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I49. Your local Californian Seedbank. We ship authentic cannabis seeds to your door in discrete packaging. We provide our clients with top of the range seeds with safe and secure processing and carry a selection of indoor and outdoor cannabis seeds for sale.

Bulk Pot seeds USA
Looking for easy on the wallet weed sales? No need to fret. Here at I49, we offer you a price relieve on bulk pot seeds in the United States of America. We promise to deliver, not only affordable but pot seeds that are of a higher quality when compared to what other seed banks have to offer. Our pot selection varies from Indicia and Savita seeds, indoor and outdoor seeds, auto flower and feminized seeds, hybrid seeds all of which are part of a wider range of pot. And on top of the wide variety, we give you to choose from, our affordability is second to none.

Sale Costs
The price of pot seeds usually values in at approximately 10 to 12 dollars, much more than the 3 dollar tomato seeds you can purchase at any local plant sales outlet. People are often funding dumbstruck when they find out that a pot pack of ten seeds can easily sell for 100 dollars a pack. However, we promise you affordability and quality at the same time.

Prolonged existence
The seeds can be kept for quite some time before putting them to use. The temperature within the seeds environment and the moisture it is exposed signals the seed when to sprout. So as long as you keep the seeds in a dry, dark environment they can remain feasible for years. It has been found out that there are cases of seeds being kept for 5 to 6 years before sprouting began.

Feminized seeds
It is a fact that male seeds only produce pollen. However growing feminized seeds means that all your seedlings will grow to be plants which in return will become bud-bearing females. Yet you can still opt for growing half male and half female plants like with regular seeds. Good feminized seeds should only produce 100% female plants, with no hermies.

Can you smoke weed seeds?
We highly advise you not to! Smoking pot seeds will only create a harsh, disgusting, distasteful taste, and they will provide little to no THC, CBD, or anything of value. However, there are some cultures are known to eat pot seeds, which can provide some nutritional value, but you would have to eat an outlandish amount of pot seeds to get high.

What would it cost to put your bulk pot seeds to use?
Let us say that you are growing five marijuana plants in a four by four foot grow tent with a 600watt HPS light will cost you around two thousand dollars a year and produce one pound of marijuana per harvest. With four harvests per year, each marijuana plant will cost approximately one hundred dollars. So you will get way more than what you spent.

Bulk Pot Seeds Usa

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