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Autoflower Critical Jack
An essential for mind and body rejuvenation

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Autoflower Critical Jack

An essential for mind and body rejuvenation
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Auto Critical Jack Fem
Type Mostly Indica
Yield Indoor 1 - 3.5 oz/m2
Yield Outdoor 3.5 - 8 oz/plant
THC 13%
CBD 0,2%
HEIGHT 60 - 100 inches
MEDICAL Anxiety Arthritis Depression Inflammation Migranes Pain Stress
EFFECTS Creative Energetic Focused Relaxed Talkative
FLAVOR Citrus Lemon Pepper Pine Spicy
GROWS Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor
CLIMATE Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Auto Critical Jack Fem Strain Review
As a 60% Indica and 40% Sativa strain, Auto Critical Jack Fem bestows equal pleasure for both the mind and body. It is a cross of Critical + 2.0, recommended for its immense yield and deep tranquility, and Haze 2.0 Auto, a Sativa that lets you savor joyful moments through socialization. This hybrid boasts a moderate 10 to 15% THC level that imparts an equilibrium in cerebral stimulation and body relaxation.

Those who are new to the cannabis cultivation game will find it a brilliant addition to the garden. Its carefree nature makes for uncomplicated growing, and it brings a bonus of a generous yield of citrusy, woody, resin-loaded buds.
Auto Critical Jack Fem is suitable for novice growers because it does not require too much effort and time to cultivate. It is also an excellent option for anyone who wants to reap as many harvests as possible in a single season.

As an autoflowering strain, it has been fortified with Ruderalis genes. This gives it the ability to thrive in colder regions with a more robust defense against pathogens. Also, it does not need to follow a rigid lighting schedule like photoperiods; it will bloom automatically on its own.

This strain grows to a petite height and has a shape like a tiny fir with lots of branches. The foliage has a deep forest-green color highlighted by apricot-toned pistils. The trichome production is copious, giving the entire plant an icy appearance.

It thrives in both indoor and outdoor settings, so you can grow it alfresco or put it in a grow tent. That said, its powerful aroma makes it more appropriate for guerrilla growing. It is not the most discreet Mary Jane and may invite unwelcome curiosity among your neighbors.
Auto Critical Jack Fem takes 10 to 11 weeks to flower from the time the seeds sprout. You can capitalize on its perpetual harvest potential by carefully mapping out your growing timetable. Planting in April allows you to collect buds in June. By then, a second pack of seeds can be sowed for another harvest before winter, ideally in October.
Auto Critical Jack Fem’s modest size is a great advantage for small growing areas. To boost the yield, employ the Sea of Green (SOG) method and rear a maximum of 9 plants in one square meter. This number reduces the risk of overcrowding – a situation that might cause diseases to develop.

Different growing mediums can benefit the plants in different ways. Organic soil enhances the terpene profile and improves the flavors and aroma. On the other hand, a hydroponic system supports vigorous growth by giving the roots direct access to the nutrients. Another way to ensure the plant’s optimum health is by adding 1/3 of coco coir to the substrate and watering frequently but in small amounts.

Taking into account the intense odor this strain emits, you should install an odor-control system. Since you are growing for personal consumption, you can use an inexpensive but effective carbon filter; no need for a full-blown air filtration system like the ones used by commercial growers.

For the best results, use 600-watt HPS lamps and set them on a 20/4 light cycle. Furthermore, you should consider the temperature and relative humidity (RH) levels that have to be adjusted as the plant matures.

Seedling phase: 24 to 29 degrees Celsius (75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit), up to 70% RH Vegetative phase: 21 to 29 degrees Celsius (70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit), 40 to 60% RH Flowering phase: 18 to 27 degrees Celsius (65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit), 40 to 50% RH

Implementing SOG and following these growing techniques will result in a yield of 25 to 100 grams (0.9 to 3.5 ounces) per plant.
To take advantage of Auto Critical Jack Fem’s brief life cycle outdoors, it is best grown in a warm region with long summers. When placed in this type of environment, it grows to a height of 50 to 100 cm (2 to 3 feet) and yields 100 to 230 grams (3.5 to 8 ounces) per plant.
Auto Critical Jack is a favorite in the medical marijuana (MMJ) community for its dynamic healing benefits. The moderate THC level makes it an effective organic medicine with few mind-altering effects. In addition, it is a holistic remedy that targets both physical and mental concerns. This herb brings a boost of energy and helps eliminate negative thoughts and destructive feelings. Its antidepressant and anxiolytic features endorse it for patients coping with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), generalized anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, and depression.

