega-6 and omega-3 - If you’re allergic to seafood and find it tough to get your complete intake of omega oils, Kush seeds will give you what you need. These factors pave the way for excellent cardiovascular health.
  • Body wellness - For overall mental and physical well-being, cannabis is a great all-rounder for keeping you happy and healthy.

How to grow Kush weed seeds

Luckily for the budding cannabis gardener, all Kush strains grow well indoors and outdoors. As with most marijuana seeds, your plant will have more space to flourish outside, but you can expect some excellent results inside, too.


We feel obliged to note that if you’re looking for easy Kush seeds, you might have a tough time finding them. This is one of the more difficult strains to cultivate, so remember our tips and tricks when growing this weed. 


You can boost your cannabis yield with a SOG or SCROG method if you’re worried about the size of buds in your home. You can expect your Kush seeds to flower in roughly eight weeks.


You need to keep checks on a few things, including the temperature and watching out for mold on weed.


Almost all Kush strains thrive between 65- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit, and they fare better with nighttime temperatures than most other strains. If your cannabis plants are indoors, you’ll need to lower the humidity for flowering.


During the vegetative stage, keep the climate at 80 degrees and then for the budding phase drop to 70. There shouldn’t be more than a 10-15 degree change between day and night temps.


Mildew and bud rot can destroy an entire cannabis crop, so you’ll need to perform regular checks on your weed plants and act fast to catch any issues early on . You can control indoor environments with lots of ventilation and keeping humidity relatively low.

Do Kush seeds grow better in soil or hydro?

If you’re going to cultivate cannabis at home, consider a hydroponics setup. Kush seeds can succumb to disease if grown in soil, and this method gives you another way to control the environment for your weed to flourish. Three perfect growing mediums for indoor success using hydros are:


  • Rockwool 
  • Clay pellets
  • Coconut fiber

What nutrients work best with Kush weed seeds?

Apart from the classic big three nutes, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK), you need to make sure your Kush marijuana seeds get enough calcium and magnesium.


You’ll need to keep an eye out for a deficiency in any of the nutrients, including:


  • Stunted growth
  • Leaf issues (curled tips, crinkling, spots, change in color)
  • Weak and hollow stems

What lights are best for growing Kush cannabis seeds?

It doesn’t matter if you decide to plant your premium Kush seeds inside or outside; you’ll always need an excellent light source. The more shine there is, the more cannabis you can expect to yield.


Indica-dominant strains like Kush will thrive under full-spectrum LED lights. Ensure you have some quality reflectors, and you expect huge yields and juicy nuggets at harvest.

Where to grow Kush seeds

You know how to grow Kush seeds, but what about where? Despite Kush seed’s hardy reputation, they do prefer certain climates to others. If you want to grow this weed outdoors, it’ll flourish if you live in a low humidity zone and can withstand colder temps at night.


The following states provide the best climate to grow this couch slouch Indica strain:


  • Nevada 
  • Arizona 
  • New Mexico 
  • Utah 
  • Colorado 
  • Wyoming 
  • Montana 
  • California 

Buying Kush seeds in the USA

You can find high-quality and cheap Kush seeds for sale in the USA in dispensaries and at online seed banks across the country. 


Remember, though, that cannabis isn’t legal in all states. You can buy weed seeds online now as collection items and store them for when the time comes if your region is yet to allow you to grow marijuana.


You can purchase cannabis Kush seeds online at i49. We offer a vast selection of regular, auto-flowering, and feminized cannabis corns to fit every stoner’s palate and begin your weed farming venture today.

Advanced tips for Kush seeds

If you’ve decided to find some Kush seeds for sale online, you’ll need to follow our growing tips to get the best results. Here are some extra pointers to get the juiciest nuggets possible for you to enjoy lighting up a fat blunt after your hard labor. 


We’ve already mentioned how Kush seeds are susceptible to powdery mildew and bud rot. You can wave the chances of this happening by pruning your weed plants and improving airflow across the green canopy.


SOG and SCROG work wonders for all Kush strains as their buds can become super heavy, and these techniques help bear the weight.


We recommend a hydroponic set up to boost your marijuana plant’s immune system and prevent diseases. 


In addition to the essential nutes, we suggested earlier, feeding your Kush plants with compost tea to further strengthen their immunity and help fight powdery mildew.


Remember to keep things legal, too. If growing weed isn’t permitted in your state, you’ll have to wait for now. Buying Kush seeds online is completely legal across the USA, but cultivating cannabis isn’t possible everywhere yet. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for those of you still waiting.

Top 5 Kush seeds recommendations

Looking for the ultimate Kush seeds for that euphoric sensation to sink into the couch? Look no further. Here are our top five recommendations to enjoy this Indica beauty to the max.

Afghan Kush

This is one of the purest forms of cannabis you’ll find on the market. Afghan Kush is 100% Indica and a landrace strain from the Middle East. Many weed experts consider this to be the backbone of Indica genetics.


Like most varieties that come from it, sour aromas and potent euphoric and relaxing effects characterize Afghan Kush seeds. 

Hindu Kush

This strain is next on the list after Afghan Kush. It’s another pure Indica landrace variety that comes from the mountain range of the same name. You can enjoy sweet and woody notes that give you the perfect blend to kick back and feel happy after a tough day with the Hindu Kush.

Purple Kush

This old-school classic gets its name from the bright purple flowers. With Afghani genetics, Purple Kush will provide you with a potent high that’ll send you off into dreamland until morning. Expect sweet, earthy flavors with this California-bred strain.

OG Kush

The genetics for OG Kush are a little all over the place, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a household name amongst weed lovers everywhere. You’ll fly high with citrus and earthy aromas as you space out for long periods and find yourself in fits of giggles.

Master Kush

This Indica-dominant strain was bred in Amsterdam and boasts classic earthy tones and an intense flavor. You can expect typical effects of relaxation, happiness, and sleepiness with Master Kush seeds.

The origins of Kush pot seeds

The history of marijuana is fascinating and dates back thousands of years. Strains come from all over the world, but where does Kush weed come from? 


Whether you buy feminized, auto-flower, regular, or fast flower strains, every Kush seed has its origin in the Hindu Kush mountain range region


This part of the world runs through Pakistan and Afghanistan, and the climate conditions mean Kush seeds are usually Indica-dominant.


The strain first made its way to the Netherlands in the 1970s or early 80s. Marijuana enthusiasts traveled through the mountainous Himalayas and Kush regions and brought back these ultra-relaxing seeds.


Nowadays, some of the more common Kush seeds we know and love are Hindu Kush, Master Kush, and Afghan Kush. It’s one of the most popular strains amongst pot fans, and you’ll find it in cannabis seed banks across the USA.