Blackberry Kush Fem

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Buy Blackberry Kush Strain for your home garden.

This Indica-dominant hybrid may be short in stature but makes up for this in abundant bud production. Flowers have vivid colors, with flecks of purple, yellow and black. Expect a chilled out high that is smooth around the edges. Rather sedative at high doses.

Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
THC Content: 15-17%
Sweet kush flavor with a soft touch of berries

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  • '5' '14854'
    This review is strictly for the order/delivery aspects as I have not popped any seed yet so reviewing the seeds themselves would be silly. The seed yet so reviewing the seed them selves would be silly. the impressive part of me was twofold. First, the speed in which it arrived overseas right before x-mas was unbelievable. Two week!! Second was the packaging, very nice! If the quality is there in the end, I will be a return customer, and recommend to my friends.
  • '2' '14854'
    Never got my order. They got my payment but i believed i got scammed. I contacted them and all they said was “it will be there soon”. We are going on a month since the order. Horrible customer service.