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Buy Somango Strain for your home garden.

The Super Silver Haze lineage of Northern Lights, Haze and skunk is crossed with an unknown CBD-rich variety to yield this amazing 1:1 strain!. The high is still very Sativa-dominant (70/30 split) so you will enjoy a cheerful lift and energizing shift. The CBD component enhances its long-term relief from chronic pain and stress.

Flowering Time: 10-11 Weeks
THC Content: 5-8%
CBD Content: 5-8%
CBD:THC Ratio = 1:1
Sweet, fruity flavors with a pungent skunky aroma and smooth citrus aftertaste

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  • '5' '17924'
    Website kicks ass! Large selection, trusted breeder base, excellent customer service. Having quality issues with my purchase in that they are performing well above my expectations. Prompt order delivery. Order was backed up for 1 day (no biggie) because of supplier performance and i received extra beans at no charge.
  • '4' '17924'
    I only want to say that my last order
    Hausn’t been dispatch ed
    It has been 10 working days since I ordered.Jan 26 to Feb 9th.
    Ill not be ordering from i49
    That’s for sure.
    i49 was good in past but I see no excuse for my order not be dispatch ed yet.////update on reviews
    i49 has finally replied and their answer has satisfied me.
    I’m rather glad because their genetics
    In relation to their products is way better than 80 % of their competitors
    A scale of one to ten they deserve a 9
    At least and the only problem I can see is the timescale.but I guess I. Don’t have the probs they got .ill have to be a little more considerate. And think a bit .S sorry i49 just want them ladies to get here.