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This Autoflower strain is a cross between a Lowryder #2 a Great White Shark from Green House Seeds.

You can expect a tall plant with BIG buds covered in white resin.

The effect is long lasting and cerebral and takes 10 weeks from seed to flower.

Buy Auto Great White Shark now!

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Buy Automatic Great White Shark Feminized Seeds Online!

This awesome strain offers white resin on its big buds and grows to be a tall plant.

It only takes ten weeks from seed to harvest and the yield is considerable.

Bred from a male LowRyder #2 and a female Great White Shark from Green House Seeds this strain is sure to please.

Users of these awesome buds often experience a long lasting cerebral effect.

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  • '5' '3664'
    2 weeks into my first grow with the auto great white shark!! Very excited! I highly recommend buying from i49 company is great and takes care of their customers. They sent me a couple free seeds and rushed my order because I made the mistake and ordered the wrong seeds! So yes they got themselves a forever loyal customer!
  • '5' '3664'
    Easy to order, fast delivery, plenty of contact, you are dealing with people, not robots
  • '5' '3664'
    Everything on this site is out of stock. What kind of BS is this.
  • '5' '3664'
    Amazing and great genetics everything in these listings about the plants are true
  • '1' '3664'
    Hi! We are just catching up on some orders and plan to be accepting new orders around January 15, 2018. Please check back then and thanks for your patience.
  • '5' '3664'
    White hairs to match my head! No seriously though, the white hairs are remarkable on this strain. In 15 years of growing Ive never seen anything like it. Will buy again.
  • '5' '3664'
    Ordered some of these and got my package yesterday. I put 5 in a glass and 4/5 went down to the bottom easily. I had to wait about 5 hours for the last one, but got 100% germination. Great start I49.
  • '5' '3664'
    Don’t buy this unless you can acommodate a tall plant. Its well worth the space and i love this strain.
  • '5' '3664'
    The white hairs on these cola's are intense. I love growing this strain.
  • '5' '3664'
    I bought these seeds for a new grow room and its only week 5 but I am confident these 3 are going to be awesome to harvest. These plants do grow tall and the resin is really noticeable. Counting down to crop...
  • '5' '3664'
    The name of this strain seemed a bit odd, so I gave it a try. Not bad.. the white in the plant is really appealing to the eyes and it has a really nice sticky bud. This was one of those strains that surprised me in a good way. I would buy again.