Auto Blueberry Fem

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Buy Automatic Blueberry Feminized Seeds Online!

Buy this strain for a potent, resinous plant that has an amazing fruity taste.

You can enjoy 10 weeks from seed to harvest from this auto feminized strain.

Buy Auto Blueberry Strain Now.



Buy Automatic Blueberry Feminized Seeds Online!

Check out this amazing cross of Lowryder #2 male and an original Blueberry mother.

The result is an autoflowering feminized strain that is potent, fruity and offers a heavy yield.

You can expect seed to harvest flowering times of 10 weeks and lots of side branching.

This strain grows well in a green house, indoors or outdoors and is easy to grow.

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  • '1' '3669'
    Hey Daniel,

    Yes, we sure do. We ship to California from Los Angeles. Please feel free to place an order and check us out! We appreciate the message. I49
  • '5' '3669'
    Good night.Do you guys ship to California?
  • '5' '3669'
    These guys will handle anything you need before during and after purchase! Can’t wait to grow these seeds!
  • '4' '3669'
    Can you grow a mid summer crop if you start them early enough.
  • '3' '3669'
    I need get seeds
  • '1' '3669'
    Hi Dan. Yes, this is a THC producing variety! Thanks for messaging.
  • '5' '3669'
    Does this strain contain THC?
  • '5' '3669'
    Very good
  • '1' '3669'
    Hi Jordan,

    Thanks for your message. Right now, NO we do not ship to Africa. But check back in the new year if you want to pay by BITCOIN and get seeds shipped to Uganda. Katherine
  • '5' '3669'
    Do you guys ship to Africa because Iam in Uganda
  • '1' '3669'
    Hi C.J. Thanks for your message. What do you mean? We would appreciate it if you were specific when you message us so that we can help!
  • '4' '3669'
    No free beans
  • '1' '3669'
    HI Adrian. Thanks for the message! Currently, only for wholesale [ 100 of 1 strain or more ]. Orders must be paid by bank transfer or Bitcoin and we ship out of our European facility. We also have an email from you, so will respond to that too. Hope you have a nice day!
  • '5' '3669'
    Good night.Do you guys ship to the Caribbean?
  • '1' '3669'
    Hi Hector. Thanks for your message. Yes, it is safe to order from us! We are about 2-3 weeks behind for shipping as of the date of this message but quality genetics for souvenir purposes are readily available. Thanks again for reaching out!
  • '5' '3669'
    I just wanted to know if it's safe to order from this website
  • '5' '3669'
    I didnt get my plants to be as blue as the pictures but my yield per 1000 watt light was over 3lbs. Great strain.
  • '5' '3669'
    Decent strain and service. I got 4/5 seeds into grow bags.
  • '5' '3669'
    Bought a 10pack from Rick and got my order after two weeks. He sent 2 bonus beans which was nice. Got 10 / 10 to pop out and so far all are looking great. Will send an update once I bring em down on yields etc. Great so far.
  • '5' '3669'
    Fast shipping and great germ. rate. I have no reason to go anywhere else. Ooh, and I got free seeds in my order that I wasn't expecting so 5 stars!