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Cannabis Nutrients

The Best Nutrients for Weed – All Under One Roof!

Welcome to i49 Genetics’s Dedicated Cannabis Nutrients Store!

So you’ve got your seeds, but there’s still plenty more you can do to help your crop flourish – and that’s where cannabis nutrients come in.

We’ve got a top-notch selection for your perusal: from organic nutrients to cannabis fertilizer and everything in between, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here! Healthier plants yield better-quality buds, and you know what that means – an awesome weed experience to share with your friends and remember forever.

We have three packs for you, each containing four great products.

25% OFF
Nutrients Standard Pack

Nutrients Standard Pack Nutrients for all Growing Stages!

With our Nutrients Standard Pack, you’ll get four products that’ll give your plants a helping hand from germination right through to harvest.

The Standard Pack contains:

  • Seedling Booster
  • Growtime Fertilizer
  • Flowertime Fertilizer
  • Plant Booster

Give yourself the best possible chance of a successful grow journey – even if you’re a newbie!

25% OFF
Nutrients Organic Pack

Nutrients Organic Pack Just Like Mother Nature Intended!

The Organic Pack contains the same products as the Standard Pack – but this time, they’re all organic. Growing organic cannabis can be a little tricky, but the general consensus is that it gives a better-quality product while also being better for the environment – and that makes it well worth it!

Our Organic Pack contains:

  • Organic Seedeling Booster
  • Organic Growtime Fertilizer
  • Organic Flowertime Fertilizer
  • Organic Plant Booster
25% OFF
Plant Protectant

Plant Protectant Shield your Plants with a Suit of Armour!

The Protectants Pack contains 3 products designed to protect your precious plants from pests and pathogens. Common garden nasties don’t stand a chance against this powerful bundle!

The Protectants Pack contains:

  • Bug Blaster
  • Root Guardian
  • Mold Shield

Keep your plants healthy and safe from harm.

Germ Genie

Germ Genie Your must have to boost germination!

Germ Genie is like a superfood salad for cannabis plants, and it’s one of the best nutrients for growing cannabis. 

This germination booster will:

  • Speed Up Germination
  • Boost Plant Resilance
  • Provide Explosive Root Growth
  • Suitable for all Seeds

What are cannabis nutrients?

Have you ever heard the saying: “You are what you eat”? Would you believe your marijuana naturally follows the same age-old adage? It’s true. Cannabis nutrients are essentially high-quality supplements for weed plants


Your crops and subsequent harvests depend heavily on what you feed them, irrespective of the medium they grow in. 


Most growers know about the nutrients available to plants naturally through their soil. Hydroponics operations show how important the balance of food and water is, though. 


Proper nutrient balance also exposes the incredible improvements in bud size, density, flavor, potency, and overall harvest that you can achieve. Join us to learn about these supplements and what they can do for your plants. 


Plants need water to grow, but that’s not all. Most cultivators with some experience know that feeding their plants with a marijuana nutrients regime can vastly improve output and quality, not to mention flavor


Most minerals get delivered to the plants via fertilizer. These manufactured products usually get mixed with water in chemical, organic, or synthetic forms.

What nutrients does cannabis need?

Nutes are the ‘food’ or ‘supplements’ that give your crops the best chance to thrive. With cannabis crops, you’re going to start with the NPK combination. N stands for nitrogen, P for phosphorus, and K for potassium.


Your plants grown from outdoor cannabis seeds need healthy foods in different doses during their life cycles. Nitrogen is vital for keeping the leaves green, making chlorophyll via uptake into the roots. 


Nitrogen is a significant factor in the development and structure of the plant. It’s a vital part of photosynthesis, which converts sunlight to energy and allows plants to grow.


Phosphorus is a central marijuana plant nutrient as it maintains the genetic integrity of the DNA. It’s a primary component and ensures the smooth transfer of genetic information from one generation to the next.


Potassium is vital to help cannabis plants grown from indoor cannabis seeds. It aids in surviving drought periods and improves the strength and resistance of the root system (in tandem with phosphorus).  


NPK are macronutrients, and in the vegetative phase, most growers opt for 60% nitrogen, 20% phosphorus, and 20% potassium. In the flowering stage, the nitrogen requirements dip while the phosphorus and potassium cravings take off.


NPK minerals are vital but don’t ignore other macronutrients required in smaller portions:


  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • sulfur 


For optimum results, growers should also feed their crops micronutrients (trace elements) like: 


  • boron
  • chlorine
  • copper
  • iron
  • manganese
  • zinc 

What are the best nutrients for growing cannabis

At i49 seed bank, we have all the best cannabis fertilizers for sale. We have a broad selection of synthetic and organic NPK combinations in varying proportions. We have simple beginner options like all-included nutrient kits.


