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One of the shortest and most discreet plants available (30-40cm) which also flowers remarkably fast, essentially right after the first leaves develop. Being bred for 9 generations this strain Is sturdy and can survive harsh or cold climates very well. Effects are very Indica as this is a descendant of Northern Lights #2 and William’s Wonder.
THC Content: 12-14%
Flowering Time: 6-8 Weeks
Pungent and skunky smell, slightly citrus taste

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  • '5' '13270'
    My first autoflower and very happy with them. They stayed in my veg room, 1 gal pots of promix under MH 1000 and got around 30g each. Zero work and 10 weeks for very good bud. Easiest plant ever.
  • '5' '13270'
    Used them twice and very pleased with the customer service and product. Always 100% glad I chose this seed company.
  • '4' '13270'
    Beans came quick and only took 2 days to pop. 100%
  • '4' '13270'
    I had excellent results. I grew in two gallon 9’’x9’’ square containers, with a 150 HPS under each plant. Oh course you can grow up to two plants under each light and have excellent results. Be sure to purchase Mylar film or a space/emergency blanket to reflect all that crucial light that can escape. I Had to water almost every day but the yield far exceeded what was published about the strain. Perfect for a small time/personal use growers. Also created some really potent edibles. I highly recommend it to first time growers and those looking for a harvest between in between strains that aren’t autos and can be grown from seed to harvest in around 60 days in. I’ve read that a 12/12 cycle will increase the yield, so I will try it for the first time on on my current LowRyder Strain. I’ll be sure to post my results and finding for those interested in this strain. Green Thumbs Up and best of luck to beginners and experienced growers. Last note to add, I grew in Fox Farm Marine Cuisine Soil, with added bat, chicken and sea bird guano and earth worm castings, as well as extra perlite to prevent and control the amount of water used when watering. Good Luck To All!!!
  • '4' '13270'
    On point.Got the order real quick.Germinated in 1 day.Very pleased.
  • '3' '13270'
    This is my second order...I haven't got it yet last Order..I got germination with all seeds
    And had the pleasure of enjoying fragrant bud growing at home
    I use a 9 dollar IKEA bulb
    For cultivation
    Works amazing
  • '4' '13270'
    Product arrived fastest than expected.
    Packaging is top notch
  • '3' '13270'
    Got them and waiting to see what happens now