Blue Dream Fem

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Buy Blue Dream Feminized Seeds Online Now!

This Californian Sativa strain is powerful and intense.

Enjoy both the uplifting sativa and indica pain management from this special strain.

These blue-green buds are coated in crystals and smell like sweet blueberries.

Buy Blue Dream Strain Now.

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Buy Blue Dream Feminized Seeds Online Now!

Blue Dream offers a flowering cycle of 9-10 weeks and produces 600 grams per square meter.

The buds are dense with serious crystals and it tastes and smells like the sweetest blueberries.

This mostly sativa strain is perfect for treating MS, glaucoma, chronic pain, depression and anxiety.

The lineage comes from breeding a Blueberry indica with a sativa Haze to create this potent strain.

It grows well indoors, outdoors or in a green house and is calming, relaxing and uplifting.

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  • '5' '3695'
  • '1' '3695'
    Good Morning Phil,
    Thank you very much for the positive feedback.
    We wish you all the best with your grow.
    Happy Harvesting from I49!
  • '5' '3695'
    I49 seeds were available on the phone. Ordering was easy. Shipping was tracked and fast. Order was as advertised. A+++ customer service. Got 2 bonus Candy Cream seeds too. 😁 Cant wait to grow them this year.
  • '5' '3695'
    Ok so where do I begin?
    I contacted them by pure chance and after the amazing rapid very precise reply, i understood they were no joke and i was right.
    These guys communicate with you,give you advice, answer your questions before you even ask them and go out of their way to ensure you get your products quickly and effectively. The results of the products are also very encouraging and i recommend to anybody! You do such a good job guys, rare these days, keep it up!!
  • '4' '3695'
    It looks tasty
  • '5' '3695'
  • '4' '3695'
    Sounds like it will help me with ptsd.
  • '5' '3695'
    Very interesting strain. can’t wait to try it. So far looks very impressive.
  • '4' '3695'
    I like Blue Dream
  • '5' '3695'
    Good weed to get
  • '4' '3695'
  • '5' '3695'
    One of my too favorite strains I can smoke blue dreams all day
  • '5' '3695'
    I love the blue dream it helps my chronic footpain. me an my husband bought some when we was in Washington. Its the boom
  • '5' '3695'
    Got this in a Cali Sample Pack and had no trouble germinating with the cup method. The plants are just starting to flower and are really nice.
  • '5' '3695'
    This seed turned out to be my favorite strain. Its buds are dense and sticky and the smell of slightest freah sweet blueberries can be sniffed. When I open the bag its a smell that gets my nose tickled. Onto the next crop! Thanx Richard.
  • '5' '3695'
    Thanks to Rick and I49 for a great shopping experience. Got my package and 5/5 germinatedd. I would recommend this seed bank.
  • '5' '3695'
    I purchased a three pack of these and paid by credit card on the phone. It took about 10 days to receive my package and they added some extra seeds to the order so i was impressed. Its been about six weeks now and the plants are healthy and growing steadily. Id recommend I49 for seeds and this strain.
  • '5' '3695'
    Quick shipping, discrete packaging and got bonus beans. Will be back for more.
  • '5' '3695'
    Ordered these seeds online from the advice of my local grow store. Although the selection was lower than some other seed banks, I liked that I could talk to someone on the phone. My beans arrived in simple packaging and I got all my beans to pop. I was expecting an 80% germination rate as per the other reviews, but I got 100%. The sales guy told me that they had really good genetics, I guess its true. So far, these plants are about 2 feet tall and looking great. Will update after we pull em down. five stars