Chocolope x Kush Reg

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Buy Chocolope x Kush Reg Strain for your home garden.


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  • '5' '17680'
    This was my reorder, last year I grew about a dozen very nice plants I grew about a dozen very nice plants indoors and outside. I had good results with every strain, every seed came up and yields were good. I appreciate the extras, and the bonus seeds are fun to try new strains. I have three gdp in my tent now, eta three weeks, and they are getting super dank. Then I’ll put a couple autos outside for early harvest an a few photosensitive for fall harvest.
  • '5' '17680'
    I ordered seeds back in early Jan and after 5days started to think badly like it was a scam or customs got hold of it. But a quick email to the service ladies and gents, and 3 weeks later i got my order. The service of this out ways standard practice, good on you i49 i’ll def buy again 🙂