Amnesia Blue Head Band Fem

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Buy Amnesia Blue Head Band Strain for your home garden.

A rare and mind-blowing hybrid cross composed of Amnesia x Blueberry x Headband. Expect to see medium-tall bushy plants with huge yields of resinous plants. Technically close to a 50/50 hybrid, but this strain will wake you up with positive energy like afresh cup of coffee.

Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
THC Content: 10-20%
Strong hashish flavor with sour fruit notes

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  • '5' '14754'
    I would highly recommend getting your seeds from i49. I was a little concerned in the beginning about sending money since this was my first official purchase online. But my worries was put to rest when I got the confirmation from them that they received my letter. i49 is now my go to company for all my seed needs. I have searched many other sites and they didn’t have what I wanted. Thankfully I found this company as they had all the seeds I was searching for and more in stock. Their shipping was swift as I got my order shortly after placing it. I do have to admit I was a little shocked when I got the package though as there were no seeds to be found. My first initial reaction was, did I just get dooped?! But after looking carefully the stealth shipping by i49 was really well done and smart. The seeds are A+ in quality and germinated in 36 hours.
  • '5' '14754'
    After reading a few people saying that they received bad seeds I put it to the test! Took all of the seeds I got from i49 and sprouted them. I live in a place that it is legal to do so, please do not anything that will get you in trouble.

    13 out 13 POPed! That is 100% people, the guy that said he got non of his to go has a black thumb! I know have all the faith in the world that the ones I bought to save for the end of the world will go without a hitch.

    Disclaimer. I do not work for these people. I just hate when people lead other in a bad way.