Critical Mass CBD Fem

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    I have been purchasing seeds from i49 seedbank twice in the past couple months and my experience with them couldn’t get any better. The website has a nice layout, everything categorized and the selection is one of the most completed on the internet. Now the most important part specially for US customers is that the payment process is a breeze unlike many Europians seedbank, you can pay through your mobile banking app using Zelle, thanks to clear information provided i49 seedbank it takes like a few seconds to transfer the money and by doing just that you earn 5 more free seeds on top of other free beans that come with your order. Place your order and be confidence that your order and be confidence that your order will get to you 100% guaranteed. You get your shipping notification email when your order is 2 to 3 days away from delivery date so by doing this trick i49 seedbank makes sure there is no way that post office customs will ever get a chance to seize your package so don’t freak out if your package so don’t freak out if you didn’t receive tracking number, just make sure to type your order number when sending money where Zelle asks you what the payment is for. It never took longer than a couple of weeks to get my shipping notification followed by delivery after a couple days.
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    Hi Eileen. Yes, this would be suitable for edibles and oils. Thanks for messaging.
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    Would this be a good for salve's and edible oils?