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Autoflower Amnesia
This strain will start you out feeling focused and motivated with an energy lift, and leaves you feeling introspective and relaxed in a calm haze.

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Autoflower Amnesia

This strain will start you out feeling focused and motivated with an energy lift, and leaves you feeling introspective and relaxed in a calm haze.
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Auto Amnesia Fem
Type Hybrid
Yield Indoor 16 - 19 oz/m2
Yield Outdoor 7 oz/plant
THC 22%
CBD 0,5%
HEIGHT 30 - 59 inches
MEDICAL Pain Stress
EFFECTS Energetic Euphoric Happy
FLAVOR Citrus Earthy Lemon Sweet
GROWS Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor
CLIMATE Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Auto Amnesia Fem Strain Review

Amnesia is recognized as one of the best parent strains on the market thanks to the strong cerebral high and the calming body buzz. A puff or two will hit hard and fast, sending you soaring for hours. It is also awesome for morning use, as smoking these nugs have the potential to send you into an intense mind bending high for the majority of the day! The strains that combined to make this awesome bud are the sativa dominant Jack Herer and Cinderella 99, and the indica addition of Skunk #1. The Auto Amnesia Fem strain was cross bred with a ruderalis strain to speed up its growth and allow it to flower based on its maturation, rather than light cycling.

This crowd favorite is easy to grow, provides substantial yields and does so quickly! Its use offers a mouth-watering scent portfolio and a delicious experience for your taste buds. It also has a myriad of effects and benefits that are not only great for recreational smokers, but are also sought after in the medical community.

This is an all around awesome, sativa heavy bud with THC levels of between 18-24%. The mix of great effects with growing ease make this a great addition to any home grow operation.

These Auto Amnesia fem strain seeds grow into beautiful, Christmas tree shaped plants with large, dense, resinous buds. You can expect sticky layers of trichomes and pungent, potent buds. These plants will do well in or outdoors, although they do prefer a controlled environment where their needs can be perfectly met. These plants go through their full life cycle fairly quickly so you may be able to get two harvests, even in an outdoor grow! With the full growth cycle of these weed seeds being sped up by the ruderalis genetics, you will be able to add these potent buds to your home grown stash in no time!

These beautiful, fluffy flowers with light green pistils and trichome rich sugar-leaves go through their flowering stage in roughly 8-10 weeks. 

As was mentioned, these plants really do best in an indoor set up. They stay relatively small making them easy to find space for, luckily. They will thrive in a Sea of Green setup where several plants are grown together and stress trained for ultimate light exposure to encourage an even faster harvest time. Paired with hydroponics, where nutrients are carried to the plant roots via water systems rather than soil, these plants will reach their optimal health and production potential! You can expect 1.5 to 1.8 ounces of sticky buds per square foot if these conditions are met.

The Auto Amnesia Fem strain can do well outdoors as well. For best results, plant these babies where they will have direct access to lots of sunlight. Mediterranean climates will definitely yield the best results. Those in the northern hemisphere can grow Amnesia in their gardens and may even receive the joy of multiple harvests. Make sure to harvest your last batch by mid to late October so the first frost does not damage your plants. If mother nature cooperates, you can expect about 7 ounces of these sticky nugs per plant!

The potent effects of this bud sink in quickly. Fans of Amnesia use the happy high in the treatment of psychological struggles like depression and chronic stress. However, it also can be used to support a variety of physical health challenges as well. The use of this bud alleviates sluggishness and lethargy making it an awesome option for morning use to energize you through your day. It has also been shown to support pain issues like achy joints, connective tissue disorder and migraines. If you have to undergo treatments like chemotherapy, this bud is also helpful. It increases appetite while combating nausea and vomiting. 

One of the best things about using marijuana products in the treatment of health challenges is that there are often minimal side effects. With the use of Auto Amnesia, as with most pot, you might experience dry eyes and cottonmouth. Fortunately, this relatively mild discomfort is easily combated by staying hydrated. Drink fluids before, during and after consuming and you should be able to mitigate these issues. Because this is such a potent, sativa strain, overuse can lead to a couple other more severe symptoms such as anxiety or paranoia. This too can easily be kept at bay by following the recommended dosage. THC sensitive smokers may want to just steer clear, as even veteran users are easily blown away by this powerful bud! Either way, spaced out small sips are the way to approach Amnesia.

