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Strawberry Feminized
This plant offers an unmatchable fresh berry aroma and flavor, and a dreamy high that is so euphoric and expansive.

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Strawberry Feminized

This plant offers an unmatchable fresh berry aroma and flavor, and a dreamy high that is so euphoric and expansive.
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Strawberry Fem
Type Mostly Sativa
Yield Indoor 4 oz/m2
Yield Outdoor 4 oz/plant
THC 15%
CBD 0,2%
HEIGHT 47 inches
MEDICAL Anxiety Pain Stress
EFFECTS Calming Relaxed
FLAVOR Berry Earthy Grape Spicy Strawberry Sweet
GROWS Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor
CLIMATE Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean Cool/Cold
Strawberry Fem Strain Review

If you have ever walked through a strawberry field full of ripe red berries you can attest to the fact that it is the most pleasant assault on all of your senses. In Roman times, the fruit was associated with the goddess Venus and offerings of the fruit were made at her temples. The humble strawberry symbolizes purity and sensuality, fertility and abundance, humility, and modesty. From their smell, appearance, and sweet taste, the brilliant ruby gems are irresistible! The equivalent can be said for its namesake cannabis strain, Strawberry Fem. Smokers who simply need to chill over a scrumptious treat have found this fruity strain is a beauty. A staple in numerous Dutch cafés and grow rooms, it also has tolerably high THC levels for an ensured high. 

The lineage of this weed is not clear-cut and endeavors to discover her ancestry have been pointless without cutting edge hereditary testing. Regardless, numerous raisers utilize the strain to make hybrids because of the attractive characteristics it possesses. 

Nobody is certain on the precise amount of indica that is in the weed, however, specialists do trust it is a sativa dominant strain. With THC levels averaging from 12% to 18%, both amateur and veterans can appreciate Strawberry Fem. It offers a cerebral, uplifting energetic high that is sufficiently delicate to not daze clients. 

Planting Strawberry Fem strain weed seeds is an incredible decision for yearning producers. The plant flourishes both inside and outside. Growing it inside offers a short flowering period and de-livers a better than average measure of yield. With such generous outcomes from this strain, it makes producers question why they didn't attempt to grow this natural wonder sooner. With a magnificent and wonderful fragrance and sweet fruity flavor, Strawberry Fem is cherished by all who have raised her. Recreational and clinical cannabis networks seek this fruity gal out for the delicate and positive high she consistently delivers. Producers appreciate raising this simple to develop strain and enjoy the bragging rights that follow the production of this magnificent cannabis assortment. 

Now that you know Strawberry Fem strain is a breeze to grow, we will provide you with a few more details. This strain can grow up to four feet tall, so you do not require a great deal of room for this herb. It has branches that are strong to support enormous colas. The bush does not require you to be a skilled arborist and intermittent pruning will be adequate.


This strain can thrive both inside and out whenever given an ideal spot to develop. Raisers can expect 110 grams for each square foot in a contained setting and a similar yield for every plant when grown in the open-air planting. 

On average the flowering time of this fruity strain is seven to nine weeks. 

Most producers lean toward growing the plant inside using tank-farming with a Screen of Green (SOG) arrangement. By implementing these two methods, cultivators will see optimal development which will result in an ideal yield. A SOG method involves inducing flowering with only two weeks of vegetation and then reducing the time it takes to harvest and getting more crop cycles per year. Blossoming time is short and goes on for just eight to nine weeks. Rather than growing a couple of plants for a more extended timeframe, in a similar space, numerous small plants are developed with this setup. 

This strain also appreciates being out in nature, just like strawberries do. Cultivators must place it in a spot with direct sunlight. In northern territories, planting can begin around the end of April up to May and reap must not go past early October. Strawberries grown outside do not like the frost and neither will your Strawberry Fem plants so be sure to use this growing cycle to evade any damage to your valuable buds. 

This fruity strain has an amazing mental buzz that benefits medical cannabis users in plenty of ways. It has the ability to induce happiness and uplift one's mood and can help those struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, and PTSD. The effects are long-lasting, and this healing herb can help get people with mental health issues through the day without the burdens that weigh them down. Some smokers can even get away by just smoking this strain and leaving other medications at home.

This strain also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory compounds. Users gridlocked by muscle spasms, headaches, and migraines can benefit from Strawberry Fem strain. It is not too strong to induce couch-lock, but it is powerful enough to alleviate pains and aches. Use moderation when you consume this strain and you will enjoy many hours of cerebral high while still being active. It is an ideal choice for athletes with extremely sore muscles. 

