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Buy Blueberry Strain for your home garden.

This famously delicious strain is an Indica dominant, known for its fruity, berry flavors. Connoisseurs love Blueberry for its long lasting euphoric effects, and high THC content. This easy to grow, high yielding strain is also loved for its medicinal properties that support those with insomnia, anxiety, and physical pain.

Flowering Time: 7-9 Weeks
THC Content: 16- 24%
Blueberry flavors come through with slight earthy vanilla undertones.

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    My only recommendation is the option for a variety of courtesy seeds vs all the same. Not much incentive to place a bigger order if you don’t know you’re going to want as many of the same bean when you don’t know what it’s going to begin with. A couple spitballs ideas; just as an example I’ll start with your current formula. Say someone earns 6 free seeds. leave that as is, maybe anything less than that starting point (or more?) isn’t worth the added effort. I do understand staff is $. Anyway, I digress. Have the option for 2 of the same of their choice, and/or 4 unknown, but feminized. Or maybe offer 8 totally unknown randoms. Guessing you must find seeds all over the place; why waste them?! Anyways, I know it was lengthy (clearly I indulge), but thanks for sticking with me! I know I’ll be sticking with you guys regardless!
  • '5' '14941'
    I was looking for something I could breed, clone, or to make a new strain…they have a wide variety of flavors. An only take 2 weeks to get.