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Buy Cream Caramel Strain for your home garden.

This extremely potent Indica dominant strain was created by blending Blueback, White Rhino and #1 Maple Leaf. With its immediate, strong and long-lasting effects, this is a great one to smoke when you plan to stay home and chill. Fantastic for helping with medical conditions such as insomnia, anxiety and anorexia, but do not underestimate its potency!

Flowering Time: 7-8 Weeks
THC Content: 24%
Sweet and spicy flavors with woody undertones.

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When it comes to Cream Caramel, settle in and enjoy. Soothing to mind and body, Cream Caramel is potent and its effects are felt instantly. Expect an increase in focus and an overwhelming sense of calm, with the heavy relaxation typical of Indica strains. With effects lasting 3 – 4 hours, Cream Caramel is definitely a “sit and stay” strain. Perfect for evening!

Dominant Origins

Indica 90%

Sativa 10%

Parents of Cream Caramel

Maple Leaf Indica

White Rhino

Blue Black (Blueberry, Blue Back)

Medicinal Application

Cream Caramel is ideal for medicinal applications. It alleviates chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, muscle spasms, nightmares, tremors, stress, eye pressure, and depression.


The name says it all. Cream caramel does not disappoint, with a sweet, caramel aroma.


A total treat, this sweet hit embodies caramel, coffee, honey, nuts, and vanilla.


Side-effects may include dry mouth and eyes, headaches, and anxiety.

CBD Range (grown under optimum conditions) 2-5%

THC Range (grown under optimum conditions)


Physical Characteristics

Cream Caramel grows covered in a sugary coat of THC-rich resin. 


Outdoor flowering takes 8 weeks.

Yield: 350 – 600 gr/plant

Early October


Indoor flowering takes 8 to 9 weeks.

Yield: 400 – 600 gr/plant

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