This potent bud enhances the experience of the mundane. A psychedelic high enlivens the senses and makes tastes, sounds and smells more intense. Blended with euphoria and positivity, it is no wonder this bud is highly sought after. Its effects are energising and stimulating, making this a great strain for daytime use. Favored among the creatives for its ability to unleash ideas and among the party people for its ability to enhance social engagement, this positive cerebral high is well loved all around. 

The indica addition brings this intensity down a notch by offering a deep physical relaxation and calm. This brings the cognitive effects into balance, so the user feels energized but not overwhelmed. Do tread lightly though, as the potency can shock even veteran users! 

The swirling smoke off the resinous Auto Amnesia Fem strain is complex and delightful. An odor comparable to the scent of incense fills the nostrils first, and then settles into subtle notes of cedar and citrus. 

The pleasing odor translates equally well onto the palette. While the flavorful smoke can be so intense it causes coughing, it is generally well liked for its dominant sandalwood notes with hints of diesel and cedar. The lingering experience on the taste buds is delicious and sweet.

There are a lot of seed options out there, so do not worry if the Auto Amnesia Fem strain does not speak to you. Here are some awesome alternatives with similar genetics to consider.

Try Auto Amnesia Haze for all the awesomeness of Amnesia mixed with Haze. You can expect similar effects, comparable THC levels, and an earthy, citrus and sweet aroma. Blended with lemon skunk,Amnesia Lemon Fast Fem seeds will offer decent yields, short flowering times, and an earthy and spicy flavor profile. The THC levels for this strain are relatively high, sitting between 17 - 23% and the CBD levels are higher than average, sitting around 2%. This option is great for stress, anxiety and depression. You can also get the Auto Amnesia Lemon Fast fem seeds for the autoflowering option an increase the ease of growing.

For a more well rounded high with the same creative cerebral buzz and soothing body high, try Auto Blue Amnesia. The genetics of this bud are 40% sativa, 40% indica and 20% ruderalis and it offers more moderate THC levels making for a milder and more balanced high. Also tasting of bubblegum, this tasty treat is hard to put down!

For another sativa dominant option that offers mind enhancing and uplifting effects, try Skunk Amnesia Fem. The addition of skunk genetics makes this bud a little slow to grow, but it is so worth the wait for its happy buzz!

Find Auto Amnesia Fem seeds, any of these alternatives, and many more options on the i49 online seed bank. We have clear categories and descriptions of each of our seed options so you can find the best strain to meet your individual needs.

There are no nicknames for this crowd pleasing bud! This popular strain has an established reputation and by including auto and fem, buyers know they are not only getting the awesome genetics of Amnesia, but that it is now easier to grow!

If you are looking to buy Auto Amnesia Fem strain seeds online, you will not be disappointed when you choose i49 USA. i49 is an online cannabis seed bank created by a team of passionate entrepreneurs who source their cannabis seeds from educated growers. We carry a selection of autoflowering, feminized, regular and medical premium quality, genetically pure marijuana seeds. You can browse our comprehensive catalogue for the perfect strains for your home grow operation and order easily from the comfort of your own home. You can feel comfortable knowing that you are being protected by secure payment options and discreet packaging. We know it can be tricky to start a new venture without speaking with the professionals and so, we offer our support. We have a team of awesome customer service representatives that are happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have at any stage of the growing process. Get in touch via our online contact form or posted phone number if you need assistance and get started with your home growing journey today!

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Where can I buy the Auto Amnesia Fem strain in the USA?

i49 USA sells Auto Amnesia Fem marijuana seeds online or by calling tel +1 (240) 618-2744. The sales representatives are available from 8am to 6pm PST, Monday to Friday; and from 9am to 4pm PST, Saturday and Sunday.

How can I buy the Auto Amnesia Fem weed seeds online?

A simple approach is to find an online weed seed bank that sells Auto Amnesia Fem and place an order through the website. Usually, you can pay with Bitcoin, Cash, Personal check, or Money Order.

How long does it take to receive my Auto Amnesia Fem weed seeds?

When payment is complete with i49 USA, your order will ship in approximately 1-2 business days once the payment is approved. Most clients receive their parcel in 7-14 business days.

What is Auto Amnesia Fem good for?

  • Energy
  • Euphoria
  • Happiness

What are the Medical benefits of Auto Amnesia Fem?

  • Pain
  • Stress
Auto Amnesia Fem Preview
Auto Amnesia Fem

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