It also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that deliver long-lasting relief for migraines, arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, and PMS. By stimulating the body’s production of happy hormones, it presents individuals struggling with persistent pain with an alternative treatment that does not cause drug dependency. Moreover, the physical comfort results in an excellent quality of sleep that may aid insomniacs and people with sleeping disorders.
Auto Critical Jack has the usual side effects experienced when smoking cannabis. You may experience a drying sensation as if your mouth is filled with cotton. The eyes may also become dry and irritated. Make sure that you are well-hydrated throughout your pot session, and use OTC eye drops.

Even though this pot contains a moderate amount of THC, overconsumption still presents some risks, such as dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety. To prevent these reactions, follow the recommended dosage and observe how you react before going all out.
Auto Critical Jack’s effects are well-balanced but initially manifest mentally. It envelops the mind with renewed energy that helps smokers be more focused on the tasks at hand, increasing productivity. Just a few puffs will make you highly alert and ready for brainstorming sessions.

An hour later, the Indica element shows up by placing the muscles in a profound state of relaxation. The body will be free of any stiffness as it submits to total tranquility. You will experience a not-unpleasant physical weight that leads to rest and recuperation.

This weed is recommended when you need a calm yet joyful way to end the day. You can also smoke it when you need a bit of encouragement for socialization. To ratchet up its comforting impact, try it before a massage – your body will thank you.
Auto Critical Jack draws you into a blissful olfactory experience as soon as you catch a whiff of its properly dried and cured flowers. The aroma of this strain is an appetizing blend of zesty citrus fruits with a dash of spice and wood.
With every puff, Auto Critical Jack brings a luscious encounter to the palate. The smooth and creamy smoke contains the intense flavors of lemon and lime, seasoned with cedar essence and spicy herbs.
If you want to explore your options of marijuana with low to moderate THC levels, you should also try CBD Super Lemon 1 to 1 Fem. This medicinal strain can treat various ailments, but at the same time it lets tokers savor a refreshing high. It has equal parts of 10% THC and CBD for both recreational use and healing. Smoking it is a delightful experience due to its lemony smoke with some floral notes.

Another one is Bruce Banner x White Russian Fem, the offspring of the lethargy-smashing Bruce Banner and the calming White Russian. This fusion results in absolute euphoria that elevates the mind immediately. Although it is mostly Indica and has a THC content that ranges from 15% to 20%, it keeps you active, but in a gentle way that does not induce hyperactivity. It is an ideal daytime smoke and perfect for social events that require you to be more vocal.

Auto Bubblegum Fem is a strain that made its mark in the cannabis world by bringing a positive experience to any toker who gives it a try. It has a 19% THC level that fills the mind with glee. Not long after, its body-calming effects are also felt. It eliminates stress and tension and is preferably taken before you hit the sack. In addition, its nostalgic bubblegum flavor will take you back to your childhood.

But if you want to avoid THC altogether, try CBD White Widow 1 to 1 Fem. This strain has a very low THC level of 1% and a CBD content of 10%. With this combination, you can expect intensive medicinal properties with little or no psychoactivity. This pot is a potent remedy for a wide range of illnesses, such as fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s diseases, and even epilepsy. For recreational users, it delivers complete relaxation, but it will never glue them to the couch.
Auto Critical Jack does not have any nicknames or aliases.

Auto Critical Jack is a top choice for cultivators and smokers who want an easy-to-grow strain but with intense effects. It will take you on a magnificent journey that gratifies your spirit and body. Simultaneously, it alleviates pain, anxiety, and depression. As an autoflowering hybrid, it allows you to enjoy multiple harvests of its health-giving buds per season.

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Auto Critical Jack Fem

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