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24K Gold Strain Seeds

The lovechild of Kosher Kush and the award-winning Sativa Tangie, this strain is wonderfully dank and fruity. The Tangie dominates the overall phenotype (plants are quite tall), white the bud appearance is purely Indica (tight and sticky with mouth-watering resin). Relaxing and happy strain to smoke

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Dominant Origins & Notables

Born as the love child of Kosher Kush and the award-winning Sativa Tangie, this strain is wonderfully dank and fruity and bred to be pure gold! Everything about 24K fem is golden. From its appearance down to its effects and potency, it is nothing short of spectacular.

With a name like 24k Gold fem, you better expect to hit the jackpot. If THC were a form of currency, 24k Gold marijuana seeds would make you a millionaire with its 18–24% THC content. This strain is definitely not for novice users who haven’t experienced such strong THC doses before. If this delicious strain is inhaled in extreme amounts, it can lead to feelings of panic, anxiety, and overall “greening out,” so we definitely recommend beginners take it slow with this one and test the waters carefully.

It’s lineage includes Kosher Kush, a two-time winner of best Indica in the High Times Cannabis Cup and overall winner in 2011. Its most instantly-recognizable characteristic is its insanely high potency. At up to 29% THC, it is one of the strongest strains in the world.

The second parent strain is the Sativa-dominant Tangie. This hybrid, boasting a citrus and skunk aroma, is a remake of the famed Tangerine Dream. Its claim to fame derives from the superb quality of its concentrates. Within the first eight months of its release, it won all ten competitions the breeder entered.

As illustrious as these two plants’ lineage is, the decision to pair Kosher Kush with Tangie is not solely due to the strains’ prominence. Instead, the creation of 24K Gold is a testament to the breeder’s desire to create new hybrids that are greater than the sum of their parts. 24K Gold fem is no exemption to the standard of excellence the breeders have developed over recent years.

24K Gold fem is a truly unique hybrid that leans towards the indica side of the spectrum but has unusually strong cerebral effects. Like its parents, it is incredibly potent. Best of all, its seeds are now available in feminized form.


24K Gold fem is a very easy plant to grow, and even beginners are likely to succeed the first-time round. It has a remarkable growth rate, especially during the vegetative stage, and during the flowering phase it can stretch quite a bit. As such, growers will need to prune or trim regularly.

When you are ready to grow, buy 24K Gold fem strain seeds online from I49 for the best quality crop for your indoor or outdoor garden. Ordering seeds from trusted online seed banks ensures that seeds are rarely handled and are packaged and shipped in temperature/humidity-controlled environments; this is key for good growth.

This stunning strain can get pretty tall, and will continue to stretch up until its 4th week of flowering. As such, it is wise to take this into consideration when planning out growing space, both indoors and out. Generally speaking, this goddess will produce yields of up to 550g/m² under perfect conditions, and require 9-10 weeks to fully flower. The fully mature flowers produce a lot of resin, making it a good candidate for hash production. It is also worth noting that 24K Gold is known to produce 3 phenotypes, all of which are stable and of a high quality.

Flowering Time

Expect to harvest these beauties nine to ten weeks after germination.


It is possible to grow these weed seeds indoors, but it will require a much more experienced hand to maintain its size and shape. 24k Gold needs a lot of room to grow to its full potential and bring out that sweet orange aroma with citrus notes.

When cultivated indoors, it is always best to give this plant ample space. However, even in a crowded habitat, it adapts well. It can tolerate Low-Stress Training (LST) and is well-suited to Screen of Green (SCROG) techniques. The SOG method is one that utilizes many small plants in small pots for every square meter of space, maximizing production which is perfect for smaller spaces.


Outdoors, the plant should begin flowering on the 3rd to 4th week of October in a Mediterranean climate. Come harvest time, it can produce anything from 15 to 19 ounces per plant. Our advice to growers is to germinate 24k Gold cannabis seeds outdoors, namely because this strain grows tall during the vegetative cycle.

Medicinal Application

This classy strain is a powerful mood-altering choice, allowing patients to find it in themselves to feel more optimistic, even in trying times.

Apart from its recreational value, this solid strain is also popular among medicinal users. Because it uplifts the spirit and promotes a sense of general well-being, some people have used it to combat general stress and mental tension. Others have turned to this plant to help relieve symptoms of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Supporting people with all levels of anxiety this strong strain provides support to the mental and physical self. It is also said to be a good antidote to some physical ailments, and has been used to treat back pain, joint inflammation, migraines, and nerve-related conditions. While this feminine strain is much-loved by recreational and medicinal users alike, just remember less is more and go slow.

Adverse Reactions

The following can be apparent if smoking too much of 24K Gold fem strain; dry mouth, dry eyes, anxiety, headache, dizziness, and dehydration. If you experience any of these mild reactions be sure to have fluids close by and also a friend in case your anxiety becomes more than you can handle on your own. Take it easy and remember a little goes a long way.


The effects of 24K Gold fem lean toward the indica side, but the hit starts off with a strong euphoric high. From the outset, it promotes creative thinking and lucidity. Before long, a subtle but uplifting sensation descends on the body, and the Indica properties soon become more pronounced. It doesn’t take long before tokers are glued to the couch.

Used in moderation, the cerebral effect of 24K Gold fem is gentle enough, but in larger doses, the psychedelic effects become more intense. Once this happens, most users end up seriously stoned in a dreamy, blissful haze.

This incredibly potent strain can help you to feel uplifted and inspired, even after a long day of wearing yourself out. This flower has the power to make you feel euphoric about the most mundane things, and can help you plunge you into a deeper state of joyfulness, before slowly allowing you to wind down into a long night of sleep.


24K Gold has a strong, creamy, citrus aroma with notes of orange fruit.


It has a thick but smooth smoke that tastes sharp and sweet like its fragrance. Upon exhale, it leaves a fruity aftertaste with a peppery kick.

Where can I buy the 25K Gold strain seeds in the USA?

i49 USA sells 24K Gold weed seeds online or by phone at 1-888-544-4949 for telephone orders. The office is open from 5am to 7pm PST, 7 days a week.


How can I buy the 24K Gold cannabis seeds online?

Simply contact an online weed seed bank selling 24K Gold seeds and place an order through the website or by telephone. Accepted payment methods include: Bitcoin; cash; personal check; money order; or wire transfer.

How long does it take to receive my 24K Gold weed seeds?

Once payment is processed with i49 USA, orders typically ship within 1-2 business days. Most orders are delivered in 7-10 business days. 

Is buying Skunk Amnesia Fem 420 seeds from a local dispensary a good idea?

Cannabis seeds obtained from established providers like registered dispensaries might be high quality, but the environmental shifts from retail environments could negatively impact viability. Ordering seeds from trusted online seed banks ensures that seeds are rarely handled and are packaged and shipped in temperature/humidity-controlled environments.

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