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Bitcoin guide

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Getting Started

On average, it takes approximately 25 minutes to pay using Bitcoin for the first time. After that, it takes only 1-2 minutes to complete transactions.
A bitcoin exchange is where you store digital currency.

Find out the four key things you need to start using Coinbase:
  • Email Address - for verification and security purposes.
  • Mobile Phone, Desktop or Tablet
  • Credit or Debit Card - once you have set up an account with a bitcoin exchange, you buy bitcoins using a credit or debit card.
  • Valid Identification - a standard practice to prevent frauds and scams.

i49 Genetics recommends Bitcoin Made Easy through Coinbase.

Follow the step-by-step guide in order to sign up in a very few easy steps:
  • Go to the link and select “Buy Bitcoin at Coinbase Now” button.
  • Enter in the requested information and you will be sent a verification email. Open it and select “Verify Email Address” , if you don’t see that in your inbox check the spam folder.
  • Select your State and you’ll be redirected to your dashboard, where you can see the latest exchange trends for Bitcoin and other top digital currencies.
  • Go to “Buy/Sell” tab and select “Add New Payment Method”. You’ll be redirected to the Settings section where you will have to select again “+ Add Payment Method”.
  • We highly recommend Credit/Debit Card which is faster and has less limitations. Just click on “Credit/Debit Card”, enter the relevant information, click “Next”.
  • Add your mailing address and click “Next”, your Credit/Debit Card should be added by now!
  • Select “Buy digital currency” then click “Verify Phone Number”. Add your phone number and you will receive a text message with a security code. Enter in the code and select “Verify”.
  • Lastly, for security purposes, you will be asked to submit a valid ID in photo. It will take a couple of minutes to verify your ID by Coinbase.
  • Now, go to the “Buy/Sell” tab and enter in the amount you’d like to purchase and select “Buy Bitcoin Instantly”. You can authorize your transaction by selecting “Confirm Buy”.
  • There we go! You can buy more bitcoin via the same method or start paying with it as you please:
    • By scanning a QR code from a webstore with your phone to authorize payment.
    • Or, in Coinbase under the “Accounts” tab choose your bitcoin account and enter in the bitcoin wallet address of an individual or webstore you’d like to pay.
      Enter in the amount and click “Send Funds”.

How to Pay Using Bitcoin at i49 Genetics

Using bitcoin to pay for seeds is straightforward, and here’s how:

  • Browse through the catalog and add the strains you like into the cart.
  • After choosing one or more strains, tap/click on the shopping cart icon located on the top right corner of the site.
  • Review the strain(s) and specify the number of seeds. Then, proceed to secure checkout.
  • On the next screen, you will be asked to enter the shipping details. After, proceed to secure payment.
  • Choose Pay by Crypto as the payment method. Clicking on complete order takes you to the payment processor to process your bitcoin payment.

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency that started in 2009. Unlike traditional financial institutions, it is decentralized and promises lower transaction fees and complete anonymity.
There are no physical currencies. The system uses public and private “keys” - long strings of letters and numbers linked through a mathematical encryption algorithm - to keep bitcoin balances and transactions. Essentially, the public key acts as the account number in which payments could be sent or received. Meanwhile, the private key is more like a passcode or a PIN meant to authorize transactions.
Bitcoin used peer-to-peer technology to facilitate payments. It comprises tens of thousands of companies and individuals, also called “miners,” contributing computing power and enforcing the credibility of the network.
Because of the stigma associated with cannabis, some individuals find it challenging to purchase seeds. In this regard, using cryptocurrency becomes a viable solution as the transactions are kept secret and secure. It also helps that the transaction fees are significantly lower than traditional bank fees. In fact, it is for this reason that i49 Genetics could offer free Gelato seeds when paying with Bitcoin.

Benefits About Paying with Bitcoin

  • Anonymity
    Bitcoin payments are between you and the seed bank, and never associated with personal identity. Moreover, the way it works eliminates the possibility of tracing transactions back to you. The high degree of anonymity is one of many compelling reasons for the rise of cryptocurrency.

  • No Third-Party Involvement
    Cryptocurrency eliminates third parties, resulting in lower transaction fees. Because of its peer-to-peer nature, governments and financial institutions cannot interrupt transactions or freeze Bitcoin accounts. Hence, the purchase goes through faster, and the seeds delivered sooner.

  • Impossible to Hack
    Cryptocurrency relies on blockchain technology. Due to its decentralized nature, there is no single point of entry to attack the system. It is far superior to the conventional methods employed today in which infiltrating the central server results in successfully hacking the system.

  • Zero Risk of Inflation
    Money stored as cryptocurrency is immune to inflation, which occurs as the government keeps issuing more money over the years. Bitcoin is finite, and issuing excess digital currency is impossible. Moreover, measures are in place to prevent any form of manipulation from occurring.

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