Although Strawberry’s effects can be heavenly and sweet, it is not without side effects. Users may experience dry eyes and mouth, the two most common pitfalls of most cannabis use. Drinking lots of water can help remedy this. 

With THC levels that range around 12% and 18%, Strawberry Fem won't overpower most smokers. Fledgling tokers will appreciate this weed and ganja gurus never grow tired of experiencing its delicate high. Its buzz develops gently and doesn't overwhelm where one loses control. Unlike other strains with high THC, this fruity scrumptious strain is an excellent option for smokers who want to socialize and bring positive vibes to the table.


As the experience proceeds with this smoothie tasting strain, clients will start to feel negative contemplations float away. A euphoric, elevated mental state overwhelms any mental stressors that inconvenience the psyche, including tension, stress, or even gloom. The feelings you get after a session with this Mary Jane resembles having a difficult thistle eliminated from your side, something we all can identify with. A weak body buzz can here and there join your psychological high. It is not immediately obvious, however, after the primary hit you will feel a calming feeling from your head to your toes. 

The weed seeds of this fruity strain have a sweet smell just like its namesake. Traces of earth and flavor are impactful. The lovely fragrance will make one's mouth water after a whiff of this dessert strain. There is no denying that Strawberry Fem is extraordinary compared to other nose worthy strains in the market. 

Besides having a wonderful aroma, your joints will also have a delicious flavor. Cannabis connoisseurs across the globe love the dessert-like taste as it reminds them of whipped strawberry, berries, and grape deliciousness. It has a bit of an earthy aftertaste and some slightly spicy undertones on the exhale. Its sweet, fruity flavor makes Strawberry Fem one of the best-tasting strains ever bred. 

Do you love strawberries? We know that those of you who smoke Strawberry Fem aren’t just smoking her for her sweet taste but also for her euphoric effects. The strains below are great varieties to add to your treasure box. When you go to buy Strawberry Fem strain seeds at I49, just add a few of these strains to your cart and try out some other strawberry favorites.

Strawberry CBD 1 to 15 offers a pungent and fruity scent that is an enjoyable smoke for all users. It is a classic in all medical cannabis greenhouses for its high CBD content.

Strawberry OG Kush is an indica dominant strain that lends a bit of bravado to those needing a little boost to help them socialize and create conversations. It is also recommended for people needing some pain management support.

Strawberry Kush fem will grow mid-high and is a perfect seed to plant into your outdoor garden as she loves the great outdoors. For those who lack an appetite, try this strain to bring on the munchies.

Strawberry Cough will always bring you an uplifting high no matter what time of day you smoke her. With a thick smoke, first-time smokers need to go slow with this strain because like the name implies, it has the ability to make you cough.

Strawberry Banana fem strain always brings a soothing and calm feeling to all its users. A sweet fruity tasting strain, she is a sativa dominant girl and brings sensory awareness to all her smokers.

What strains tickle your fancy? If you have a sweet tooth you will not be let down when you buy Strawberry Fem strain seeds online along with the other seed varieties you want to add to your backyard grow. 

Known to some of her biggest fans as Berry fairy. 

Cultivating cannabis seeds is fun and doesn't need to be hard. At I49 USA we are happy to take you by the hand and help you figure out how to grow weed seeds and become your own herbalist in the blink of an eye. Why choose I49 as your go-to seed bank? At I49 we endeavor to provide you with an exceptional weed seed shopping experience! Our knowledgeable grow guides are here to provide you with all the information you need. We understand that a few people are somewhat hesitant to purchase marijuana seeds on the web. We realize how hard it can be to discover solid pot and seed banks. That is the reason at I49 we stock our store with some of the best feminized and high THC seeds available. Order your cannabis seeds from I49 and never be disappointed because we guarantee our seeds will lead to a colossal achievement! 

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Where can I buy the Strawberry Fem strain in the USA?

i49 USA sells Strawberry Fem marijuana seeds online or by calling tel +1 (240) 618-2744. The sales representatives are available from 8am to 6pm PST, Monday to Friday; and from 9am to 4pm PST, Saturday and Sunday.

How can I buy the Strawberry Fem weed seeds online?

A simple approach is to find an online weed seed bank that sells Strawberry Fem and place an order through the website. Usually, you can pay with Bitcoin, Cash, Personal check, or Money Order.

How long does it take to receive my Strawberry Fem weed seeds?

When payment is complete with i49 USA, your order will ship in approximately 1-2 business days once the payment is approved. Most clients receive their parcel in 7-14 business days.

What is Strawberry Fem good for?

  • Calm
  • Relaxing

What are the Medical benefits of Strawberry Fem?

  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Stress
Strawberry Fem Preview
Strawberry Fem

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