We also stock products that reduce the chances for pests and pathogens to invade and compromise your crops. We even sell bulk cannabis nutrients to commercial farmers. We introduce a few of our best sellers below:


Weed nutrient kits

Fertilizers can convert your grow operation from a part-time hobby into a smooth-running and well-oiled machine, delivering delicious buds with mind-bending effects. With all cannabis seeds, you’ll need to consider your nutrient requirements.


Our cannabis nutrient kit packs combine four different fertilizers to cover your plant’s growth cycle


  • The seedling booster: ensures your delicate mini-plants get off to a positive start and sets them up for life.


  • The Growtime fertilizer: covers your bases during the vegetative phase, providing your crop with all the necessary minerals. 


  • The Flowertime chemical combination: helps to boost bud production and concentration when your flowers are in bloom. 


  • The plant booster: that can help your plants when they may be hurting from an error like overwatering or some other pest. It helps to coax successful harvests even from total newbies.


The marijuana nutrient kit is available in standard and organic versions. The latter sources chemicals from natural processes and produce the same results but impact the environment less.


Plant Protectant from pests and bugs

We designed three dedicated products to keep creepy crawlies and pathogens away from your buds. Together, these products make up the plant protectants kit


  • Bug blaster: does what it says on the bottle, blowing any troublesome bugs away.


  • Root guardian: is a cannabis fertilizer that protects your roots (and the entire plant) from bugs and potential overwatering problems. The health of the foundations is central to the viability of the plant and the buds it can produce. 


  • Mold Shield: protects your plants against powdery mildew, botrytis, leaf septoria, and other common issues. Use this product proactively to prevent mold before it even starts.


Germ Genie for germination and hydroponics

Germ Genie is another product that can enhance your plant and its potential success from a very young age. It speeds up germination and young root growth, improves the soil, and increases plant resilience and resistance to pathogens.


You can use these weed nutrients on indoor or outdoor crops, plants grown with autoflower seeds, hydro set-ups, or soil.


Regular vs. Organic nutrients for cannabis

The debate between regular and organic fertilizers rages on. Some claim synthetic versions can bring plants back from the brink, while others swear by the environmental positives presented by biological fertilizers.


Organic nutes for weed include manure, compost, seed extracts, seaweed, kelp, and fish emulsions or casings, among others. Regular fertilizers require chemical inputs and combinations.



Regular nutrients

Organic nutrients

Predictable, researched, tested results

Better flavor

Direct, tangible control of your crops

Less environmental impact


Less chance of heavy metal contamination

Less expensive

More expensive

Overuse can burn plants 

Reduced use of pesticides/herbicides

Cause toxic build-up in the soil  

Provide micronutrients, too

Can damage groundwater supply

Slow release - less likely to burn plants

Critical to use the right amount

Less nutrient waste


Improves soil structure

May damage soil fertility

Can attract more pests

Are homemade cannabis nutrients safe and effective?

The more you use expensive pre-prepared and bottled options, the more you’ll wonder if you could get the same effect on your own. They’re easy and cheap to make, environmentally friendly, and safe for plants grown from feminized seeds


DIY cannabis organic nutrients also work well, often even better than bottled options.


If you’re growing outdoors or your soil needs some help, start with the nitrogen. Sources of nitrogen (N) include:


  • Worm castings
  • Bat guano
  • Chicken manure
  • Crustaceous meal
  • Human urine


Make sure you dilute ten parts of water for every amount of urine. Peeing directly on your plants will burn the roots.


If you need a phosphorus (P) injection, you could use:


  • Boiled banana peels, saturate your soil, and allow fermentation for the best effects
  • Bone meal
  • Fish meal
  • Rock dust


If your soil needs potassium (K), you could add:


  • Banana peel
  • Fish meal
  • Kelp
  • Wood ash
  • Siliceous rocks
  • Compost

All these additives can be difficult to balance with your manure. It usually takes some time for growers to figure out the best nutrients for growing marijuana. If you get it right, you’ll save bucketloads of cash before you even buy cannabis seeds.

Buy cannabis nutrients for your strains

If you’re starting weed cultivation, it’s wiser to begin with synthetic fertilizers to get the balance right. After growing a few strains from start to finish, you should have a better idea of what works and what you need for success.


Get your crops off to a flying start with i49’s excellent and straightforward cannabis nutrient kit. It takes all the guesswork out of growing and allows you to learn—yet still succeed. Later, use your knowledge to experiment with organic manure recipes for DIY nutrients for cannabis plants


Pick up a nutrient kit to all but guarantee luscious buds in your near future. It’s time to grow great green with weed nutes.

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